30 October, 2017

WAVE Network Annual Conference Day 1

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 30th, 2017. My #WAVEunited2017#StepUpWAVE participation. And some boots kicking my bag and no shoes street theaters going on at the conference room. How many people wear boots these days and sit next to someone and even trying to hit the bag on the side with it? And a no shoes woman suddenly showed up for the mosque claim on the location. There was one Muslim woman from Sweden but nothing to do with any religion in the theme. I saw two women sat to the left forgot one scarf and came back later during the conference. Also, I found my sunglasses I put on my head got right frame broken - and it was before the scarf left on the seat skit, so some of these perpetrators might be forcing their Islamic education for the mobbing on me for the CRAM program. Also, someone came and filmed and was shouted also. I only filmed something harmful and reportable to the police during the conference.

The V2K speakers told me that their main points are "how to do nothing but getting more funds" and "keep kids useless while their parents to be useful for us." I don't know, but that's something V2K speakers caught others thinking as the brainwave monitoring. Also, the V2K speakers told me that there would be vegan food tomorrow for killing someone as the fear factor for a group meeting. It would be us feeling to keep everyone tight on the line. Well, i will bring some foods with me tomorrow to be safe though. 

24 October, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 19-21st, 2017

OSAM from past few days. I was busy for Tahel Anatomie crazy future snuff video information book making. It was a sick work and my another book is delayed. But I'm almost done with that one - just need some nice image editing and adding.

The video from past few days. Just some Asian groups at the hotel. How many Asians around in Belgrade? I've heard these people are related with the Catholic church Chinese groups and Chinese or Korean Muslims who are supposed to be protecting the nearby Sava Church while the Japanese police wannabe to be checking such suspicious Muslims. All the insider work to be explained like this. They all go together for checking something they've created and police practice. Gestapo? Jews got compensation already? I don't see why I can't try to get the compensation from my case by selling their information.

Gang Stalking Analysis - Downtown Inn Hostel 3 in Belgrade, the chain saw killer

Here is the GSA video about Downtown Inn Hostel 3 not far from the main bus station. Someone tried to open the private room door with an electric chain saw like a horror movie. And they cheated me 50€ for the refund. I sent the information to the local anti human trafficking NGOs and local lawyers.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 23rd, 2017

OSAM from October 23rd, 2017. I've got a forced body movement and accidentally pulled the extension power code and my Nickon AW-130 dropped to the floor from 30cm height bedside table. And the battery lever came off. And there was the V2K speaker shouting like Sonoda and he said that he is a member of Da-Sono group after Da-Tuno was crashed with such an old phrase the same guy was using like "xxxx da-tsuno." like an old cartoon hero type crazy figure. And he would be with Dr. Noghi for the psychological evaluation for the harassment.

And I've heard Mashima, the old man, was killed and his money was used for Hahima music bands from Romania to be in Belgrade on November 1st. Hashima is the name to be related with Hazii or something to do with Muslims in Bosnia.

And here is the video from today. I threw away the camera. It was a silly thing but the anger induction caused me to have the camera crashed. Well, I was thinking to get a new one with the superzoom for the extra comfort for catching the German car drove off far away from the sighting. But I thought it would be done with my old sony camera to be replaced first as it got some problem with turning on sometimes and a strange recovery mode happens as an unreliable sign.

And here is the video. You see how a perp couple tried to pick up my camera I threw away in two pieces and ended up gave it to me again and I threw it again.

03 October, 2017

UN replacement of the USA after the next war? No.. history manipulated by the evil Japanese SDF

I've heard that after the several new UN globe making attempt, they reached the massive oppositions from China and Japan. Russia? They are silent as usual but the good issue was their intention is to keep the peace treaty for their own safe zone building. But the Chinese domination and the massive manipulation campaign went out with the weeping Japanese new police millionaires clan who killed isolated individuals left from Japan after Fukushima made their own decision on the land taking with the food poisoning and land radiation devaluation for the killing the inhabitants of the flats and such. The things went worse with the Bosnian and Croat located Japanese construction companies with the ex-SDF employees who make the openings to every houses for the police surveillance and the small theft as much as 50€ for the normal money to take - look at Lucky 50 Hostel as an example on others for exploiting their victims. USA got their own UN and the future UN people came from there - as the Future Research actually brought some future people's attention. And Islamic Bosnian UN took all the advantage to be in between with others among the people network. That's what I've heard.

I could share the further information if the future won't change like the Organizer time - the DECO and other clans won't go as the Japanese SDF killed such wealthy individuals in South America and only Isshin would be still standing as a rich family.

There was a new future visitors to be discussing from Yamanote /Yamamoto clan from Japanese region of the US, that is the massive problem to happen to the US citizens. Silly UC Berkeley students visited Budva as the police servants to check the naked women there for the police surveillance purpose. But the uneducated Muslim officers liked only the Bosnian Japanese SDF jokes such as "You See?" As the joke. For the UC Berkeley students, "UC" means a honorable thing. But for the others, "You see?" is just so. And no educated Muslims hated such educated bosses. So, they killed the US students in the coasts of Montenegro for further wealth taking and be proud on their own brain - how to be smart off the UC Berkeley students? Islamic nation won!! And that was one of the story how the US education gonna fail in future. Friendship, so soon? No, we have others. And others are maniacs just changing their enemies to make them fight all the time.

I've heard the USA would get the food shortage form the "culture burning" - "we are hungry, burn more lands to make more money!" It's the Chinese campaign on the lands in the area with Islamic value is expected in the US and South America. They gonna burn the houses and barns where the wealth for the cattle located and the debastrated farmers are easily caught by the easy going sherifs to replace their job lands - the skilled are jailed. Then, the food treaty would be made above the NYC by the Japoneza - Zail, Dankai program to be known in future as the UFD group. UFO technology activated motivated SD groups to be in Kotor and somewhere in Poland. They kill mosques a bit in Poland but mainly done by their own money not taking by other clans. At that time, Croats would be all burnt out.

Wazaki, the journalist currently, would be one guy who did the treaty maker as an bad honor. He would give poisons to the SDF Shissho teams for the food giving and sharing in the Thanksgiving form and all died out and the Cheaney's Mecca-Man would be the boss there in the post position of Trumps after Reagan era visitim. Visiting victim to get the funny known activity maker. But all died and Mr. Wazaki would alone laughing there.. We eat no more of your food, oh, well. You died out?
Then the USA would be only located around the southern border to Mexico but the eastern side is taken by these... oh, well, it's a very long story from the future. I shorten it.

So, if Trump let the SDF and Japan to give foods to American troops, the depopulation would start among the clans - wise asses dead and half asses retarded campaign with China.  And more black majority in the citizenship in the US Army would fantasized to get marry with the Japanese born citizenship maker to Japan and China or even to the US border securities. But these guys are actually called as "Danni - shortened word for dairi niku (replaced meat)" and the black males and kids would be used for the Navy food.

What's more? France won't survive but to become China!!! Wow, what a nightmare!?  French female sex workers and wealthy Chinese. French Army has only the massive black security force, so the educated women are dead once and all behave like call-girls. What a screwing life force! US Army did better than that with the cute chicks but not the French call girls on the streets to pick on their white wives!!!

This history to be continued...? I don't know. But the Japan gonna has the plan of taking the western Canada as no more French Army security force as the military backup but they actually make treaty in NYC and start the invasion from there as the backstabbing Pearl Harbor again. The best thins is I shared the warning for others. The NYC incident is called as NEURON - New Loan. and the mass media silences up after everyone is killed - which party's force did that? That is the favorite tactics of Soka Gakkai cult. Muslims got cults and Japanese Buddhist cult is responsible for such an attack for joining the political party in Japan-China New York City bombing!

Around that time, Saudi Arabia is taken to another country. So, no more Islamic forces in the Middle East while all headed to Scandinavia.

Now, I shared the leak. Let me have a normal life.

Ah, Germans, they get a nicely made 2 wheels cart with a 2 person tent on it for the temporary living. The far end got a small wooden box for a child to fit in. More to share? Nah, I sell the books if I can survive the stalkers in my life.

02 October, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 24th, 2017

OSAM from September 24th, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 19-23rd, 2017

OSAM from September 19-23rd, 2017. I think this one is from Croatia.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 27-28th, 2017

OSAM from September 27-28th, 2017.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 29th, 2017

OSAM from September 27th, 2017.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 30th, 2017

OSAM from September 30th, 2017.  You can see the room invasion really happened by the use of an electric round saw at Downtown Inn Hostel 3 in Belgrade. It was just a horror to me if someone really used Friday the 13th weapon on a guest room door!

The hostel got so many troubles like the Iranian underage girl living in the dorm room, a bed in the living room for someone to sleep there, a excrement-attached shared bathroom shower head, etc. But I managed to move to another location later. I contacted police for such a nightmare location.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 2nd, 2017

I was busy for other stuffs awhile and also had no chance of posting to this blog. I posted more on FB almost everyday. Well, I escaped Downtown Inn Hostel 3 after someone tried to open my private room door with an electric round saw and some other discomfort. I filmed and took photos of such activities. Then yesterday, I attended a language exchange meeting and later I found I lost my flat key ring. So, I had to contact police again for the potential theft of my room key while the perpetrators were around. The Polygot meeting was fine. Nothing really funny but everybody introducing their names and reasons of learning a foreign language there.

There were many Asians stalking me now. Also, a German car is parked across the street from my apartment building just like at Downtown Inn Hostel 3 where I found Anne Frank attic type private room... So, I can tell to the local police and anti Human Trafficking Organizations about such stalking problem with the concrete evidences. 6th year of the German Neo-Nazi stalking me. How much compensation I could get if these cars are working in the government sectors??? I'm expecting to share the information to everybody including the flat owner now.