29 February, 2008

I visited Aarau Polizei few minutes ago.

I visited to the Aarau Polizei since the house manager did not show up in the refugee residence today. I directly headed the Aarau Polizei. The police officer at the window continued to ask me "What's the problem?" and he did not even care about seeing the picture of the woman throwing a chair at me. I wanted to share the videos I uploaded on this blog, but the officer did not wanted to see it at all. Then, he said he cannot file the case of someone hitting me at the refugee residence. The officer kept me saying I must talk to the chef first. I don't have a room key or have access to the laundry room. But the Aarau Polizei thinks I must stay in the place where the bed is still turned and no key for the security. And they think I must stay in the room since I have the "room" in Switzerland. I will stay in the room, but I don't know when the chef comes.
So, this is the reality of the life as a refugee in Switzerland. The officer also told me to visit Kanton Polizei in Buchs tonight since they open until 9pm. For tomorrow, Saturday, he said I should go to Kanton Aarau Polizei. Anyway, this is the reality what is going on. I hope my blog will help you to understand the change of the society thesedays. Police are not filing cases for helping the victim of gang stalkers even I have such a crucial evidences. I just want to file them as it sounds like a crime for police to negrect Article 25 of the Swiss Constitution. I am just exercising freedom of press to be a researcher/journalist - and creating documentary films for my own safety.

If you are planning to come to Switzerland to ask for asylum seeking, I can tell you what you need to know before do so!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow you are so funny, you just don’t understand that you can’t stick that camera in everyone’s face and expect them to be OK with it.

In fact there are laws against “filming without consent” and together with you start talking and accusing people of crimes and yelling at people it could be called “harassment” another crime

So you could possibly be committing two crimes when you film. You need to start acting intelligent.

Also in most African societies it is considered rude, an insult, and possibly evil to even take a photo of a person. When dealing with an African and certain religions you must always ask and receive permission before taking photo or video. So its no wonder you make the residents of the house hate you. You are so rude.

Miyoko, be careful and try to live in peace. Be happy you live in Switzerland and have a room. Clean up your room, if you can’t use the shower bring some water and a small towel to you’re your and clean yourself there. And don’t make trouble for a few days.
Don’t film in the kitchen or halls. Keep the camera on you and ready but only use it if you have to.

If you have to you can make a small door jam to lock the door at night or place a small piece of paper between door and wall to see if its still there when you go out. An old spy trick

You need to get way more smart and go undercover or your going to get sent back to the USA or Japan.

See if you can go for one week pretending to be a normal refugee so as to secure your room and refugee status. Start looking for a job like a normal person.

Like a lot of TI’s you have been traumatized to the point where you’re getting sloppy and confrontational. That’s what the perps want so learn to keep your cool. Pretend like nothing bothers you and keep your room and refugee status. Gather evidence like a spy not like a kooky nut and don’t yell at people. Don’t accuse innocents of being perps. After all you’re trying to help the innocent people!

I am worried about the Department Gesundheit und Soziales want exactly??? You have to be really nice to him

And whatever you do don’t make the Chef of the house mad at you or force him to do something he do not want to do or he will kick you out and back to the USA or Japan so fast your head will spin. Be cool Miyoko. Just go on with life.

I am worried about you because you are falling right into the trap the perps have made for you. If you want to win just pretend like nothing happened, start to be nice to people, and gather your data and continue your studies quietly and peacefully.

The perps want you going to police,and pissing off the chef and yelling and all this stuff so they can ship you back to America or a hospital. So take my advice and be cool.key words, undercover and peaceful. key idead keep room and refugee status cool.

Well good luck for now. I am sorry we couldn’t have got off to a better start as friends. I only wish I was there to help you in your fight against the perps. I hate perps but I know how to handle them while you are just learning. Be safe god bless

JaneBauer (Miyoko Goto) said...

So, if someone try to throw a chair at you, and do you think we have to ask the person holding a chair on top of ones head to ask a permission to take photo for the evidence?
Then we must take all the surveillance cameras from the street and shops for that damn concent.
I heard the same thing from ther workers in the El Camino Hospital.