29 February, 2008


難民施設には新しい管理人が来なくて殴られたりした状況の説明が出来なかったので、Aarau Polizeiに向かったら「管理人と話してくれ」と言われてました。集団ストーキングはFBIが背後にいるので、日本人でもハラスメントをさせるのに何処にでも移動させることが可能なようで、昨日このコミュに加入したら上記のようになぜか日本人が登場してますし。彼らが言っていることはすべて出鱈目ですから。他の動画を見ていただければ判るように、犯罪を犯して、被害者を犯罪者だと非難したりする輩です。
シャワーが共同なので、シャワー使えないし。昨日のホテルでやっと三日ぶりにシャワーを使えたと言うか。たぶん付近の日本人は今日のことで、彼らの仲間に入るように説得されているだろうし、孤立化を完璧にさせられています。というか、スイスの現実は私から見たらこんな感じなんですが・・・。Aarau Polizeiの警官には、ホテルに泊まることを、スイスに部屋があるのに何故外に止まるんだと言われるし。また泊まったらそれを口実に国外退去させられそうだし。日本に送られて死にたくないんですよね。橋本元総理とか小渕下総理とか、CIAがらみは見てますから、日本だと確実に暗殺されるでしょうし。

I visited Aarau Polizei few minutes ago.

I visited to the Aarau Polizei since the house manager did not show up in the refugee residence today. I directly headed the Aarau Polizei. The police officer at the window continued to ask me "What's the problem?" and he did not even care about seeing the picture of the woman throwing a chair at me. I wanted to share the videos I uploaded on this blog, but the officer did not wanted to see it at all. Then, he said he cannot file the case of someone hitting me at the refugee residence. The officer kept me saying I must talk to the chef first. I don't have a room key or have access to the laundry room. But the Aarau Polizei thinks I must stay in the place where the bed is still turned and no key for the security. And they think I must stay in the room since I have the "room" in Switzerland. I will stay in the room, but I don't know when the chef comes.
So, this is the reality of the life as a refugee in Switzerland. The officer also told me to visit Kanton Polizei in Buchs tonight since they open until 9pm. For tomorrow, Saturday, he said I should go to Kanton Aarau Polizei. Anyway, this is the reality what is going on. I hope my blog will help you to understand the change of the society thesedays. Police are not filing cases for helping the victim of gang stalkers even I have such a crucial evidences. I just want to file them as it sounds like a crime for police to negrect Article 25 of the Swiss Constitution. I am just exercising freedom of press to be a researcher/journalist - and creating documentary films for my own safety.

If you are planning to come to Switzerland to ask for asylum seeking, I can tell you what you need to know before do so!!!

Aarau Bahnhof前に現れた日本人グループ。


While I was waiting the new chef in the refugee residence...

I went back to my refugee residence about 11pm and he was not there. I saw a resident with a glass of cola stood at the entrance. I waited there about 10 minutes and went back to my room for things to do.

Then about 2:50pm, I again visited the managers office and knocked the door. Nobody answered. Then some residents pass by and I talked with them if the chef came, they tried to avoid the answer. Then the man who wore Grain Hill Louisiana sweatshirt came and knocked the door to the manager's office. Then he started to claim me not taking pictures of him. I said that he just came and stood in front of my camera while I was filming the door. He tried to continue the argument, then the German speaking man came and talked with him in German. If you know Swiss German, you might understand their communication. They should be really good at Swiss German. Then after some more argument, they left. Because I want to make sure everything is OK until I can contact with Aarau Polizei, I will put this film as the evidence. It is nice that I have several residents' voice of not telling me about the chef. I waited from 11am to about 5pm, so it would be nice to keep this evidence available if the dangerous residents claim me ran away from the room and make me to be the target of detention by their lies.

You know, if they did not do anything wrong, then they have no reason to hit me when someone saw me with a camera or start showing my camera. By the way, check out how this Grain Hill, Louisiana sweatshirt man is showing his cell phone. You can see my statement about every one in the refugee residence has a cell phone is right. None of them called police when my room was vandalized. Kantonpolizei did not even touch anything. If I can file the vandalism case, I might drop this film as I do not have problem to prove I was at the refugee residence on February 29th, 2008. If you watched my videos posted on YouTube and here, you can see non-residents stay sometimes and start working on gaslighting. If all the residents are involved on the vandalism in my room, then it would make sense why they want to hide others' mistakes. If the police officers are involved in this case as the residents work for the informants, then it would make sense that why people I contacted – AG Kanton police and the employees of the Department Gesundheit und Soziales – told me to talk to the chef first. I will check out the Aarau police station after I post this. If I cannot write anything in future, you know who are guilty for that. I guess I handled pretty much.

The people mentions me Japanese at the Photo Printing Machine.

The above pictures are of the couple who contacted me at the photo printing machine in the shopping mall. The machine did not eat my 20CHF. Well, then this couple showed up with a USB media. And they started conversation with me. Later, they asked me if I am a Japanese - we did not even talked about that in our conversation and I have no idea why they know that. If I do not have the proof like these photos and videos, probably people will think me a crazy if I just say what happend with the couple.

The woman gave me the hospital number for police.

One of the gang stalking member who gave me the hospital number. She might be one of the neighbor who are working on claiming me to be mentally ill for whatever the reason. I just wanted to post it here for my own safety from false "mentally ill" claim by these people. If they haven't worked for psychological abuse to really make me to have some mental problems, I would not have to film her or post it on the web. This is just keeping my evidences here. They should be ashamed of high-school level mobbing against an official refugee of Switzerland. I respect the Swiss Confederation and "claming someone as crazy by making the person crazy" is something such a noble nation should not do so. That was something Nazis did.

Say, who is really being refugees these days?

The below video is just my copy of evidence. These people use names like "Sarah" for anchoring. That's what I have seen with a Tibettan woman with a name BOLD Chimzee in last May. I don't know if they are really residents receiving money on every Wednesday they used to do. Sometimes, the chef did not show up after I started to pay my rent and they did not have to do the skit about money giving. (Well, we used to get 10CHF per day, and about 24CHF at the refugee center in Chiasso) What they do not like is to be open, I guess. Some refugees have own keys and capable fo moving out or moving in. If they are undercover officers/informants like I have seen in the US, then it will make sense that police is making this order for whatever the reason.
I know who did what because of my recording films. I think it is OK to share some more information a they can have the advantage from the informants protection sytem. If they are looking for cash award for deportation on me, then I wanna prevent it by sharing how they tell lies about me to prove my true identity.

28 February, 2008

Got room in the hotel where I was using the Wifi Internet.

I'm typing this on my computer lying on the bed. It's cool to have Internet connection while I lay down. Well, it has been a while that I have chance to think and type without thinking about the battery while using my laptop online. There is a man who is responsible came to my room about after 5:30pm, and made sure if I was ok and to be left. I showed him the pictures of how the other residents were acting. Probably, he might think me taking picture "was" the problem. He said that there would be a new chef (manager) will come tomorrow.
No key for tonight, and cannot use the shower. So, I got a room in Hotel Aarauhof which I have been using Internet since late Fall last year. One night is 150.30CHF - quite expensive to stay for a week or something like that. But for few days, it would be better to settle down somewhere and get my plan for the future.

What I wanted to show to the chef or anyone is the residents' false claims against me. Without taking films, it would be hard to explain or prove what they are doing. Stealing my food and claiming me stealing their food??? That is something I do not hear from a normal person or people with logical ideas. Anyway, if you watch my OSAM series on YouTube, you can see how OSAM series started. They have been using Christian religious figures for making fun of me - expecially the Eritorean groups. So, I wanted to film what they are doing in order to show and share the evidence of the psychological abuse.
I might upload more later... If I have time, I would work on Internet research as I got unlimited Interent use till I check out. I wanna make some OSAM and GSA series, but I can do it anytime offline.

Woman hitting me at in the basement.

I was just keeping record of who would be in the shower room because of yesterday's incident. Then she started claiming me talking her picture (she was just washing her clothes at the sink) and tried to glab my camera and hit me. Don't you think it is enough to say as a crime???
I am wondering how the Stadt Aarau Polizei will handle this case and the vandalism in my room yesterday.

The day after the vandalism in my room at the refugee residence.

The chef (manager) was not in the refugee residence. And the other residents were quiet in the morning. When I tried to use the shower room at the residence, other residents involved at the refugee residence was there. I filmed the woman washing her clothes for the anchoring for my laundry – I have not do so these days. There was a laundry schedule for the residents before – an my tern was on Thursday to submit my clothes in front of the laundry room. The second time, I tried to do my laundry, my stuffs were gone. And Mr. Kunz, the manager, told me to se Tatiwana living in the second floor of Casa Torfeld II. She seemed to have a big family but she was not there at all. Anyway, I was trying to get some evidence of who would be the possible witness for in case something happens in the shower room, the woman claimed me for filming her and hit me. Yeah, she really did so as you can see on my film.

Later, I saw the paper on the wall next to the Putzplan, the cleaning list. It says:
Gotto Miyoko
transfert in
hospital for crazy
pepople (Japan)”
Liza” (or Lisa on the back of the paper)

As you can see, the writer's first language is GERMAN from the way he writes. “Transfert” is German, and if someone studied English first, the writer would just write, transfer. Also, my family name is Goto and not Gotto. By the way the writer spells, you can see the writer is not familiar with “go” or “to” which is in English vocabulary. When someone tries to write unfamiliar language, we know how they use similar words or spelling way from one's own vocabulary. In German, “go” is different – close word will be “gehen” or “ferien.” Moreover, the closest spelling word would be “Gott,” which means God in English by the way. If you watch my film, you can see there is another paper about “transfer” under the paper. So, you can see how the writer scribe the things without checking the official transfer paper.

I had no idea what I could do at my refugee residences with these dangerous people. I decided to share everything possible to the others. Since the police might be involved and lawyers, the ex-chef, and other people cannot help it, what I could do is to expose them as what I have is the evidence of community level discrimination – whenever I go some people from my residence followed me or stayed with me for whatever the reason, and working on psychological abuse at the residence since last May.

I opened a new account for my alternative blog – as the perps are hinting me of my passwords with their clothes these days. It's good to know who would be responsible as I can share the criminal informations to warn other people who might travel to Aarau in Switzerland. This is something what I can do as a person in exile and looking for a safe shelter in somewhere in the world.

Then I tried to use the photo machine inside of a shopping mall in the city. If you travel to Aarau, you will find it on the ground floor of the shopping mall. What happened was that when I tried to use my 20-franc bill for the payment, it just returned. I tried two available ones and the machine ate neither ones. Then a couple came and contacted with me. I was filming the video as it seemed quite strange. Later, the man said if I am a Japonese; not Japanerin. They should be capable of speaking Spanish. They just said that while I was speaking in English. Yes, I am a refugee from Japan after the SJSU students tried to save the anthropologists from the scandal and claimed me for hyper-sexual to save the face of Dr. Elizabeth Weiss and Dr. Robert Gonzalez. By the way, Japonese pronunciation would be used in Portuguese. But neither case, it is not in Italian – Giaponese or something similar spell is used in Italian.

Because I could not use the photo machine and it was the lunch time, I just headed to the Kanton Bibliothek where I saw several stalkers with some skits. I saw the same man I met on the street while I as using Internet outside of the post office using the PC there. And he lives in my refugee residence.

From the vandalism to the stalking and psychological harassment done by the people in Aarau and Buchs, do you think how much damage I have been receiving psychologically??? And this is LEGAL in here!!! If the victim of mobbing get depressed or upset, the abusers can claim the victim as “CRAZY”!!! No one is be punished this. Hitting someone is legal. Trying to throw a chair to the someone is regal. Stealing someone's food and blaming the one for stealing “their food which they did not have” is legal. Now the people in Aarau are working for this. Check out other posts I do here. Or other places. This is for my own security and I really need to send information around to keep myself visible and safe. If something happens like the people disappeared in the Nazis-Germany period, I hope you know who are responsible in my disappearance.

In the library, there are some stalkers. I have seen a man wearing a T-shirt with the part of my password for one of my internet account. Just like usual. This started in Germany when I was stalked by the Bundes-Wehr. At that point, I was upset and lost my MiyokoGoto.at.hotmail.com account. Probably, these perps are working more to make me upset. What I can do now is to keep tracking of the data of these people so that I can share the information for crime prevention.

I really wanna know who they are and why they are working for this kind of PSYOP. Because you can see the damages I am receiving and the people stalking me to either from the residence to the city or the city to the residence, you know what I am telling is the truth and theirs are the lies.

I'm gonna share some pictures and the videos for today. I hope this would help other travelers in Aarau or Switzerland to get victimized from them. I saw gang stalkers trying to sell fake brand wallets in the free market in Paris. I would like to share other useful information about European countries later as well as Japan and the United States.

Where I can use shower or bath is unknown. I hope I could have a place where I can use that. That is something uncomfortable even paying about 580 francs for the monthly rent and the health insurance.

If I can continue, then you will see how it looks like to live in Buchs, AG. If I cannot continue, then you better not to visit Aarau or nearby area. You might be kidnapped by the pedophilie-ring and human tracking criminals, so called “Gang Stalkers.”

The police officers in my room.

This is the outcome of the result. The residents have been threatening me to call police to send me to a hospital. But when I asked them to use cellphone to call police yesterday night, none of them did. This is pretty good example to show how they are just claiming me to be “crazy” and worked on the vandalism in my room. I had to visit the Turkish restaurant few block away in order to ask someone to call police. The show owner gave me the number 117 – I don't know if it was 118 he tried to give me. Fortunately, I could get help from one of the family customer there and the man called the police for me. Everything happened yesterday will be posted as OSAM48, so you can watch it to learn how the TI's life looks like in a chronological order. Isn't it nice to learn from other TI that what kind of trouble a TI might face in future, if you are a new victim of gang stalking?

The woman tried to give me a number (144) for the police.

You know when you are upset, you cannot talk in the third language. I made mistake speaking about 5 for 4. It's 144 for hospital. And the police is 117. It's good to know these emergency numbers in Switzerland since we have so many gang stalkers here trying to trap the TIs to send to imprisonment for whatever the reason. I am looking for this woman to figure out if she is one of the neighbor here in Buchs, AG. If so, I can prove she is another person falsely claiming me to be “mentally ill” like the residents in Casa Torfeld I and II on Gartensweg 16.

Vandalism in my room part 2

The last portion of the video. I cut it to half due to the YouTube limitation on the length.

Vandalism in my room part 1

Check out the same perps trying to claim me as "crazy" and vandalizing my room!!! Isn't it enought to say they are working for expeling me from Switzerland? They are Kanton police informants. The residents could not call police because they did this damage in my room together. Typical mobbing in high-school level, isn't it? But it is actually going on in Swiss refugee residence.

“Ausland” - that is the message from Swiss people.

I have seen people here in the Swiss refuge residence talking about “Outside” and cleaning. Yesterday, I visited several law firms. When I came home, I found my room was vandalized. When I asked who messed my room to several residents, they tried to ignore. When I asked the Italian Mafia claiming woman, she tried to throw a chair to me. Then she showed me the gesture of “be quiet.” I don't know what they mean to me to be quiet – about the real “Family Jewel”– the CIA's top secret operation for several generations abroad, or the SJSU issues with CIA involved professors, or about the Kanton Police covert operation they are working on.
Anyway, the cleaning anchoring and outside claiming remind me of the Nazis period. Ethnic genocide is now internationally acknowledged as terrible and people should not happen again like in Rwanda. But how about the individuals? That is the problem. If the society believes one individual is not important in the society, can they kill the person by ignorance? That was going on around the world before the French Revolution; the rulers thought their citizens are for themselves. That was the core of the British royal family to ban the British to commit suicide because people were the property of the kings and the queens. Now our governments has the same position to decide what is good for their citizens. Well, I'm a bit busy for today to file the case to the Aarau Stadt Polizei and keep contacting with lawyers, so I cannot to continue writing this now. Check the videos I posted today for why my life is busy today.

27 February, 2008

Gang Stalker's Manipulation Technique

Since I live with gang stalkers in the refugee residence, I have noticed their way of twisting the blames they receive. There are three ways that they blame the TI.
They use the blames that have been used by others before.
They use the blames they think to fit in their skits or the information they got from the TI.
They use the blames that the TI does to them.

I have seen the gang stalkers trying to manipulate their emotion by changing the subject of the person or the object in the conversation. I think this is what they are taught to do so in order to not to get hurt. It makes sense how they are emotionally weak. (Think about EQ of them!)
Since TIs know much about 1 and 2, I would like to discuss 3 here. For example, when someone damage the toilet and if perps hear the TI complaining, they blame the TI for the damage because they say they hear the TI talking about the damage. The below is a good example of the dyed hair perp blaming for stealing food from the kitchen right after he and others tried to get my food. Don't you think this is enough to show the wickedness of the gang stalkers??? They are now talking about sending me to a hospital. Guess who is responsible, the Aargau Kanton Polizei.

The NOW is related with the real “Family Jewel” which is not about assassination plans but the birth of NSA. I think I know more about this because someone's family has a culture of pedophilie and moved around. By the way, the large companies in the Silicon Valley and other places should check out the resime of their employees. In Adobe, someone used a fake copy of nicely looking graduation certificate in MBA and they learned why she had no knowledge in the subject she was managing from that. It happened about half a decade ago. She disappeared after that. No penalty but got some months pay for her staying the office and ordering others to do her jobs. Some agencies want your company to keep these informants for possible “economic hit mans” if you do not pay them for protection. CIA might have financial problems from selling drugs these days.

26 February, 2008

The coward young perp.

This shows how cowards each perps are. You know that is why they need a bossy person to decide everything they do.

Why there are so many refugees with “F” permit?

Check out what Italian Mafia woman at my refugee residence talkes about. I guess this is the reason why so many refugees get "F" (health problem to stay in Switzerland). I do not know what they do after they get back to their country with it. If it is a mental problem, then it would make them to get certain attention from the authorities in their countries. This is just my guess, though.

The Dyed Hair Guy bugging me yesterday.

He has been in the refugee residence since last Fall, but he is getting pretty active since last December. I think this is enough to say as harassment.
Because the lawyers in Aarau cannot help me and giving me gaslighting, I just post them here for emergency case.

25 February, 2008

集団ストーカー解析vol.5 will be ready soon


購入した本が届いたので最近は読書とOrganized Stalkers Around Meの動画が毎日の日課となっています。そろそろまじめにドイツ語のボキャブラリーも増やさないといけないな、とか考えながらロシア語のほうがアルファベットが違うので新鮮な感じで興味が出て勉強してたりします。ヘブライ語とラテン語とギリシャ語は古代から知識人が使う言語として知られてますが、ラテン語はちょっとしか出来ないけど、諺集の作成も計画してますが。東欧では英語よりもロシア語のほうが役に立つだろうし、上海協力機構などもあるので、ロシア語は将来的に知っておくと便利かなとか。もう少し調査をしたら、ホームページを更新します。

This film is the Japanese “beta” version of Gang Stalker Analysis Vol.5.
Above is about how I'm spending my time these days – reading books from Amazon.com and making OSAM films daily makes my hands busy. Studying Russian is cool as some folks are interested establishing a strong tie of China, India, Russia for the Eurasian Union (not the collect name for the organization, but it sounds better to me than Amero thing. Everyone will get confused if we have two EUs and two EUROs!)

Does she look like Korean???

Here, check the video and how this “Sli Lankan” looking woman stating herself as a Korean and said how Caritas gave her the key to the laundry room in the basement. This building is owned by the Social Aid. I pay my monthly rent and insurance to them while these perps are getting money. As this blog suppose to show my life as a refugee, I guess I should share something about my life than just talking about gang stalkers and gang stalking. I don't know how much readers I got for typing this, but I guess I should entertain the viewers of my blog as it got some popularity in the search portals. I've been working on sorting my data, and I have to spend much time on my studies. My life is simple; wake up, read books or articles, use Internet for research and communication with people, go shopping, cooking my meal for the day, pray rosary, reed more books, create OSAM movie, sleep. Too bad, there is not much to say about my life except for the perps' street theaters. Since they are acting weird free, I guess I should share their information to entertain others as I cannot act like that.

23 February, 2008

More Police Officers.

Police Officers and Film crews at the Bahnhof

Since yesterday, I have seen camera crews around the Wifi spot. I don't know what they are just hanging around for more than a half an hour. They got camcoder ready and just keep talking or sitting on the bench...

22 February, 2008

Possibility of Japanese Gang Stalkers as the informants of PSIA and other government agencies.

I guess it would better to write in Japanese, but I wanted to get more readers for such a precious information. From my personal experience, I would like to question the involvement of PSIA and the Japanese Self Defence Force Counter Intelligence Teams. According to Wikipedia page about PSIA, they have more HUMINT members in Koreans living in Japan. It would make sense of the Japanese TIs claiming about the Korean perps. Moreover, their main targets are similar to the ones targeted for COINTELPRO by FBI. They investigate the anti-war and anti-military base organizations. In last June, Japanese Communist Party revealed Self Defence Force Counter Intelligence Unit was working on investigating anti-war and defenders of Article 9. These agencies increased employees in past few years. Any intelligence agency requires more people to work as informants. Then, it will make more sense that more people in any community or organization would have more internal conflicts and discriminations. Informants get paid by their data. If there is no data to get more award, the would create one just like the FBI's informants explained in M. Wesley Swearingen's book, FBI Secrets; An Agent's Exposé. If the Unification church is involved in INS currently for funding and HUMINT part, then it is natural that Japan's the Free Democratic Party does not touch them for counterintelligence. KCIA was built as the branch of CIA in Asian region, just like BND is for the Eastern Europe region which was facing the conflict with the Soviet Union. The OCINT is my favorite part. That is something I was working on while I was trying to develop a fusion of Anthropology and American Literature study.

Does someone brame me of studying about intelligence? Then, just let me back to my original study. I have been surrounded by informants, and what I'm doing is to get to know about them and their strategy in order to survive in my situation. Unlike a real intelligence agency investigating for one nation, I am working on investigating “the gang stalkers” for humanity sake and for the public awareness. I hope no one mind me using their technologies and strategies to fight back against them. That is what I learned through my anthropology study; to get to know the culture, be a part of it and use it for own purpose. I agree that anthropology is the best major to become a spy or a journalist.


21 February, 2008

Louisiana Guy

The guy on the above picture is somewhat visiting my refugee residence these days. He said he is from Iraq and living in Switzerland for 9 years. So far, I have been threaten by him yesterday, I decided to post his discription here for my own security. I have some more information about him, but if something happen to me in near future, he would be part of the people responsible for it. Anyway, I don't know where he get that Louisiana sweatshirt at all.

Skits by Italian Woman and Luisiana Guy vol.1

Film below is what happened yesterday afternoon. The Italian Mafia woman claimed me of the mess in the toilet, then she called police and they gave a wrong address.
You can here them mentioning "hospital," "polizei," "Mafia," etc.
This is a proof that the people claiming a TI crazy or the problem of the society ARE the real problem since they are just working in mobbing.

I am not interested to intimidate these people, but I believe these films would encourage TIs to speak up their injustice and the form of mass descrimination gasint them. These perps can get different identities and can move to somewhere anyway.
More over, if they wanted not to be posted here, they can simply stop mobbing against me. If they are not working on psychological warfare as a part of COINTELPRO, I would not have filmed them to protect my satatements.

Anth 142 and Anth 177 Lecture Notes.

I just decided to share my notes from Dr. English-Lueck's Anth142 and Anth177 classes I took on Fall 2005. It's just a backup of my files, but if you are interested in anthropology, you may check what American students are learning these days.
Anth 142 Lecture Note (pdf)
Anth 177 Lecture Note (pdf)
Although I am in exile, I know what files would be usedful to keep with me. The most important ones should be gone from my desktop PC while Dr. English-Lueck and other US agents & officials kidnapped me to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and later to El Camino Hospital.
These are for my backups.

20 February, 2008

Italian Mafia Woman Claiming with others about toilette mess.

This is a video comes with lots of perps in the refuge residence. Check out how perps tried to claim me for the mess of the women's bathroom mess. The Sli Lankan woman came with the German speaking guy yesterday night, and Italian Mafia tried the same street theater with the same perps like yesterday again.

Wisdom of how to take over an extremists organization without using COINTELPRO technique.

I have read some people discussing about how to eliminate a special new religious organization in a Japanese BBS. Just for fun, I decided to write few ways to do so from my knowledge. The best tactics I know is in COINTELPRO – Infiltration and take majority of the important sheets of the organization by the anti-members. If you are more interested in such war techniques, I recommend you to read Sun Tzu's Art of War. It tells what you need to know about war tactics. For conquering, the best book is the Prince by Machiavelli. If you know the tactics others use, then you will learn the countermeasure from it. The gang stalkers know how to turn a claim on them against the claimer. I have seen claiming going back and force on the argument. Did Komei Party framed their questionable use of government money and back fired to the claimers? Well, I guess that is why Federal Police needed a religious backup to support their psychological weakness. That is something Japanese did before WWII to believe in the Emperor and mixed Buddhism and Shintoism to bet “one mind” brainwash on people. Now what? Are they ready for the new war with “one religion”?? If so, go ahead. I am wise enough to chose to be an observer and let others take the countries get weak by spending too much money and resources on the wars. What happened at the end of WWII? The strong countries did not involved war actually took everything after others fought. Alliance was made by one “Judah” and neutral ones with the Mafia. What was French Connection was for? That's the reason why FBI did not have any measure on “organized crimes” during Hoover's regine. I like smart people and smart countries. Some countries are too dumb to make strict laws only to make better control of citizens and telling lies that they have everything they see on the constitution and protected by the laws. When someone questions the reality, the person might become a target of political deduction like me. Real wisdom has nothing to do with cheating. We are living in mure relaxed world with strange censorships on individuals. What I am doing is to share my knowledge and hoping they would be useful for someone. Jesus spoke in parables, so do I.

Ok, here is the version of what you can do to eliminate such groups.
1. If the group is huge, what you can do is to try to attempt a corruption from the bottom. Any structure cannot have stability if the foundation is not stable. Try to misdirect from the bottom people and make them act more obvious in the society so that people can notice them as “the organization member” rather than individuals.
2. Bring out a war or conflict with another organization.
3. Bribe the top people and expose it on purpose.
4. Mislead the organization to have a war against its own nation. The National Security will take care everything after wards. (Personally, I wanna see how the Homeland Security oppose to the FBI, or the NSA opposes to the DOD. But it won't happen as the gangs know other gang groups well to be friends to form a larger gang organization...)
5. Create a new organization with what the target organization has. Sell out ads and information about the new one. It's like Coca Cola vs Pepsi thing. (My favorite was Sam's Choice though.)

19 February, 2008

This is for a journalist of the Edge AM.

Hi, Gina.
I received a message that your radio station is planning to broadcast about the gang stalking issue and the sender asked me to contact your mail if I would like to share my story for the show.
Well, I have been a TI since I was an international student studying anthropology at San Jose State University. Now I ended up as a political asylum seeker in Switzerland because of the gang stalking.
I wrote down much detailed my experience on my blog and website.
http://www.youtube.com/gansttalkingwatcher (YouTube viedoes – including the evidence of what happened in the US)
I am not sure what kind of information you are looking for your show, but I would like to write a short summary of something interesting for journalists.
SJSU anthropology major students started the gans stalking. I volunteerd for Project SHINE and received an award from the second volunteer site. I was the only one received such thing in the classroom. Then, the coordinator of the volunteer project started spreading rumors about me in Dr. Robert Gonzalez's Anth187 class on Spring 2006. You can see the picture of my award on my blog.

I filed the case to SJPD and SJSU university police. On the day I brought the evidence to Homeland Security Office on Monterey Rd, San Jose, I was handcuffed by the university police officers (one is Sgt. John Laws) and was sent to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. Police officers were claiming me as suicidal and dangerous to others. It happened on my way to Dr. Marco Meniketti's class, and Dr. Englsh-Lueck, the department chair asked me to have small conversation at her office as Dr. Meniketti knew about it. I have the voice recording of this scene and made it as a film with transcription. If you are interested how university police are involved in gang stalking, please use the voice recording from my evidence. I don't mind people using my evidences for prevention and advocacy of gang stalking(COINTELPRO aganst innocent citizens). For that case, I would like to ask you to mention where the resource comes from and who created it. This is something that I can offer for a journalist working for a radio station :)
audio version is available from the link in my blog. And the comments about Dr. Wiggzy Sivertsen, the director of the SJSU Counseling Service, is also available.

Dr. Elizabeth Weiss, the physical anthropology professor, at SJSU has slept with multiple colleagues including Dr. Donald Johansen whose name is in almost every physical anthropology textbook. And she is the youngest to receive Ph.D from University of Arkansas Lafayette, because she slept with the professor responsible for her doctorate. This evidence of my voice recording was taken from my PC while I was sent to two mental hospitals by SJSU police. By the way, I knew more about her connection with the Republicans from my relationship with her.
Currently, I live in Switzerland because of the danger of going back to Japan. We have seen so many politicians had mysterious deaths. I do not want to be targed for assassination by Japanese federal police as the stalkers in the US said. In Switzerland, I think the Kanton (State) Police might be involved in the gang stalking. When I asked the manager of the refugee residence, he told me that the search of my room was secret. What I believe is that it is violating several articles in the Swiss Constitution, especially Article 25. As an activist, I am working to deal with the gang stalking and mind control issues. Have you ever noticed how many students disappeared from the campus? I hope my film about how SJSU police sent me to a mental hospital show where they disappeared. Moreover, the SJSU Judicia Affairs office was working to put me on parole after I was discharged from El Camino Hospital. For that evidence, please listen the phone talk with “Elizabeth” in the evidence. It was on middle of November 2006. Probably, this can tell the truth about how international students disappeared from the United States.

Gang Stalking is COINTELPRO. From what happened to me, I think I can tell and share the evidences of local law enforcement's involvement. SJPD, SJSU UPD, Kanton Polizei Argau, Aarau Stadt Polizei, are involved in my case. Also, I was stalked by DOD (you can check a picture I took in SF motel on my blog). NSA is involved as they tried to make me to be an insider. What they said that they have a training center in San Carlos, CA and if I join, my record will be erased and receive a government car.

I was just an international student studying in the United States until I was kicked out by the extralegal force and psychological warfare against me and my parrot. I lost everything, my car, my parrots – one dead and one I adopted him to a perp which I regret, and all the property I had in my apartment room. I lived on 760 N. 7th St. #4219 San Jose, CA 95112. Perps lived in other rooms (4218, 4220, 4319, 4119, etc) and Antonio the handyman had access to all the rooms. The basement of the apartment was half full of out-of-state cars. They said that they are NSA. You can check out some of different out-of-state cars followed me in my blog pictures.

Thanks for your effort and interest to broadcast gang stalking problem,
Miyoko Goto (A Japanese refugee in Switzerland)

P.S. I posted it here so that no one can delete it and the message is visible for everyone.

Connection – that's what we need to fight back against the government pshycos!

I found Peter Mooring's comment on the guestbook for my homepage. I haven't seen his site and, hey, pretty cool information about gang stalking was there! At least, I learned how to say gang stalking in Dutch; “Groepstalking.” Now we know how to google the word in Dutch to check out how many Dutch TI websites exists in the world.
Here is the link to his page,

I joined to AdSense so that I can earn money from what I write in this blog. It would probably motivate me to write more information in order to get more people to check my pages out.
Well, it's pretty hard to keep everything – study German, Russian, (a bit of Latin for my next ebook), some Physics for e-harassment prevention, and reading bunch of books I received from Amason.com. If I don't have anything to say, that's probably I am to busy to gain knowledge from textbooks and regular books.

Perps trying to disturb me, but funny thing is that my position studying new stuffs makes me to feel like they are high school mobs with grey hair. Some adults don't have moral or even care about their mobbing is filmed and posted on YouTube. I got some comments that I should not expose their figures in the films. But how can I share the information about what gang stalkers do and how they are connected with local law enforcement without showing the figures of who talk with whom in both at the refugee residence and outside? As I said, my film is based on my Visual Anthropology study and ANTHROPOLOGISTS DO NOT HAVE ANY OFFICIAL ETHICS CODE!!! Who cares about the agents who can get another identity from the government? My aim is to spread the information of gang stalking problem to the public as an activist, and to share information to help the gang stalking victims and future victims.

I set the comment setting to anyone can respond. Let's see if I get something. I don't know if I have time to reply due to the extreme schedule for these days... But this is something that I can offer for the readers of this blog as their visiting will make me to get a nice paycheck from AdSense.

18 February, 2008

How to create devices that can cause similar effects like e-harassment devices.

To understand the how the e-harassment device are working, we must know how we can create these devices. If we do not know how they are built, there is no way to create preventing devices. Some victims say that the e-harassment devices use microwave, miliwave, ULF and other frequencies. Since everyone who are in Engineering field know the possibility of electromagnetics since 1990s, it is pretty clear that we must start to work on the research from the assumption of electromagnetics as the core technology of the e-harassment devices.
Electromagnetic radiation is very common in any electronic goods available. While I am typing this on my PC, my PC gives me some radiations. And that is the reason why some people warn the danger of cellphones as people use it close the their heads and the signals they receive from the satellites.

We know that it is hard to create such devices, however, what we can do is to create them in theoretical level. How to get information? If you are dummies for physics, I recommend you to read some physics textbooks from the basics. You must know at least introduction level calculus to understand the basic formulas of physics though. Then, check out the books about electromagnetics. If you get some sense of what they are about, then try to understand the formulas related with electromagnetics. Check out some patent information on the web for some guesses how you can create what you are imaging. Well, this is the pointe where I am now... If you know how to work with theories and formulas, you can create almost anything they provide you. Everything is possible in theoretical level, because it can be done in your brain. Unfortunately, empirical level is not such easy as the universe won't let you to keep your theory intacted from other matters.

For the microwave e-harassment device, we know the three famous use for microwave. 1. Communication 2. Heating 3. Generating Energy.
Also, for the heating, I think induction heating is used for e-harassment device which require implanting. These days induction heating can be used for any type of metals. (not sure how it work on zink though) So, it can explain why “Tinfoil hat” is no longer an effective tool to block the e-harassment. There maybe correlation between the “Tinfoil hat” effectiveness and the invention of new way to heat non-magnetic metals.

I bet Russians already has microwave plants for creating energy. If you watched the above picture, you can see how Maxis in the East Bay predicted the microwave energy plants around 2030s. Russians has mirrors (20m x 20m to something more bigger ones?) in the space and they can reflect the sunlight on the Earth. According to the description of Microwave power plant of SimCity2000, you can see that solar power is required for the generating microwave energy. Now we know what is on space among satellites. If you were kids love playing SimCity 2000, you already knew the possible futures from the game. Yeah, I bought it at Fry's Electronics around 2000 and played it for a while to get sociological understanding of the famous game. Some people just play games, while others (mostly developers) play them to learn. I remembered this and the result is the above picture. Don't blame on me as a “cheater,” as I just wanted to get quick review of the game. My proverb I gave to NSA while I was in the US was “Cheating is the best strategy for winning a game.” No one can make better strategy than just use cheat codes, right? I am a practical and skeptical person.

The good joke for today is.. more advanced the time and society, more disasters the city gets in SimCity 2000. Isn't it familiar to these days? We got so many disasters around the world. Too bad, HAARP is not described and we cannot build in the game!!!
By the way, if some one knows how to create microwave energy from geothermic function might be useful for Iceland. Not all the countries will have enough powers after the second oil crisis in future.

17 February, 2008



さて、小泉元総理が発表した自衛隊保全隊ですが、情報保全という聞きなれない日本名で判りにくいかもしれませんが、これはコインテルプロの実行部隊に他なりません。Counter Intelligenceといっても、国内外のスパイを対称にするわけではなく、実際は活動家や平和主義団体の監視と抑圧が主なものです。日本共産党の代表が昨年の6月に国会で保全隊が反戦主義者の活動を監視していることを取り上げていらっしゃいますが、このブログを呼んだ人、日本共産党の幹部の人にBrian Glickの「War at Home」を読むように伝えてください。防犯目的の名称で市民の武装・過剰防衛による殺傷が日本で認可されることは防ぐべきです。団体の重要人物の暗殺もFBI・CIAが開発したコインテルプロによる公安・保全隊によって現在行われている可能性があります。宗教団体ばかりではなく、軍隊もカルトになります。米軍がカルトだという記事も書かれています。



Eritorean ex-roommate forgot these docments in my room.

It comes "kontrolzeit" (investigation period) like information on it.

And it seems they were printed out at Kanton Polizei Aarau (state police in Aarau)

Do you think a normal refugee have such information from state police to stay in refugee heim

I post them here to let other victims of gang stalking to get some understanding of who is behind of the ilegal surveillance.

Ich verstande Deutch night, kein problem!

16 February, 2008

The things made me laugh about my perps.

  1. Chess Skit. Perps at the Caritas meeting tried to set up a chess bord for play after I got my new PC and set my icon with the default chess image. After the two Iraqi perps set up the board, they did not do anything with it. Then I figured out that they put pieces in random order!!! Someone made this plan must be so dumb. They should hire people who know the orders of the pieces and how to play chess!!! Yeah, this must be a good one if I filmed it.
  2. Game demo disk. The perp sat next to me on Sunday morning at the bas stop bench. There were only few people on the street. Most stores close on Sunday here. He showed me his magazine and told me he did not need the Game demo disk on the magazine. I suggested him to threw it away if he did not need it. There is a trashcan next to the bench! He moved to another bench as there was nobody waiting the bus in such time in weekend. Then he returned to me and offered me to have the disk again. To check out this funny skit, please check this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQoSnZBtBxs.
  3. Somalian Guy on surveillance with police officers. I have seen them together several times in both at the refugee residence and outside. He is really a coward even though wearing New York jacket and working together with other perps at my residents. One time, when I confronted with him not stalk me to train station, he did not show up for few days. Then later, he was working with Dyed Hair Guy to look OK. My guess is he lost confidence on what he was doing. Now, check out the films to know how he is back to my surveillance. He is drinking beer and talking to police officers at the train station in front of the Stadt Polizei office. Actually, Somalian Guy and other multi-language speaking perps prove that intelligence has nothing to do with language ability. What I learned from what US militaries checked me out was that intelligent person has quicker transmission of the data and more random and complexed data processing. I don't know it is true or not, but I bet you can see language ability won't make a person to be like Einstein. My guess of intelligence is based on how Holy Spirit works to the person. If we are born and created by the God, then he knows how to make us to be smart for his purpose. I am a believer of the Intelligent Design. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEnlRsrowLk
  4. Police calling claims by perps. Perps claim me talking “photos” (that's not true as I am shooting films for voice printing evidences as well as for visual evidences), and threatening me to call police. One time two young perps did, I asked them to bring a police officer from the Stadt Polizei office in front of the train station where we were. They saw me from far distance and asked me if my device is cellphone or not. As they knew my information, they started claiming me taking their photos and saying “delete.” Too bad, I felt they were too suspicious and had no idea why they could not call police for their childish claim while I was uploading “Pedophilia in Action!!!” movie on YouTube! If they are involved in the possible pedophilie-ring, then I think it would make sense afraid of photos or other devices to show where they are. I was collecting the visual information around me for 160 degree front. For more information about them, check this film out. You might know them with kids – if so, share the information with others to avoid the real child abuse by pedophilies. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyDDpB2USV8 or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAnWWonaQxI has this skit.

15 February, 2008

Have you seen this Philippine professor studied Political Science in University of Zuerich?

The below is the conversation with the person sat next to me who might know the pedophilia who I filmed on the video and posted in this blog. I doubt his identification and I would like to know if he is really connected with a possible pedophilie-ring.

14 February, 2008

Hngr and Chocholate Ads.

13 February, 2008

Pedophilia with a girl caught in video!!!

During the skits of the perps, I filmed a pedophilia man shaking his waist while he put a girl on his lap sitting next to me on the bench. We hear about pedophilia on the news but I had never seen one and what they do with kids until I saw a guy with a girl in McDonald's las year. Then, this man was kissing and hagging the girl pretty well clothed. Gang stalkers are probably planning to show off their action to get my attention to claim “me” as a pedophilia. Check out who is holding a young girl and what he is doing.



日本の被害者は言語の壁もあるので、世界的な集団ストーキングの被害者が議論・検討している情報を直に入手するのはやっぱり難しいと思うんです。海外で出版されている本では情報源を確かにする風潮があるので、筆者の体験・思想よりも機関や研究者が発表した情報を元にしていたりします。 David Lawson氏の新書を注文してるので、読み終わったら要約をホームページにアップ予定です。私は人類学専攻だったので、文化的な面からの考察を集団ストーキングについて語ってみたいと思います。

集団ストーキングの被害者が被害を訴えようとすると精神鑑定を受けるように周囲から促されます。家族や周囲の嘘で強制入院といった手段も取られる事があるようです。そういった精神病扱いをして思想家や革命家を隔離することに、国際連合が人権侵害だとして中国に警告を発したこともあります。(オフラインで書いているので、ソースはUN China human right mental violation 辺りで検索してください。) 過去の共産主義・独裁主義的な市民管理が日本でも行われているようです。人は理解できないことに理由を求めるものですし、その理由に名称をつければ単純な人はその名称を聞くだけで理解できたと勘違いしやすいものです。「XXXのせいだ」「XXXだから仕方ないか」などといった感じで理解できないことに対しての不安は解消されます。総合失調症の原因は掴めていません。心理学的なものは、個人的な差もあり、特定の事象がその病気や症状となって現れるとは言えないのです。




12 February, 2008

OSAM series now on the volume 30s.

I have been uploading my experience on TI life to Youtube since the end of last year. Actually, I started to upload single episodes to the site. Then I received comments that the viewers did not see the gang stalking activities and they kept telling me having psychological problem. IMAO, that is what Chinese “Communist Party” does to oppress the revolutionary people. I heard such information when I took Anthropology of Asia class. Eventually, the professor and the chairwoman Dr. English-Lueck used the same technique to send me to a mental hospital on my way to a classroom. We have been known the bribing problem of China and Korea around the world – such as World Cup 2002.. Now what? Where is Osama bin Ladin? Some say that he is in the Muslim community in the China just east of Pakistan-China boundary. I don't know why UN is not complaining about the discrimination on individuals claimed to be mentally ill around the world. This is happening even in Internet. Couple of years ago, someone complaining others without evidences are thought as a type of defamation. How about these days? Nobody seems to care about stating someone as crazy openly on Internet. Yeah, that would be true in Chinese culture under the counter-revolution movement. I'm not saying Chinese government is responsible for this phenomenon. I am talking about the possibility of terrorists took over the entire “military surveillance system” and applied Chinese way of thought control. If Chinese government is already taken by someone else, then we can see how this happened like what brought the corruption of USSR. Did Mr. Kissinger visit China in 1971? I think it was the similar period JP PM Tanaka Kakuei started contacting China.

Let's go back to the topic, OSAM series. OSAM series is based on “A day of TI” movies. And I put perps' skit in one-day basis and created films. Most of them shows what happened on the particular day, so counting the volumes, I collected almost one month information. Of cause, all volumes show good skits or best explanation of gang stalking and what they do. Some times, perps kept quiet and did not work actively. However, I think this is a good try as many TIs do not know how to correct data. I used the classic technique writing papers – main thesis (OSAM) and put main points (movies) to support the thesis. I have taken Visual Anthropology and learned how to use Adobe Premere. I miss Premere since it has more features, but Windows Movie Maker is fine as it was in my PC and has basic features enough for movie making. By the way, “borrowing” a software from someone working at the developer isn't a crime, right? Some people are hired to be “testers.” I did so when I met my friend's friend who was working at Adobe and borrowed the softwares while I was learning the softwares from “in 30days” books. Paying over $50 bucks for just textbooks was enough, you know. And too bad I did not send these books back to my home and left in my apartment in San Jose. I might need to check out some free film composing tools on the net for more impression, but I cannot spend too much time for making movies. I got too much things to do.

By the way, below is the guy offering me a game demo DVD at my Wifi Spot. He tried to give me the DVD by taking it off from the magazine. Well, if he offered me the CD in Dr. Dobus Journal, I might be interested checking the contents. Yeah, it would be good for learning German from game DVD, but I already have one (Elder Scrolls3: Oblivion) and I have no time to play to listen German pronunciation.

Looking back to find the eternity

Fragment of our life remains as eternal.
Our memory waits to be remembered.
Their activities are like the creatures of nocturnal
To open the door to the past to let them spread.

Madness appears when the one deceive one's memory.
It is the fear of understanding the reality.
Lowness of the people maks them to ignore
Their past and who they are, so they won't suffer.

To have a life more than what you got,
You must have more understanding of your past.
To have a life more than what you'll get,
Know the word, “Memento Mori” - you will be dead.

I am the one who saw the bottom point of the abyss
And experienced the great ascention.
I saw the one who sat on the throne of the paradise
Where I received my Lady's attention.

Let your memory float around you,
Then you will find the real God's view.

Looking back to find the eternity

Fragment of our life remains as eternal.
Our memory waits to be remembered.
Their activities are like the creatures of nocturnal
To open the door to the past to let them spread.

Madness appears when the one deceive one's memory.
It is the fear of understanding the reality.
Lowness of the people maks them to ignore
Their past and who they are, so they won't suffer.

To have a life more than what you got,
You must have more understanding of your past.
To have a life more than what you'll get,
Know the word, “Memento Mori” - you will be dead.

I am the one who saw the bottom point of the abyss
And experienced the great ascention.
I saw the one who sat on the throne of the paradise
Where I received my Lady's attention.

Let your memory float around you,
Then you will find the real God's view.

Real Sacrifice

God created us to suffer,
So that we feel the mercy of our Lord.
The one never missed a supper
Won't know the hunger exist in the world.

Sweetness of God\s Love
Comes from his mighty greatness.
The answer was in the Book of Job,
At the end God shares his thoughtfulness.

God is the one – who knew, who knows
And who will know everything.
He gave Seers – to see the past, to know foes
To gain eternal life in their sacrificing.

As our Lord mad us from clay and water,
He is capable of giving us the life forever.
I have only one God to respect to be my master,
He who is the father of our true Savior.

In the life of Jesus Christ,
I found the work of the Most High.

Only Holy Glory

I wanted to be one and only.
But you could not see what is holy.
For your ignorance I felt so sorry,
Yet because of you I found what is glory.

My love is toward the infinity.
As I have seen everything in the negativity,
My desire now is to see the end of the positivity.
Thus, I am exploring the depths of the reality.

I wished to meet the real Dr. Faust,
And I was fallen the world of Marcel Proust.
A true Dr. Jikil nad Mr. Hyde – half saint, half sadist.
I saw the foundation of humanity in the midst.

The path to follow the one with glory
is how we are and we will be holy.

My stance of creating gang stalking advocation videos.

I have been getting comments from both pros and cons about my documentary film based on my visual anthropology study. I understand that it would be controversial as I do not protect the identities of the gang stalking members who are working skits in my films. Since this is definitely a social problem in global level, I am sharing what I got for my evidences in my daily life. If DARPA is working on “Life Log” project of individuals (esp. intellectuals), then my films have similar stance. What I am doing is showing the view point from a TI and the strange behaviors and things going on around her.

Here are some negative comments I received.
1. The commenters of my film often claim “mental problem” and suggested to see a psychiatrist.
2. Should not show identity of the perps in the film.

From my point of view, I can see these people are trying to help other perps on my film. And I think I would like to state my points.

1. If they watch the film, “San Jose State University Assassination Plot,” they would know how gang stalkers (including Dr. English-Lueck, Sgt. John Laws) abused the psychiatry. The UN concerned about the similar human rights violation in China where revolutionally people are claimed as mentally ill. By receiving “mental problem” comments, I am glad to see how many Internet users are working on the same mistake that the United Nations would consider about. We have the European headquarter in this country, and I already sent a mail to Mr. Doudou Diène about the gang stalking problem around the world. As a social scientist, I am just sharing what I see and what are related to gang stalkers' strategies. That is why I put “documentary” on the tag for my Youtube videos. What I am doing is correcting data and sharing them in “open resource” to fight against covert operation by the governments. How often people comments “mentally ill” on the films explain about paranormal phenomenon? If we take a statistics of comparison between “gang stalking videos” and others such as “UFO conspiracy videos” and “ghost movies,” we might get a clue how high gang stalking films get more “mental ill” claims. If gang stalking is a city legend, then some people should really enjoy it rather than denying its existence. I do not mind if the viewers of my films do not believe gang stalking activity. What I am showing is what I got as a TI, and I am hoping that the viewer would learn something from my films as they are documentary films created by a social scientist. Advocating the social problem is my aim, and the advocation includes the evidence of people claiming me as “mentally ill” and denying the problem.

2.About the identity of the people in my film, I have the same stance as the director who shoot a film in an American sweatshop factory in Mexico. I cannot remember the name of the film now but it was about child labors and how Mexicans were crossing the US border to work in sweatshop. They had rotten foods for their lunch at the sweatshop and children had to knit clothes during their breaks at their school. The film included the meeting with the manager of the sweatshop and they filmed it without concerning it. In my case, I openly hold my digital camera. If people do not want to get filmed, they can simply quit contacting me in strange way or try to avoid skits and anchoring I define in the film!!! I don't hide my camera at all, and I film in my home and public area like streets. First of all, advocating the social problem and abuse of government facility is protected by the Whistle Blower Protection Act of Californian Law. The San Jose State University anthropologists (CIA) started the gang stalking – if you watch the film about Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen on 09/27/06, you can hear her speaking their investigation on me – and the SJSU violated the Act by using their government property and authority to shut the mouse of the whistle blower. What I am sharing in the later films are about the aftermath of it. I have seen people wearing American logo clothes and working on gang stalking. By the Way, Swiss Constitution updated on 1999 protects refugee rights (Title 2 Chapter 1 Article 25). Freedom of Media is guaranteed and we have “The freedom of the press, radio and televions, and of other forms of public telecasting of productions and information is guaranteed” (Title 2 Chapter 1 Article 17). What I am doing is not illegal as I believe what I am broadcasting is a illegal activities backed up by the law enforcement around the world. If the gang stalkers are terrorists as some victims claim, then I think sharing and advocating the social problem will be a way of crime prevention by gangs. I am an activist and working on what is good for the country – discrimination is prohibited (Title 2 Chapter 1 Art. 8), so I am working on my social science research and creating films which might be protected by Title 3 Chapter 2 Section 3 Article 71.

You know I love studying everything. Learning variety of areas makes my film making and other protesting slow down. Yeah, but this is what I do to keep my activity legal. Too bad the people claiming me of “terrorist” or “criminal” do not know the Swiss Constitution. The Swiss Constitution is cool. It is much simple and with new features than the US Constitution. Oh yeah, I hope G. W. Bush won't renew the US Constitution for their benefits. They took over the US Spreme Court by replacing the judge already, I hope the Republicans won't abuse too much about what the founders of the United States believed and hoped in their nation. I am patriotic for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, and I really do not care much about where I live. What was the writing in the Bible? Who do not have a home and on exile???

10 February, 2008

My Meal 2

The below is my meal up to the recent.

Polizei=Stasi, I agree with that idea.

I was searching Internet for information on Stasi Polizei and found a blog. Hlbhirn (http://www.blog.de/user/halbhirn/) posted “Polizei=Stasi” on Juni 3rd 2007.
He commented about violent PC games verborten and the privacy issue in these days.
IMAO, I do made research on violent computer games. If you had a chance to check FBI's hidden camera records on my room, you might know I had spent one whole week playing computer game on summer 2006. I wanted to check if violent computer game actually change the behavior of the player as I have read on my psychology textbook.

Yeah, It did. I had a completely weird feeling right after I finished my research. Well, I chose POSTAL2 as it is the game banned in many countries and must purchase it from the developer directly. One whole week I tried to stick to stay in Paradise, AZ kicking doors of residents and snatching cats on the street. When I got short break for meal or going to bathroom, I felt as if I am having a parallel living. When I go out to buy my food, I wanted to buy something familiar to what I was grabbing in the game – pizza, junk fast food, or donuts. It would be a similar effect like subliminal one as I have seen these meals for half a day in the screen. Anyway, consuming these foods in reality were pretty good as if it was the life I was having as normal. Food companies might get some idea of how to work on advertisement in computer games. Let the computer developers to use their foods with trademark in the games, it would get the approval of the players and they might wanna buy the foods while they are playing the game!!!

There was also a side effect. When I went out in the hallway, I felt as if their would be some fanatics start shooting against people as it was what I was seeing in the screen. I became somewhat sensitive to the silence and small noise. This part would be the good effect for the real solders as the US Army made their own PC games. This is something similar for the effect of any realtime 3D games. First time I experienced this tension in the real world after I quite PC game was when I played the demo game of the Dungeon Master. From my memory, the encountering with a mummy really heading toward my characters was so fascinating. After a while I felt somewhat I was alert opening doors in my own home. This might be just like the same psychological impact that kids cannot go to bathroom after they hear ghost stories.

In that state, if I had a gun like the Postal Dude, I definitely DID NOT do what my character was doing in the game!!! I know the game had a record showing panel at the end of the game telling me how much people I killed in the game – I got Jesus to Satan, almost all titles. Since killing people is a part of the game, I understand my tusk in the game. However, I knew my task in my real life. I think the people lucking their own identities are more likely to shoot people on street in real life. I am who I am, and the people following cults and gang stalking are more likely to fall on the state with identity problem, you know...

Seriously prohibiting violent PC games do anything with the terrorism. The governments are creating vulnerable people by taken their freedom and creativity. An artist knows where to set his output and how to express oneself. A poet knows how to express one's sense. But the people asked to do repetitive jobs will not have a chance to know the real creativity and how to be oneself. If a person cannot be alone, there is no way to be a philosopher – a student of knowing what means to be a human. The people in the mass cannot be oneself or even have a chance to know one's identity. For such people, the PC games would be dangerous as they try to find their identity on someone else. Hey, isn't it the problem stalkers have?? Some people blindlessly follow celebrities and get caught for stalking and other petit crimes against the celebs. These obsessed fans do not have their own value except finding their value in others who already achieve something. For such people, I want to suggest playing ULTIMA series for keeping their morals and not involve in crimes.

If governments are suggesting game developers to create high moral and ethically collect computer games, I would say that is a good attitude as we have too much bloody games on the shelves. That would balance out the need of the players.

09 February, 2008

My Meals

The below video shows my meals up to Xmas Eve of last year.

07 February, 2008



3.集団ストーカーを調べた本が出版されていますが、それらはまったく日本語に訳されていません。被害者がよく取り上げる本として、David Lawson著のTerrorist Stalking Americaがあります。現在、その本を改訂した形で同筆者がCause Stalkingを出版しています。Lawsonは探偵で、アメリカ・カナダでの集団ストーカーの実態を調査してきました。彼によれば、集団ストーカーの背後にあるのはテロリスト組織と愛国主義者が連携を取ったものらしいです。(本を読んだ人からの感想なので、購入した本を読み次第結果報告します)もう一冊は、Marshal Thomas著のMonarch: The New Phoenix Programで、これは米軍の実験やコインテルプロが現代に世界的な政策として使用されているとするものです。Phoenix Programはベトナム戦争時に、米軍がノルマを果たすために市民登録からランダムに選んだベトナム人を抑圧するといったものでした。確かに同様の政策が世界規模で起きているのなら、理由も無く被害者が発生するのが説明できます。

05 February, 2008

One of “America's Most Wanted” writing about Japan's future.





これは現在の就職難から農業従事者を優先する方針を国家として打ち立てることで解決できると思います。過去の減田や農業人口の高齢化や農業の低収入化などに伴い、日本で農業に従事する人たちが減っています。外国ではfactory farmingという企業型農業経営が行われていまして、農業の効率化を図るために機械化によって農作業を進めています。日本の地方都市の場合、山間部も多く企業型農業経営は適していないと思うので、そういった地方都市の開発と農業人口の確保として都会で難民になっている人たちに農業を勧めるのも良いかと思われます。地方の場合、過疎化の防止にもなります。また、農業は地元での生産になるので、利益は農作業者とその地域に還元されます。ネットカフェ難民などは日々の食料もままならない状況でしょうし、食生活の安定と言う面でも農業に従事するきっかけになると思われます。各地の公民館などにネット接続可能なコンピューターを設置することで、ネットカフェ難民の便宜を図ることも出来ますし。なにより、地方都市のほうが家賃も安くなるわけで、まして山間部ともなると国家や地方が負担する額はそれほど高くはなりません。



そのうち、my versionの「ユートピア」でも書こうかな・・・。





04 February, 2008

E-harassment detecting and defending devices

I think these stuffs are the interest of anyone who is suffering from the E-harassment. Can I share some of the stuffs I found from websites and other Japanese comments? Because of my hardship getting and trying these devices under my condition of living in exile in refugee heim, I do not have chance to check them out. But if someone is interested to try by themselves, I hope these information would help you.

1. Microwave detection
There is a device called “Strike Alert,” which detects lightning in nature. Because of the characteristic of lightning and electromagnetic spreading before the lightning, the device can be used to detect electromagnetic field around the device. It could be quite expensive, but it would be useful.

The another device is Cochlea(spelling not sure) electromagnetic wave detecting device. What you need is some pieces of aluminium foil, a battery (AA or AAA), a paper cup, and a light bulb with electric tube. The below is the picture of how it looks like. What happens is that when there is an electromagnetic noise or wave appear in the field, the bulb will lit. I found these information at Japanese victim blog (Tokeiso – the link to his site is on my blog). He says that these devices works pretty active in his home. This one should be relatively cheap to create.

My guess is that they can effect the same in other victims' homes as the perps has same devices anywhere in the world.

2. Microwave prevention
I still do not know what types of electromagnetic wave perps are using. But if they use microwave, I think the easiest way to prevent it is make a bigger version of microwave box. We know that when we use a microwave to heat some food, the machine won't leak the microwave. Well, I still do not check out the microwave parts, but this idea should help someone. This box should be small enough to know whats inside, otherwise it could become deadly when perps put microwave spreading device in it... You don't wanna be warmed up in your microwave preventing box.

3. Radioactive wave prevention
Zinc plate would prevent any kind of radioactive waves. It will shut of gamma, beta, alpha, and X-rays. I am wondering that if creating 1 meter length and width zinc plates cascate can create a e-harassment free room or not.

I've studied psysics up to 4A long time ago. I really need to brush up my knowledge. I haven't studied electronic waves, and this field is pretty tough for someone away from physics for more than 5 years.




911以前なら、そういった労働者に悲惨な状況のSweat shopなどは、活動家が抗議活動を行っていました。私がサンノゼで勉強していたときには、U-CANという、Anti Sweat Shopの団体で一時期働いていました。カリフォルニアでは、オークランドにSweat shopがあると聞いたことがあります。NIKEの東南アジアでの劣悪な仕事環境は有名ですし、GAPのメキシコでの子供の労働についてもビデオ化されています。メキシコの場合は、朝五時に起きて子供たちは数時間掛けて仕事場に向かわなければならず、それに一部のノルマとなった編み物などを学校の休み時間にこなしていました。日本は世界的にも有名な労働環境の整っているはずの先進国なのに、いつからsweat shop並みの労働を強いるようになったのでしょうね。アメリカでも最近一万人の就職希望者が店員350名の新規に開いたWalmartに殺到したニュースを読みました。アウト・ソーシングで他国での生産で企業がその国々に集中したために需要が上がりコストが掛かるようになって、その分就職が困難になった自国の労働者の弱みを突いた企業側からの圧力ではないのでしょうか。それに大企業が零細企業との関係で圧力を掛けるために、零細企業が存続を掛けて労働環境の質を落とすように迫られているのではないでしょうか。既存の企業に労働環境と就職環境の改善を要求するだけではなく、新たな就職先としての新規の企業や働き場所の確保も必要だと思います。アメリカでは、WalmartやMcDonald's、Starbucksなどの有名チェーン店が既存の店やレストランなどの顧客を取り、倒産に追い込むことはよく起こっています。そういった意味では、市や県が行う大企業の誘致をしても、別の場所から労働者を連れてくるのであれば、地元の就職可能人口に資金が流れないので市や県内の資金だけを見た場合、出費だけが残ります。




Someone with New Jersey Triathlon T-shirt at my refugee heim.

I've seen many perps with American logos on their cloths. I guess, I should collect the information on who they are and share it on the Internet to prevent further their COINTELPRO operations. If Americans has “America's most wanted list, “ I think I can make one for my own “alert list.”

The perps here are stupid. They don't even understand their circumstance and what they are doing. Since they are not really refugees, I can make some fun from my evidences. On Youtube, I still have seen comments to suggest me to visit doctors. Well, these people are also funny as they don't even try to understand what I am sharing. Everyday seeing police on street and have to take with someone at the refugee residence with American logo clothes like this guy. Is this a natural circumstance? I live in suburban area of Switzerland where majority folks speak German. In some places like Bakery, I have to talk in German to purchase breads as the clerks do not understand English at all. (Yeah, unlike what the SJSU LING101 students claimed on Fall 2006, I have problem in German pronunciation like umlauts and “S” and “Sch” thing.)
Yeah, just for fun, check out the nut below. How someone could get this kind of very rare T-shirt, huh? I should make a American logo collection films.

By the way, I was sick yesterday. Probably because of the water polution with some mold inside of the bottle. Now, I can claim that Dyed Hair Guy as some kind of possible assassin from the US. He sometimes wore “Detroit” trousers. He was talking about “one bottle one bottle one bottle” for name calling, and now I can claim the real damage from him!!! When I asked the Calitas free lawyer about the Eritorean guy with “Our Lady of Guadalupe” picture, she asked me if it is my picture. (I don't know if she meant about the copyright or the picture on his back, though) I figured out that she just want to forget the issue or do nothing with it. Hey, poisoning of my “bottle” is a real crime, you know? Hmmm, I better think about it also.

02 February, 2008

体験談のススメ for TIs









I finished typing up a short book about gang stalking for new TIs.

This is my first try to write something to educate people about the gang stalking issue. Because of the manipulation and propaganda spread by the stalkers (police informants), it is hard to tell what causes people to fall in the state of targeted individual.

The funny thing is, even the UFO believers are not suggested to pay visit to psychiatrist while someone claim him or her as a gang stalking victim are often suggested to visit the one. There, they are treated for better human experiment. It happened to me when I was heading to my classroom at San Jose State University. In MKULTRA project, mental patients have been targeted for mind control experiment. And for the human radiation experiment, prisoners and poor veterans have been tested in exchange of small money. My first writing does not include much information as I was not sure what to include. Then, I figured out that I need more to study so I can have better picture of what should be included for the second book – which is about where to find the facts about gang stalking and e-harassment devices. It took me quite a while to figure out the US patent and other information on what seem to be they are using on the TIs.

Anyway, the below is the link to download my small book. It's nothing more than sharing the information about the gang stalking and what a new victims should do. Some people like to educate oneself for preparation of disasters, and this book is something like that purpose.
http://www.mediafire.com/?6od9okzee4z (PDF)
http://www.mediafire.com/?8dizjvbksd1 (Palm Reader)

I'm working on homepage and a bit of my autobiography as a TI. Seriously, TI should work on exposing one's problem with gang stalkers. The perps are trying to shut the mouse of TIs, and when I did not stop talking about what happened at SJSU and other issues, they seem to get problem. They seem not to have a manual that if a TI does not lose hope for telling a truth. My truth is based on the teaching of Jesus Christ who helped the poor and the oppressed. I do not stand for the people exercising their powers to keep their privileges.

By the way, I think we should learn from the Holocaust victims. Personally, I studied some history and culture of Jewish people. It was based on my interest like how oppressed humans have been lived under the persecution. I also studied African American history for the same reason. If we can educate people how oppression create sad stories for others, I think we can stop the on-going crazy surveillance game by the people in the lower social structures. Nazis might have used Jewish persecution for the “circus” while they made “breads” from the property and money they took from their victims. Same exploitation of the African Americans have done often in the South. I don't know how much I can do for other victims. At least, I try to stand on the same position and help them in the way I can do. This is probably what Virgin Mary wanted me to do, so I take what seems to be the right path for my life. (In reality, I feel I am guilty and sinful as I don't work so hard as I could have done nor spend much time for other victims. But that is me and I guess what I'm doing is pretty OK for the eyes of Jesus.)

01 February, 2008



FBIが大学を守るために事実をでっち上げる工作をしているのだとすれば、私は抗議のために他のサンノゼ州立大学の日本人留学生が行っていたことを告白します。粗探しが好きなサンノゼ州立大学の集団ストーカー要員はたぶん私の交友関係をすべて調べ上げて、その上で彼らの有利な状況を作り出すように元友人たちに虚偽の告白を迫る可能性があるからです。実際、精神病院送りにされた後、なぜか私はサンノゼ州立大学のJudicial Affairs Officeに呼び出しをくらいました。警察の大学警官に自殺の恐れがある・他人に危害を加える恐れがあるとこじ付けられて、授業に向かう途中に精神病院送りにされました。もし大学警察・FBIが実際に犯罪捜査をする気があるのなら、ここに私の告白文を掲載します。調査されやすいようにすべて実名で挙げます。過去の犯罪から集団ストーカー要員になるように説得をされた可能性のある人たちです。集団ストーカーのせいで、これらの人物とは私は関係を絶っているし二度と関わる可能性も無いので公表するわけです。

Hanazawa Asami 千葉市出身でサンノゼ州立大学ではアドバタイズメント専攻でした。彼女は卒業までの2,3年ほどの間にStevens Creek Blvd.のHama sushiやSan Jose Japan TownのGonbeiなどで働いていました。ちなみにHama sushiでは、他のサンノゼ州立大学の日本人留学生が結構働いていたみたいです。彼女の知り合いは、Mountain ViewのRoppongiやEastridge shopping mallのTodaiで働いていました。Todaiで働くときには地域マネージャーの方が偽のグリーンカードの手配を手伝って、サンノゼのダウンタウンにある写真屋で書類を作るのを手伝ってもらったそうです。彼女はHama sushiで知り合ったバーテンダーと結婚しました。苗字が変わっていると思うので、そのまま公表してます。Gonbeiでは、彼女のBurlingameにある真如苑繋がりの5th Stに住んでいた日本人留学生が働いていて、その人はグリーンカードにその後当選しました。

Itsuko ビジネス専攻で、日本では結構名前の知れた柔道家だったみたいです。確か大阪出身だったと思います。彼女はPalo Altoの加工業の仕事場で働いていたらしいです。

Matsushita Yuko サンノゼ州立大学のESLプログラムを昔取っていて、その後サンディエゴの大学を卒業して、現在帰国して東京の実家で暮らしていらっしゃると思います。サンディエゴの日本食レストラン数箇所で働いていたらしいです。アメリカ留学後にフランスに留学しようとして、現地の集団ストーカーの妨害に遭遇した可能性のある人です。現在は、私も電話したときにほのめかしを受けたので、彼らの仲間になっていると思います。

Kazuhiko 熊本出身のサンノゼ州立大学の柔道部員で、彼の親戚が大学の体育の建物の名前になっています。サンノゼ州立大学の柔道部員はマリワナの喫煙で結構有名だったらしく、彼もよく吸っていました。

人類学とジャーナリズム専攻だった留学生 名前を思い出せませんが、彼女は集団ストーキングに参加していて、サンノゼの私のアパートで他の学生ストーカーと共に見かけました。派遣会社を通してサンフランシスコ空港で受付として働いているかもしれません。博多出身で、San Leandroにサンノゼ州立大学在学中からその後まで住んでいるみたいです。

香港人留学生数名 通り名を利用しているので、名前の公表は控えます。サンノゼ州立大学ではMIS専攻で、Stevens Creek Blvd.とSan Thomas Exp. Wayの角にあるMarine's Car Washで働いていました。

Accusare nemo se debet nisi coram Deo. I'm sharing above information with the exercise of California's Whistlebrower Protection Act.