28 June, 2007

Joined to mixi.jp

Today, I joined mixi.jp by an invitation from one of the gang stalking victim in Japan.
I don't know what will it be, but I hope this is a new improvement for reconstructing my social network.
Spending time for nothing makes me tired. I know I got do something but cannot find the best way for achieving it. I really need researches before making a further step.

The chef said that I got "cleaning job" at Salon from today. So far, writing this on internet will keep another copy of my diary.

I wonder why there are so many children and parents around me since I have been followed by the gang stalkers... Maybe I should study how their "social network" is forming. They might use some kind of existing network for harassment. like PTA...

I wonder what happened with the professors kicked me out from SJSU, as I claimed humanity and importance of religion... Anthropologists do not understand Christianity as one of the berief system in our society.

24 June, 2007

Being a subject of political deduction without any social tie.

I'm here to work for protesting against gangstalkers and for the human rights.
I know it is hard to find anyone to stand up. Some are shot and others are "mind-controlled" just like the people on the boad of airplanes crashed to WTC and Pentagon.
I found http://www.9-11themotherofallblackoperations.blogspot.com, telling the truth about what really happened on 911.
You know why? I have been investigated by FBI at El Camino Hospital, and being raped and filmed by CIA agents- the anthropology professors. Everything is truth.

In my webpage, http://aams.topcities.com, I made everything avairable for share with others.
It is hard to get connected with other activists as our governments do not want us to stand up for human rights and freedom of equality and "Democracy"!!!

Democratic countries are becoming like communist countries. Now what? Everyone - bakers, shop owners, labors - working for the government just like what Nazis-Germany's movement encouraged. Yeah, I live in foreign country as a refugee, but I am an Activist and I am not going to change my philosophy!!! We must respect Democracy, not public-lynching of activists!

22 June, 2007

A much considered and well developped plan will bring a best result with minimum lisk.

I have been spending much effort on "anti-gangstalking" part of my web page. So far, what I have learned in anthropology classes as aginst ethics for the humanity are now used by them (yup, the anthropologists who taught them to me, too).
What can we do? The people studying the subjects are using the result to cause damage on the people they asked for helping their studies..
I know I became a subject of political deduction by these American Anthropologists. You know some of the AAA members are working for Iraqui stuffs.. I think we really need some way to get our society and most of Ivory Towers back from the mad scientists. As science is the top of all the fields, calling them "mad scientists" is ok, I guess.
The US Department of Education cannot work with for the case with gangstalkers even though I filed it before they sent me to a mental hospital.
I was diagnosised as 1. Suicidal 2. Dangerous to others, then at El Camino Hospital, they added 1. and 3. Gravely disabled.
Now what? The Homeland Security has my record with "Paranoia." I am not kidding.
How can a person be diagnosised as suicidal in this case? That individual ran away to find a shelter as a refugee in another country!
How can that person to become gravery disabled in the hospital, and 3 days the person was discharged with agreement to not bring the SJSU case to any further.

After I develop my own website with all the recorded conversation available, I will make it know in everywhere to protest against "equal opportunity for the victims of gangstalkers."

19 June, 2007

Another day, another problem.

The living in this country is pretty fine. Less than about 550$ (half of the cost is for health insurance) per 1 month for the government seems OK if I can get a freelance jobs like activists. I know it is hard to work as an activists these days. At least, I have enough training for everything. Time to build up my way for freedom and human rights in the best place of the world to do so. I am not messing up what the government wants do, since I must thank them for providing me a safe shelter outside of my country... Yeah, I did not have to go to Russia or Iran for the alternatives for running away from democratic countries as a result of shouting up for HUMAN RIGHTS.
Now is the time to get connected with people and share information.

18 June, 2007

sending information about the reality of university.

I think many people know the problem, but they have no courage to stand up to bring their society back to the time we had less conflict among citizens.

17 June, 2007

We have the right to remove people from their office!!

The victims of multistalking are psychologically abbused to stay like outcasts.
But, I figuered out spreading the "crucial" evidences are important. At least, I was raped and they filmed me in El Camino Hospital. It was done by the anthropologists and the SJSU students. I had no choice but volunteerly stay in the hospital.. but never wanted to become a specimen for the people doing discrimination!!! They thought me commit suicide after what they done and released me from the hospital... I had to agree to Dr. Burr to cancel the investigation done by Adriana, the director of Eaqual Opportunity Service. He and the nurse must have this conversation recorded as they turned on their handy voice recorder.
At least, I am not the one to laugh at the people running naked in the film,Schindler's List. Some people were targeted to for chemicals that will make them act weird. That happened to me as we have learned how CIA invented such chemical in "The thought control in the contemporary society" class. And the students took that class have been using the techiniques like "Jew bating" for multistalking. I became a victim as I was a foreigner.

I am here in (changed for a respect of Swiss people), and have seen some people wearing clothes like "San Francisco."
How many people shot by the San Jose Police officers so far? I am glad that no body here making threat like shooting me at gun point. Some people working for multistalking are actually taking the advantage of the Second Amendament in the US. As I liked (and still feel neutral about) the US, I just want Americans to remember how brave they were during the 60s!!
If Americans start fascism, then who we have to look for for real liberty and democracy???

This is a copy of what I have done!!

10/16/06 about 6pm as I was on my way to Dr. Meniketti's class. My recording starts from the 2nd floor of the Clark Building and ends on the anthropology department on the 4th floor.

For the real file





/* Elizabeth is the assistant professor who IS NOT involved with project SHINE. She liked me in a way she wanted to treat me as her “lover.” Also, the anthropology major students were working on “evaluation” on me and wanted to expel me from school. They were moving into my apartment and I filed the case to the university police officer, Flits von der Hoek, and the case number is 060802058602. It was in the middle or late September of 2006. And he was on vacation during October 13th to 24th that year. By the way, one of the police officer's name is Mr. Laws and the other one who brought me to the Valley Medical Center practiced Judo at Tokai University in Japan. For my “real safety”, I cannot go back to my own country and have to stay in anther country as a refugee. I don't know what kind of friends these police officers have in Japan. By the way, the student, Sara Lynn, the coordinator of the project SHINE at SJSU started harassment on me since March of last year. That is the case I filed to the university police. She is involved in multistalking and she followed my car several times from the garage near the campus. */

(I turned on my voice recorder when I saw Dr. English-Lueck standing outside of my night class. She seemed nervous and woring very plain clothes (Sweat shirt and a dark pants.) The first one minute is the time I approached her from a distance.

1:01 Dr English-Lueck mentioning about Project SHINE “Hallway is not the best place to talk about.”

1:30 Dr. Meniketti knows about the conversation..

1:56 Dr. English-Lueck said she did not mind about my bringing the case to outside people.

(Dr. English-Lueck and I

3:12 Me “What is going on?”

3:14 Dr. English-Lueck: “These are the police officers from the campus..”

Me “Ok..”

3:20 Police Officer A: “Give me a favor.. turn around for me?”

Police Officer B: “We need to take you to a hospital

Me: “Why?”

3:26 Police Officer B: “Ok? We concerned about your safety.”

Me: “Why?”

Police Officer B: “We were told that you might been making comments about hurting


Me: “No!”

3:33 Police Officer B: “No?”

Me: “No.”

3:35 Dr. English-Lueck: “That's how we interpreted. Elizabeth and I and some others received

Emails concerned that you might ....”

(Police officer handcuffing me.)

3:44 Dr. English-Lueck: “ ...we are very much concerned and we want ... (hared to hear as the

police officer was searching my body.)

3:50 Dr. English-Lueck: “We care only about your safety, you know.” “I wanna make sure your

condition will be well.”

3:54 Dr. English-Lueck: “...and I know this is very much like disturbing but

3:59 Dr. English-Lueck: “I'm sorry but it points out in this way. But I want you to get some help.”

4:04 Police Officer B: “What'll gonna happen is we're going to take you to a hospital.”

Me: “Which hospital?”

4:06 Police Officer B: “We gonna take you to the Valley Medical Center Emergency Psychietric Services.”

Me: “Uh-huh..”

4:13 Police Officer B: “We gonna give them the copy of your insurance.”

Me: “Ok.”

4:20 Police Officer B: “... Then Doctor will probably take you to El Camino Hospital.”

Me: “Ok..then what's gonna happen next?”

4:24 Police Officer B: “..ah.. then the doctor will re-evaluate you. If then he think you are danger to yourself..”

Me: “No, I'm not.”

4:29 Police Officer B: “Ok..”

4:32 I mentioned about my home work. (someone dangerous to oneself is talking about her

home work in the state of being handcuffed!!!)

4:38 Police Officer B: “ah..I... I prologize you. um.. we will someone said we will have to take you to

4:47 Me: “Who is... but .. why? What's the reason I have to do..?”

4:52 Police Officer B: “Because.. because Laws says that we believe you are danger to yourself.

Me: “No.”

Police Officer B: “Then.. ah.. we have to take.. I understand that you don't believe that.”

4:58 Me: “Ok.”

Police Officer B: “But we think that there is a possibility we don't want you hurting yourself..”

Police Officer B: “Then.. I would feel..”

(The voice recorder was turned off by the another police officer.)




Phone talk with Dr. Siverstsen.

WS_30074.wma http://s9.quicksharing.com/v/2608593/WS_30074.zip.html

It is very hard to hear Dr. Wiggsy Siverstsen's voice because the conversation through my cell phone. However, you can hear her voices when you use headphone and listen carefully.

(I turned on my voice recorder while I was on the phone with Dr. Siverstsen.)

0:00 Me: “Ah.. as the psychiatrist asked me if I am going to stop the...” (this is about the psychietrist, Dr. Barr, at El Camino Hospital. As I said Dr. Barr that I over reacted their discrimination.)

0:15 Dr. Siverstsen: “That's because you're making accusations.”

Me: “Not making accusations, but bringing it .. it .. to . th invenstigate the discrimination at school..:”

0:52 Dr. Siverstsen: “Miyoko... Miyoko.. I think you take the imaginations.

0:54 Me: “You think so, then why do you want me to stop the investigation?”

0:58 Dr. Siverstsen: “Well, if you take the imagination if you want. But it's not true.. “

1:04 Me: “Then that's why I'd like to the director of human resources center because that way I can understand if all .. if this is whole my imagination then.. she can tell me as the result of the investigation, right? That's what all wanted to know.”

1:30 Me: “That's why I wanted to see the.. if there is really discrimination is going on or not, and I was really confused about the situation. Some how.. ”

1:40 Dr. Siverstsen: “Miyoko”

Me: “Yes.”

1:45 Dr. Siverstsen: “You are making accusations. “

1:50 Dr. Siverstsen: “It is true. You are making accusations.”

2:10 Me: “Don't you think..”

2:11 Dr. Siverstsen: “

2:34 Me: “I don't know if the director is started the investigation or not.. that's why.. I didn't made appointment and since if I ..”

2:44 Me: “I don't know if they started or not since I haven't talk to them.

3:05 Dr. Siverstsen: “You should not make accusations.”

3:06 Me: “I am not making accusations..”

This is all about the school psychiatrist who wrote a document to send me to a mental hospital where her old friend, Dr. Kent works. She and I had no counselling session at all. This is how SJSU hides students' discrimination on me.

13 June, 2007

Working on my webpage

Spending most of my time for typing up stuffs. Creating a home page is not an easy tusk as I have limited time to spend with my PC (as well as Internet).
So far, I am hoping that it will make some new way to get out from the "cage" of Multistalkers. I hate seeing kids walking around me for all the time! Yeah, it is a type of trend for people in Japan are caought as "sex-offenders" or whatever. What I know is the people working for them are "FASCISTS." People who do not learn from the past make the same mistakes again. Then, later.. after everything fxxked up, they recognized what they did was wrong. The end justfies the means, but fascism failed already. Communisim? I don't know. At least bribary is popular in China and Russia. At least it cannot be the healthiest society model.

10 June, 2007

I got my home page.

Spending time studying German was what I have done in last couple of days. I decided to create my own webpage for anti-multistalking site. I don't know how much information I wanna put on that website. I guess my interest is how people see my researches about them. For my convenience, I prefer to use “JaneBauer” for my name. That is what they gave me in the US. Americans are good at nicknaming people as Michael Slade wrote in his book, Hangman. Now I got “J...” (my own country name) for their codename. Anyway, I think I might be ready for new steps. “Always go forward and never turn back,” - Fr. Sierra (the founder of CA missions) said to his followers. Knowing German and French would be nice for my future. Alas, I wish I spent time studying one language rather than working on couple of them at a same time. Anyway, I might get funny record on Home Land Security Record and of the FBI's. A foreign student capable of speaking multiple languages – German, Japanese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Latin? Yeah, students made up this part by breaking into my apartment and claiming all my dictionary collections as what I can communicate in. They should have added “Egyptian hieroglyphs,” “Cuneiform,” and “Coptic” for their list also.

07 June, 2007

Seeing the world from being an outcast from the society.

This is a true story. I never thought that how the social structure is set up by the people through the beginning of the history. When you have the place in your society and have what you have to do, you usually do not think that what you are doing effect other parts of the society. It is like when you are working in a repetitive job, you do not have to think about your job's impact on the society itself. People tend to believe what they are doing is something good for themselves and the society.
The reality is: we never know where the society itself is heading because it is someone else's job to take care that part. You know, you would be working for killing each other. If you are a solder and received a command to kill someone in front of you, you know thinking about moral and ethical issues are forbiden in such situation. Nowadays, people no longer make a plan to change the world. We do protesting in parks and streets, but that is a dead end situation. When a NGO gets bigger, the management takes over the job to work for "keeping the organization with the budgets" as people want to get well-fed. How many protesters were killed in that way? In the 60s, mass media was on our side. What they are showing on TV about war? 3 Tanks are destroyed? They won't tell how many people were killed inside of the tanks. You know, changing words can make our feeling dull to think about war.
Some people love eating fast foods that won't show any sign of decomposition at all. You never know when it was cooked or what kind of chemicals you are consuming.
I'm jotting down on a bench sitting with several multistalkers. Living with them was fine to know about how they make plan and stuffs.

05 June, 2007

Do you have a heart to care about others?

These days, some people love seeing others suffer and congratulate themselves for their success of discrimination. St. Bernadette once said to another sister that “people are losing their heart” and she made hearts from cloth. Some people try to make business from doing volunteers and charity. We know what is good to do, but some people working for “management” are actually taking advantages of human emotion of helping others. Some people in the past worked without receiving anything in return as they believed that is their destiny they received from God. How about these days? Even some religious organizations are much more interested on business than working for their God or spirituality. I am not saying that all good people are gone from churches or temples. But I know some people working for volunteer organization and churches experienced some pressures from the “trust-type” institutions.

Being a refugee in a foreign country.

On Mass media, we see the news and donation campaigns to bring some help to the refugees. The people see these news never think themselves into such situation. There are nations or tribes always experiencing war and disasters somewhere on this earth. The country in the New World are at war for how long? 50 years? Anyway, running away from the home to become a vagabond is a hard thing to do, especially when you enjoy all the wealth at your home. Some people lost their families in war or disaster, too. In my case, I left my apartment and my home in my country to become a refugee in foreign nation. I have been to England when I was a teenager, but travelling around the European countries was my experience. Some refugees already got relatives in this country. My knowledge about this country was limited.. I knew what the national flag looks like; I knew the name of the capital city; I knew what famous about this country like souvenirs and sightseeing spots; I knew what kind of language they speak, etc. What I found out from my experience is – we do not really need much stuffs four our life. When I left the country in the New World, I only had several books (including the American Catholic Bible), a note PC, two digital cameras, one voice recorder, 3 T-shirts, 2 Jeans, 2 jackets, several rosaries, and daily goods like shampoo and soaps you can get at motels. I have left other my belongings like huge collections of various books, PDAs, 3 desktop PCs. Living in the woods, Joseph Campbell became a great writer and intellectual. At least, we have free foreign language classes for refugees, internet (not free!), and libraries (not free!). I do not know why some refugees spending money on alcohols and big meals, but it might be a way to reduce their traumatic experiences. My case? I am trying to study the foreign language and gaining knowledge. All materials might perish, but knowledge won't. Being a refugee, what I can stack up is only in my brain and some mobile data storages.

03 June, 2007

Let's call it Paedophilia-philia then.

Do you know why Catholic priests are blamed of paedophilia? My guess is that blaming the “holy people” working for humanity of sex-maniac is one way to move them down from next-candidate for Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X. Did you watch the film, “FBI v.s. John Lennon”? Talking about humanism is now became a type of entertainment. We know how the 60s used to be. We know how things have been changed and we are allowed to escalate discrimination.

Let me explain how Catholic priests and other protesters are harassed. This is from my first hand experience through several nations. In California, several people in Missions were actually wearing pink clothes. One time they suggested me if I would wait for the instructor with kids coming in so that I could get historical information from the instructor's speech. Yeah, it happened in the Mission east of LA. In a metro in Paris, I was “packed” with kids walked in to the metro. Can you imagine that more than 20 kids? It could be only girls, but I cannot remember. I was stoned by that experience. It is like I was surrounded with Martians If I were a man, they could claim me as paedophilia and they could claim that I “was” the one walked into the group of kids in the train. People do not notice others so much, you know? And unlike the train in Switzerland, or the city of London, they do not have surveillance cameras in the train in France.

What I can say from my experience is that Catholic priests suppose to work with kids as for the passing the tradition from one generation to another. New members came in with kids, and claim the priest harassed their kids. What will happen to the community? He will lose respect and no longer his words are trusted. Actually, this is what multistalkers are working. Nasty dogs, huh?

The time of Al Capone would be good for Italian bankers, but now where the real golds are stored? Read the book of “History of Money.” If you know about what intelligence agencies were doing that time, you could see who is holding Vatican now. That poor “God's banker” hanged in Themes River knew the truth. By the way, Europe has own NSA for “cyber crimes.” In the US, the law enforcement can shut down the internet use of sex-offenders. Once someone is blamed of “sex-offender,” that person would lose the internet use permanently. The US is thinking that putting the view-point capturing device is not enough for crime prevention. Yeah, we are living in extremely-censored world.

About Multistalkers. (I know who they are, hehehe)

They have no brain to work for improvement of their own, so they try to pull down everyone doing good. If you become a victim or someone you know become the victim, observe what they are doing. They are mimicking their target and talking about him or her. It is just like celebrities are harassed by their fans. If you check out what they are wearing or the types of their cars, you will see their psychological problem. They do not have strong self-image! Often, they have tattoos and many body piercings. Their cars often have unique licence plates like “QUTEGIRL” or putting many stickers. In California case, I saw many of them putting police badge type peace officer stickers on rear window. Some case, I saw DOD sticker on the left bottom of their front window. (I do not know how we can buy cool-looking “DOD sticker”. Getting a green paper with “Bundes-Wehr” permit may be easier. It is just a paper, so if someone has a printer, they can print it on green papers.)

Anyway, they really need strong sense of self, and they might be disqualified by the army or other institutions giving them brainwash to work mindlessly for their bosses. They always hang out together just like high school “not smart” kids do. Drinking, smoking, and wondering around to wait for the target? They do not producing anything at all.

The funny thing is, some of the workers gave me their information. If they really trying to kill their victims for “radioactive experiment,” I might spread everything out if I catch cancer from the food contaminated with radioactive substances. It is like “what you want to do if your life is only 3 months left?” asked by a physician. I probably spend one month for preparing my plan, and put everything out for public in next month. And I will stay in a hospital at the last month to see how people are reacting with the facts. They cannot sue me because of my health condition.

How to make your enermy making you crazy to become crazy?

  • Ah, hmm... how can we make someone already crazy to be crazier? Well, there would be several tips for that purpose.

  1. Ignore them. If they are crazy, they just want to get attention from normal person. That is why they are so addict to street theatres.

  2. Do not take what they say serious. Why do you have to listen to someone crazy? You do not get advices or listen carefully to what an infant is saying, right? Some crazy people do not know even what they are saying. Forget about them, or you will feel you become crazy. Talking with dogs or cats is better because you know they do not understand your language perfectly. With a crazy person, you might forget this principle.

  3. Be cynical about what they are doing. They really hate to be laughed at as they lack strong sense of self. It is easy for them to break down as they are only following orders that their boss gave them. If their boss asks them to get naked, then they have to do it without question. They often have a leader-type organizer on their top. And they are wasting times for that person just like slaves. Laughing at the actual harassers is better as they know what they are doing is ethically wrong.

  4. Be a good philosopher. They hate smart person as they cannot be so smart. Real smart people know how not to wast their time for others. Real smart people know how to spend time for productivity. Not so smart people can do “high school level” harassments only. Get information and bring it to the court to sue the company or whatever. Cannot sue them because of the law enforcement is on their side? Send it to their enemies for an experiment. Rival company would get profit from it. i.e. The US had conflict with Russia, I visited the Consulate General of Russia for this exercise. Yeah, I just “entered” the building and did not do anything there. I could apply VISA for sightseeing anyway.

  5. Learn how to rebuild your relationship. If someone ruined your current relationships, then make a new one in totally different atmosphere and environment. Use Internet to search for new people for chatting. Do not get serious as you do not know how people are connected to each other.

  6. If you are really get pissed off, use P2P software to share their information. Some people put virus in copied programs or other files. Make a fake file with eye-catching name, and share the file. No one can blame you as you did not share illegal stuffs. The person downloaded it has responsibility of what he or she expected to get with the file name. No one knows who the original person shared that file on the web. Again, we do not know how people are connected to each other. You might see how things will be changed around your enemies in future.

How asylum process goes

This time, I would like to explain the process of how refuge system works. I first visited the government office to ask for political asylum. Then the officer gave me a document and a map. At the train station, the clerk gave me a free train ticket (with government sign) to the station close to the reception center. At the center, the security guards checked my belongings and my body (like in airports). The guard kept my electronic devices like laptop and other metal goods. That night, I got a shelter. A bunk bed with pillows. Also, we had free three meals.

Later, several people and I were transported to another reception center by chartered bus. During the trip, we got our cell phones back. Some refugees have cell phones as they got them from their relatives and friends living in this country. In another reception center, our lives became less strict. At the first center, we could not go out without permission. But the second one, we could go out in morning and afternoon. The assistant office gave us free sanitary goods like tooth pasts and toilet papers as well as medical goods. Also, we received some money once a week. We had two interviews, one for health matter, and second for asylum purpose. The security at the entrance still checked our body with a metal detector.

Third time of transportation, my stuffs that were taken at the first reception center was returned Finally, I got back my own computer to work with and my fountain pen for protection. “A pen is mightier than a sword,” you know? The government is no longer giving us free meals but free dormitory type place to stay. People get about 7-8$ per day. (I'm not in the US, but using $ for convenience.) We have to cook our own meals and buy own sanitary stuffs. The chief have some medicare goods free.

In my case, I have to pay the rent as I have enough money, and that is why I am a political asylum seeker. I do not know how things go, but I must thank the government for giving me “certain protection” from the danger in my country and in the country in New World. By the way, I am not a “Mid-Eastern.”

02 June, 2007

Is WWIII coming? (supporting the Democrats in the US may bring its delay a bit)

The intelligence of EU nations are working with CIA. The information “Curveball” gave to BND with CIA. French intelligence have good relationship with CIA as they respect the memory of Normandy. US and UK? No need to explain, I guess. About 911, the information came from “Curveball”shared with CIA. Some terrorists of 911 came from Hamburg? The Russian guy killed by the radio active actually travelled to UK from Germany. Personally, I travelled Germany to Heathrow, but no one killed me with that poison (you might find it being sold online. 50$ or something last time I checked the price).

I guess the Russian must feeling the pressure of resource war is targeting their country. Their natural gas supply is one of the largest income by natural resources in the world. The Europeans have benefit of having alternative choice from foreign oil but they must pay for Russia, which they felt a threat for their nations last century. Germany must love cooperating with US as they suffered the divide after the war. BND moving to near Berlin? Let's see what will happen in future.

The World War III will be about resource conflicts. Some nations have trouble getting enough water. Have you heard that China's large rivers decreased its volume of water. Somalia and other African nations have problem also. Deserting is increased because of environmental change. Middle East are losing the power of owning oil resources because of the war. Natural gas? You got the point. This is the problem of the countries which are enjoying high-technology yet they do not own the resources. North Korea tried to build to create everything with their nation's resources, and they failed. Anyway, North Korea owns pretty much Yellow Cakes. I do not know their radioactive substances will be targeted by another country. The US knows what North Korea is doing, and probably let them do their task in future in order to become a unified nation with the South. KCIA might help North Korea's development in future. Learning from Germany must be important for them. By the way, do you know how much money being transferred from Japan to North Korea?

- Do not take this serious. This is my personal opinion though. If someone reading this, please do research. This is my free thoughts.