29 February, 2008

Say, who is really being refugees these days?

The below video is just my copy of evidence. These people use names like "Sarah" for anchoring. That's what I have seen with a Tibettan woman with a name BOLD Chimzee in last May. I don't know if they are really residents receiving money on every Wednesday they used to do. Sometimes, the chef did not show up after I started to pay my rent and they did not have to do the skit about money giving. (Well, we used to get 10CHF per day, and about 24CHF at the refugee center in Chiasso) What they do not like is to be open, I guess. Some refugees have own keys and capable fo moving out or moving in. If they are undercover officers/informants like I have seen in the US, then it will make sense that police is making this order for whatever the reason.
I know who did what because of my recording films. I think it is OK to share some more information a they can have the advantage from the informants protection sytem. If they are looking for cash award for deportation on me, then I wanna prevent it by sharing how they tell lies about me to prove my true identity.