28 February, 2008

The day after the vandalism in my room at the refugee residence.

The chef (manager) was not in the refugee residence. And the other residents were quiet in the morning. When I tried to use the shower room at the residence, other residents involved at the refugee residence was there. I filmed the woman washing her clothes for the anchoring for my laundry – I have not do so these days. There was a laundry schedule for the residents before – an my tern was on Thursday to submit my clothes in front of the laundry room. The second time, I tried to do my laundry, my stuffs were gone. And Mr. Kunz, the manager, told me to se Tatiwana living in the second floor of Casa Torfeld II. She seemed to have a big family but she was not there at all. Anyway, I was trying to get some evidence of who would be the possible witness for in case something happens in the shower room, the woman claimed me for filming her and hit me. Yeah, she really did so as you can see on my film.

Later, I saw the paper on the wall next to the Putzplan, the cleaning list. It says:
Gotto Miyoko
transfert in
hospital for crazy
pepople (Japan)”
Liza” (or Lisa on the back of the paper)

As you can see, the writer's first language is GERMAN from the way he writes. “Transfert” is German, and if someone studied English first, the writer would just write, transfer. Also, my family name is Goto and not Gotto. By the way the writer spells, you can see the writer is not familiar with “go” or “to” which is in English vocabulary. When someone tries to write unfamiliar language, we know how they use similar words or spelling way from one's own vocabulary. In German, “go” is different – close word will be “gehen” or “ferien.” Moreover, the closest spelling word would be “Gott,” which means God in English by the way. If you watch my film, you can see there is another paper about “transfer” under the paper. So, you can see how the writer scribe the things without checking the official transfer paper.

I had no idea what I could do at my refugee residences with these dangerous people. I decided to share everything possible to the others. Since the police might be involved and lawyers, the ex-chef, and other people cannot help it, what I could do is to expose them as what I have is the evidence of community level discrimination – whenever I go some people from my residence followed me or stayed with me for whatever the reason, and working on psychological abuse at the residence since last May.

I opened a new account for my alternative blog – as the perps are hinting me of my passwords with their clothes these days. It's good to know who would be responsible as I can share the criminal informations to warn other people who might travel to Aarau in Switzerland. This is something what I can do as a person in exile and looking for a safe shelter in somewhere in the world.

Then I tried to use the photo machine inside of a shopping mall in the city. If you travel to Aarau, you will find it on the ground floor of the shopping mall. What happened was that when I tried to use my 20-franc bill for the payment, it just returned. I tried two available ones and the machine ate neither ones. Then a couple came and contacted with me. I was filming the video as it seemed quite strange. Later, the man said if I am a Japonese; not Japanerin. They should be capable of speaking Spanish. They just said that while I was speaking in English. Yes, I am a refugee from Japan after the SJSU students tried to save the anthropologists from the scandal and claimed me for hyper-sexual to save the face of Dr. Elizabeth Weiss and Dr. Robert Gonzalez. By the way, Japonese pronunciation would be used in Portuguese. But neither case, it is not in Italian – Giaponese or something similar spell is used in Italian.

Because I could not use the photo machine and it was the lunch time, I just headed to the Kanton Bibliothek where I saw several stalkers with some skits. I saw the same man I met on the street while I as using Internet outside of the post office using the PC there. And he lives in my refugee residence.

From the vandalism to the stalking and psychological harassment done by the people in Aarau and Buchs, do you think how much damage I have been receiving psychologically??? And this is LEGAL in here!!! If the victim of mobbing get depressed or upset, the abusers can claim the victim as “CRAZY”!!! No one is be punished this. Hitting someone is legal. Trying to throw a chair to the someone is regal. Stealing someone's food and blaming the one for stealing “their food which they did not have” is legal. Now the people in Aarau are working for this. Check out other posts I do here. Or other places. This is for my own security and I really need to send information around to keep myself visible and safe. If something happens like the people disappeared in the Nazis-Germany period, I hope you know who are responsible in my disappearance.

In the library, there are some stalkers. I have seen a man wearing a T-shirt with the part of my password for one of my internet account. Just like usual. This started in Germany when I was stalked by the Bundes-Wehr. At that point, I was upset and lost my MiyokoGoto.at.hotmail.com account. Probably, these perps are working more to make me upset. What I can do now is to keep tracking of the data of these people so that I can share the information for crime prevention.

I really wanna know who they are and why they are working for this kind of PSYOP. Because you can see the damages I am receiving and the people stalking me to either from the residence to the city or the city to the residence, you know what I am telling is the truth and theirs are the lies.

I'm gonna share some pictures and the videos for today. I hope this would help other travelers in Aarau or Switzerland to get victimized from them. I saw gang stalkers trying to sell fake brand wallets in the free market in Paris. I would like to share other useful information about European countries later as well as Japan and the United States.

Where I can use shower or bath is unknown. I hope I could have a place where I can use that. That is something uncomfortable even paying about 580 francs for the monthly rent and the health insurance.

If I can continue, then you will see how it looks like to live in Buchs, AG. If I cannot continue, then you better not to visit Aarau or nearby area. You might be kidnapped by the pedophilie-ring and human tracking criminals, so called “Gang Stalkers.”