03 September, 2007

Old Timers, they say...

What I got is the hinting of “Jungle laws” to justify what the anthropologists did. I have no idea if that is what people working for humanity mainly concern about. IMHO, I believe that helping the oppressed should not take their position as an advantage for a job career or to help the government using the unimportant people from their view for unlawful experiments. I don't know if NGOs are providing foods and places for the multi nation government human researches. They used to do it in South America and Africa. Because the natives did not know anything about the research, the anthropologists (and other researchers backed up by CI.. well.. the government.) worked with Yanomami collected genes and their blood samples without giving the locals informed consent. This is what actually going on among the victims of organized stalking and electronic harassments. Their personalities are dehumanized by the stalkers and their rights are all denied.

If that is what anthropologists and other researchers believe as the right things to do. Let them exploit the human beings in the world and let them ruin the humanitarianism. We do not need NGOs giving radioactive contaminated meals to the poor in Africa. We do not need to let the poor receive contraceptives that actually make them lose reproductive function. If Napoleon Chagnon worked for the US intelligence, then I can fully understand why these anthropologists are now having better privilege for exploiting the human beings who the government wants to eliminate from their society for the totalitarianism.

Well, the above picture seems the reflexion from my poetry. The stalkers often use the words or images that often TI used. Last time, I saw a poster with cows doing YOGA in the same spot. What I can get from collecting these evidences is that the people capable of using that particular billboards might be involved with organized stalking. I am reporting this for further research. Sometimes, it is good to share my research with others as everyone can see the chronological orders of the events; when I posted the poem and when I received the hinting, etc.

It was funny that some stalkers thought the poem was to Dr. Weiss. Well, if they know what I got from .de email after I entered the consulate general of Russia in SF, they should know it is all about mocking them!!! At that time, there were few guys trimming the trees in front of the consulate general and after I exited from the building, I saw an Asian guy taking photos on the street. Later that day, I received an email from fake email address with .de and the title was “the monster is loose.” Because of the massive protesting, I was expecting to get some reflexion from them rather than stopping following me aggressively. Since I have seen them for months, I already know who are working for gang stalking in my area. I am just expecting to get more evidences for my private research. Also, I have no expectation to get anything from someone who always used her students for hinting and stalking on me. What I want is more evidences to back up my theory and to support other victims. It would be nice to get contacted from the CIA involved professors, though. My feeling toward Dr. Weiss is what I already wrote to her on October 14th last year. I am sharing the entire document on this blog. I already made her cry twice- last September and this February. I am not the one broke one's heart. She got multiple people to take care her psychological problem including Dr. Gonzalez. I don't understand why some people want to keep followers (lovers) around. That's something anthropologists should conduct a research on. If Chinese think a lover is as same as a formal partner, it would be interesting to find out how Americans think about such relationships.

Long time ago, a Nigerian guy, Chimzee(?) at a refugee center talked about “meeting a professor though Internet” for hinting. I don't know if he was paid for that. What I know is that Nigerians do not have so much access to Internet as their pop culture. Did Swedish guy married with a princes in an African country as a result of Internet meeting? Well, that would be an exception, though.