16 February, 2008

The things made me laugh about my perps.

  1. Chess Skit. Perps at the Caritas meeting tried to set up a chess bord for play after I got my new PC and set my icon with the default chess image. After the two Iraqi perps set up the board, they did not do anything with it. Then I figured out that they put pieces in random order!!! Someone made this plan must be so dumb. They should hire people who know the orders of the pieces and how to play chess!!! Yeah, this must be a good one if I filmed it.
  2. Game demo disk. The perp sat next to me on Sunday morning at the bas stop bench. There were only few people on the street. Most stores close on Sunday here. He showed me his magazine and told me he did not need the Game demo disk on the magazine. I suggested him to threw it away if he did not need it. There is a trashcan next to the bench! He moved to another bench as there was nobody waiting the bus in such time in weekend. Then he returned to me and offered me to have the disk again. To check out this funny skit, please check this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQoSnZBtBxs.
  3. Somalian Guy on surveillance with police officers. I have seen them together several times in both at the refugee residence and outside. He is really a coward even though wearing New York jacket and working together with other perps at my residents. One time, when I confronted with him not stalk me to train station, he did not show up for few days. Then later, he was working with Dyed Hair Guy to look OK. My guess is he lost confidence on what he was doing. Now, check out the films to know how he is back to my surveillance. He is drinking beer and talking to police officers at the train station in front of the Stadt Polizei office. Actually, Somalian Guy and other multi-language speaking perps prove that intelligence has nothing to do with language ability. What I learned from what US militaries checked me out was that intelligent person has quicker transmission of the data and more random and complexed data processing. I don't know it is true or not, but I bet you can see language ability won't make a person to be like Einstein. My guess of intelligence is based on how Holy Spirit works to the person. If we are born and created by the God, then he knows how to make us to be smart for his purpose. I am a believer of the Intelligent Design. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEnlRsrowLk
  4. Police calling claims by perps. Perps claim me talking “photos” (that's not true as I am shooting films for voice printing evidences as well as for visual evidences), and threatening me to call police. One time two young perps did, I asked them to bring a police officer from the Stadt Polizei office in front of the train station where we were. They saw me from far distance and asked me if my device is cellphone or not. As they knew my information, they started claiming me taking their photos and saying “delete.” Too bad, I felt they were too suspicious and had no idea why they could not call police for their childish claim while I was uploading “Pedophilia in Action!!!” movie on YouTube! If they are involved in the possible pedophilie-ring, then I think it would make sense afraid of photos or other devices to show where they are. I was collecting the visual information around me for 160 degree front. For more information about them, check this film out. You might know them with kids – if so, share the information with others to avoid the real child abuse by pedophilies. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyDDpB2USV8 or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAnWWonaQxI has this skit.