29 February, 2008

While I was waiting the new chef in the refugee residence...

I went back to my refugee residence about 11pm and he was not there. I saw a resident with a glass of cola stood at the entrance. I waited there about 10 minutes and went back to my room for things to do.

Then about 2:50pm, I again visited the managers office and knocked the door. Nobody answered. Then some residents pass by and I talked with them if the chef came, they tried to avoid the answer. Then the man who wore Grain Hill Louisiana sweatshirt came and knocked the door to the manager's office. Then he started to claim me not taking pictures of him. I said that he just came and stood in front of my camera while I was filming the door. He tried to continue the argument, then the German speaking man came and talked with him in German. If you know Swiss German, you might understand their communication. They should be really good at Swiss German. Then after some more argument, they left. Because I want to make sure everything is OK until I can contact with Aarau Polizei, I will put this film as the evidence. It is nice that I have several residents' voice of not telling me about the chef. I waited from 11am to about 5pm, so it would be nice to keep this evidence available if the dangerous residents claim me ran away from the room and make me to be the target of detention by their lies.

You know, if they did not do anything wrong, then they have no reason to hit me when someone saw me with a camera or start showing my camera. By the way, check out how this Grain Hill, Louisiana sweatshirt man is showing his cell phone. You can see my statement about every one in the refugee residence has a cell phone is right. None of them called police when my room was vandalized. Kantonpolizei did not even touch anything. If I can file the vandalism case, I might drop this film as I do not have problem to prove I was at the refugee residence on February 29th, 2008. If you watched my videos posted on YouTube and here, you can see non-residents stay sometimes and start working on gaslighting. If all the residents are involved on the vandalism in my room, then it would make sense why they want to hide others' mistakes. If the police officers are involved in this case as the residents work for the informants, then it would make sense that why people I contacted – AG Kanton police and the employees of the Department Gesundheit und Soziales – told me to talk to the chef first. I will check out the Aarau police station after I post this. If I cannot write anything in future, you know who are guilty for that. I guess I handled pretty much.