27 September, 2009

The sunshine above the cross

This Friday, I climbed up the Cross Mountain at Medjugorje. It was the day the last visionary alive get the message from the Virgin Mary. I am quite skeptic about things like hearing voices because of my experience of V2K and the research going on by DOD, and especially DARPA. But I found out my pictures quite amazing. The sunshine on the last station of the Cross looks like some kind of symbolical image. It reminded me the time I saw Jesus in the sun ray in November 2006. And another picture of the cross on top of the mountain got nice clouds in background. I just share them with others who might be inspired with these religious pictures.

I am skeptical and do not mindlessly believe things people would say without crucial evidences. I mean, I would rather take the stance of St. Thomas who did not believe other apostles talked about seeing Jesus and demanded to put his finger into his wounds and see his master in his own eyes. Unless I can get crucial facts, I would prefer to keep everything as hypothesis.

But it was the day the Virgin Mary gave the visionary the latest message, I think people should take their inspiration more than just imagination. So, I prefer to take my picture as inspirational than just a piece of art. Creativity and imagination are the source of human growth. Because of my physical exercise on the day of fasting, I think I improved myself more spiritually. (yet I know that I have more things I need to improve in my character.)

Let's hope the Queen of Peace helps humankind to stay away from committing more sins to each other. No more wars from the US invasions, and the peace in the Middle East and other countries with conflicts...

24 September, 2009

CentroDent asking me to pay extra even after the payment

I have been contacted by CentroDent, the dentist in Bern. I got the root canal treatment done in June. The first day, the dentist told me the two choice; either take out the tooth for less cost or do the root canal with 50% success rate for over 1000CHF. I took the second choice as extracting would cause more problems like the teeth form. The dentist made the estimation on that day, and I paid the entire fee.

I visited the dentist 2 times more for the treatment. As I paid my fee from the credit, they did not ask me more.

Somehow, they contacted me and asked me to pay about 390CHF. I have already paid about 1100CHF at the first day as the credit. I really don't see what makes me to pay that much even after paying the full estimation cost. The problem is that I paid the fee by cash, so I cannot prove my payment from the

If it is in Hungary, you probably get a cheep crown for that extra payment. I really don't know what this overcharge is about, but Ms. Kukeli asking me to pay... Yeah, 386.26CHF extra to CentroDent for whatever the reason. If you are asked to pay extra fee from your dentist even after you paid the bill, what can you do? I really should not pay the bill by cash, or I could have the receipt from the Post Office as the evidence.

Be aware of the Swiss dentist asking extra charges even after paying the bill from the estimation... This is my experience with the Swiss dentist.

19 September, 2009

Suspicious Taxi

I left the town famous of the Virgin Mary to the near by city today. The place is OK for staying with enough restaurants and stores, just has limited Internet connection. I decided to move to the place about 30 minutes from there in order to get better Internet connection in the emergency case and to prepare for other needs... Things could cost less including the rent. If I commute from there to the town, it would still cost 2EURO less for the rent even adding the fare. That means I can give extra alms on the extra masses I attend.

I tried to take a bus from the bus station near the post office in the town. Then I saw a young man stopped a taxi near the bus stop. He was looking at the people at the bus stop and I was the only one with a big suitcase. He started asking me my destination, I replied him the city near by. I knew it would cost about 40EURO for one way by the taxi reading the billboard near the taxi station. I asked him how much it would be as the next bus was about one and a half hours later. Because of the fasting (not entire day but with only bread and water for some meals.. I'm just trying to adopt the new habit into my life style), I thought I could get a taxi this time if it's necessary. I knew I can save money after I got to the city with cheap supermarkets and Internet included rooms. The driver said it would be 30EURO. So, I agreed to take it - this is the result of the calculation from having a large suitcase to get a ride on the local bus that probably does not come with enough space for a suitcase. Thinking about holding a suitcase across the hills, I thought to take taxi. And time is money, you know. I was paying 20EURO per night and can pay about 10EURO if I get to the city. So, the cost would be like few good meals at a restaurant that I can exchange with cooking at the new room. Things are cheap in Eastern Europe if you know how to find a good SOBE(room in Croatian).

When I ride the taxi, I noticed the rosary hanged on the rear view mirror. Since this is a place famous of the Virgin Mary, so many cars has that. I did not get sensitized as I know it as a normal situation. Then I saw the partial TAXI certificate with blue ink. The driver seemed young and the taxi is an old Benz with red dragon sheet covers. The taxi comes with the taxi sign on top of the car, so nothing seemed suspicious at the beginning.

Since I took a tourist bus from the city, I knew the way. And it was just about noon. Nothing seemed so suspicious. If something happens, I can just ask help on the road or try to disturb the driver if he tries to go somewhere strange from the main road. Actually, there was only one way to get to the city because the town locates in the countryside middle of nothing.

The driver asked me if he could stop at the gas station before the hills. As it was just off from the main road and I thought it seemed no problem. Then he filled the tank. When he went back to the driver's sheet, he had the TAXI sign on his hand and put it on the backseat. Then he started driving the car back to the main road to continue traveling. He was talking normally and a car from Wien is in front of us. The car in front of it was a car with "AUTOSCOLA" sign with L on top. The road is just one way, and the driver was talking normally. I kept asking about how far the city is and talked about the church. He seemed to have the taxi certificate of some sort, so I thought it was much like a skit for claiming the target driving with a guy for prostitute or something. During the conversation, he asked me about where I'm going to sleep, I told him I have rooms ready in the city we were heading. Something happened during the journey, people could see where something happened from my credit record of the deposit. There was only the road to cross the hill, so no way the car would go. When the car crossed the hill, he asked me where I would like to get off. I mentioned him about the bus station which is the biggest spot in the city and I am able to figure out the way. The car headed toward the bus station and the driver parked the car in the nearby parking. So, nothing happened except the taxi took off the TAXI sign from the car.

For the religious people, making up the story of having boy friends or promiscuous is quite a good strategy. I wonder if I would get a rumor of people going to the church working the organized stalking. In such case, I am able to share the picture of the taxi with no TAXI sign. If the car is really a taxi, then it should prove how the car had no taxi sign when it arrived at the bus station. The driver was quite generous except for asking where I sleep tonight.

Another incident happened yesterday was that there was a leaflet about Sarajevo with circles on a mosque, a Siberian Orthodox church, and a catholic church at the bathroom of the guest house I stayed. Some Italian group stayed there till few days ago, but the room on the ground floor got empty after that. I stayed in the basement. Well, it happened as the rooms full at the first day of my arrival and then I was offered the room on the second floor of the annex which I could not take because of the injury of walking on the hill related with the Virgin Mary. I could explain what happened on the trip to the hill maybe later. The room I had was something like St. Francis or St. Bernadette would prefer.. probably the modest room in the house next to the kitchen and the dining room. I just stayed there as it seemed to solve the convenience of moving around with right foot injury. Anyway, the building seemed empty yesterday. Nobody's voice would be heard from the above rooms. But somehow the leaflet was on the washing machine. First, I thought it might be of mine and tried to check it. As it had a map of Sarajevo with three religious buildings circled, I recognized that one was not mine. Moreover, the map had an X mark near the train station. It looked like someone got advice from the travel information center and got these circles. So, I left it as where it was. In this morning, the leaflet was gone. It seemed someone took it away from the bathroom. My guess is that the perps might make rumors about me just visiting religious buildings randomly. I have seen some mosques when I travel in East Europe, but never had intention to visit one. Because I don't know their religion and don't want to cause problem entering it even as a tourist. Instead, I go to Franciscan churches and the ones related with Catholicism. If perps want to spread rumors about me just doing the sightseeing without seriously into any religion, they can do so with such strange thing on where I stayed with the help of the owner. What I am expecting is how people will react from those incidents. Things have causes and effects. I correct what happens after the observation of these things.

By the way, this is a country some backpackers do hitchhiking. I saw the TAXI certificate on the side pocket left of the driver's seat before I took the ride from the bus stop where some people could be the eye witness if they could remember me in case of some incidents. Before taking the taxi from the bus stop, I calculated the risks and decided to take the ride.

I got room for 10EURO tonight in the center of the city, so that means I paid the taxi ride and the room for the cost of the original suggested fare at the taxi station. It was nice attending the Mass in German this morning. I was able to do before leaving the town in peace. That one was quite touchy than the Italian one.. I have better understanding of the Mass in English than Italian nor German, but still I like Italian one as that is what people do in Switzerland..

18 September, 2009

Wicked people taking the spiritual obedience for their advantage

The Bible says about obedience in one's life. I think that's an important factor to keep the people in harmony. But what if you witness your boss' wrong doing? Do you report it to police or just keep the fact secret as to show the obedience to the person? If you do not do anything, you would be accepting other to commit sins in future. If you report it to the authority and become a whistleblower against the obedience to one's boss. It is easy to stay ignoring others' sins as it is an option to solve the problem. But I think reporting other's sin would be better for the person. That way, the one might correct the wrong habit and stop committing sins in future. This is something people should do in workplaces and other places. Unfortunately, our society hates wistleblowers trying to act as just. If you try to act right, you would become the scapegoat of other's mistake. The wicked boss can complain the incident as your problem with the help of bribed coworkers. If you live among the wicked people, you would become a victim. Don't you think this story familiar? The Bible has a famous example of someone judged for no crime but killed on the cross.

What is the problem here? It is the problem of our society. We accept people to tell lies or try to take advantages of other's weakness.

The Bible says that a person should throw away all property if the one wants to become the follower of Jesus. What if someone try it in these days by giving away all the property to the people living under the poverty line? The one will get the status below the people who got the gifts. To avoid it, the one will assure to give up one's property to certain church or organization in order to find somewhere to stay. We don't call priests and nuns as homeless. They have somewhere to belong and receive certain respects from the society.

I think gang stalkers are the type of the wicked people. They tell lies to others in order to drop the reputation of the target. They might steal things or harass the target to cause both physical and psychiatric damage. They might claim their actions as covert operations to find fault of the target. Indeed, their purpose is to drive the target to be in the state to either commit a crime (e.g. By putting a purse on the road to try to witness the target to steal it) or become mental ill (e.g. From the organized disinformation campaign to isolate the target in the society). What if a group of people tell a lie of a priest who was just walking on the road? Say 20 detectives from the local detective agency hired by the people who does not like him. When he walks on his way to his church, a small kid run half naked on the street screaming. What he should do? Ignore the poor child to avoid the trap of others claiming him as pedophile who is responsible for the kid crying in half naked? What if he does nothing and walks away from the scene? He would be complained by the others who appeared to saw him showing no kindness to the helpless child. He might get moral dilemma from the event or could have problem to get trust from the faithful locals. I am talking about the possibility of something that can be done in COINTELPRO operation to harass peace activists and others who fight for poverty, etc. Remember about the priest caught in SF talking with a boy in his car at night. I think the churches and church authorities know the issue of organized harassment. They might accept the situation as a part of our society. It would be easy to say organizations are not functioning, but I learned that start blaming the organizations and the specific people are not the right way. What we need first is to consider how we can avoid further troubles and how to prevent them.

My conclusion is that just should not be obedient to the wicked. If wicked does something wrong, the just can do something to help the wicked to stay away from committing further sins. If we know what kinds of things wicked people can do, we should educate others to notice the certain actions that wicked can cause to others. My videos in the past protesting activities may include much criticism of the organized stalkers (informants). Now, I thought the prevention by exposing their techniques are much important and beneficial for the people who could be targeted by the wicked ones. If you know what are the wicked actions to trap others, you can make fun of them after recognizing them. Think about a chair of Anthropology Department suddenly claiming a student as suicidal while the one has no idea what the dean is talking about. Or the psychiatrists making up story as if they saw it on their eyes while the voice recording contradicts their claims? My point is that the Targeted Individuals can create a bullet point style documentations of the situations that perps can do and what are already done. I understand that some victims under the high exposure to sensitization may not be able to explain the situation rationally. But the situations are aimed to cause the target to be sensitized. If we know psychiatrist working for the covert operations like how the CIA recruited them for PSYOP, the knowledge from the victim should keep them aware of possibilities.

The real problem to the churches are the ones who do not respect what the Bible says and the followers should respect. Police informants and other perps can infiltrate the church for their own purpose. To be wise and obedient, I shall try to focus on exposing the covert operations perpetrators can do. I let them take their own cross for their sins while I try to mention the stones that can make people to fall on their way. Too bad that the Bible has so many example of people dying from the injustice – like the guy who spat on the pork or the woman witnessed all children killed in cruel ways. Justice is what the God does and no human can, and what I do is to help others to stay away from the wicked trapping them while minimizing committing sins on the process. Now, am I sounds like an extremist because of mentioning the Bible?

In some places, people can pray rosary whole day. I think that's sounds cool as that is what I really like and still I can stay in the place as a tourist. Pilgrimage is a type of sight seeing, you know. And no one would think me crazy if I pray rosary many times as I want in front of the statue of the Virgin Mary. Some people like psychiatrists cannot think rosary and praying as a type of meditation... I learned praying before action works to keep a clear mind for the action.

16 September, 2009

Das Kanzler-Duell - Ein Spiel für das Bundestagswahl

I found this online game quite difficult if you do not know the German politics and the politicians. I hope the UNION would win without problem.


I've been studying Croatian way of praying. I never thought my Italian study while I was in Switzerland helps me to understand another language like Croatian. I'm in one of the famous place of the Virgin Mary now. In last couple of days, I had enough time to think about how to keep one's own faith. The place is quite famous, but I never thought I would get enough messages through what she had told to the locals in the past. And I got enough time to rethink the way how I should pray or read the Bible. We can do it as a daily routine work if we want. But it does not make you to be faithful. And I thought learning the way how Catholics believe is only from participating the Mass and ceremonies. I could learn things of what the VM told to do, but her teachings can make more meaning if I am able to learn from how others think and act.

I might be able to pray rosary in another languages than Latin after leaving this place. Croatian is quite difficult but the repetition makes me to remember the prayers easily.

12 September, 2009

Hostel Best turning down the reservation a tourist made

This post is about on August 10th, 2009.

I made a reservation to Hostel Best in Split some weeks ago. The room has 8 beds and that is what I made the reservation online. However, the woman was still cleaning the rooms even around 2pm and I had to wait them finish.
After I settled down in a bed, the receptionist came and asked me to move to another room giving 30 kuna (she said it was 50kn she offered later). I unpacked my stuffs already, so I told her I just wanted to stay in the room. Another woman - who was still cleaning the rooms - came and asked me to go out from the Hostel or move to another room. She then started shouting.

The problem was the there are 7 "men" will stay in the room and I was the only woman. I really did not mind if others are men or women. I just settle down and play with JavaScript or read Chrisitan stuffs, so there won't be a problem for me. She told me that the 7 mens are problematic and changed rooms couple of times and so on, and wanted to use the room by themselves. The problem is that I made the reservation through Hoselworld.com a week earlier and paid the deposit already. From my aspect, the clerk should know there would be a woman in the room, and these 7 people came after that. I am not sure what their problem becaues they seemed to stay in another room and showed up to talk about the problem with the receptionist. If they could take another room by themselves, then they could just stay in the same room, isn't it? I really did not understand what was their problem to moving to another room where I already made the reservation.

While the clerks and I were arguring about the problem of the room arrangement, the woman working at the Internet Place 2 floor above in the building came and claimed that I was shouting so loud. Actually, the woman cleaning the room started shouting, and I made my voice louder because of her.

Then the receptionist said she would call police. And I said go ahead. Meanwhile the cleaning woman disappeared. The woman working at the Internet Place just stayed in the reception room with the receiptionist. She complained that I was screaming and that was why she visited the hostel. You can see the situation. People trying to push their own view and support each other while I was alone as a stranger in the place.

About 30 minutes or so, 2 police officer came and the clearning woman just explained the situation in Croatian language to the police. The police did not even give me a chance to hear my side of the story about what happened. The police checked my passport and the woman's driver licence.

I don't know if the police came was real police or not because they did not give me the incident number nor even the namecard of themselves. So, I just share the information here. Just in case if they are fake ones.

Also, I am curious what the clearning woman complained to the police. If that was only the screaming that they complained (and ignoring the screaming of the cleaning woman). The problem was the 7 men who wanted to take the 8 bed room in Hostel Best. I was asked to move to another room after I unpacked things. First, the receiptioninst gave me the choice of choosing the room and at that time I had a chance to take any bed in the room. From my point of view, the problem was the 7 men who wanted to take the room. If they wanted to take the entire room, they should make the reservation to take the entire room for them.

Be aware, the people in Hostel Best may not like Americans or journalist style asking questions. You can hear the clearning woman shouting how Americans should go back to America and they are not welcome here in Croatia. (that's what she said when the 2 police officers were at the entrance.)

If you make a reservation at Hostel Best in Split, you might be kicked out from the hostel. I still don't know why the 7 guys wanted to move from another room to that 8 bed one. And that was funny the clearning woman started screaming about hospital thing. You can hear her speaking about hospital issues because of the problem of the 7 guys wanted to take the room by themselves. Is this how people called crazy in Croatia?

How people react to the speech of anti-American thing in these days? That's what the cleaning woman did. For the better trip of the tourists, I share this information as well as to share the clearing woman mentioning about "Hospital" and commenting mental problem in the speach. Also, you can hear the receiptionist's slander, "fuck off" in the video as the evidence of verbal threat I received from the hostel stuffs. I guess sharing the video is easy to find a lawyer who is interested to take care the problem happened to the member hostel of Hostelworld.com. This hostel can treat tourist as if having mental problem when they do not accept the change the hostel made from the condition of the reservation.

Hostel Best owner mentions about "abnormal" when I talked about lawyer

Here is another experience I had about someone mentioning about abnormal when I spoke of contacting a lawyer. It happened at Hostel Best in Split, Croatia. I have the entire conversation and that one is much funnier than what she says in this short video. I visited the hostel about the time of check-in at 11am, but the room was not cleaned yet. So, I went back around 2pm and was able to decide my bed. After that the woman asked me to move to another room because 7 guys in another room wanted to use the room where I was in by themselves. I was asked either change the room or leave the hostel. I already paid the deposit more than few days ago. Then the womans started shouting "go out" without returning my payment and the deposit. So, I started to film the conversation as I feared they might just kick me out from the hostel and taking my money.

You can hear her start shouting "are you normal?" after I mention about talking with a lawyer. You know, there are more people in the world start claiming about mental problem just like the professors, police officers, and psychiatrists at SJSU. I guess comparing her with Dr. English-Lueck's claim of me as suicidal seems to show some similarity of their mentality. People talking about a lawyer would be considered as mental problem in Croatia.. I thought that was a Communist practice that Dr. English-Lueck knows and exercises from Chinese culture which she is specialized in.

10 September, 2009

Military Commission Act of 2006

I just found out Military Commission Act of 2006 was signed on October 17, 2006. It was the day I was sent to El Camino Hospital from Santa Clara Valley Medical Center because of the false accusation of suicidal by Dr. English-Lueck and other SJSU faculties.

If the SJSU students had been making up stories of me as foreign spy or something to be suspicious, I think they have been enjoying their political immunity from any accusation that can be excused as Patriot Act. I mean, being patriotic to harass foreign student legally...

Things seems to be normal today may be viewed as something extreme in future. That is what Nazis did and the reason why Nazism became so infamous. Some of them were saved by Paper Clip Operation and was recruited into the CIA (aka OSS). Water boarding and other torture methods have been known. No one has been blamed of for the innocents tortured by the US troops or even millions killed in Iraq. I think the Act is powerful enough to make anyone get killed if the US thinks suspicious and harmful to the country.

They seem not to give opportunities to the suspects they made up some kind of suspicions. So, I just continue to speak up what I think and how the Act is against the US constitution. It actually harms both Americans and foreigners and only make the troops and agents to gain power to do any search to "prove" their suspicion is collect. That's a worst style of reward system. If they can make up a suspicion and do anything to prove they are right, they can get rewards. Those people thought as suspects should have some way to prove themselves innocent. Witch hunting would makes only the victims to go through the tortures till they admit what the abusers claims. It had been done in Boston and other places over hundreds years ago among witch hunters. The United States have been doing the same torture and prove them to be witches (terrorists). Well, I guess that's all because of the simple minded mentality they learn from watching the CIA cartoon that the big duddy just go around with guns and MIBs to harass others who are on his way..

05 September, 2009

Croatia vs Belarus today

I have seen people wearing national team clothes and national flag designs during Euro Cup 2 years ago. Today is the day some national teams hold matches.

Here in Croatia, they have the match against Belarus today at 8.30pm.

Can you guess how much for a ticket? 200KN (about 40CHF or 27EURO) for the best seats, and 100KN for the second best. Both are on the West Side. And for the cheapest one, you must pay only 35KN, which is about 7CHF or less than 5EURO. The formal World Cup seats cost over 500EURO to 1000EURO. So, watching the qualification is a good deal to save money and get a better spot to watch the same team.

The capital city has pretty much people wearing the clothes for cheering the national team already. We still have few more hours to wait, but it won't be too long than waiting for the next match with England after this. I heard the next match tickets are already sold out. My bet for today's game is Croatian wins 4-1 or something more than 3 points lead. And with England, I predict it as a draw game. Let's see how things will go..

01 September, 2009

What the CIA has done as "false" (video)

Now you can imagine what the SJSU students who are interested in working for the CIA are up to and what they learned as good. Professionals with their philosophy based on government agency can lie to make profits as that's how they would get profit from and praised for. The pure knowledge and curiosity based researches and works will not be preferred by the people paying the grants. That's how scientific method no longer holds faith in objectivity. You can imagine what happened to anthropology and other studies CIA agents have been working. My voice recording of Dr. English-Lueck and police officers prove who made up the story of how I was thought as suicidal. You know, Dr. English-Lueck actually said that they concluded by themselves while they did not respect my statement of denying so. Isn't it sounds familiar to the situation in the video? Some people try to push the one-side view to everything. I wonder how much of the work done by those SJSU students and faculties recruited by the CIA found out to be false.