18 February, 2008

How to create devices that can cause similar effects like e-harassment devices.

To understand the how the e-harassment device are working, we must know how we can create these devices. If we do not know how they are built, there is no way to create preventing devices. Some victims say that the e-harassment devices use microwave, miliwave, ULF and other frequencies. Since everyone who are in Engineering field know the possibility of electromagnetics since 1990s, it is pretty clear that we must start to work on the research from the assumption of electromagnetics as the core technology of the e-harassment devices.
Electromagnetic radiation is very common in any electronic goods available. While I am typing this on my PC, my PC gives me some radiations. And that is the reason why some people warn the danger of cellphones as people use it close the their heads and the signals they receive from the satellites.

We know that it is hard to create such devices, however, what we can do is to create them in theoretical level. How to get information? If you are dummies for physics, I recommend you to read some physics textbooks from the basics. You must know at least introduction level calculus to understand the basic formulas of physics though. Then, check out the books about electromagnetics. If you get some sense of what they are about, then try to understand the formulas related with electromagnetics. Check out some patent information on the web for some guesses how you can create what you are imaging. Well, this is the pointe where I am now... If you know how to work with theories and formulas, you can create almost anything they provide you. Everything is possible in theoretical level, because it can be done in your brain. Unfortunately, empirical level is not such easy as the universe won't let you to keep your theory intacted from other matters.

For the microwave e-harassment device, we know the three famous use for microwave. 1. Communication 2. Heating 3. Generating Energy.
Also, for the heating, I think induction heating is used for e-harassment device which require implanting. These days induction heating can be used for any type of metals. (not sure how it work on zink though) So, it can explain why “Tinfoil hat” is no longer an effective tool to block the e-harassment. There maybe correlation between the “Tinfoil hat” effectiveness and the invention of new way to heat non-magnetic metals.

I bet Russians already has microwave plants for creating energy. If you watched the above picture, you can see how Maxis in the East Bay predicted the microwave energy plants around 2030s. Russians has mirrors (20m x 20m to something more bigger ones?) in the space and they can reflect the sunlight on the Earth. According to the description of Microwave power plant of SimCity2000, you can see that solar power is required for the generating microwave energy. Now we know what is on space among satellites. If you were kids love playing SimCity 2000, you already knew the possible futures from the game. Yeah, I bought it at Fry's Electronics around 2000 and played it for a while to get sociological understanding of the famous game. Some people just play games, while others (mostly developers) play them to learn. I remembered this and the result is the above picture. Don't blame on me as a “cheater,” as I just wanted to get quick review of the game. My proverb I gave to NSA while I was in the US was “Cheating is the best strategy for winning a game.” No one can make better strategy than just use cheat codes, right? I am a practical and skeptical person.

The good joke for today is.. more advanced the time and society, more disasters the city gets in SimCity 2000. Isn't it familiar to these days? We got so many disasters around the world. Too bad, HAARP is not described and we cannot build in the game!!!
By the way, if some one knows how to create microwave energy from geothermic function might be useful for Iceland. Not all the countries will have enough powers after the second oil crisis in future.