29 June, 2012

Damage on my leather bag.

So far, I got some small tampering damages in my stuffs. I found my leather bag which I have been using for few years since I was in California got damage. I just found it today as I needed to pack something up. Last time I used it was about few weeks ago. At that time, I got V2K perps talking about damaging the leather bag as it is functional.

What kind of damages I got here? One camera with no functioning memory stick slot, one camera which I usually use with not functioning And one occasion someone put pee in my water bottle. It was smelled like urine and I just gave it back to somewhere in another bottle. I did not check my another computer, but it would be broken as that is what V2K perps said. I don't really see why they want to harass me this much while I was away for pilgrim and other issues. Maybe, they just love to harass someone who is Christian. I just got people who are not really Catholic here while I am away from the Church for the mass or other things.

I guess these are the real damages done by the COINTELPRO in this country. I guess I'm not getting killed so far or sent to the concentration camp like in the Nazis era. I guess they are just a bad mafia guys mentioning about Israel relationship with them. Some says about the Korean secret police and such and I got some suspicious Japanese people as well. Tell me why the local police won't take these damages typical of gang stalking as a serious matter from the Neo-Nazi or other extremist groups who are perhaps capable of 'pull down' buildings like WTC in New York? Since they don't make anything to do with these people, I make the new Stasi 2.0 list for the new victims of them. These gang stalkers take out the people who they don't like in the community, so it would be suited to call it Stasi 2.0 than local 'delusional community watch' terrorists.

The Japanese V2K perps are saying that they want to make me go back to Japan so that I can be used as a specimen for the local university. I guess, that is how the Microwave hearing start to the people abroad and they might be gang stalked for the claim of the mental disease, so that they would be used for the human experiment in their own country. Japan got some in the past and still some experiments going on under the funding of the US Army in the mental hospitals.

Notice the part the zippers rail got separated. It got some strings cut under it and the strings are missing. Guess what? It's not a natural cause. If it is done by a loose string, then the string should be remained on the bag as well. I got my suitcase damaged as well. I think these zipper damages are done as a typical issues. My suitcase at 4U Hostel in München got damage with 3 parts got strings cut, and the side was open. The guy at the reception rejected to contact a police and I filmed that part as the 4U Hostel got many perps working. I should make the skit list there like the number of how many people wearing 

Oh, yeah, there were a Kyrgyzstan girl working at the German Embassy in Moscow and was flirting me with a Swiss girl in München. I knew some diplomats in other land, but they did not do anything like a skit at all when I was with them. The Kyrgyzstan girl is a Muslim and was just an assistant. When she asked me to write about her name in Japanese, I added Arabic to check her knowledge and she seemed not to know it. Then later I met a woman from Egypt who speaks both Egyptian colloquial and MSA. I do know both language as I traveled and made the pilgrims in the area where are famous in the Bible and of the Holy Family. I could study better if I could remember Coptic better like when I studied a bit before I got gang stalked in California. Well, I could not do that part in the Coptic Cairo. I hate the local perps and sometimes the V2K perps trying to make up the claim of me of Muslim. These V2K perps said that the Russian girl is actually a Chinese. I think sometimes the V2K perps know much of the environment as they can speak up someone's name in the nickname often used by her friend and which was unknown to me before I found out who was talking like that. By the way, I found out the ex-assistant of the German Embassy was perp because she did a mirroring skit sometimes. One occasion, she sat in front of me and with a sunglass while I had it with me and eating a chewing gum. Then she took out a chewing gum and started eating. She borrowed the sunglass from a guy in the room. Who wanna do something like that? That is known as the mirroring for the Targeted Individuals. The Swiss girl part was funny as the V2K perps were making a joke of "an empty piggy bank" later and I got enough study from her cooperation on the flirting skits. I fed her some chocolates for the beads-giving method in the anthropological studies. She loved drinking milk chocolate often, but I hope it helped to add some extra grams to increase the national chocolate consumption rate for the Swiss people. It was funny to see her negligee thing few days after the V2K perps talking about it. That one was the best skit ever happened to me with the "temporary available" legend. I got something fishy going on there and I got more information of how they changed things around. A complete example of how perps can change any rules or policies. Now I can tell I got benefit from the business intelligence to push up another company better looking.

VIDEO: Barrie Trower talks with the victims of Microwave and EMF Testing

Electronic harassment? It has been going on since 1976. I wonder the people in the Channeling/New Age time got voice hearing from whatever the angel or dead person were also the victim or not. As far as I know, the medium of The Seth Material is also the one received the subliminal messages and died early from the effect.

Recently, I got some high pitched tones to make me awake till late night. I wonder if that was something like of EMF. The original version of the microwave hearing could be prevented by the meshed metal like copper covered around the upper area of the skull near the earlobes. But the current 3G and 4G technology and above makes it much hard to stay away from the WIFI environment anywhere on the earth.

Tell me how many are mentally ill with delusional symptoms? The electronic harassment is real and is used for the military experiments. It's funny that no psychologists and psychiatrists are really caring about these new technology causing problems while they only use the books like witchdoctors and figuring out something out from their old fashioned philosophical problem solving; they got the information and we must get the answer from these books. Too bad, the witchdoctors cannot understand the new technologies that are causing the symptoms.

28 June, 2012

The mechanism of failure for foreigners

Some people have problem to stay on their jobs or classes in foreign countries. I thought that was just a bad luck people got. After I started experiencing the electronic harassment and the gang stalking, I learned that they are chosen to be failed. To make it short, they are "not listed" for the people who are accepted in the area or the country. It's just simple as the people with the strong ties in the community are often successful as they are not to be chosen for the GS/EH experiment. And I think that is the truth of how certain individuals are going to fail. Another example is that when someone got enemy in the community or in the intelligence, he would be listed for the harassment like some misfortunes. If you have a relative in the area, you may stay - that's what David Lawson write in his book as the core concept of the Cause Stalking. It's just true for anywhere with the self-claiming community policing groups.

Here is the certain things to happen:
- the students/coworkers in the group contain the gang stalkers who do the set-ups of the "misfortunes"
- the environment got so many people in a large group to hang around instead of one or two individuals together. Thus, the gang stalkers are able to make the mobbing environment for the cooperation.
- the neighbors are also the part of the people working with these "community watch" people who are often helped by the local police officer. They can complain anything to the police when the target's action seemed suspicious.
- There would be a competition between the target and others, so that the target would be the one to be laughed at. They use the target as the bad example - such as the project at work can be ruined by the target's part.
- Sexual harassment like flirting can happen in the place: The situation is simple as a mobbing. The person flirting won't directly communicate with the target while the one only try to act sexy. Some students might be interested working together for such thing like two women sat the sides of the target frequently hitting/rubbing their legs with the target's leg. Another example is that the person flirting would be walking in front of the target, so that it makes the situation like the target stalking from behind and for the surveillance camera to record it. Jealousy is also used for the harassment. In one occasion, the person would ask others in the room not to talk with the target and others complain the one is jealous. In this situation, the target would have no choice but to be isolated from others. Meanwhile, the person who is jealous won't directly communicate or won't talk with the target as that is a skit to set up the target to start communicating with the one as there is no others to be able to talk to easily in the room. Also, the flirting person often has some others as good friends. Also, some others might be doing other flirting skits to the target in the room if the room is filled with the gang stalkers. I saw one tall guy widely opened his legs like 170 degree and sat in front of me. And another day, it was a woman who was doing the same and opening and closing the legs during the class time. How many people would love to do such strange thing? I got their names ready to share.
- Frequent report making during the work/class time. People might go out often when they found something to report about the target.
- Easy going environment to make the people get lazy. The teacher would only teach the minimum from the textbook and let the students to study alone or in the group. This can result on more people with bad grades as they don't know what to study. Sometimes, others get help in different time for the individual study or in the group. The ones who don't join such opportunity won't get passed like half students must repeat it again - which I got some interesting evidence of one school :D
- Some people are working for the army or military background.
- There are more people from certain countries and possibly they are invited by the local police for the surveillance than their own will.
- Electronic harassment is also helping the target to get artificially nervous from the subliminal messages via V2K/Channeling method. They could send a simple message like "I don't wanna study now" "I should do this first." and let the one to feel like doing something else. Also, it can help to forget the important things and homeworks. That makes the target to have problem at the work or the grade.

So, what is the actual happenings so obvious? A teacher wearing the black top and blue jeans clothes. And some teachers later engaged in such clothes. I got so many people wearing that combination even the Mike's Bikeshop owner in 4U Hostel as well as some others in München. I got at least 4 to 5 people in the place with such clothes per a day and 2 of them stayed in the same hostel room and one Rumanian guy was working at Lufthanza and smoking canabis at the bar with some jewish guy called Sebastian, who was also a perp. I can share something more obvious later as the video from that place like a cleaning lady suddenly showing up and start cleaning near me while I was eating my noodle and she just took the dusts corrected near the doorstep with her barehands. It was the second time they cleaned the room and this time she was wearing the black top and blue jeans while the Lufthanza guy was also wearing the same black top and blue jeans and sleeping in the room. The guy who slept next to his bed were wearing the same clothes. I observed something like that in a school with more interesting skits. I think I posted the video of how 4U Hostel won't call a police for the damage on the guest's suitcase. Someone stole my "Heilige Maria" book 10TL? I bought in Turkey. That one was quite rare and was about the Virgin Mary's House near Izmir. I guess the local perps wanted it as it was in German. I don't know why someone stole a religious book like that. The München police won't file a case like that. I talked with them at the one in the main station, and the female officer said they cannot file it if I don't bring a translator with better German. It's funny, but I think that part would be fun as they probably cannot take care anything written in English. If these perps wanna complain about what I'm writing here, then I would ask the police to first file my damaged suitcase case.

Shall we make the list of dangerous sports and organizations for the foreigners based on the gang stalking incidents? I think some people might love that, so that they cannot get harassed there for the "community policing" purpose and wasting money and properties. Also, I got a nice list of people engaged in the crimes and gang stalking from around the world. This part would be shared around this weekend.

26 June, 2012

I found the culprit of stealing my fountain pen yesterday.

I was studying in the library like yesterday. Today, there were only 3 people in the study room. I found a man reading the small book with vertical format - a typical Japanese book. He looked like a bit ugly and flat-faced. Then an Indian-looking woman came and she started communicating with me a bit. I ignored her as she got books similar to what I was reading these days. I thought it was a typical anchoring and trying to make a friendship with their interest. So, I ignored her and later said "A perp" when she was away. She was in the room yesterday, and I went to use the copy machine in another room for about few minutes, she might be in that room as well. Now, I think I got the possible culprit of my fountain pen thief!!! It cost me about 120CHF and today I had to buy a new one around 250CHF. What a waste of money. Now I'm really motivated to fight back with my new, heavier, larger, cooler, and more expensive one than before. I decided to keep it in the box, so that it won't be missing so easily. A new pen is always nice as it makes me to motivate to write more with my hand.

I filmed them as they seemed really suspicious. Probably, they are the gang stalkers as there is no way to find so many Japanese perps or someone with the similar book around while only 3 people in the room for few hours. After the man left, I saw another Asian man showed up and settled in different desk. It was quiet today. I wonder if these perps are to make rapport with me for their items like the same book or Japanese books. I'm just observing these strange people and strange life. I'm curious how the Indian-looking woman would be around again for her interest. I'm sure she would be pissed if I record what she is doing in the chronological order.

Perhaps, I can draw some graphical information of what happened to me in past few months. That's a traditional way of record keeping for the ethnography. I got some Mosad guys info and some police recruited ones. Oh, there is a ex-embassy employee who was actively engaged in the gang stalking here. I'm happy to share her background for the ethnic knowledge of her country and the current political issues around here and there. I studied her country in my Anthro class and read some activist groups in Japan or in the US. Now, who knows much benefit from knowing something like that? I'm a whistlebrower exposing the real CIA people before. As long as they don't harass me, I won't do anything, you know... And it's my job to share such info as a real activist for the minorities.

And I would add the entry about the artifiical ADHD and how non-police-friend students are systematically fail in their classes from misfortunes and other personal issues. I think it's pretty common for some students as they got no time to get focused on the study. The important factor is not to let the student to do preview and review. This part can be prevented by the subliminal message sending like V2K to make the one to find something else to do to postpone it. Also to write a summary of what the one learned. The electronic harassment like high-pitched ultrasound hearing can keep the one not to be able to concentrate on the reading or even to get enough sleep at night. I'm sure more students in the US got such things to be failed early in the community colleges in order to make certain people to take the class again for the school to make more money.

25 June, 2012

Someone stole my fountain pen, and now I'm motivated to share Middle-Eastern looking perps

I wrote about I can fight with "mightly pen" few posts ago, and it happend that I got some strange V2K message like my fountain pen can be used for hiding weapons or something two days ago. And today, I lost my fountain pen. It reminds me of how my CD-Player went missing when I went back to Japan from California and I asked about the clerk at the airport about it's safe to keep the CD-Player and other delicate devices in my suitcase or I have to keep it as my hand luggages. It might be of those NSA-watchers who are checking the remote brain monitoring of the people to find some "subject of special interest" for stealing.

I don't know how it went missing, but it was funny as I got such subliminal message few days ago and they complained about the cartridge part can be used for containing knife or something. And this afternoon, I got other messages like "this part can contain button batteries or knife." Well, they want to check it, they can buy one for the testing instead of stealing.

So far, I got pissed of as someone damaged my fountain pen like in Sarajevo's Tito hostel. I think I already posted the strange damages to my fountain pens causing more than 400€ damages from that. Well, they are Muslims, so I guess they love harassing Croatian-lover like me.

And I saw a guy with strange red sticker saying "Remove before fight" and talking on the phone near me today. Yeah, I got some hijab wearing perps these days as well as those Middle-Easterners on surveillance. Well, I'm eager to share the information about these people as they look more like the suspicious individuals in the area. I wonder if he is a police informant doing the covert operation or not. Or maybe he is engaged in the security industry job for the gang stalking. How many people have a logo on the side of his cap? I fight back exposing the information of these organized criminal groups for the false witness and the harassment for the COINTELPRO.

Maybe in next week, I can write about the black job people from the South America and a "kleines Schweinchen" Märchen with some security related job workers. Also, I'm motivated for sharing the local perp photos for the "Stasi 2.0" list making.

24 June, 2012

How to find the Al Qaida members using the New Phonenix Program?

The US Army got brain jacking techniques and rat's brain controlling airplanes for bombing. In such era, how to find Al Qaida members. Al Qaida is known as the CIA-based face extremist groups, and only some times the name showed up after 911 as the terrorist organization with some retarded youth caught in the FBI plots of recruiting the people who are potentially dangerous. There were some caught around the world with such bombing plans offered by the police/FBI informants.

I got some Muslims around these days. And now I figured out some more of how the local cops getting funding for the surveillance and drinking beers. If the target is not a Muslim and if they want to make the one to act like a Muslim terrorist, they might use the sub vocalcode jacking to make up the internal speech to speak up in the brain like "Wir sind Al-Kaida" or "We are Al Qaida." You know the trick, the NSA got remote neural monitoring (RNM) to check the brainwaves of anyone in US or in Europe. And some foreign intelligence cooperation, the local cops and the FBI can use the same technique remotely. This is the perfect example of how to make up someone as dangerous and getting the funding from the Pentagon or the local security fundings. The sub-vocal code reading is already developed by NASA and DOD got more technology about it.

Also, to check the interest in the bombings, the brain jacking might include the image sending like throwing the bomb around and let the subject to catch the one and the bomb explode. This is like the image just like how the airports in Israel can send the subliminal image of the Osama Bin Ladin to check the mind of the passengers.

If I'm telling the real program, then I suppose someone would be pissed but I'm glad that my exposure tell the truth of misuse of the program. I'm Catholic and I got nothing to do with Islams which is a sexist religion nothing good for females (from my point of view).  

I wonder if the Japanese Embassies got some lists like Muslims and they made up a mistake of me listed as a Muslim. I know the evil FBI can do something like that to add me in Muslim Index for harassing me as I got problem with their CIA friends in SJSU before. I just got some atheists, jews, and Muslims around for the gang stalking these days. Indeed, they might be interested for harassing me as I'm a Christian, good target for the local extremist groups engaged in the different religions.

I think people should not get along with Muslims as they might be working for the FBI and trying to recruit/make false witness on the bounty hunting to find the Muslim extremists. They don't care if the person is non-Muslim, then they can simply use the one to get money from the local cops. You know the trick, right?

21 June, 2012

Things happens around as the V2K Japanese perps say

I assume the V2K perps have the connection with the satellite artificial telepathy technology. NSA got remote neural monitoring (RNM) as described in some TI sites.

The funny thing is that the coughing and some body symptoms can happen around in the group of people sometimes. I experienced some incidents like coughing happens around me while I was one of them getting the need of coughing. The coughing would happen to the person near me or standing a head of me. Also, feeling the sickness might be affecting others around me. Running nose and other symptoms can happen to the specific people so sudden and they just have it only few times and the symptom stops. Isn't it strange to hear? But it's true, and it seems very artificial.

Also, the V2K perps may often talk about the things others doing, such as someone buying a certain color jacket. Then I could see the person wearing a new jacket in such color. They could also share the purpose of what others doing, like "change of the pitcher" for switching the flirtation by another person. The RNM viewers on surveillance can also causing the V2K and ohter electronic harassment symptoms. I don't really see if they are working with the contractors of DOD or others like the local police informants who are doing the foreign intelligence when they go out from their countries.

As far as I know, the TIs are surrounded by strange group of people who suddenly show up in the local area and the local people who has ties with the police.

We live in a totally different society from what it looked like in the last century.

20 June, 2012

Korean-Japanese groups showed up

I was studying in the study room like yesterday. Today, I found the tables filled up with people. I only found a seat where I sat and on the same table got a woman like yesterday. Yesterday was a white woman and today was Asian woman. From her digital dictionary with Chinese characters on it, I guessed her as Chinese speaker.

I tried to settle down in another place and found two guys talking in something wich "che or nida" sounds, so I thought them Koreans. Later they were talking in Japanese a bit. I don't know why they changed their speaking language, but it was obvious to think they needed talk about Japan and Sushi later. I was doing my business in the same room and later a woman came and started talking with them. The gang stalkers are often have friends and know everyone cooperating in the group stalking, so I guessed these men are highly likely to be the gang stalkers. They were talking about Sushi a bit. How many Japanese speakers in a small room? It sounded not randomly happened. My guess is that the local police cooperating the Japanese police would be capable to make such COINTELPRO PSYOP. It's the same everywhere. I can just record the conversation and how many times the same topics showed up by the people near me. Actually, I moved to another place and encountered two men speaking in Spanish engaged in Sushi topic and then later talked about Tortilla. Eat Sushi and die from Cesium in the seaweed part, which is made in Korea or Japan! Who wants to eat something potentially dangerous with hot nuclear particles?

To make things more funny, I found two other people, a tall Asian guy with a large mole on his left cheek and a middle age woman talking in Japanese. So far, I got 4 Japanese speakers around me today in the same place. It's quite a lot don't you think? I hope they are not Soka-Gakkai people like I was stalked in somewhere like Frankfurt. Fortunately,  I got their talking recorded for the evidence. The woman was talking about traveling to Barcelona, which reminded me of Spain-Croatia game I watched.

As from my past experiences, I don't talk with Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese as long as the conversation is necessary. So, if they start talking with me, I will record it. I wonder if I got a good opportunity to study these Korean-Japanese people. No pain, no gain. I would act like a researcher with social science knowledge. I can share the recording later as soon as I figure out they are perps with more concrete evidences. And if these Korean speaking Japanese are working for the gang stalking, it would be a good evidences of how the Korean-Japanese are working for the black jobs in Japan under the command of Public Safety officials or the Japanese police which are under the umbrella of the CIA/FBI. These organizations train Japanese officers. It's fun to expose the informants who are engage in the crimes around the world.

Today, I attended the local church. This one is quite large but more easy to hear the V2K than other church. I don't know if the security people are participating with such devices like how activists in Greenham Common got strange diseases. You know, that kind of things would happen under the military experience on the civilians for the security reason and human experiments. I got subliminal message like "you want to become a leader of a religion?" in Japanese V2K voices while I was praying in the church. And they mentioned the recent incident of how the sheeps showed up and followed me and a sister from the church I visited when we were walking together in the country-side road. And the voice was persuading like "you could become one." I know that is not the real spiritual one, so I made fun of that. It's just the microwave hearing or ultrasonic sound via Cohealla implants. The voice was much like persuading using the example of St. Francis and how he was liked by animals. Well, in my case, I'm exile and I have no interest on people while I've been surrounded by the organized criminals on surveillance. Who wants to look for the social status while the one is under the surveillance by the mobs? I don't have anyone to trust at all. So, I thought back like I would rather write a prayer like St. Francis instead.

During the rosary prayer, I got suddenly dizzy like a minor passing out. I could think and aware of myself but suddenly I had no sense of the view as if I closed my eyes. And at that 2 or 3 seconds, I think I made a mistake on the prayer. It was very artificial as I suddenly got some pressure behind my both earlobes. The area is exactly suited for the cochlear implants and I have no idea why I got some pressure in that area. It was like the area got a bit hot or something. Later, the feeling of the pressure was left more on my right ear, which is the side I can often hear the V2K Japanese voices. Let's see, I got some suspicious Japanese people around me today, so I don't surprise if they got some more perps doing electronic harassment in the church.

From what I'm guessing is that the large churches might be powerless to the gang stalkers like other organizations and they might be doing something like taking out the potential enemies for the cooperative church workers. They can do it, as long as I can see the large population of the parents and the kids suddenly showing up and sit down near me during the mass and such. And it makes sense if the V2K questions are something suited for the FBI's "anti-Messiah" COINTERPRO.

I'm kinda interested to see how far I can study these suspicious Japanese speakers from now on. It's good for the Japanese TIs, right? And I have no hesitation for studying and exposing these suspicious possible Korean-mafias. How many Koreans now taking the Japanese business in the local area like SF Japan Town? I might be capable to study something like this in the ethnological and geopolitical background searches in the area also. The perps are the ones who have problem to be exposed when they do some covert operations and mobbing using the known PSYOP strategies.

19 June, 2012

Street theater to the organized crime

In my last post, I mentioned about the gay making mechanism. I think it's easy for the perpetrators to claim me as gay or bisexual after writing something over the gay-thing. If you check my Twitter posting, you would see how I studied and did the prediction of what would it be about the street theaters going on around me by the perps. I did not fall for anything like that at all. So far, I observed 2 females near me with some flirtations and 1 male doing something similar. Let's call it the street theater. I'm not that attractive and don't show off anything that much. How that would happen? I don't go to bars and discos where such flirtation would normally happen.

What I did was the simple observation of the others and how others helping each other for the street theater and telling what to do to others and how to give me the NLP anchoring related with these females.

I wonder if the church workers are persuaded by their friends to complain me as gay or not. These people often bring kids and sit near me and try to make the complaints using their kids for child molesting or other rumors. I'm interested correcting such parents information as they might be the cause of how Catholic priests are claimed as child molesters. These people are often not taking the communion during the mass, so I'm assuming they might be non-Christians or Protestants, who are eager to look down on other religions for their wicked gang stalking hobby.

No pain, no gain. It was a bit stressful for me to study the gang stalkers' flirting mechanism. I don't like to be with others, and I had to negotiate myself to look like a people-person like how I used to be when I was an anthro student. I got the strange "temporally available" legend from one of these perps flirting me. These funny incidents would certainly help me to add some captures to my book. Well I should not make fun of others but thinking about how much damage happened my life and how many lives of small animals and devices killed/broken by the gang stalkers, I think I should not have any hesitation to share their information in order to prevent their future "HATE CRIMES" on other victims. They could to the same trick to others in order to make the false witnesses on the innocent individuals.

Just like the hip-hop and rap music, I can make my words dance to stub people for the sake of exposing the social problems. And I'm a researcher with enough social science knowledge. Enough gang stalking? Check out FCCHS website. Religion can be crashed by atheist gang stalkers.

17 June, 2012

How to make a gay-bomb?

I was busy this weekend traveling across two countries. I found V2K or EH seems to be not effective in Austria. It was a bit funny to see how I did not hear the hum like the hauling of the speaker. It could be because the gang stalkers could not track me down across the country so fast. Normally, the EH and other strange things would happen more clearly after moving to somewhere and settle down for few days. And at that point, the Targeted Individual would see some police officers hanging around in the hotel where he lives. I found it as the pattern, but I don't really see what NSA is doing with the remote neural monitoring (RNM). It's possible the gang stalkers would be using such technology shared by the FBI and local extremists, economic hitmen.

I recently found the mechanism of how to make a gay bomb. It's a famous peace prize winner invention, so I don't really know how much effective my theory is in the battle fields. My study is based on EH and the perps around me. Well, my first experience of such strange thing was with Dr. Weiss at SJSU, and recently I got another incident, which gave me better understanding of the strategies. The both incidents were much similar to me in the retrospect; it got others involved in the sex-appeal by the subject, and more of the information is shared in my posting about how to make someone fall in love artificially. The only difference is that how to make someone to accept the same gender as the subject of love. It's more like the persuasion through the subliminal effects to make the target to accept the thought inductions in the theoretical level. However, the persuasion don't work to make the actual move from the target as long as the one is not a moron to do whatever someone says and has own critical thinking and the long term view of one's action with responsibility. For the armies, I think they would simply use the neuro stimulation to increase the effect of sexual desire, which is not used against the civilians.

No pain, no gain. I got more information to share, but the fun part would be for the end of this month.
You would have fun more than the 6th episode of American Horror Story, which I was enjoying to watch with the satellite TV in Bosnia. Who would be the one to knock everyone down with the mighty pen? That's the job of the activists and writers. I would add more strategies of organized crimes in schools and workplaces. No one knows how much information I corrected through my gifted anthropology skills. If you are part of it, I hope you enjoy my joke with the sitcom! The most parts are already shared chronologically at Peace Pink and some TI groups. :D

10 June, 2012

Blackberry suddenly crashes and other difficulties

There are some incidents with actual strange cyber-attacks happens to the Targeted Individuals. It happened to me today with my blackberry. I put it in my pocket and was traveling. Yesterday, I was with some groups including one Clinical pyschologist. That part was fine as they were only talking about Koreans in the area and some connection in South Korea and the Korean secret police activities. When we were together, the number of the young males and females are even. This part is also just typical for the gang stalking victims. I don't know how that happened like this in my life.

Back to the story of my Smartphone. I tried to check it and found the screen asking the password. So, I tried to type it and found the actual words are shown not in asterisks like this *. I had 10 chances and I found my Blackberry already used 6/10 chances. I don't know what happened while I just put it in my pocket though. Then the screen also asked me to type "blackberry" when I made a mistake.

After the 10th mistake, it asked the PIN, and I put it in and everything was reset. What happened was that I lost all the contact addresses and other informations. The only good thing was the pictures I took were left as it is. So far, I have two Sony cameras and one got Zoom-in botton broken and another one got no access to Memory Stick for the storage. I got few more damages at where I live, but this would be for the later time. I got people talking about police and having strange damages to my devices. Enough to say it as COINTELPRO? Or Stasi stype policing by the local extremists? We know David Lawson, the American P.I. who confessed about such activities around the world. And TI is always the individual being harassed and treated as sex-offender, criminal, shoplifter, child-molester, etc, in the local community as Canadian TI, Elenore White explains. We know who is Jews and who are pretending to be Nazis in this situation.

Moreover, my FB access function is also went missing from the Blackberry screen. And some applications went missing as well. You never know you are on the go and suddenly lose all the Internet activities in only few seconds like this. I wonder the local police or the cyber-security team interpreted something like this or not. I would like to know how this happens to Blackberry. And the password I used to lock it did not work at all. It was simple few numbers just like for the iPhone. I have been using the same password till this moring, so there should not be any problem for the unlocking it.

So, it can happen to anyone using Blackberry, right? Now wonder some countries do not want citizens to use it. It's way too dangerous to use one and losing all the information on the contact list and the schedule. It can happen again to me any time. Moreover, I lost the signal. I don't know what happened but it makes me to go to the phone store tomorrow for getting the access back.

Another security issue is that iPad sucks.When you open the Mail application, you cannot close it and the iPad will keep the latest few mail copies on the memory and ready to be read on the go. However, for the gang stalking victims, the perps can read what's in the mails. I have more bad stories and reasons why people should not buy iPad.

07 June, 2012

Who owns my brain? Possibly the Department of Defense

Ever since I was in California and started to get gang-stalked in SJSU, I was often surrounded by the people with DOD stickers. I often encountered the local police and people seemed to be working as the informants of some kinds. If you check my past posts, you see the DOD sticker cars or someone's DOD contract. So, I think it's easy to prove my part of story and how I got strange electronic harassment and other experiences as a Targeted Individual.

Here is an interesting article I found from my friends post.

cience and the military have historically made creepy bedfellows, with military curiosity about neuroscience leading the pack. Yet it's no secret that since the early 1950s, the US military has had a vested interest in harnessing cutting-edge developments in neuroscience to get a leg up on national defense (a la well-publicized failures like Project MK-ULTRA). In 2011, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Pentagon's research arm credited with, among other things, spearheading the invention of the internet, had a budget of over $240 million devoted to cognitive neuroscience research alone. From brain-scan-based lie detection to memory-erasure pills, some of the technologies are, at first glance, simply the stuff of sci-fi. But an essay published in the March issue of PLoS Biology tells a cautionary tale of high-tech neuroscience developments on the horizon that "could be deployed before sufficiently validated."

..... Can a "love hormone" double as a "truth serum"? Additionally, DARPA's FY2012 budget states a plan to "initiate investigations into the relationship between...neurotransmitters such as oxytocin, emotion-cognition interactions, and narrative structures." Oxytocin, colloquially dubbed the "love hormone," exploded onto the research scene in the 90s for its demonstrated involvement in emotional behaviors such as parenting and pair-bond formation (it is secreted in the brain by breastfeeding moms and during sex). Interestingly, it's also known to increase feelings of trust and compassion in human subjects dosed with the hormone through their noses, a highly-speculative but possible boon for interrogators looking to extract info from otherwise tight-lipped prisoners. Though still in murky scientific territory, using oxytocin to get confessions from prisoners would likely be a violation of international law. "Under Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions, you can't subject any prisoner to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, and obviously you can't torture them," says George Annas, Professor of Health Law, Bioethics & Human Rights at the Boston University School of Public Health. "If used in a manner against their will, this would be a totally break with international law." But according to Lesley Wexler, Professor of International Humanitarian Law at the University of Illinois, there are many more gray areas to consider. "There is quite a debate about what humane treatment includes, and I would imagine whether oxytocin falls in that category is an open question," she says. Wexler stresses, however, that this is a matter of domestic discretion—not international law—and interrogation of prisoners of war (or the more nebulous "unlawful enemy combatants") is an area where the US clearly has a less-than-squeaky-clean track record. So while the exact motivations driving DoD's interests in oxytocin research are still vague, Moreno cautions that it might be wise for us to assume the worst. (http://www.motherjones.com/blue-marble/2012/04/department-of-defense-neuroscience-bioethics-brains-law)
Well, in Switzerland, the canton police seems to be helping FBI and the US researchers to work with the people who are interested for them and they can let the informants and "economic hitman" for the gang stalking. You can see what happened in the refugee residence from my past posts.

And recently, I think I learned how the love hormone thing works, and I only made the observation from how that works and sudden change in the characteristics. But I think the patterns of "fall in love" is like what I wrote recently, and I can add some more in future in the different categories like in the chronological order like the subliminal positive thinking of someone specific and such. I wonder if that is used for the army, they can keep the nationalism on the solders to die for nothing. It works good for terrorist making, don't you think? Citizens must be smart enough to stay away from such dangerous mind control in order to have a normal civilized life without wicked activities.