12 February, 2008

Looking back to find the eternity

Fragment of our life remains as eternal.
Our memory waits to be remembered.
Their activities are like the creatures of nocturnal
To open the door to the past to let them spread.

Madness appears when the one deceive one's memory.
It is the fear of understanding the reality.
Lowness of the people maks them to ignore
Their past and who they are, so they won't suffer.

To have a life more than what you got,
You must have more understanding of your past.
To have a life more than what you'll get,
Know the word, “Memento Mori” - you will be dead.

I am the one who saw the bottom point of the abyss
And experienced the great ascention.
I saw the one who sat on the throne of the paradise
Where I received my Lady's attention.

Let your memory float around you,
Then you will find the real God's view.