31 July, 2007

How often the clerks serve Fried Potatoes when they have few bags ready?

I saw wierd thing today. When I was at a fastfood restaurant "M," I saw the cleark putting the fried potatoes into a new bag. It ws funny because they already got some extra on the stock. They are the same size, just simple L size one.
It reminds me what happened in the Starxxxxx in San Jose. The clerks often gave me free foods and sometimes they stopped the customers not to come in when the gang stalkers were doing hinting me there.
It seems some population moves into the community for harassment.
Yeah, The Macdonalization of Society has explanation of flustrated workers giving less drinks to the customer. If they are doing for the targeted individuals of gang stalking, it make sense to me.

30 July, 2007

Homeless as a job.

These days, I have seen several types of homeless in my area. One day in two month ago, there are about four or five homeless sitting on street for begging. As I ignored them because of knowing them as the fake people, they disappeared next day. I wonder where these guys came from. Probably they had to take buses or trains for comute, just like other gang stalkers coming from the different regions.

Today, I saw two types of homeless. One is an old (45-60) guy holding a shopping bag with casters and a plastic bag with cans. He wore headphone and seemed listening something. I guess that is a type of job like the people waving the advertising board on street in the United States.
The second one was just a dirty man. He sat next to me on the bench and kept talking to himself.

I don't know if there is any way to track them down if they are doing an official job.

When your society is crazy like Sodom and Gomorah, you probably be seen as crazy from others.
I hope what I am thinking and doing is right in the eyes of Jesus Christ. I am on the side of being opressed and falsely discriminated in the society, while the official church workers are working for harassment for receiving donations in return.

27 July, 2007

Smokers in Europe.

I don't know why but so many people smaking around me. The refugees smoke at the center, and men and women smoke on street. It is hard to see if they are doiong hinting or just having a bad babit for their health.
Anyway, more they do, more silly they look like as mimicking someone for fun. Animals kill their oppornents occationally. Monkeys do. But what I see in the gang stalkers is just a silly behavior.

Calling someone with a new nick name or using the tools or stuffs for hinting. It seems nothing more than masterbating at home or in the groups. They are deceived to believe that is fun and while they are working for self-entertainment, the folks told them to playing by oneself take the all advantage of their lives. How many foot solders get something in returen?
They work for big guys and paying for their luxuaries from their taxes.

They should know that their life is real dead end. The picture is showing someone whering "Tariki-hongan" (expecting someone will do something) T-shirt in the city. He accrossed the street and returned to where he came. I hope they know what they are doing... Joining Nazis for fun and destroying their country for few people on the top..

24 July, 2007

I don't know how much impact an individual has in a society.

This is rather a philosophical question. How often an individual's thought impacts the entire society?
If that person is an avarage citizen.

23 July, 2007

A Homeless can get a ciger to smoke..

For the convenience of expressing their powers, gang stalkers can give a ciger to a homeless to smoke it near a victim.
Do you want to call it a distribution of wealth? Or is it a gray propaganda?
What I know is that these people are working on certain routines and have no pride on their own. They are taught to not question their work just like armies.
When they are demanded, they do not hesited to strip oneself off for seducing the victim.
They even do not mind to use their kids for that purpose and they pursuad them to do so as that it what they can do like animals without moral.

Parking a bike next to where I sit and the rider left the place without locking it.
Oh, well, it is a pretty old bike with "Tour de Suisee" logos on blue and silver body. Well, I guess it is pretty rare to find a bike like this.

Anyway, I do collect data for my ethnographic research on gang stalkers. If social scientists like the faculties at SJSU are working for militarism and fascist movement, I would like to stand up just like Rudolf Steiner and other people left for humanitarian use of their knowledge. We have lots of victims around the world, and the society itself are blind for their HOLOCAUST.

18 July, 2007

When no lawywer wants to take the case...

When no lawyer wants to take the case, the victim has no way to receive the benefit of laws.
This is what gang starkers are able to do. And the censorship on mass media will take the victims' voices down.
In some countries, they have a common sense that the person opressed is responsibility for the discrimination. This can be applied to the people started the harassment for taking advantage of replacign the person or something for their own profits.
In some countries, they have a common sense that people speaking up loud has much better chance to be accepted in the society. In this circumstance, the wise won't speak up for his or her widsdom, but the blinds talking about their desires. Let's kill the Christ ancient Jews said, right? The mass is often blinded to think about what the "big brothers" want to make them believe and wants. If the mass media stop addvertising things, who will buy the stuffs comes with simple logo to add extra ten or some more bucks value to the clothes and goods?
We want extra value, because that is what the manufactureres want the customers to pay for and blieve as "extra value."

So far, I have done what I can done for these days.
Now I am able to work in this country, but I am expecting mobbing at work as I am the victim of the gang stalking. Studying and finishing my webpage are my main goal now, as I still have my savings enough to get several diplomas on line. I don't know it is a good thing to get one for my CV, but language skill is a "must" for me now.

16 July, 2007

Research, research, research and correcting evidences

How often people we see people wearing "Los Agndels Bulldog" red T-shirts and "Pacific Ocean Navigation" in a city of Switzerland?
How often a refugee wearing "San Diego" sweat shirts?

I think it is easy to get TI infomation here.
Thanks for using English Ts sold in specific places and hard to get one in Europe.
Yeah, taking pictures make me easy to prove with their background.
Let me try it now, hehehe..

15 July, 2007

Time to go back to activist works.

I am working with several projects to protest against gang stalking.
I don't understand why Jews are on their sides, as what the stalkers do are advanced version of "Jew-Baiting."
I don't understand why African Americans are on their sides, as they are segregeting the minorities in the way they were treated in the past. Shutting them out from the churchs for Whites, the jobs are taken by the stalkers, etc.

I understand why smart kids want to work for them as the simple minded and scientists worked for Nazis. Psychologically, the gang stalkers are stimulated to work in extreme "insider" atomosphere. CA students tried that research and "Das Experiment" explains the situation.

Too bad that nobody really want to be philosophically nor ethically correct to be human...

04 July, 2007

Nothing new. Another day, another life.

I'm still in this country. It was amazing since I was just a student in the US last year, and now I am a refugee in Europe!!!
How can this happen to someone? My life is something more than a boring documentary film.
I am working on my web page so far. I got some connection with other gang stalking victims. Yeah, that is a good sign.

01 July, 2007

Too busy for everything!

I started new Diary in Japanese web site.
Got several tusks for helping other "gang stalker" victims.
Have some stuffs to do researches.
Got my own domain for working for ethical issues about the Social Science fields.
Got opportunities to make new relationships.
Have some ideas to type up.
Got something to transrate for a net friend.

Cool to have such tasks for a workaholic!!!
That's what I really need in my life!

"Ars longa, vita brevis (Art is long, Life is short)." by Seneca.
Stoicism is what we need in healthy society for the new millennium. Materialims brought such a damage on our environment. What we can do is to find the truth inside of ourselves. What looks nice actually deceive your perception.