07 September, 2007

NYPD T-Shirt and American Spy Conspiracy

Yesterday morning, I saw a local police officer in the manager's office. Later, I saw a man mowing wore NYPD T-shirt. You can check the picture above.

How often people (especially the ones live in refugee centers) have access to such T-shirt in middle of Europe? Actually, it is pretty rare to find them in California, too. There was a shop in Little Tokyo in LA sold such US government-related clothes. They had FBI and CIA stuffs. Since I mention New York fake-terrorist attack as the turning point to our society to follow the 4th Reich, the organized stalkers seem to use the NY logo for their gaslighting. (I got 2 or 3 pictures people wearing NY-related clothes on my trip to Zürich last month. How often people see NY-logo in street and in train, anyway?)

What I can do is claim them as “AMERICAN SPIES.” Probably, they were bribed for gaslighting as it is hard to find jobs in this country including refugees. If they are not working for the United States, they do not have to use American logo for gaslighting. I just decided to upload pics for my safety purpose. If assassination happens to me, people know who to investigate with.

I am tired of them claiming me for “German spies.” If they are really working for investigation, then they have no need of psychologically harassing the target. Gaslighting is a humiliation of the target and stalking is a crime. If they are working for CIA, then the use of such covert methods are probable because the agency was involved with inventing the techniques.
The second and third pictures are yesterday's meal.