28 February, 2008

Got room in the hotel where I was using the Wifi Internet.

I'm typing this on my computer lying on the bed. It's cool to have Internet connection while I lay down. Well, it has been a while that I have chance to think and type without thinking about the battery while using my laptop online. There is a man who is responsible came to my room about after 5:30pm, and made sure if I was ok and to be left. I showed him the pictures of how the other residents were acting. Probably, he might think me taking picture "was" the problem. He said that there would be a new chef (manager) will come tomorrow.
No key for tonight, and cannot use the shower. So, I got a room in Hotel Aarauhof which I have been using Internet since late Fall last year. One night is 150.30CHF - quite expensive to stay for a week or something like that. But for few days, it would be better to settle down somewhere and get my plan for the future.

What I wanted to show to the chef or anyone is the residents' false claims against me. Without taking films, it would be hard to explain or prove what they are doing. Stealing my food and claiming me stealing their food??? That is something I do not hear from a normal person or people with logical ideas. Anyway, if you watch my OSAM series on YouTube, you can see how OSAM series started. They have been using Christian religious figures for making fun of me - expecially the Eritorean groups. So, I wanted to film what they are doing in order to show and share the evidence of the psychological abuse.
I might upload more later... If I have time, I would work on Internet research as I got unlimited Interent use till I check out. I wanna make some OSAM and GSA series, but I can do it anytime offline.


Anonymous said...

miyoko you messed up big by getting kicked out of the refugee center. if you run away from there you will forfeit your current status as a refugee.and then can be deported by police. go back and stay undercover. you got too involed with perps when we all know you need to work undercover somtimes.

you cant spend money on hotels and you have nowhere else to go.

just go back to the refugee home and stop harassing people with your camera in the kitchen and hallways.

many of the people you call perps are innocent and it hurts to be called a perp when you are just being friendly.

you got a little carried away and made innocent stupid people mad at you.

but they will forgive you and move on. so if you want to go back in a day or so and live in peace and start trying to help the innocent ones there.

you can live cheaply there have access to library, wifi and kitchen. you can even use the shower if you just dont film people. they will be glad to have you if stop putting a camera in their face and calling innocent people perps.dont lose your refugee staus by running away dumby.

I know this is true because you called me a perp and blocked me. when i am just a nice guy who wanted to help you because my girlfriend had the same problems as you and we fixed the problem so she could lead a normal happy life.with friends ,school,a job, and a happy home.you can do the same thing if you get help. no one can go through life alone never trusting any one and calling all people perps.even innocent people

unblock my dabigmouth account on youtube so i can help you end the stalking.I did it for one person ,I can help you get your life back on track without perps in it. good luck, god bless you

JB said...

The police might deport me if I do not file the incident at the refugee center. Today, I talked with the person at the Department of Socialhelp, then I talked with the the person responsible in Casa Torfeld II.

I got bar assosiation address in Aarau, so I will contact them to get a lawyer for my case.

Everything is under control. No pain, no gain. My stuffs might be messed up in my room, yet I got good excuse to get longer time for internet research today as the result of what the residents have done! Also, I have problem using shower room and this is something I need to talk with the chef. A possible transfer to another place? Or other way around?

Don't worry, I am studying Russian for the worst senario. And I know a bit of Spanish from long staying in CA! I made a new blog to post the possible pedophilie-ring about the perps involved in a travel site to warn the travelers. I'm ready for the EURO CUP.