20 February, 2008

Wisdom of how to take over an extremists organization without using COINTELPRO technique.

I have read some people discussing about how to eliminate a special new religious organization in a Japanese BBS. Just for fun, I decided to write few ways to do so from my knowledge. The best tactics I know is in COINTELPRO – Infiltration and take majority of the important sheets of the organization by the anti-members. If you are more interested in such war techniques, I recommend you to read Sun Tzu's Art of War. It tells what you need to know about war tactics. For conquering, the best book is the Prince by Machiavelli. If you know the tactics others use, then you will learn the countermeasure from it. The gang stalkers know how to turn a claim on them against the claimer. I have seen claiming going back and force on the argument. Did Komei Party framed their questionable use of government money and back fired to the claimers? Well, I guess that is why Federal Police needed a religious backup to support their psychological weakness. That is something Japanese did before WWII to believe in the Emperor and mixed Buddhism and Shintoism to bet “one mind” brainwash on people. Now what? Are they ready for the new war with “one religion”?? If so, go ahead. I am wise enough to chose to be an observer and let others take the countries get weak by spending too much money and resources on the wars. What happened at the end of WWII? The strong countries did not involved war actually took everything after others fought. Alliance was made by one “Judah” and neutral ones with the Mafia. What was French Connection was for? That's the reason why FBI did not have any measure on “organized crimes” during Hoover's regine. I like smart people and smart countries. Some countries are too dumb to make strict laws only to make better control of citizens and telling lies that they have everything they see on the constitution and protected by the laws. When someone questions the reality, the person might become a target of political deduction like me. Real wisdom has nothing to do with cheating. We are living in mure relaxed world with strange censorships on individuals. What I am doing is to share my knowledge and hoping they would be useful for someone. Jesus spoke in parables, so do I.

Ok, here is the version of what you can do to eliminate such groups.
1. If the group is huge, what you can do is to try to attempt a corruption from the bottom. Any structure cannot have stability if the foundation is not stable. Try to misdirect from the bottom people and make them act more obvious in the society so that people can notice them as “the organization member” rather than individuals.
2. Bring out a war or conflict with another organization.
3. Bribe the top people and expose it on purpose.
4. Mislead the organization to have a war against its own nation. The National Security will take care everything after wards. (Personally, I wanna see how the Homeland Security oppose to the FBI, or the NSA opposes to the DOD. But it won't happen as the gangs know other gang groups well to be friends to form a larger gang organization...)
5. Create a new organization with what the target organization has. Sell out ads and information about the new one. It's like Coca Cola vs Pepsi thing. (My favorite was Sam's Choice though.)