24 October, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 23rd, 2017

OSAM from October 23rd, 2017. I've got a forced body movement and accidentally pulled the extension power code and my Nickon AW-130 dropped to the floor from 30cm height bedside table. And the battery lever came off. And there was the V2K speaker shouting like Sonoda and he said that he is a member of Da-Sono group after Da-Tuno was crashed with such an old phrase the same guy was using like "xxxx da-tsuno." like an old cartoon hero type crazy figure. And he would be with Dr. Noghi for the psychological evaluation for the harassment.

And I've heard Mashima, the old man, was killed and his money was used for Hahima music bands from Romania to be in Belgrade on November 1st. Hashima is the name to be related with Hazii or something to do with Muslims in Bosnia.

And here is the video from today. I threw away the camera. It was a silly thing but the anger induction caused me to have the camera crashed. Well, I was thinking to get a new one with the superzoom for the extra comfort for catching the German car drove off far away from the sighting. But I thought it would be done with my old sony camera to be replaced first as it got some problem with turning on sometimes and a strange recovery mode happens as an unreliable sign.

And here is the video. You see how a perp couple tried to pick up my camera I threw away in two pieces and ended up gave it to me again and I threw it again.