24 October, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 19-21st, 2017

OSAM from past few days. I was busy for Tahel Anatomie crazy future snuff video information book making. It was a sick work and my another book is delayed. But I'm almost done with that one - just need some nice image editing and adding.

The video from past few days. Just some Asian groups at the hotel. How many Asians around in Belgrade? I've heard these people are related with the Catholic church Chinese groups and Chinese or Korean Muslims who are supposed to be protecting the nearby Sava Church while the Japanese police wannabe to be checking such suspicious Muslims. All the insider work to be explained like this. They all go together for checking something they've created and police practice. Gestapo? Jews got compensation already? I don't see why I can't try to get the compensation from my case by selling their information.