30 September, 2007

Mr. Inaki in San Fransisco.

Mr. Inaki is a translator my parents hired when they decided to visit San Jose when was staying at El Camino Hospital. The White mid-aged nurse persuaded me to call my parents in Japan from the hospital. She made a chart of time difference and wrote me a paper to remind me to call them. I called my home at night. The nurse helped me to call the number from the hospital phone, not the ones available for the patients on the hallway. I had to use my phone card anyway. It was the only time I contacted with them before they purchased the air tickets.
What happened to my parents was a mystery. What I know is they have been mind-controlled and working for hinting and spying on me when I was with them.

When my mother called me from Pavona apartment in San Jose, I returned to my place to meet them. However, they were gone. The manager told me my parents and a translator came. The handyman there is a perp, and it seemed they wanted me to act something obvious to claim me as mentally ill. My room door was open when I went back. As the people in the hallway of the apartment said they took my parents as hostages, and later I was threatened that they would kill my parents in my room and would make me as a suspect, I ran away to Sacrament. Next day, I submitted the school discrimination evidences at the mailbox for the governor and went back. It was at night I got home and found out my bathroom's light was on.

My parents called me on Friday night when I was driving in the parking lot at Walmart in Milpitas. My parents arrived San Jose on Wednesday morning. Until Friday night, I have not get phone call from them after I receive one on Wednesday around noon. Is this something usual?
On Saturday, I met my parents at their room in Crown Plaza Hotel, San Jose. At that time, I did not see Mr. Inaki at all. They told me that they have paid 70,000 yen (650$) for the translator. They said the flight cost about 500,000 yen (4500$). They told me that they have been in their hotel room for last two days. What Mr. Inaki was doing? He is hired as a translator and they stayed in the hotel room? They could call my cell phone again from their hotel phone or their cell phone, but they did not do so. If my parents' purpose to travel to San Jose to meet me, why they did not try to reach?

When I came back in December 5th, my parents have been contacting with Mr. Inaki through E-mail. My mother told me that he was married with an American woman and recently got divorced. According to my mother, Mr. Inaki misses his children whom his wife took away after the divorce. My mother said that they did so in Nevada as marriage issue is very easy-going in the state. He lives in San Fransisco, CA.

I am not exposing someone's name for defamation. My mother also said that it is quite easy to change their names. I think that is about Ronald Feagan who worked in West San Jose and lived in the partment #4209 for short time. When I checked the people search engines, it seemed there is no such individual exist anymore. I found some people with my name living in California instead. I guess these organized criminal groups are working on identity theft for their convenience to change their identities. I hope fake-me living in Pavona Apartment with perp neighbors. I ran away left everything in my room, #4219. I wonder who took away my PCs and other stuffs. Probably, the students moved into different rooms may took advantage of them. Why? Because my mother often suggested to leave the furniture there so that the people moved into my room would use them. Probably, if I did so, they would charge me for the inconvenience and just tried to take my property for their use. I think this is exactly what happened to the student and the professor ran away from the Campus Village on SJSU campus. In my case, SJSU students moved into my apartment off campus and did so. Some of them moved into vacant rooms and the manager did not know about their activities at first. After I contacted them to notice the students' stalking, they started to help on gang stalkers.

I am sharing this information as he is one of the person who is responsible for the "hostage attempt" the organized stalkers talked about.

28 September, 2007

Pictures of foods. (Someone stole my umbrella at McDonald's)

The below is what I posted to FEDAME. Convenience for retyping everything. Every time they try to mock me, they leave the evidences. I collect them, and spread it as I believe they are the organized terrorists on loose. Now, I can tell they did another pettis crime. I had filed stolen property twice at San Jose apartment. I was pickpocketted in Netherlands. Now what? They probably wanted to steal my new Geiger Counter I kept in my bag. I got it yesterday morning and brought it to the restaurant as I needed to ask the shipper about some specific question about pancake tube through email. Too bad, the kids could not know the difference of a black umbrella and a device in a black case. Because of me restudying physics to use the device for my own protection, the organized stalkers now want to claim me for creating a nuclear threat. Easy guess for people working with their small brains. Then, how can they claim me playing with microwave monitor and its related textbooks? I believe that is something the TIs must know and to find a way to protect themselves. With a college level free e-textbook, smart people know its limitation of knowledge in it. If they want to claim studying physics is a threat for the national security, then they should ban the subject from the schools! The concept of nuclear physics is available in books, the problem of their claim will be that it is hard to create a test lab for the experiment. People do so after they enroll to a university and get access to the lab equipment. Reading physics books and playing with 'detectors' at a refugee center is something impossible for them to claim me playing with nuclear technology. I am just playing with the knowledge about the field.

I have been using Internet at an American-based fast restaurant blanch. So far, the organized stalkers are trying to keep me away from contacting with other victims and lawyers. Since last week, I started to focus on looking for a lawyer to discuss my case. I have sent brief summary of my case with FBI, CIA, DOD to some lawyers through emails. The day I was searching a lawyer in Internet, two kids showed up in the restaurant and started bullying on me. I turned on my digital camera and tried to get the conversation for the evidence. The below is the part of the kids' bullying I uploaded to YouTube. The last one shows the kid's foot on my table next to my note PC. (Isn't it enough to call a 'threatening'?) While the kids were bullying, there were only two customers in the first floor; a middle-age male and a small girl. They talked with the kids in German and both kids and the girl played in the kid's area for a short time. Moreover, one of the female clerk at the restaurant talked with the kids when she showed up on the floor, and it was before they started to kick my bags or tried to harass me by sitting next to me. The two kids kicked my bag and about 3pm they left. Later, there were customers came – all wore black Ts like what I wore. The picture is available at my blog of the day after the incident.

I am sharing these videos as I had a property damage. I have a longer version of the film which I haven't uploaded.


Next day, some people who live in the heim where I live visited the restaurant, while I was uploading the above files to YouTube for sharing the evidence.
Two days ago, I saw many teens were having lunch near me. Three teens walked in when I was entering the restaurant and the waited behind me at the casher. After I settled down on the first floor, they came and sat right side of my table. We had some distance as their seat is not directly next to mine. One of the girl was playing with her lighter for many occasions.

Yesterday, while I was eating my lunch there, I saw one Asian woman sat two seats away from me to the left. Then while I was contacting with other victims, a mid-age woman and kids came and they sat the table next to mine. About few minutes they were there, they suddenly changed their table to the right side corner, far away from my seat. I did not mention about them as they seemed one of the stalker group trying to sit either near me or in front of me to claim me to be pedophilia. I was going to leave the place. When I went down to the ground floor, I remembered about my umbrella. I returned to the first floor and my umbrella was not there. I was sure that I brought my umbrella to the restaurant as I had some trouble holding the meal tray at the casher by holding my umbrella on my hand. Well, last time the stalkers lobbed was in the metro at Netherlands.

This is part of my experience living as a refugee. The good news is that Californian lawyers responded me that they seemed not to argue about my evidences but the problem of 'time limits for lawsuit' and 'must get contacted inside of the state.' The law firm said that it is a part of economic and business matter. Probably it is about how to help a ex-foreign student became a refuge in another country because of the US agencies. I don't know much about MKULTRA victims who want to settle lawsuit decades later. If what happened was lobotomy, I think now I have a better understanding of what happened and why so many people are really working on putting me down. Also, getting some crucial evidences like above films in American restaurant seem a good one for future lawsuit in where I live. There should be no limit for lawsuit nor have I the problem of settling one in the Kanton if it is necessary for this kind of hate crime.
Everytime they tried to persuade me not try what I think right, I did what I belived right. That helped me for survival. I was not killed like the politicians in Japan.

The problem is not the evidences but the organized stalkers' pressure on the lawyers.

This is one response I received from one of the lawyer I contacted. I hope the others are not being kidnapped nor sent to hospitals by the stalkers. That is what often FBI did during the 60s. We must stop the covert war on citizens and kidnapping of the students from SJSU. The above is a bad news but I got good news also.

After reviewing the information provided, we have concluded that we cannot
undertake representation in this potential action. Please understand that
this decision is based on business and economic factors and in no way reflects
upon the merits of the case. Other attorneys may differ in their analysis of the

Pictures of the cars with rosary Part II.

These are the cars I saw on my way to the Stadt. I just keep them as the record as I don't think hanging rosaly is not a major culture in the world wide.

27 September, 2007

Lobotomy at El Camino Hospital?

It was the second day in El Camino Hospital, I was unable to wake up from my bed in morning. It was a funny feeling as if I was going to die there. I was hard to focus on any thought but wanted to get some rest. Did someone tried to make me to become like “veritable”? At that time, it was hard to believe what was going on around me. I only had my clothes that I wore on Monday to the campus. Since the students tried to spread rumors, I had lost any friendly connection with the other students and people living in the area. Isn't it an ideal situation to make an individual to become a specimen for some kind of illegal human experiment?

Anyway, when I checked the mirror in the bathroom that locates middle of two room. I found there was tiny black dots marked near my eyes. I was wondering what the people talking outside of my room. Dr. Kent was talking that “her knowledge is shallow..” and whole consequence seemed that they put me on some kind of investigation for foreign agent conspiracy that SJSU student made. It happened only because I knew umlaut and had Citibank receipt on September 11th 2006. On the another room, there was an stout African American woman stayed in the bed whole day. In her room door, there was a paper sign that the room may has 24hour surveillance camera. And on mine, there wasn't. The room across from mine was for Rubens, a homeless guy who was living in Salvation Army on 4th St., San Jose, CA. He knew several languages including Arabic, Hindu, and German. He was studying Tibetan culture and told me he has some Tibetan friends in Oakland and thinking to travel to Tibet in future. He had ''reserve'' book from San Fransisco library which was sent to the hospital by mail. Is this something normally happen in a mental hospital?

After they decided to keep me alive – this happened as a result of Adriana, the manager of Equal opportunity Service tried to make an appointment for me on Wednesday and I replied her that I was sent to mental hospital, they seemed to be neutral to my situation. Some workers at the reception said that they were thinking to make me to be an 'insider.' And others were just trying to put me on some kind of punishments, like humiliation, gaslighting, raping, etc. Especially, the SJSU students interns were more interested talking about how I was raped by Dr. Gonzalez while I was taking the sleeping pill. About Dr. Weiss? They said that she striped me and put me in a dumpster to take picture for that. I don't know what really happened for that part. What I know is when I woke up, I had bleeding from the bottom. I found out in the morning when I went to bathroom. I was surrounded by SJSU students in the hospital. The West Indian origin SJSU student intern nurse explained me what kinds of medication I was taking. There were two types of pills I had to take. One is sleeping pill and the other one is something for mental health. I am thinking to get my medical records at the hospital to understand what was going on. I know how to use Merc's Manual and DSM IV. I leaned about such books when I took psychology class. I tried to contact with Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, so hopefully I think I can get who was responsible for the diagnosis and the reason why I had to take urine exams twice at the hospital while some young people were in the hospital making phone calls quite often.

By the way, El Camino Hospital might wanted me to be really “gravely disabled” by doing Lobotomy on my brain. When I checked the term on Internet, I found the picture very familiar to the something that might caused me to have small dot marks near my eyes. The parts the device is held on the patient might cause the similar marks. I also found that the lobotomy often left the patients to become severely disabled and child-like. Now I guess, if they were really working on lobotomy at night, I think it would be possible that Dr. Newsom's diagnosis on me at Friday was the right one. He and I talked on October 20th 2006 about 10 minutes and he diagnosed me as “gravely disabled.” Before that, I was only asked to take one page survey witch included about 10 to 15 questions to check how I feel. They could not find me suicidal or under depression. It seems the stuffs in the stuff counter next to the African American woman's room decided to diagnose me as paranoia instead. And the same explanation I heard from Hilda, my ex-friend whom I contacted when I was in the hospital. According to Hilda, I should have accepted what the doctors say and should not argue if I wanted to be discharged. That is what I did for my survival. I spoke out that I was acting too much for SJSU students' discrimination on campus and at my apartment when Dr. Kent (an old friend of Dr. Sivertsen at SJSU counseling service) held his group counseling session in afternoon. Moreover, I agreed to stop the investigation of Equal Opportunity Service for the student discrimination case when I had a meeting with Dr. Burr and the mid-age Caucasian nurse on next Monday. I really want to know what really my diagnoses at El Camino Hospital was about. When I read the articles of MKULTRA and what Dr. Cameron did in the mental hospital in Montreal, my experience seemed really fit into the pattern; patients were forced to work on some kind of experiment and had no other alternatives to get out. How much the lawsuit will be? And how many people, SJSU students, were diagnosed as “gravely disabled” in the hospital?

I now know from my evidence that SJSU police transport students to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. From there, the victim is transported to El Camino Hospital. Is this something that happened to the graduate law student from SJSU Campus Village? If so, it is an irony that some students hired by the government were actually taking out other students for whatever the reason that their bosses want to do. This is something we often heard in fascist and communist countries in the past, isn't it? This is going on in an university. Everything stinks but no one can take out the criminals because they are organized stalkers getting help from the government.

In Europe, I found many gang stalkers are often the origins of West Indian, Tibetan, Chinese (Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai), Caribbean, converted Jewish, Africa. For the Caucasians, they often seem to have regular jobs like city guardians in London for example.

26 September, 2007

McDonald's Challenge.

I forgot to post the pictures of rotten BicMac. I never thought it gets mold on it! Unlike the result people often discuss on the Internet, it got bad. I don't know if it is because of domestic meat or the other part of the ingredients manufactured inside of EU. I don't know if this is a common result for the European McDonald's. Certainly, EU has different regulation for food processing than the US. I will post the pictures by tomorrow. (Too lazy to shoot them today and put them with what I ate these days. I don't like the viewer gets confused if I ate these rotten pieces of McDonald's meals.)

The above pictures are what I ate these days. Besides McDonald's and pasta-main meals, I take multivitamin pills and drink Gatorade-like beverage, a powder type and includes some vitamins like A, Bs, and E. Literally, I think I have enough nutritions for everyday. I know I should take more Calcium as the vitamin pills has only 15% of the daily value.

I decided to share the picture of the people came to McDonald's from the center I live. Who cares? They came on the next day that two kids was bullying on me at the fast food restaurant. I know their family structure, but one woman is alike to Dr.Weiss. (If you see the picture, you might guess who I am talking about. It makes me a laugh if Dr. Weiss sees this picture and how she thinks about what I am experiencing now.) She is studying German and we have rarely communicated as she cannot speak English. Last couple of days, I heard some kids singing “Happy Birthday” at the center. And two days ago, when I visited McDonald's, I found a bunch of kids singing “Happy Birthday” song. Not Geburtstag, but birthday. Yeah, they are working on gaslighting, but I just got extra information on my journal. I know they really do not want me to work with lawyers about the SJSU case.

By the way, when I visited the local Bibliotek before I visited McDonald's, I found over 14 people on line for checking out. I know what is going on at the place. Probably, they want to claim me just visited the library to go to bathroom. An ideal situation for SJSU students working at MLK library as they claimed me doing mastervating in the restroom. I have been hearing same claim from the stalkers around the world. The last time was at Louvre Musee, women talking about mastervation in the bathroom when I had a bad stomach.
It is interesting to see suddenly appear the kids and teens. I learned they hire the same people. It's kind of entertainment for me to correct their data among my meals.

24 September, 2007

This is what I wrote to Dr. Sivertsen on September 21st 2006.

This is what I wrote to Dr. Sivertsen on Septmber 21st 2006. It was the meeting with her to discus about the involvement of school. The result was that I was sent to a mental hospital by Dr. Sivertsen. She wrote a document of my need to be treated in El Camino Hospital.

Hello.I am having hard time concentrating on my study.I guess no one, including ANY counseller, can help me out of this.I hope you don't mind if I send all the information (including recorded files of the conversation of Dr. Weiss, Dr. Gonzalez, and other people like some leeches living in the room above of mine in my apartment) to somewhere to keep me concentrate on my study.It is not a harrasment but a serious ABUSE.From the beginning, someone debunked my personal information in the classroom and then they called me crazy while I was isolated from other people because of what they have done previously.Then when I had problem with Dr. Weiss, they made me to be the one harrasing her and kept calling me crazy.If they think I am crazy, then where did they get evidences? Proving someone crazy or not can be enough to make my lawyer win in the case. I know such incident happened in this country during WWII, so I do not surprise if it happens in 21st century.Aut insanit homo, aut versus facit. I am sure that no one understand what I am doing at home, since no body seems to have a sense of art. I am sure anyone opposing me never heard about E.E. Cummings.I am expecting to win in the trial. At least, thinking about it can make me feel better to concentrate on my study. I don't need money, but it would be nice if I can win in the court and can donate the money to the church I am attending and other NGOs I worked as a volunteer.This sounds good since what they have done still have some aspect to bring someting possitive for the society. So that I can prevent someone to become another Hitler in future.Sending all the information to AAA, EAS and other organization which I am a member sounds better to focus on my study, too.If I have do "something" to make myself focused on my study, I WILL JUST DO IT.Last time I asked some advise to the Student Advisor at IPS, my "advisor" told his coworkers "She is crazy." To be honest, I just want to have peaceful mind to concentrate on what I am learning.I don't mind if you share this mail with others if you do not care about confidentiality,Miyoko Goto.P.S. I haven't bring the infomation to the police yet. When I talked with a police officer, he said it is a civil matter and I have to talk with a lawyer. If you are part of the people who blieved in what I wrote to ombudman, then I definitely would like to protect your position. Right now, it seems I got some evidence to accuse the people live on 3rd floor as the possible suspects of the stealth occured on July 18th. But I would like to hear the truth what really happend behind me.

This is a picture of I wrote to AAA.

This is a picture of what I wrote to AAA.
American Anthropologists Association did not do anything even I was a student member. They may not take care illegal activities anthropologists are doing. They might think it as a part of their culture and leave it as they often do when they do the filed research. They do not have ethics code at all! Ethics may depends on the culture, but is someone slept with the famous anthropologists get an award from the organization right thing to do? (I'm not talking about AAA. It is about the organization with extra P in the name.)
It was November 24th 2006.

Students wrote to the vice president, so did I.

The students moved into my apartment were talking how they sent email to the vice president. They were talking that “these foreign students get knowledge here and go back to their countries..” I had no idea why they wanted to use the statement we read in one of the essay in Anth 187's study aid. We purchased the packet separately at the Maple Press for the class. I remember neither the title nor the author, but it was about how anthropologists should stop negative impacts on foreigners. Anyway, I sent this letter to the vice president before I was sent to El Camino Hospital. Guess who was doing what? FBI tried to take care me as they figured out I was a potential student activist. I have been off from the surface after the 911 and knew some people disappeared. After I was discharged, I heard the students talking how they received better equipments after they wrote the letter to the authority. SJSU students love to work for the government. Do you think they are suitable for studying abroad? They might put wiretapping devices and fiber-scoop cameras to the residence of the people they study. They don't even have a sense of informed consent.

An: vice_president@whitehouse.gov ; comments@whitehouse.gov ; tinak@temple.edu ; daryl@temple.edu ; ntlshine@temple.edu ; oliviad@temple.edu ; Adriana.Duffy@sjsu.edu Adriana.Duffy@sjsu.edu

To Whom It May Concern:

Hello. I am writing this to prove my innocence in the situation. I am an international student majoring Anthropology at San Jose State University. I heard someone saying that he sent e-mail to the vice president of the United States for homeland security reason to supervise me. I am not sure what other anthropology students are doing. Before everything getting serious, I would like to explain the situation from my side so that the authorities of the United States could understand the problem in our university. Last Fall Semester (2005), I worked as a volunteer under the SHINE project, which is an organization established by Temple University. I received a certificated for my hard work at the site I worked. Actually, I was the only student received such award from the sites we worked in our class, “Culture in Mind” taught by the chair of the Anthropology department. This Spring Semester, Sarah Linn, the coordinator of project SHINE and the leader of a student club, started to harass me. Since we were taking the same class, and the members of the club started to join Sarah’s harassment. There was another matter was going on in that semester. Dr. Elizabeth Weiss, a physical anthropologist, was doing flirtation openly in her class, Anth153. Actually, she was doing it toward me. Somehow, she decided to marry with a professor who is a gay yet she kept her questionable gestures in the classroom. When I asked her about the matter when I visited her office in May, she told me something quite odd like she had rumor with Don Johansen. All I knew was that our university, SJSU, prohibits affairs between the facility members and students unlike Stanford. I brought it to the case to ombudsman.During summer break, I decided to bring the issue of Sarah Linn and other students since it was clear discrimination toward a minority person, an international student. At least, I felt it did not make sense that the coordinator of the volunteer organization harassing a volunteer who received a certificate for the site. On July 12th, I discussed the matter with the director of the Counseling Service, and then someone stole the license plate from my car on July 18th at the basement of my apartment.This semester, it seems there harassment getting serious. From March, they tried to harass me and called me “crazy.” I wrote to the ombudsman the facts that Dr. Weiss told me on July 20th (or the day close to it). She said that she wanted to get Canadian residential qualification and married with Canadian before, and she got divorced with him after she received what she wanted. She also talked about love affairs during her education. Somehow, some students started to evaluate me for some reason. It seems Sarah Linn is in the center of the group as well as other club members. They tried to prove me to be insane. It seemed they failed. And now they are trying to declare me to be “the enemy of your nation.”I would like to share some facts about our university. First, I heard that SJSU is going to have their own individual volunteer organization. I do not know if this relates with the coordinator who harassed the volunteer. Second, Sarah started harassment in the class, Anth 187, which was taught by Dr. Roberto Gonzalez, who engaged with Dr. Weiss, the professor who I had problem with. The class title is “Thought Control in Contemporary Society” and what I experienced from Sarah was just like something we have learned in the class; isolation, calling someone telling the truth “crazy,” etc. Third, Dr. Gonzalez is responsible for the Anthropology and Behavioral Science Club, which Sarah is the leader. Fourth, I heard some students saying that now they cannot marry because the school thinks I was telling the truth.I believe what I had done was right things for my school. The professor had a problem; she wanted to have lovers among her students. I strongly believe that the coordinator of a volunteer organization should not oppress volunteers. I am writing this because I believe that my effort would doing good for your country. I might be a foreigner, but living in the US and being a student at an American university, I would like to do right thing for your nation.On this Wednesday, September 27th, I asked Ms. Sivertesen, the director of the Counseling Service, the school has confidentiality or not. She told me that they must have confidentiality. However, what I learned from the other students does not quite fit her explanation since some students knew what I wrote to both ombudsman and her. During the meeting, she told me that I should be careful because I am an international student. In my opinion, I would like to stand up for the matter because I belong to the minority group at school.San Jose States has an award-winning library named after Martin Luther King Jr, the African American who was the leader of the Civil Rights movement. In front of Clark Building, we have huge statues of African American athletes of the Berlin Olympic shaking their fists toward the sky. It is a shame for the school that if they accept to have students who oppress a student who belongs in minority group. No body believed my story since the group of students kept complaining I was wrong from the beginning. What I am doing might be useless since no one at school preferred to have the spirits of these Black Americans the school proudly showing on campus.Being an anthropology major, some people may think that I have potential to become a spy or agent. Seriously, my interest is based on humanity. I care about moral and ethics, and that is the reason why I brought both issues, Dr. Weiss and Sarah Linn, to the authority. Seriously, I am not the type to become spies because their jobs are not ideal for someone who cares about ethics. All I wanted to do is trying to build a healthy environment for education. I do not mind if SJSU expel me because of what I have done, yet I will be proud of my effort trying to maintain their morals. If Spartans do not share the spirits of real equal opportunity, it does not matter how many sculptures and buildings school adds on campus to relate with it.I go to church Sunday since I believe in Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ. If there is something happens between Japan and the US, I would be on the side of fixing the relationship rather than making decisions only suited for my native country. As what I learned from “Frontiers of Anthropology” class, anthropologists “should no harm to the people they study.” In fact, if the students opposing me did not bring this case any further, I did not have to explain what was really going on to anyone including the ombudsman of my school. P.S. For more information, please contact with Adriana M. Duffy-Horling, JD, who is the Equal Opportunity Manager of SJSU. I am trying to bring up all evidences what I have for these problems I had to her for the investigation of discrimination on campus. I talked about the matter with a university police officer, Frits van der Hoek, but he said that it is a civil matter. I hope your country does not spend money or effort for these clumsy students who does not understand what mean by being “social scientists.” Social scientists are the people who help minority groups rather than oppressing them.

Thank you for your consideration,

Miyoko Goto

I got access to JSTOR back.

dThis morning, I received a letter from the United States. It was from an academic association I joined in order to get access to some search portals. When I decided to join them, I wrote my intention of the access to the search portals and reading political science materials they has published. It's cool to have a neutral relationship with Americans. One of the lawyer replied me gave me some tips and might help me further more. Other one said he would do some research and reply me later. It seems, some people might consider the abuse of power after 911. Student activists have been disappeared from the campus. Some students were just 'gone' or 'perished.' If the university police is working on the kidnapping of students, we must stop what they are doing! Indeed, I am one of the survivor of their kidnap attempt. The school psychiatrist wrote a fake document and I was sent to a mental hospital by the university police. Is this what psychiatrists for on campus? Now I got access to academic search portals, I can do some research in psychiatry field to check the change occurred after 911.

In retrospect, the kids bullying might be informed that I am a pedophilia or something. While they were bullying, one of them said “papa and mama..” and shook his waist. I wondered if his parents saw what he was doing in McDonald's.

On last Friday, it was almost full of people in the restaurant. I sat on the corner in front of stairways. Two kids were playing mobile computer game (Nintendo?) for 30 minutes. They sat 3 or 4 sheets away from me. Later a family and some kids came and sat 1 table away from me to the left. Later a middle age man in suit sat on the table left of me and had salad. He talked with the family and offered the small girl to sit on his lap. Then he moved his waist as if he was treating the girl a play of “horseback ride” or something. This is another example that the people around me seem more likely to be the group of pedophilia and sex-offenders.
About 8 o'clock at night, the restaurant turned off the lights. I wondered what happened as I was able to keep my Internet connection. If it was electricity problem, I could see it on my Internet browser search result. There was some kinds of festival was going on outside. I saw huge crowds with kids holding Halloween lanterns. I thought it's too early for Halloween, but I decided to take a picture for this journal. Other restaurants turned off their lights near the crowds, so it might be planed well. I filmed the scene, but I just share them in my Mediafire holder. As they try to spread rumors, I decided to make open-source environment. This means, anything I got access or contact, I share it to with the folks all over the world. If the United States add secretly added me to their LifeLog project, then I must protest against the issue of my privacy. I hate people making rumors about me by making up claims. What I can do is to share how they are working to make such claims. Gaslighting is one of the good explanation that they are claiming to be “fake cops.” Do you know psychopath often use “fake cop identity” to make others believe? Check the list of characteristics of a psychopath.

The academic groups will send me a complementary free book. That sounds cool especially I do not have access to political science books here. I have seen Pipers book series and other social science related book. But they are in German and I am still working on the elementary level of that language. I got too much books and papers to read to occupy my life! Too bad for the organized stalkers, they have to sit outside of my room and wast their life chatting! I am the one learning new things and improving myself.

21 September, 2007

How to threaten the people living in Campus Village.

This is based on my experience the SJSU students moved into my apartment and started gang stalking. Dr. Sivertsen, the director of the counseling service, says that I cannot stop students talking rumors in my conversation on September 27th last year. What the whole consequence of the students and the professor ran away from the Campus Village seems a type of organized crime done by SJSU itself. In my case, students started work on making up everything to ruin my reputation. They wiretapped my room and put a fiber-scoop camera in the air duct of my apartment. Also, the students work in MLK library put fiber-scoop camera (not the official ones set by the library) to peep what I was doing on my desk. First, the students in Anth 187 class made rumor that I was masturbating in the bathroom. This seems funny because I often had take-a-way lunch in the garage before I visited the library for study. Especially on Sunday when the MLK library opens from 1pm. I often had a bad stomach after that. Probably this started from Spring Semester of 2006. During the Winter break between 2005 and 2006, I took Dr. Lange's visual anthropology class. At that time, I think I had no problem of stomachache in the library. Do you know that microwave weapon can cause sudden pain in stomach and make the target to have less concentration? I don't know what happened to me besides students harassing me in Anth187 class and Dr. Weiss was working on flirtation on me. In King's Egg Roll in East San Jose, the shop clerk asked my name during last December and since then I started to get fast food cooked straight from the kitchen. I felt weird and decided to avoid the food from the restaurant. I don't know why I received foods that were on the shelf under the counter in McDonald's on Coleman Ave., and got free salad and sandwich at Starbucks across from te Egyptian Museum in San Jose. These experiences I noticed after last summer. It seems I have been experiencing more than that from long time ago. I learned that some long term gang stalking and electronic harassment victims has been targeted for many years and some of them might not know if they have been targeted or not. In my case, I can say that if you are a foreigner either visa holder or a green card holder, you might be a targeted individual in the United States.

I figured out that the students in Anth187 class were actually talking about my behavior in MLK library. My recording was done on May 10th and some ABSC club members were bragging about how they took pictures as evidences. Hove you ever felt weird or act weird in MLK library? The CIA might put something on the library as the agency is recruiting SJSU students because the school's background of diversity.

Do you know the homeless man, Rubens(or something similar name), who often use the computer near the elevator on the ground floor of MLK library? He said he sometimes live in the Salvation Army on 4th street. When I was transported to El Camino Hospital, I met him there. Actually, he was eating my breakfast 'accidentally' before the nurse found out and told him the mistake. It was the morning of October 17th 2006. The nurse then asked me if I would like to consume the left over of him, which I refused as I told her I was not much hungry. He is one of the perp working in San Jose area. The funny thing is that he is capable of speaking multiple languages including Arabic, Hindu, and a bit of German. While we were in El Camino Hospital, he could receive a book from a library in San Fransisco through that very convenient reserve service – you know the one that when you place your order to the library through the web, your ordered book in another library will be available for picking up at your local branch. I have no idea how a homeless man could receive a library book while he was in a hospital. But this incident is much reasonable to me than seeing a famous anthropologist expert in Chinese culture in El Camino Hospital. I think that “Mary” the anthropologist published some Chinese cultural documentary films is a CIA agent. Here, I am not exposing the real identity of the person. I only shared the first name and using the word, “I think.” Where can we draw a line between exposing and assuming?

Have you noticed that some students commit suicides from Business Tower and Joe West dormitory in the past? It was quite often and I learned that such deaths are not really published in local newspapers. From my experience, I can say that if the student was asked to meet a faculty worker and few people prepared the meeting in these tall buildings, it is possible that the student was thrown from the building to hide their crimes. In my case, the SJSU police officers knew what they were doing. And, one of the police officer is the spokesman about the incidents on campus. Now you got the point what I am assuming.

Like other apartment complex neatly built for middle-income families in Silicon Valley, SJSU Campus Village is a type of small community by the number of the residents. However, it is a small community locates on the property of the US government. If someone is interested in the research of 'diversity,' this is one of the best place to monitor the relationships for 24/7days. Also, the place can be a good place for gaslighting as it is easy to contact with everyone the target has connection. Unlike off campus apartment or single family home, all neighbors share clear and similar motivation (i.e. good grades, graduation, money, etc). If the gaslighters can offer something students and faculty workers' need, they might eagerly involve in organized psychological abuse on the target. The below is a hypothesis of the gaslighing:

One day, a student living in Campus Village spoke out a opinion opposite of a club leader thinks. The student soon forgot the argument as it was a small matter happened in one day. Unfortunately, it was't for the club leader. Because of the leader has lack of security from the comment, he decided to work on gaslighting. The leader wanted to assure his view is 'always' right and he does not want anyone to threaten his sense of power and security. First, he got contact with his close friends to spread the rumor about the student. Eventually, one of the student the leader's friend contacted with lives in the same floor of the Campus Village with him. Then, this neighbor started spreading the rumor to the people living in the same floor. At this point, the targeted student might hear his rumor was on the conversation of the students in the floor. If the targeted student is a sensitive person, he might feel as if entire students in the school was talking about him. However, it might be only in his classrooms and in Campus Village. He might feel everyone in his life is talking about him. This is because his social network and social map is limited to SJSU campus. He does not have to make friends outside of campus as he spent most his day without crossing the border of campus. He does so when he visit grocery store and the 7/11 to buy some stuffs.

Let's call the targeted student as Steve. Now everyone knowing rumor about Steve. They just want to know about Steve. This is so addictive like watching “Ed TV.” As Steve lives in the same floor, students can check what he is doing including dating with his girlfriend. Because of the rumor, his girlfriend wants to quit dating with him. Some students with 'spying equipment' suggest to put some hidden cameras in his room. The Steve's roommate now decided to change the room for avoiding trouble with obsessed fans of Steve. Steve lost his close relationship by the rumor.

Here, there is two types of situations occur. 1. Steve decides to take an action against the students' discrimination. 2. Steve seeks for professional advise.

1. Steve decided to record and film what students were doing to bother him. He got evidences and brought them to the campus police. Suddenly, the police officer who he asked to file the case was on vacation and Steve mysteriously disappears from campus. There is some variations, some students thinks he committed suicide from the tall building on campus because he was so sensitive to his rumors. Steve was sent to a mental hospital because he was making plans to revenge on students. Students recorded Steve's conversation with his friend in his room and mixed his comment to make up a sentence stating that he wants to 'blow up this school.' The original sentence he said was 'The coming exam will blow up my plan on this weekend' and 'This school makes me nervous.' People praise the SJSU police for quick judgment. Students made small effort for mixing might get some money from the 'Crime tips award system.' By the way, how many people being shot by SJPD around the campus? This is a very common incidents in San Jose Mercury News.

2. Steve decides to meet a counselor in counseling service. He tell the counselor how other students were spying on him. Because of the description, the counselor can tell which mental disease will fit his statement and symptoms. At this point, Steve will get another rumor. ''He is crazy.” Eventually, students are more interested to look for Steve's craziness and harass him as he is mentally ill.

In both scenario, Steve has no way to prove the discrimination of the students. The leader who started the harassment will never accused of his involvement. Have you read ''Swift Justice”? It is a book about San Jose residents lynched and hanged two criminals in St. James park about 100 years ago. I wonder how people can keep up with such a low moral for over several generations in the area. If this is a culture of San Jose, I guess that was the reason why SJSU anthropologists sticked to it for discrimination on me. They could not make me to be killed in El Camino Hospital unlike other poor student activists in the past.

19 September, 2007

Kids kicked my bag and they broke my shampoo bottle at McDonald's.

I added a link to the video I filmed while two English-speaking kids were working on bullying. First they came with nothing, then one of them sat near me and tried to look into my monitor. I ignored but he did not stop, so I asked him to stop. Both of kids were very fluent in American English. I have studied British English for a shot time in England and visited England while I was traveling Europe, I know the crucial deferences. You can check their accent by watching the film. After the kid looking into my monitor stopped doing so, he went down stair and returned with 2 burgers in his hand and showed me proudly. After they finished eating them in the seats about 2-3 meters away, they then sat next to me and start looking into my monitor. They were talking like “This is my McDonald's” and “This is my PC.” At that point, I was checking out some lawyers on the Internet to make the lawsuit. (you know who I am going to sue) Then, they started to kick my bag. After I turned on my digital camera, one kid called some one and the other one was observing me. Then, they kept bullying for awhile. Later, a female clerk talked with the kids while my digital camera was filming. You can hear her speaking in German with the kids. Eventually, the kids start kicking my bag and the merchandise at Body Shop. You can see his foot on the table next to my PC in the film. Yeah, they broke the bottle of my Shampoo.
Check the photo above. It is a certain damage of my property and this films are the certain evidences of what was going on. Because of my status as a refugee that I cannot contact with the authorities in this country, I decided to share the file about kids bullying at McDonalds first. While kids were kicking my stuffs, a guy with a small girl sat two tables away from me and eating their meals. A typical situation that adults with kids came to harass me to claim pedophilia. If you check out the films, you know who is harassing, doing a hate crime, and breaking someone's property.

I am not saying which McDonald's this happened. But you can guess, sharing the film in YouTube will bring the company certain negative image. I am not sure how this branch thought when they accepted the bullying in the store. Well, the bench outside of the restaurant is now fixed. Check the picture above. I assume that McDonald's has surveillance cameras what is going on, so I just let their bosses judge what happened as the result – kids and the clerk's conversation and kids' bullying a customer is spread to the Internet. I turned on my digital camera as I felt the kids might break my PC. This is real matter for the gang stalking victims. I always turn on my digital devices when I felt the need with my basic instinct. That is I am alive after followed by Department of Defense. By the way, these kids laughed at the story I talked about the victims of Nazis. I don't know what they are learning at their schools. If they are American kids, I can understand that they don't know anything at all.
Hopefully, this evidences will show that the kids are surrounding me instead of I walking into where kids are. I hate kids.. They are childish and under-developped to have a good debate to gain knowledge. Some men are from Mars and some women are from Venus, I think kids are from Mercury. (I used 'some' in regard of homosexual people.) I am from Pluto, which is now disrespected as a planet just like real Outsiders who are capable to become the vehicle of societies by oneself.

Some people missing from SJSU in the past? You've gotten the clue by know!

I found some articles that showing athlete sucide to missing grad related with SJSU.
If you find my blog and checked out some of my evidences, you should know who are involved with.

According to the article, "San Jose State grad still missing," Sgt. John Laws states "There is no indication of foul play." What is going on here? He is one of the guy who was involved in the forced transportation to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. He got a report from some one to send me to a mental hospital and that his coworker, Michael (I guess), did.

So, what is the definition of the 'foul play'? Violation of police officer is not a foul play? Then, the police won't find the problem if they are blind to their crimes.

18 September, 2007

Good Marriage

Good Marriage

The man was worried about his marriage.
As he felt his wife seems not loving him.
One day, he visited the Oracle to seek the message.
The Seer said, “Love her first, then she will do so in return.”

He went back to his home and treated his wife well,
Yet he could not find any improvement and felt it would going to fail.
He again visited the Oracle and asked the prophet.
The Seer then said to him to visit the city far away from the continent.

(... to be continued)

A Life of Mean

A Life of Mean
I found this sentence keen
Yet I am not sure what the words mean
A poet's job is to take out the bean
from an empty suck with imaginary peas

Take out few words
– to –
Examine how to cook
– and –
what dish to prepare for the stock
My words
'like humble servants'
Comes from my Lord

A life of mean
A life of never seen.

Weaving of Words

Weaving of Words

Weaving of words -
I am a poet from my birth.
Seeing through the clouds,
I can reach the kingdom to find the truth.

Everyone is blind.
While I have been a Seer from my youth.
Life cannot become so kind.
For the chosen, we suffer until our death.

The mass is the worshiping fiends.
They thought themselves how to ignore the myth.
Our Lord already made and send
Everything we need, yet they have a need no feel enough.

Like pouring water to dried up sand,
They want to take everything into their purse.
Whatever they get in their nasty hand,
Looks like precious metal covered with filth.

''Time has come'' – the voice from the Lord.
“If you have faith, show it on your face.”
“It was I,” I cried out loud,
“I did what thy son thought as of from the grace.”

“Where is others?” asked the Lord.
Said I, “Others were persecuted in our place.”
“You must have warned,
John saw what would be at the end with disgrace.”

(... to be continued.)



Above the sky, above the moon,
I will reach thy place quite soon.
Do not leave thy lamb behind,
As thou knowst the power of the Blind.

No longer I have used my power in the silent pray
Since they made thy servants to become their prey.
Still I can see thy figure in the Sun,
That would make thousands of solders to run.

Here, please take my soul to thy place,
Because of its purity, I can still see thy face.
The great sacrifice on the Sacred Cross,
Thy father accepted the result and made the people to Bless.

Father – Son – Holy Spirit.
What I received was the last part.
I wanted to become the Faust,
Yet I learned to become the Eternal Poet.

Love is in the middle of Holy Spirit.
I saw our Lord in the triangular spread.

Deus est Amor

Deus est Amor.

When I looked into your eyes,
I found the truth of our reason to be alive
Then, my questions with “why”s
“How''s, vanished as you freed me from being my life's slave.

Obedience to your teaching,
Under the the circumstance of militia hunting me down,
The door is now opening.
Lonely heart killers they were.

Only their magick works to the lost sheep.
Various ways they often prepare.
Everyone is deceived as if he is asleep.

No one can survive in the future;
Only the God can keep us exist.
Only the way to keep human nature -
Nothing will be taken if you follow Christ.

Ever since I found the real Gospel,
Everything has changed its images.
Xenophobia spread in the Load's temple.
It was they in the church who brought outrages.

Still, people don't understand why they are sinful.
The truth is: people in the church killed Jesus.
Say no more- like E.A. Poe says – Lord will bring them his justice.

Other meal pics.

Foods, foods, foods

I forgot to add the pictures of my meals. These are the foods I consumed last week.

10 reasons why I became an asylumseeker.

1. I had no where to go as my country has no anti-spy law. A bad place to live after I messed up with CIA.
2. Tired of traveling around to collect records about the gang stalkers in foreign countries.
3. I wanted have a place to stay and get back to my life.
4. I experienced forced detention by police – SJSU police sent me to a mental hospital from the campus, and later I was followed by the Department of Defense. (Isn't it a typical story – forced detention and being oppressed from the militia – for people became refugees?)
5. The anthropologist responsible for my forced transportation has a daughter who is working Japanese culture and she would probably has networks in Japan. I know there are some revenge-making agencies exist in Japan. I do not want to make them hired by the cruel anthropologists to cover up their scandal.
6. I know this country has been accepting many political asylum seekers. Even though submitting the information about the US, they won't do anything as they are claimed to be 'neutral.' Isn't it a good choice to stay? If I asked political asylum in either Russia or Iran, CIA would set another big operation ever since the scandal of Mr. Ames.
7. Because I am a type of Byronic hero and an Outsider, I am capable of handling my life to be extraordinary than of the common folks.
8. I always try to chose the best choice out of every possibility.
9. The country is one of the safest in the world and I wanted to survive.
10. Rudolf Steiner found a shelter in this country after escaping from Nazis-Germany. I ran away from the “rogue nation.”

17 September, 2007

Is anthropology really telling the truth of cultures?

This doubt came from my experience of once anthropology major and study of the background of the anthropologists. Anthropologists know how to use propaganda as they tricked to make people believe that I was crazy and worthless. Anthropologists have connections with the government and know how to spread propaganda, If they start to use their knowledge to mislead the public to believe their research result represents the particular culture, what will happen then?

This is a hypothesis. An anthropologist is planning to study the society A. His purpose may be part his own interest in their culture and other part is to get recognition in the anthropologists' society for better status. Since he needs to get access to local people, he certainly needs to get access to the local authority for make things easier. For that purpose, he might want to get contact with own government. (If he is an agent, easier the things goes. He could get access to the local authority through agency-network in that country.) Knowing the he would be responsible for his research and his later career, he would study the culture and the people thoughtfully. Then, he got the main points of the culture and his work is published. Done. He came back to his office in a college and keeping his eye on evaluation. Some people in the community were actually hired by “Big Brothers” and what the anthropologist got was the information unpreferable for the government. He did not know his interviewees answered what they were told to tell to mislead his research. Then, everyone who saw his work thinks it as the truth about the society.

Another hypothesis. An anthropologist is working for the government. He studied the culture abroad for his formal job and for the agency. The agency thought that he might work on spreading propaganda about the society, then he was asked to add some specific information in his research result. What he has to do is take data that will fit the conclusion that the agency wants to include in his research. He creates the surveys and does observations to get what he needs to prove. Later, his work has published. People think he has done pretty good job as his work was fascinating. Because the agency wants to support own plan, no body will check the facts in his work. Local people who lived with the anthropologist never know what he has written as they do not speak or write the language that anthropologist does. Ah.. I'm not talking about Margaret Mead's Caming Age in Samoa here.

This is what I imagined when I was wondering about why people calling themselves “activists” and being hired by the government – like the city and local cops. FBI oppressed activists in the past because they stood for the minorities. Some people are playing the word “activists” to hide their real definition. I know these fake-activists' real identity. They are informants of the government. Activists are the people who do not work for the government but do no-pay job for protesting to improve our society and stand up for humanity.

14 September, 2007

I know what they want to check and how I can prove they are the REAL CRIMINALS!

I've been spending so much time working for e-harassment patent stuffs. It seems there are so many things, articles, books, techinologies, etc that I do not know about. Spending too much time for everything makes me no time to play Oblivion. I finished the introduction to exit the sawer part though. It was interesting to see the developer changed the word, "Emperer" to "Kaiser." (Right now Germans have Bundeskaiserin. You know the word is a good choice for German speaking people to enjoy the game.) Also, the protecters of the Emperor group is called Blades in American version but it has also changed to the german word equivirant to blade or sword. And they say "Emperer is in danger" in German instead of "Protect the Emperor." I enjoyed these differeneces, so far.

The best way to figure out the situation if you are gang stalked or not gang stalked, check out the surrounding people and things. I often surrounded by the bunch of kids and kids and single parent came and settle down to close sheet when I dine at restaurant or stay in one place. I started to take the statistics. At the time I enter to finish my meal.

What gang stalkers do is:
- ask something to the target to get the answer he wants. i.e. price of PC, price of Palm Pilot, if I take bus to the city, etc. These quistions are probably to report their boss to say I am spending alot even a refugee. At least, I already prove that I have more than twice of money that I reported to the official.
- Try to claim the target as sex-offender by harassing him or her. In other word, the victim can have opportunity to record the conversation and the stalkers' behavior as harassment to prove they 'are' the sex-offenders.
- Try to claim the target as pedophilia by letting children surround the target. In this case, many the target is unnaturally exposed to the childrens. They usually come later and stalk the target, so if the victim can prove he is the one stayed there first, then collections of evidences can prove there are parents harassing the target using their children as a result.

13 September, 2007


These pictures are the stuffs I ate couple of days ago.

McDonald's here don't use the word large but small and medium for the menu.

The experiment I was doing with McDonald's meal seems going off from the normal distribution I found in the Internet resources. Actually, the specimens got mold. I found it yesterday.
Last 2 days, I had lunch at McDonald's. First day, I found the woman working at the casher, Y, was mopping the second floor (1st stock) while I was eating my meal. It was normal to me as I was the only one in the floor and the time was middle of lunch and dinner. Good period for short cleaning of the tables, right?

Yesterday, I had lunch right after I went to COOP and Manors to buy some stuffs. Same clerk, Y, was working at the casher and this time, I asked me if I prefer Potato or Salad. I answered Potato. Then she asked me another question, potato or xxxxx ( I could not hear.) Then I answered potato for the expectation of receiving the French fries. (Well, you can check out the pictures for my preference in this blog. I have been eating the same stuffs at McDonald's. No offense, I am pointing out the facts.) Then, she gave me a cup of source and charged me 1 frank extra. I was wondering what was going on, but thought they wanted to charge me for 'a tip' or something because I often stay in the restaurant for Internet quite long after I finish my meal. That's one of the reason I tried to visit them in off-peak of customers, anyway. They were ran out of fries and the clerk started to fry two types of potatoes. This made me to get some sense what she might give me for my meal menu. A different type of potato, the one thick cut and comes with the source! I don't know other McDonald's in the world has this on their menus, but it looks pretty yummy. Despite of the juicy looking of the potatoes, I asked her to complain the meal, as I do not like any offer from others, including the people working in restaurants. I have learned this enough in the United States (and Germany and Japan). Then she talked with the manager in the back and the manager came and opened the cashing machine for the money refund.

At the place I often sit, I found the table was not stable as if its leg is not even. (I did not change my behavior. You can see my pics for my favorite spot on this blog) Then I found a small child's jacked left on the chair next to my favorite table. You can see the picture above. Later, I saw a bunch of teens, one of them wearing a jacked comes with “POLICE” logo. They sat next to my favorite table – the one that someone left the kid's jacket. Nothing much for yesterday. It was pretty interesting experience. Someone broke the bench outside of McDonald's before and now I am eating there to use Internet. I can go to Starbucks or other places, but I prefer to stick to one place for easy logging evidences.

Then, I thought that it was kind of funny experience as I was thinking before I visit the town that if Americans want to poison me with food like what happened to Rudolf Steiner, they would probably want to control my food habits. Then I thought if they are working for poisoning on me, French fries would be the best choice. Otherwise, they have to make multiple hamburgers with the chemical or radioactive, or have to contaminate the drink machines. We have multiple menus, you know. This was just my thoughts to protect any types of danger that I might be encountered from the organized stalkers. As I share my meal pictures here for my evidences. If something happens to my health, you can see what caused the problem. By the way, I had a piece of bread with olive and cheese last night. I bought the bread at local baker and other stuffs are from Migros and COOPS.

What the stalkers want to do – try to dominate, control, watch the target struggle. This can be true for serial killers. They also often use “Police identity” for satisfaction of their extremely low self-esteem and for the convenience of their sadistic pleasures. Check out serial killer books for the definition. I know this as I studied a bit of criminology before. Too bad for the indigenous people as some anthropologists are working for the stalkers and they might share such characteristics...

12 September, 2007

CIA hired SJSU anthropology major students? That's what I heard from them last year.

The below link is an article on Spartan Daily, the official SJSU news paper.

You can read how CIA recruiter made a session at Student Union and 30 students attended the conference. The session was backed up by the career center. The article is quite old as it is about the session 2 years ago. In retrospect, I think it makes sense to me. It was the time Chinese had extreme Anti-Japanese protesting around the world. And we did have some Chinese origin students who were influenced by the protesting. My Japanese friend was working for Spartan Daily that time. One day, she found a newspaper on her desk when he arrived at the office. The newspaper had the “Anti-Japanese protesting” picture on the front page. (Who I am talking about? There were two Japanese international students working at Spartan Daily. I am referring the one who is not double major in Journalism and Anthropology. By the way, this double major student was working for gang stalking on me last summer.) Later, my friend told me that she could guess who did that in the newspaper office. This is quite true story as I had problem with Chinese elderly at John XXIII, which had Chinese-Vietnamese immigrant conflict because of the Vietnam War. I think I should speak this up as my role as a volunteer was to teach the elderly how to pass the Citizenship Exam. Americans, you guys should teach the immigrants how to respect the freedoms written in the amendments and the US Constitution! The below is the introduction of the US Constitution from Project Gutenberg work (underline done by me for emphasizing the part)

We the people of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect
establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common
defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to
ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for
the United States of America.


Title: The United States' Constitution
Author: Founding Fathers
Release Date: December, 1975 [EBook #5]
[This file was first posted on August 19, 2003]
[Most recently updated: April 14, 2006] *this text also from Project Gutenburg*

I think it is important to tell what the students moved into my apartment. They wrote a letter to the vice president of the US claiming “..these foreign students only takes knowledge from us and go back to their countries...” That is what they were talking and later they said, because of the budget comes from the government, they could use the better surveillance devices. They said that they first used the cheap model bugs from their own money.

Now, imagine that if CIA or NSA helped (I know who bragged to be hired by the agencies) to stalk foreign students on SJSU campus and believing that these students were only taking knowledge from their countries, what is the purpose of studying in the US? UC Berkeley is not the top university in the world! We have some others above of it, like the one locates in southern part of Paris!!!

I feel sick about these students putting fiber-scoop cameras in the foreign students' bedrooms and bathrooms. This might be going on in campus village as the facility is part of the University property and the SJSU police think that it is lawful to put cameras in classrooms. I wonder why SJSU did not mention the instructor Judith Rosenberg wearing seductive clothes like pink mini skirt with the bottom line was high above her knees. It happened in LLD99 class last year. During one of class session, she talked about how much it will cost to defend in a lawsuit. She said it was about 50,000 USD.

To make the wanna-be foreign students in abroad, I guess I should share this information with affiliating universities of SJSU. No one want to have peeping toms for paying over 5000 tuition for one semester. In worst scenario, they will be killed in the hospitals after illegally handcuffed by the SJSU police. That happened to me and now I cannot go back to my country because of these CIA/NSA students and their connections. In Japan, Waseda University is on the list of SJSU study abroad program. I do not want assassinated by SJSU students studying in Japan. What I am trying is working on changing the attitude of the United States and the phenomenon of International Organized Stalking Terrorist groups.

Manchurian Candidate Study has done!

I was wondering how some perps are capable of understanding the activities of the TI. First, I thought that it was because of some kind of lobotomy but it did not really made a sense to me. If it was a type of lobotomy, it must require the perps to take TI to certain environment like surgery room to do so. It could be highly risky to break into the TI's house to finish such surgery. If it takes surgery, the physicians must care about the sanitary of the environment. However, there is one way to finish a surgery that does not require the client to be in surgery room.
Endodonic surgery can be done in quite easy way. What the dentist has to do is keep an eye on the sanitary inside of the client's mouth. Here is a hypothesis of how to make perps into real Manchurian Candidates. They never know who they have to work and the result of their works. Remember the Watergate, the people broke into the place evidences were kept were “all CIA officers.” You can read the article about how they were caught on the web. Seriously, the octopus does not care a tiny portion of its tentacles.

1. Implant the receiver/transmitter of thoughts, speech, and brain wave functions into the target's molar. Preferably, the 3rd to 1st molars are the best, and on both side of the teeth for stabilization of the connection.

2. Take the track of the individual activities and the behaviors.
Use the techniques of psychology and neurology to give influence on the target's unconsciousness.

1. While the target is asleep, give him an artificial dream to think about the particular subject. For example, let him dream about a particular woman. Later, make him awake so that he can remember the dream and he will think about it. He might concludes that he feels intimacy on the woman or other factors why he watched her in his dream.

2. Speak to him using the voice similar to his internal voice and make some suggestions. When humans think, they use internal voice for that. If he hears the a matter using his internal voice, he could believe that was his own idea and might follow the decision. For instance, if he hears the voice, “Eating apples sound good,” he might include a bag of apples in his grocery list for that day. Some people might be used for gaslighting using “apples” and the TI in the grocery store might think he is also working for organized stalking.

3. If the target has a close relationship with TI, give him hypnosis to make him follow the direction of what the perps say. The oldest case was of that German wife before WWII. I cannot remember the name of the woman (Frau H. I guess..) She received hypnosis from a young man and she was used by him while she was under hypnotized. Because the man tried to lock her memory of their meetings, she could partially remember the incidents like the purchase of shoes. It took her awhile to remember the man's name and figure. During that era, intelligences were studying Manchurian Candidates. Over 50 years of contentious studies would be enough for shaping up the techniques.
4. Use the target under hypnosis to work on gang stalking or assassination of an important individual in the society. Remember JFK.

We have another type of Manchurian Candidate. The above type takes time and much effort to turn the one into the candidate. This another type is quite easy as the one can voluntary turned into the candidate. However, this type is more likely to be the disposable ones as they were filled with lies to participate in the activities.

1. Tell him through the implanted device in his teeth as if he was chosen by god or other purpose and give him what he supposed to do. To make the voice believable, the perps cause some environmental change in the target as if the voice said the collect thing or prophecy was right. After he believes in the voices, use him for whatever the purpose including a mass murder. (Remember the killer in Santa Cruz.)

2. Tell him to the device is only for secret agents or other secret societies. Then give him the order as he became a complete slave of the cult group he is a member.

11 September, 2007

Anthropology of Computer Games

I have got some devices in my body that the US government might recording my thoughts. I am not insane. I have a good evidence to say so. I was forced to stay in hospital and they did some experiements on my body. Later I was followed by the Department of Defense. I was only a foreign student in the US and they used me as a specimen... because I had a tendency of activists and wanted to stand against for ilogical discrimnations like sexism and racism.

Let me explain what I mean by antrhopology of comuter games. Anthropology has couple of sub categories -like visual anthropology, you now - and I want to claim this “anthropology of comuter games” is my idea. I don't like people taking my ideas for their careers. I have done anthropology of foods in California while I was in San Jose, CA. I spent breaks to study California wines (with my friend who studied enology) and local foods from Sonoma to San Diego area. In San Jose, we have Japan Town and Little Portugies. China Town was located near Market Street but was destroyed in the fire. You can see the sign on the hotel. However, you can try the best Chinese meals in Cuppertino Villege as it is almost entirely Chinese stripped shopping mall (with mainly Tiwanese and Hongkongese cultural influence). Anyway, this will be another story and I don't know if SJSU decided to work on any type of food culture since last year. What I have done already is around the Silicon Valley and Wine countries – Napa, Sonoma, Paso Robros, Temecula, and so on. I spent years for studying wine countries, though. Because I prefer to work individually, probably other American students and professors did not like me as they could not get any advantages from my works and ideas.

It was a quite long background information, huh? What is anthropology of Computer Games then? It is a type of cultural study of how computer games has been changed though times. I am sure some people in Silicon Valley love to know the result. I am about 78% done for the general understanding. I will probably post it in my blog as a result of my research. (I have no time to type up my ideas though. I will type some as bullet style in this week for the viewers interested about the subject. I do not mind to share the information with social scientists or other people who can respect the ideas of others and not stealing the ideas. What people have to do? Put a reference on their work! If you are interested, I can work for your company! I have a Swiss bank account!) Ok, here is the list of definitions:

  1. Study of computer games through chronological change
  2. Understand the influence of technology advance. i.e. 3D-graphic engine (Voodoo 3DFX to NVIDIA G-Force and Activision.), Sound system (beep to midi, and to Sound Blaster)
  3. Competition with handheld and game-only devices like Nintendo NES, SNES to Play Station and XBOX.
  4. Ideantity of PC-only computer games.
  5. Impact of globalism and Internet.

Because of the advanced graphic, sound, and processing speads, we have a quite serious problem how to atract the consumers. Ultima and Ever Quest became off from the main stream. What I can tell is the future of the computer game trends. If you are interested, just keep an eye on my blog. Some PC game magazine writers might tell you the below things, but my idea is quite different now.

  • There is a cycle of computer games; one time adventure games became boom, then next will be strategy, RPG, and so on.
  • The game developers have strong influences from the hardware companies. It was true when Virtual Reality the synonium word for advanced computer technology. How about Play Station series? Consumers do not change their PS2 to PS3 not much. If people are satisfied with what they have and do not find the new one so attractive, they keep using the old stuffs. It is same for cars, right?

So, what I want to say is... I got Elder Scroll: Oblivion back!!! I was studying that game last summer for a week and then when I went out to get some food because I felt shortage in the stocks and found out my car was robbed. (Now I have the police reference number for the incident: 061999500 from SJPD) Probably, the student stalkers monitoring me playing the game for 24+hours was so frustrated and did the petit crime. What I am going to do is exercise the game method to see if the stalkers in Europe would get flustrated or not.

Actually, I tried to download Postal2 demo (3D game banned in several countries) to see if the people monitoring me get sickness from the 3D action. Too bad, before I could see the change in them, I felt sick from playing it.. If you are a gang stalking victim, you might want to try it.

There are antrhopologists trying to steal ideas from other people (including indigenous people) out there! Bewere of such thieves!!! I prefer to share my knowledge only for the improvement of the compture games and for the happniess of both game creaters and players!

German version of Oblivion seems quite interesting as I can add some other research parts – like the use of particular German words to explain English words. I still remember the original American version interface. I hope Germans do not mind me studying that lingustical part. I know many German gamers love simuration and strategy games as they try to import high-tech stuffs as soon as the product is availabe. One of the Silicon Valley and Germany connection, right?

Gottlieb and San Jose State University – Is MKSEARCH going on for students?

I found information to learn about the connection of Gottlieb, the guy responsible of MKULTRA, and SJSU. As a formal CIA agent, Gottlieb received education at SJSU and went back to the East Coast. I was wondering if SJSU students were really involved with the government agencies. I learned from the conversations of the students in my apartment about how they have been hired by the government. But I lack the crucial evidence of how much the government agency was working with the students. I have seen some army officers taking classes for qualification at their jobs. Also, I learned that some students, whose relatives work for the US government – army, CIA, FBI, law enforcement, can attend special programs provided by certain government agencies. Yeah, it is just like anthropologists' children become anthropologists. CIA agents' children become CIA agents.

What I know is that SJSU student won the Hot Dog eating contest in NY. Past champion was a Japanese guy. I know that SJSU has a tendency of discriminating Japanese (this is because of huge Chinese / ABC student population). There might be someone got US Patent to control gastronomy function remotely as it is a part of e-harassment symptom. Guess what? I think the SJSU champion got some contact with the doctors at El Camino Hospital. They are specialized to treat SJSU in different ways. They also got several psychiatrists/neurologists working for Mind Control. What we got do is keep an eye on these scientists and SJSU people working for destroying the freedoms protected by the US constitution.
Below is excerpt from http://nucnews.net/nucnews/2001nn/0112nn/011216nn.htm

After the congressional hearings, Gottlieb and his wife moved to California
to reassemble their lives. Gottlieb enrolled at San Jose State University and
earned a master's degree in education with a focus on speech pathology. In 1980,
he moved back east, to Rappahannock County. No longer cast as the malevolent CIA
scientist, Gottlieb was free to reinvent himself, to indulge his passions for
farming and his socialist's interest in communal living.

09 September, 2007

Meals for these days

These pictures are about my meals. I often consume soup-type meals. This is because of nutritious values and easy to cook. E-harassment sounds bad as they have control of the gastronomical functions. By eating something better for digestion, I hope it will keep my health good. (Excuse my English grammar, too much German study made me to get confused about English writing.. S+V+C, or S+V+O, right? Now I got problem in this basic form...)

How counselors' exercise their rights at SJSU.

I am trying to get track on what actually happened in the US. I found the below excerpt from the SJSU counseling service website is quite interesting.

  • If you tell your counselor that you actually intend to cause imminent, life-threatening harm to yourself, the counselor is legally obligated to take whatever actions necessary to protect you from harm.
  • If you tell your counselor that you intend to do imminent harm to a specific person(s), your counselor is required by law to inform the authorities, intended victim(s) and take additional action if necessary.
  • If a court of law orders a therapist or counselor to release information, that person is bound by law to comply with such an order.

What happened was to me was that Dr. English-Lueck asked me to visit Dr. Sivertsen to have counseling about Dr. Weiss. If Dr. English-Lueck did not suggested me to visit Dr. Sivertsen, I had no connection or record at the counseling service at all. Then, what happened was that Dr. Sivertsen wrote a document of forced transportation and making up everything.. she wrote that I was “suicidal” and “dangerous to others.”

According to the above lists, such situations were acceptable to the school to contact with law enforcement agency (SJSU Police) for sending me to Valley Medical Center.

If you study at SJSU. Do not get a record in Counseling Service. That makes the school to take your record for their advantage in future while you were a formal SJSU student. If some students hate you, the counseling service might type up a document to “make you gone”!!! That is what anthropology department did. Sarah Linn could not find me criminal but at least, she could prove me as “crazy” by making up everything. Once I wrote that we have a future-Hitler-type in anthropology department to Dr. Sivertsen, but I guess, SJSU loves totalitarian control of students.

My purpose of adding this posting to my blog is to avoid further illegal detention by SJSU Police. I wonder any, ANY COUNSELING SERVICES can make such fake documentation for gang stalkers' victims....

07 September, 2007

NYPD T-Shirt and American Spy Conspiracy

Yesterday morning, I saw a local police officer in the manager's office. Later, I saw a man mowing wore NYPD T-shirt. You can check the picture above.

How often people (especially the ones live in refugee centers) have access to such T-shirt in middle of Europe? Actually, it is pretty rare to find them in California, too. There was a shop in Little Tokyo in LA sold such US government-related clothes. They had FBI and CIA stuffs. Since I mention New York fake-terrorist attack as the turning point to our society to follow the 4th Reich, the organized stalkers seem to use the NY logo for their gaslighting. (I got 2 or 3 pictures people wearing NY-related clothes on my trip to Zürich last month. How often people see NY-logo in street and in train, anyway?)

What I can do is claim them as “AMERICAN SPIES.” Probably, they were bribed for gaslighting as it is hard to find jobs in this country including refugees. If they are not working for the United States, they do not have to use American logo for gaslighting. I just decided to upload pics for my safety purpose. If assassination happens to me, people know who to investigate with.

I am tired of them claiming me for “German spies.” If they are really working for investigation, then they have no need of psychologically harassing the target. Gaslighting is a humiliation of the target and stalking is a crime. If they are working for CIA, then the use of such covert methods are probable because the agency was involved with inventing the techniques.
The second and third pictures are yesterday's meal.

06 September, 2007

Madness of our society

When Dr. English-Lueck made me to be sent to Valley Medical Center Psychiatric Service, she said that she wanted me to have treatment.

I was not suicidal at all, or I did not look for political asylum in another country. If I am suicidal, I could simply go back to Japan and be sent to either jail or mental hospital. That way, Japanese government could fulfill the wish of the United States of locking me up in somewhere. I never wanted to be suicidal. I never wanted to quit exercising my will for freedom of humanity.

If psychiatrists are working to kill the will of human beings by using covert methods, I would say that is a certain treatment for making people into slaves in the society. I wonder why people only consider their job titles and their social ranks these days. Maybe higher rank of the individual would give that person certain advantages like high income and reputations.
However, I do not believe social status is the most important thing in human nature. According to Abraham Maslow's “Hierarchy of Needs,” he states that social recognition is not the highest need. The top of the need is “Self-Actualization.” By killing the individual's will, it seems our society make everyone to forget “self-actualization.” Can you guess what it means? It means everyone to become a slave of our society. If each individual never knows how to work on self-actualization, he will not understand the true self or potential capacity of oneself!!!

I still remember that Sarah Linn in Anth 187 class criticized the value of Outsider. She stated other students that the definition of Outsider is breaking the social order. I think she got the definitions from Colin Wilson's book, Outsider. Sarah and other students monitored Dr. Marco Meniketti's class and they criticized what I was doing in different room. I onetime heard that Sarah speaking loudly, “She is a criminal” and social disease. Well, from what she was talking to other students, I think Sarah used part of Wilson's explanation about Outsider for propaganda toward other students. I don't know why I became a target, but “Pinpointing an enemy (propaganda technique)” made her certain leadership among other students.

What happened later was FBI and CIA involved the case. They tried to back up the idea of me as either a sex-offender or a criminal, and made everything to destroy my life including mind control on my parents. Is Sarah Linn working for the US agency? I believe so, because one time gang stalkers tried to make me to be an insider and at that time they talked about how Sarah was envy of what rank I would get. Then I ran away and became the subject of “America's Most Wanted.” If you check out what is going on in SJSU Anthropology department, it is easy to figure out how government workers are well protected despite of what they were doing. Dr. Meniketti is responsible for the new Master's program and Sarah is one of the student. I hope they are not including what they observed in Dr. Meniketti's class in Fall 2006. I did not get any informed consent for whatever they were monitoring in his classroom nor at my apartment. Students put fiber-scoop camera into the air ducts as a part of gang stalking. Why am I sharing this? Of cause, this is to tell everyone that anthropologists are working for the national interest of the United States once again.

In some of anthropology class, we read essays that how Ruth Benedict's research was get advantage in WWII. Then Yanomami Scandal became a big issue in later of the last century. By sharing the information, I am hoping that some one might criticize what these anthropologists have done to a foreign student. They did not respect the human rights of another student and studying abroad to write nice-looking papers to get higher status..

If everyone in the society is mad, it is hard to claim oneself as sane! Did H. G. Wells wrote about a guy living among blinds claimed himself as the king? I could understand the story clearly by now.

This morning I was almost bumped with the Polizei guy walked out from the manager's office in the place I live. I have seen Polizei quite often in the refugee center. It would be only a neighborhood watch purpose though. But being TI makes me to have write down any small strange details.

The picture is what I ate yesterday. Porridge with Reis and Kartoffel.