28 February, 2008

“Ausland” - that is the message from Swiss people.

I have seen people here in the Swiss refuge residence talking about “Outside” and cleaning. Yesterday, I visited several law firms. When I came home, I found my room was vandalized. When I asked who messed my room to several residents, they tried to ignore. When I asked the Italian Mafia claiming woman, she tried to throw a chair to me. Then she showed me the gesture of “be quiet.” I don't know what they mean to me to be quiet – about the real “Family Jewel”– the CIA's top secret operation for several generations abroad, or the SJSU issues with CIA involved professors, or about the Kanton Police covert operation they are working on.
Anyway, the cleaning anchoring and outside claiming remind me of the Nazis period. Ethnic genocide is now internationally acknowledged as terrible and people should not happen again like in Rwanda. But how about the individuals? That is the problem. If the society believes one individual is not important in the society, can they kill the person by ignorance? That was going on around the world before the French Revolution; the rulers thought their citizens are for themselves. That was the core of the British royal family to ban the British to commit suicide because people were the property of the kings and the queens. Now our governments has the same position to decide what is good for their citizens. Well, I'm a bit busy for today to file the case to the Aarau Stadt Polizei and keep contacting with lawyers, so I cannot to continue writing this now. Check the videos I posted today for why my life is busy today.