27 November, 2009

Mind reading and the possibility of what can be done with the current technology available

If human thoughts and emotions can be the result of the electronic pulse in our brain, the biofeedback mechanism can make them visible for others. LarsonMedia.com has the article and pictures of what DOD created for monitoring the biofeedback of people. The technology already available would be 10 years older than the cutting edge one. Remember when RFID was invented and implanted into UFO abductees. They had them from the early 90s, which was almost a decade from when RFID chips were announced to the public in late 90s to this century.

For the TIs, mind reading is more than a possibility already happening to themselves. It might be going on to any human being, no matter if they are TI or non-TI. Some people claim to hear voices and they thing they are contacting with the entities from different world or dimension. They call it "channeling." These people are not considered as mentally ill at all. They created a new phenomenon; part of the New Age movement. That was the same time LSD was widely used among these people engaged in the New Age. Meanwhile, CIA used LSD for the mind control. What if the New Age Movement was created as the public level open experiment? The SFPD police officer provided safe houses for the CIA to observe how the drugs works on human for interrogation technique letting the drug cocktail and the recruited prostitutes work on citizens. Yes, that is what SFPD police cooperated. No wonder why the police around the world cannot do anything to help the TIs. If they got orders to ignore helping them, they would do so. Police accepting prostitution and drugs provided to the citizen in San Francisco and probably elsewhere more than San Francisco and other 2 cities, for the similar yet not published experiments. For more information about this police-related drug/prostitute operation, try to search "Operation Midnight Climax." It is possible that police officers might providing drugs to cause citizens to act strangely for their own benefit. What they officially have to do is to catch criminals and prevent socially unacceptable and illegal behaviors. Psychiatrists would work together with police for the same reason. They participated in MKULTRA, so they might see it as the opportunity for promotion in their career instead of helping the people accidentally thought as mentally ill from such government backed-up operations. The psychiatrists illegally kidnapped patients and kept them for the experiments were not sentenced for their inhuman crimes.

The current thought monitoring would be done by checking the biofeedback and brain waves of each individual. I do not know which organization does that, but it seems this "organization" has the global network and capable to work on any country. Some of these participants, or so called perpetrators seem to be the under the mind control. They act in the way how the TI will get sensitized. Because of the same hypnosis system working on these unaware perps, the TI would get the hypnosis to make them easy to get sensitized in certain things. The "channeling" voices may now mimic the inner voice of the individuals, so the people might hear the voices from them yet believe that was done by their own. The difference of such voice and one's own would be the level of consciousness of the individual. If the individual is conscious, the one can react anything quickly and thinks normally. On the other hand, when the "channeling voice" tries to mimic the subject's one, the one's consciousness is too low to react anything. The one might hear the sentence while the one is not really awake so the one cannot think about any option nor other deep thought about the sentence. By the way, RHIC-EDOM technology is created by the CIA. We have the technology that can make the one to stop thinking, and was done using the microwave. How to hear the voice? There is also a technology available using microwave; the microwave auditory effect (Frey Effect). Microwaves can do more than melting the chocolate.

This is a hypothesis, but you can take it as the possibility of what would be capable for the available technology.

Human thoughts would be monitored and there are some officers reviewing them. Since there are limited numbers of these officers, they cannot check each individual's thoughts spontaneously. What they do is try to record it for some periods and review them later. It would be impossible to check the thoughts of an individual for whole day level, they might make some word tags that would make the officer to notice. For example, the words like "CIA" or "terrorist" could be tagged, so that the officer might be easy to track where the conversation was made in the record and check the conversation. The NSA does similar monitoring of conversations over emails and phone around the world, so why not similar taggig is used against the thought monitoring? If they find something suspicious, they might try to use the mind control technique I addressed in above for switching the style of communication to control the relationships or what the person involves in. For example, they might make the one to speak up certain communication when the individual try to communicate with others. Because the person is under the influence of mind control, the one's consciousness is asleep. What the one can do is to speak up the sentences that the one comes up in one's mind. The sentence is clear, so that the one does not have problem of word choices for the conversation. In normal conversation, the one might think something first, and try to chose the words. Because thought induction is done by using someone else's words, the person will not have no emotion or thought over the sentence. People usually pick up the sentence that comes up with for the conversation, so if the thought induction is done by the sentence level, the one will not know if the sentence was actually constructed by one's own or implanted by others. Of course, the people have no idea of such technology that can cause them to have someone else's words into their mind, they probably believe what they comes up with is their own thought. When they want to make the person to speak up something favorable for their own, they might try to send hypnosis message that will not audible as these fake inner voices. However, the hypnosis voice is done in certain style. It could be audible by their consciousness and the hypnosis is a type of command. If the sentence is something that the one cannot achieve naturally, the one might get some confused feeling as the result of the hypnosis. In such case, the one might understand the sentence naturally and able to know the command by asking oneself why the one wants to do that.

If the person's thought and communications are driven to form in certain way, the result will change the behaviors and the personality of the individual. Think about the person who has receiving the hypnosis to find fault of his wife for months, the result can change his feeling toward her as well. The opposite could be true. If the one is hypnotized to find positive things about the certain person, he might believe himself in love with the person. This subject should be something more interesting for the CIA to work on individuals to find out how much secret an individual can tell to others who the one loves. The agency already tried with prostitutes and drugs, so any agency could come up with something that can make innocent citizens to fall in love with their agents for the effective interrogation research.

For the Non-TI, the thought monitoring might be just a regular basis if they do not use the tagged words in their thoughts. They might get mind controlled for acting certain way to help the agency's activities. For example, they might get hypnosis to move away from the certain area so the agents can do much effective covert operation in the area. They might get mind control for the advertising purpose to help the sales of certain goods. They might feel the need to buy certain things or do something. This need of something might be strong but can last not so long after the one satisfied. This hypnosis ads would be sent to the individuals to choose certain things in sudden. They simply just find out the information about the product. Because it is an ad, they will just come up with positive reasoning (or excuses of why they need to buy the stuff or do certain things) to increase their motivation to like it.

23 November, 2009

Patterns of mind control and its history

People never know if they are abducted once in their life while they are asleep. It can happen when you stay in a hotel or somewhere that you are isolated from others.

How many people get RFID for decades and how many knew they got one from somewhere?
I am talking about these UFO abductees who were kidnapped by the aliens and got RFID tags in their body while no media nor academia explained what they were used for.

Some people claim to hear voices since 70s or 80s. Now we know that the technology called "Frey Effect/Microwave hearing" can cause people to hear voices or sounds. Microwave has been used for communication everywhere in the world. Meanwhile, these psychiatrists are claiming to diagnose their patients as delusions without knowing anything about other scientific possible causes. Actually, psychiatrists are the ones who put patients for mind control experiments like MKULTRA. They have their own purpose to treat people in certain way to stay away from looking the facts nor their own profession's history.

I wonder how many of strange incidents were done by the governments' covert operations.

I know one thing for sure; the same patterns should be applied to other people if it is about mass mind control. If there is a global level covert mind control going on, each individual must have some similar unnatural experience that was caused by the "alien-pretending" RFID manufacturers. If they were capable of implanting RFID chips on people by kidnapping them, they should be up to something and that should be something of the technology introduced in the next decade. I might have some time to write down the phenomenon of mind control with some details.

The perps seem to be the ones related with the FBI because they love using "FBI" logo sometimes. I saw one in the refugee center in Chiasso which comes with good security. If they are hired by the FBI, then I can understand why the local police cannot do anything but let them do what they like to do as their covert operation. If you read Blum's Rourge State, you can find the information about how the FBI is tracking down Americans in foreign countries. That's on the very back of the book. If they are interested in TIs who they put on their black list, I think it's natural for them to stalk and harass the TIs. My guess is from the book and the observation. If this is really done by the FBI, then I can say that they still continue to use inhuman COINTELPRO.

Well, the MIB could be found in the UFOs, aren't they? In the movies named with them, it was so..

14 November, 2009

Have you ever heard of Microsoft DreamSpark?

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I think this is the best student discount I have ever seen from Microsoft. And please take this information as an early Xmas gift from me! :)

11 November, 2009

Wisdom tooth problem

I caught a cold (not the flu) and had few days down because of the high fever and shivering. After that, my wisdom tooth started to hurt massively. I took some medicine to handle the problem but that experience taught me interesting nature of human body.

When you have pain in somewhere of your body, you might lose appetite. This fact reminded me how human body works together as a whole. Stomach's function is to digest foods. If body parts works differently and sending different messages, I would continuously get the feeling of hunger while I barely open my mouth and still impossible to bite foods. Brain works to give order in the way what to be put in priority than other. Because of the pain in my mouth is something above the ordinal signals it should notice, it halts other signals such as the feeling of hunger. I can create pseudocodes of body parts classes, but the brain still be the one making the decision of everything. The lack of the similar harmony in an object could bring a destructive system. For example, drug addicts would try to get drugs no matter what health risks happen on their bodies. How about a company? A company trying to put too much resources on sales might ignore the signals from the finance and public relations and ended up bankrupt because of the debts and no supports from the customer. How about a country? A country trying to spend more on military and public service while ignoring the signals from health care, education, social security, and the finance. Seneca mentioned about moderation as the way to peace of mind. I realized about another fact he taught: "Facilius per partes in cognitionem totius adducimur." It's good to think that I have enough capacity to mention and take care my body part that is sending the signal for treatment. Some sickness or problems can undergo without mentioned by the individual. I hope I have a good understanding of my body so I can take care it in the good condition always.

05 November, 2009

National Geographic airing about CIA's Secret Experiments

I don't know how many of you checked this one already. But it seems quite interesting for the victim of government's covert operations. One of my victim friend shared it in his blog posting, and I am trying to share it with others here in my blog. I don't know if anyone can watch it on time. But I am hoping that it may help the ones able to watch it to gain some knowledge. And I am expecting that someone might put it on video sharing sites later just like other movies made by the publisher.

Here is the link:
CIA Secret Experiments (Saturday Nov 28th, 2009)

If it's about psychiatrists' wrongdoing including the violation of informed consent matters, I can share the names of the ones involved in the operation around Silicon Valley. Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen is the one who made up the claim of me as suicidal. My voice recording of the previous meeting shows how she warned not to bring the discrimination against a foreign student to a lawsuit. I don't really see why I was suddenly claimed as suicidal like that. Dr. English-Lueck said they decided, so those working for the CIA at San Jose State University can help students to be the victim of the government's secret operations.

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Psychiatric Services are also part of the ring. They made up the story of me as "suicidal and danger to others" after I was transported from the SJSU campus when I was on my way to a class. I thought that was just a mistake people made and tried to explain how I was wrongly brought there. However, the people working in the hospital did not listen. The African American security guard took my stuffs including rosary. They did not even try to help me prove I was not suicidal. They only asked to stay in the hospital, and I had urine examination twice. The female psychiatrist I met asked to sign the form that anyone can contact the hospital for searching me and the hospital can share the information about me. I think what they have done was all wrong for helping the patient. In a normal situation, all I had to do was to show my voice recording with Dr. English-Lueck how I had no idea why they started making up suicidal claim and I denied to be so. Because the hospital workers in Santa Clara Valley Medical Center was primitive in mind and could not even know how to prove someone not suicidal. So, if you study or work in Silicon Valley and was wrongly sent to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Psychiatric Services for being a whistleblower, try to be ready to contact a lawyer and have some small change to use the public phone in the lobby. That would help you to bail out from the mental hospital quickly before you go through the sterilization and other covert operations later.

El Camino Hospital is another place where patients are held for covert operations. Dr. Peter Newsom, Dr. Robert Burr, Dr. George Lau, Dr. Kent are part of the covert operations (if not they are paranoia psychiatrists who believe in something they imagine rather than trying to see the objective evidences). Dr. Peter Newsom and Dr. George Lau made up a story of how to fit the claim of me as "suicidal and danger to others" and half of their writing was wrong. They did not even know my situation and made up things. I wonder how many of their patients got how much collect information on their records. I shared their unprofessional writings on my videos about El Camino Hospital, so you can see the examples. Dr. Robert Burr was the one who forced me to agree canceling the investigation by the Equal Opportunity Services of the discrimination case. All the psychiatrists in El Camino Hospital is trying to protect SJSU. Why? Dr. Kent is an old friend of Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen, the director of the SJSU Counseling Services. And many SJSU students and graduate works at the hospital. Their ties are strong. The CIA has been recruiting at SJSU, so you can see how the hospital has been used for other things for the agency.

If you study with Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen at San Jose State University, I think you can learn how to work on the black operations for the psychiatrist. One of her student, taking master in Psychology and was a Japanese American short and small woman with a long hair, was one of the gang stalking member who was working at Santos Supermarket one block from my apartment. I think she graduated in few years since it was master degree. That's another potential psychiatrist who will only do the harm for the patient for the secret experiment. Dr. Sivertsen is said as the activist in the 60s. You know the snitch jacket. The truth would probably the opposite. She might be helping to terminate the activists from the campus – I can tell this from my own experience.

I believe sharing the dangerous psychiatrists are important for the public. Otherwise, they might become another victim of the government's operation. Remember MK ULTRA. The one who suffered only a minor depression was kept in the hospital for the experiment. I think we should have right to avoid the hospitals and doctors who are engaged in covert operations.

If you are wondering what I am doing, I might be able to share some information. Currently I am doing some research on the concentration camps in East Europe. I have read the information about the "rendition" of the CIA. So, I am trying to learn how the past concentration camps looked like. It's quite interesting to know these happened in the other side of the Europe while most people interested in Nazi camps and Japanese American camps in the US. People should learn from the past and I hope the knowledge would help me to do something to prevent such misery in future and to protest against the ones happening now even under the Obama administration. Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize, but the kidnapping by his country's agencies continues around the world. I feel that is really strange.

01 November, 2009

Life with SQL Server 2008

I never had problem installing Microsoft products in my life before. But installation of SQL Server took some efforts. To be honest, it takes few days to understand things and how to install for a complete beginner for the networking. I tried to search the Web when I got the problem with the configuration of "The credentials you provided during SQL Server 2008 install are invalid." Then I found some people asking about how to overcome the problem. I read some solutions and yet I had problem with it. Then I finally figured out what I needed was to tell the administrator level account name and its password. Some websites go over to discuss about the differences between the local administrator and domain administrator accounts. I think that was way too much to know about just the installation of a software. If someone has problem how to install SQL Server 2008, try using the account with admini level access for VISTA.

By the way, if you install Visual Studio 2008 and not yet upgraded to SP1, the installation will demand you to install SP1 for VS 2008 before installing SQL Server 2008. So, if you are planning to install SQL Server 2008 but own the old version of VS 2008, try to upgrade VS 2008 first. Otherwise, you cannot install the software.

I wish Microsoft tells about this in the requirement which people check it to read. And I wonder if SharePoint ready products may require similar update-this-first aspect. You know, if you have too many Microsoft products, it takes awhile to upgrade everything. Since Windows 7 is released recently, I think this is a good time to comment about Microsoft's products. Why I use Microsoft products? It's simply because I have the computers with Windows installed. If the computer only comes with blank hard disk, I would probably install Ubuntu as it is free to install the OS in any language I want. This is something missing in Microsoft products. I can play with English, Japanese, or German software, but I sometimes feel easy to go with English one as I lack the certain vocaburaries in German functions and searching the help. Not all the users accessing the computer may not be able to understand the language the OS uses, you know.