10 January, 2008

Some reasons why the US government wants to keep contracts with Black River Company.

  1. They know US Army is not efficient enough as a mercenary than Black River solders.
  2. Because of the wages, good US solders moved to Black River Company.
  3. The US government does not want no more “US solders” dead in the war.
  4. The current president might be blackmailed by Eric Prince.
  5. The US government wants to grow new “axis of evil” on a new mercenary after they destroy Osama bin Ladin's private mercenary, al Qaeda.
  6. The US government thought private mercenary industry is new trend for their national economy and working on the investment.
  7. The US government needs to get contract with this American private mercenary to keep them busy while terrorists try to get contract with them to attack the United States.