02 September, 2007

How long will you take to get your PC in an electronic store?

This is an evidence from gang stalking activity in an electronic store. I could not find the one I wanted in the local store and the clerk asked me that I must order it. So, I visited a city and found the store clerk asked me to talk with the floor manager. Then she was on the phone and seemed busy. While I was waiting, a White and an Asian women came and complained about the laptop. They just came and made complainant about the Sony VAIO. Then they disappeared from the floor. When I checked out the local store, the clerk walked in to the storage room for the availability. This time, only the floor manager was trying to handle my case. I just talked with the guy (stalker) that anyone can check the availability of the merchandise. About 10 minutes later, the manager ordered a male clerk to check the product. And I got the laptop, but the box seemed to be open once. My guess? Someone checked the product ID for some reason. This electronic store incident happened on middle of last month, so you may find the posting about it last month.

Do you know that 7th or 8th generation of Play Station will be a powder-type? The gamers will sniff the powder for playing a game around 2070 or so. If they are working on human body experiments, the victims of electronic harassments must know what such sensation feel like. Virtual ecstasy and pain could be given to the e-harassment victims.

Here is the link to the voice recording of the women. It was funny that they rushed to the floor and complained the product and then got out from the store. When I left the store, I found them sat on the bench in front of the store. A typical gang stalkers waiting for another order after they have done a mission. If they are not working in groups, a stalker would call the boss for further order. That is how they contact with their bosses.