12 February, 2008

OSAM series now on the volume 30s.

I have been uploading my experience on TI life to Youtube since the end of last year. Actually, I started to upload single episodes to the site. Then I received comments that the viewers did not see the gang stalking activities and they kept telling me having psychological problem. IMAO, that is what Chinese “Communist Party” does to oppress the revolutionary people. I heard such information when I took Anthropology of Asia class. Eventually, the professor and the chairwoman Dr. English-Lueck used the same technique to send me to a mental hospital on my way to a classroom. We have been known the bribing problem of China and Korea around the world – such as World Cup 2002.. Now what? Where is Osama bin Ladin? Some say that he is in the Muslim community in the China just east of Pakistan-China boundary. I don't know why UN is not complaining about the discrimination on individuals claimed to be mentally ill around the world. This is happening even in Internet. Couple of years ago, someone complaining others without evidences are thought as a type of defamation. How about these days? Nobody seems to care about stating someone as crazy openly on Internet. Yeah, that would be true in Chinese culture under the counter-revolution movement. I'm not saying Chinese government is responsible for this phenomenon. I am talking about the possibility of terrorists took over the entire “military surveillance system” and applied Chinese way of thought control. If Chinese government is already taken by someone else, then we can see how this happened like what brought the corruption of USSR. Did Mr. Kissinger visit China in 1971? I think it was the similar period JP PM Tanaka Kakuei started contacting China.

Let's go back to the topic, OSAM series. OSAM series is based on “A day of TI” movies. And I put perps' skit in one-day basis and created films. Most of them shows what happened on the particular day, so counting the volumes, I collected almost one month information. Of cause, all volumes show good skits or best explanation of gang stalking and what they do. Some times, perps kept quiet and did not work actively. However, I think this is a good try as many TIs do not know how to correct data. I used the classic technique writing papers – main thesis (OSAM) and put main points (movies) to support the thesis. I have taken Visual Anthropology and learned how to use Adobe Premere. I miss Premere since it has more features, but Windows Movie Maker is fine as it was in my PC and has basic features enough for movie making. By the way, “borrowing” a software from someone working at the developer isn't a crime, right? Some people are hired to be “testers.” I did so when I met my friend's friend who was working at Adobe and borrowed the softwares while I was learning the softwares from “in 30days” books. Paying over $50 bucks for just textbooks was enough, you know. And too bad I did not send these books back to my home and left in my apartment in San Jose. I might need to check out some free film composing tools on the net for more impression, but I cannot spend too much time for making movies. I got too much things to do.

By the way, below is the guy offering me a game demo DVD at my Wifi Spot. He tried to give me the DVD by taking it off from the magazine. Well, if he offered me the CD in Dr. Dobus Journal, I might be interested checking the contents. Yeah, it would be good for learning German from game DVD, but I already have one (Elder Scrolls3: Oblivion) and I have no time to play to listen German pronunciation.