25 February, 2008

Does she look like Korean???

Here, check the video and how this “Sli Lankan” looking woman stating herself as a Korean and said how Caritas gave her the key to the laundry room in the basement. This building is owned by the Social Aid. I pay my monthly rent and insurance to them while these perps are getting money. As this blog suppose to show my life as a refugee, I guess I should share something about my life than just talking about gang stalkers and gang stalking. I don't know how much readers I got for typing this, but I guess I should entertain the viewers of my blog as it got some popularity in the search portals. I've been working on sorting my data, and I have to spend much time on my studies. My life is simple; wake up, read books or articles, use Internet for research and communication with people, go shopping, cooking my meal for the day, pray rosary, reed more books, create OSAM movie, sleep. Too bad, there is not much to say about my life except for the perps' street theaters. Since they are acting weird free, I guess I should share their information to entertain others as I cannot act like that.