19 February, 2008

Connection – that's what we need to fight back against the government pshycos!

I found Peter Mooring's comment on the guestbook for my homepage. I haven't seen his site and, hey, pretty cool information about gang stalking was there! At least, I learned how to say gang stalking in Dutch; “Groepstalking.” Now we know how to google the word in Dutch to check out how many Dutch TI websites exists in the world.
Here is the link to his page,

I joined to AdSense so that I can earn money from what I write in this blog. It would probably motivate me to write more information in order to get more people to check my pages out.
Well, it's pretty hard to keep everything – study German, Russian, (a bit of Latin for my next ebook), some Physics for e-harassment prevention, and reading bunch of books I received from Amason.com. If I don't have anything to say, that's probably I am to busy to gain knowledge from textbooks and regular books.

Perps trying to disturb me, but funny thing is that my position studying new stuffs makes me to feel like they are high school mobs with grey hair. Some adults don't have moral or even care about their mobbing is filmed and posted on YouTube. I got some comments that I should not expose their figures in the films. But how can I share the information about what gang stalkers do and how they are connected with local law enforcement without showing the figures of who talk with whom in both at the refugee residence and outside? As I said, my film is based on my Visual Anthropology study and ANTHROPOLOGISTS DO NOT HAVE ANY OFFICIAL ETHICS CODE!!! Who cares about the agents who can get another identity from the government? My aim is to spread the information of gang stalking problem to the public as an activist, and to share information to help the gang stalking victims and future victims.

I set the comment setting to anyone can respond. Let's see if I get something. I don't know if I have time to reply due to the extreme schedule for these days... But this is something that I can offer for the readers of this blog as their visiting will make me to get a nice paycheck from AdSense.