04 February, 2008

E-harassment detecting and defending devices

I think these stuffs are the interest of anyone who is suffering from the E-harassment. Can I share some of the stuffs I found from websites and other Japanese comments? Because of my hardship getting and trying these devices under my condition of living in exile in refugee heim, I do not have chance to check them out. But if someone is interested to try by themselves, I hope these information would help you.

1. Microwave detection
There is a device called “Strike Alert,” which detects lightning in nature. Because of the characteristic of lightning and electromagnetic spreading before the lightning, the device can be used to detect electromagnetic field around the device. It could be quite expensive, but it would be useful.

The another device is Cochlea(spelling not sure) electromagnetic wave detecting device. What you need is some pieces of aluminium foil, a battery (AA or AAA), a paper cup, and a light bulb with electric tube. The below is the picture of how it looks like. What happens is that when there is an electromagnetic noise or wave appear in the field, the bulb will lit. I found these information at Japanese victim blog (Tokeiso – the link to his site is on my blog). He says that these devices works pretty active in his home. This one should be relatively cheap to create.

My guess is that they can effect the same in other victims' homes as the perps has same devices anywhere in the world.

2. Microwave prevention
I still do not know what types of electromagnetic wave perps are using. But if they use microwave, I think the easiest way to prevent it is make a bigger version of microwave box. We know that when we use a microwave to heat some food, the machine won't leak the microwave. Well, I still do not check out the microwave parts, but this idea should help someone. This box should be small enough to know whats inside, otherwise it could become deadly when perps put microwave spreading device in it... You don't wanna be warmed up in your microwave preventing box.

3. Radioactive wave prevention
Zinc plate would prevent any kind of radioactive waves. It will shut of gamma, beta, alpha, and X-rays. I am wondering that if creating 1 meter length and width zinc plates cascate can create a e-harassment free room or not.

I've studied psysics up to 4A long time ago. I really need to brush up my knowledge. I haven't studied electronic waves, and this field is pretty tough for someone away from physics for more than 5 years.