28 February, 2008

Vandalism in my room part 1

Check out the same perps trying to claim me as "crazy" and vandalizing my room!!! Isn't it enought to say they are working for expeling me from Switzerland? They are Kanton police informants. The residents could not call police because they did this damage in my room together. Typical mobbing in high-school level, isn't it? But it is actually going on in Swiss refugee residence.


Anonymous said...

miyoko you have really made those people mad at you! no not all the people you claim are perps are guilty. they dont want to be called perps all the time and have you record them.

some are just inoccent victims like yourself and now you made them mad at you.

leave the people in the house alone and just film perps in the city for awhile. if you keep getting in their faces you will be put in hospital or kicked out of the house. and you need a place to live

most of them dont understand english so all they see is a person yelling at them and they cant understand why. nobody likes to be filmed without permission so you have insulted them.

be smart be like a secrect agent and lay low and dont cause trouble or you will be unable to continue your important work. good luck be safe my friend


JaneBauer (Miyoko Goto) said...

Well... why do you want to comment on my blog after I banned you at the YouTube after you writing me comments suggesting me to visit hospital like the people in the residence??? Do you really have an obsession to me or my activities??
Or do you have some reason like people working PSYOP in my movies??

Yeah, I made them mad as I wanted to see how much they can do. If perps are working to make the TI mad to involve in violence or something, I did exactly the same back to them! Guess what? I got police officer to come and check the damage in my room and I got proofs that none of the residents helped me to call the police while they were shouting me as crazy.
Everything is filmed, and this is an evidence of mobbing - a psychological abuse and a crime. These movies can prove who are really acting out of control.
Before I lose my place, I will spread everything so that everyone will know what the community of Aarau looks like. We have Euro Cup in few months, and I am hoping my plan will go with it.

Anonymous said...

This is the truth my friend, I am NOT a perp. I would never hurt you or bother you. I try and help all people. I got the quote about schizophrenia from this web site http://www.schizophrenia.com/diag.php.

Ok so please don’t call me a perp or think I would hurt you. That is not true and makes me feel bad so will you please apologize for saying this to me?

Here is my story: my girlfriend had all the same type of delusions you are having. She thought about CIA, FBI. She thought people were following her and stalking her. She could not maintain a real job nor have good relations with family and friends. She talked about conspiracies, she heard people talking and thought they were talking abut her when they were not.

After a short stay at the hospital she began taking the medicine Abilify


After a very short time she was back to normal

She now has a great job teaching kids
She has been reunited with her parents
We have a nice loving relationship and want to have a child
She has kind and cool friends she spends time with
She talks to her family
She does pottery and plays guitar
She is at peace

I know these are all things you would want

Ask yourself why you can’t do anything like this. It’s not because of perps or stalking. It is because you have a basic mental illness that you refuse to treat.

Your families are fine and worried about you; you hide in a world where no one even knows what you’re talking about. In one of your videos a guy tries to talk to you because he liked you and you think he is a perp and scare him away. So you can’t even make a simple friend because of your illness.

This is the web site for a clinic near you that can help you; please just give it a try


There are several nice doctors and tell them about the drug Abilify because it worked wonders for my friend who had the same symptoms as you have. Good luck my family is praying for you and hope you get well soon so you can start living a wonderful life that I know you can have if you just get some help. I will make a private video to you so you can see I am just a guy who wants to help you get well.

Good luck, bye for now

I am not a perp I am a nice guy.