31 July, 2008

El Camino Hospital - Abuse of Psychiatry in Silicon Valley 2

I created this video in order to explain my staying in El Camino Hospital pychiatric wards for about one week. They did not give me contact solution and I had to use tap water to keep and clean my contact lenses. I kept them in the water cups I found near the water bottle.
On the first day, the nurses asked me to fill out one page survey asking about suicidal thoughts. From the beginning when Sgt. John Laws and another police officer claimed me "suicidal and dangerous to others" at the anthropology department, NO BODY really listened to me saying I never thought of commiting suicide!!! Then, after the faculties could not find anything to claim me suicidal, they seemed to change their claim of me as paranoid. I am not sure what made Dr. Peter Newsom to diagnose me "gravely disabled" three days after I was kept in the hospital. Well, it was the time I was playing the Sudoku magazine and reading the Readers' Digest book I found in the lobby. From the common sense, Dr. Peter Newsom sounds like insane! If he is really having knowledge in psychiatry or even psychology, he should have consider to see my recording of the people claiming me a German spy in Dr. Kelly Glover's LING-101 class, or at least listen to the recording of how Dr. English-Lueck and Sgt. John Laws claimed me as suicidal. El Camino Hospital diagnoses patient using a survey, and when they failed to get the right answers circled, they then claim the patient a "paranoia." El Camino Hospital faculties are much closer to madness if they do not even consider what Geneva Code is for to the medical workers. When I got to Switzerland, I on the street in Geneva and headed to the immigration office to ask an aylum protection from these international "terrorists" sending people into jail or mental hospitals to save someone's ass. Let's see how I can protest against El Camino Hospital's violation of Geneva Code. What I can do is to share my story just like other MKULTRA victims. Many are turned down because of the prejudice the authorities put against them.
How about Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Psychiatric Services? They knew my transportation was a mistake. The psychiatrist I met talked about the marriage of Dr. Robert Gonzalez and Dr. Elizabeth Weiss.

Then, the SJSU nursing major interns in El Camino Hospital were gossiping how Dr. Robert Gonzalez and Dr. Elizabeth Weiss raped me while I was under the influence of sleeping pills. I want to know the truth. It seems the bleeding happened after I signed the form of "volunteerly patient form" as Dr. Peter Newsom persuaded me as an exchange of release on next Monday. I am not sure how many patients in El Camino Hospitals are used for human experiments. I sent a letter requesting the records from both Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and El Camino Hospital last year. I received an email reply from Santa Clara Valley Meidical Center that they would check the records, but no more answer from them. And El Camino Hospital did not answer at all. I sent a letter to them with insurance and I still keep the receipt. Now what? I wanna know what they have done to my body.

Too bad for the psychiatrists, I started to claim while they are still alive. No more MKULTRA.
There was Mary Rodorigez, the cultural anthropologist expert in Chinese culture was in El Camino Hospital. I have seen her male Chinese relative and another person who speak Spanish. Dr. English-Lueck was the one who set up my transportation to mental hospital. What were the roles of Dr. Robert Gonzalez and Dr. Elizabeth Weiss? I wanna know what really happened and why anthropologists has been violating humanitalian laws. This thing should be much worse then Yanomami scandal. Raping should have serve as a factor of suicide, and I can understand that would be good for the revenge purpose, also.

Chemtrails in der Schweiz 2. (Juli 26. 2008 19.00)

Das ist ein Video über Chemtrail über meinem Haus in der Westseite von Aargau.
This video is about Chemtrails above my home westside of Aargau. Compare the airplane way above the Chemtrails.

29 July, 2008

Who is Caroline Cribari???

While I was checking the old document from Blue Cross that El Camino Hospital stay was coverd by them, I found that information was also refered to Caroline Cribari. I think I did not see her in El Camino Hospital. I met Dr. Rau, Dr. Peter Newsom, Dr. Robert Burr. But I have no idea who she is. When I google her name, she seemed to be the owner of this website.

She seems ofering "Improve Your Mental Health with Behavioral Therapy" and her office locates behind of El Camino Hospital. Let's see, she would be the member of gang stalking group and working for the US agency like the psychiatrist worked in MKULTRA. Otherwise, I have no idea why my insurance information was sent to her at all. The Blue Cross did not pay for the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center staying and it seems someone just covered up that one night stay there!!! All right, I found another psychiatrist who is responsible for the kidnapping of me in the USA!!!! How could my information goes to her if she is not working for El Camino Hospital brain washing and raping team??? I hope her patients are not mind controled to become new perps. If anyone wants to know what happened, contact her or the Blue Cross. The reference number is on the copy. By the way, the original is now in very secured place - the immigration office in Bern. So, I think I feel free to share this and no need of worrying to lose my copy.
I used the contact form on the above website and sent the below comment. If she does not reply, I can add her information on the El Camino Hospital video I am creating.
While I was checking my insurance report, I found out your name as "provider." I have met Dr. Newsom, Dr. Burr, Dr. Kent, but none of the psychiatrist I met was woman.I would like to know why your name on the report from the Blue Cross. I sent a mail to El Camino Hospital asking to release my medical record, but they did not reply anything.
By the way, Dr. Peter Newsom diagnosed me as "gravely disabled" while I was playing Sudoku and reading some chapters from the Readers Digest in the lobby of psychiatric unit. I just want to know if they are doing anything right or just made up everything to cover MKULTRA like ilegal human experiment on kidnapped patients.

28 July, 2008

What if airplanes are the primal destroyers of ozone in stratosphere?

While I was making a new film about my chemtrail observation, I was suddenly inspired by the fact that airplanes are using stratosphere for traveling. Stratosphere is the shere where ozone exists. We know CO2 is bad for ozone. Just imagine how airplanes flying around of the world. They are spreading CO2 in the sphere where ozone is. If Al Qaeda is an pro-environment protesting group, the WTC attack could have a different impact on our world.

Während ich einen neuen Film über meine chemtrail Beobachtung machte, wurde ich durch die Tatsache plötzlich begeistert, dass Flugzeuge Stratosphäre für das Reisen verwenden. Stratosphäre ist der shere, wo Ozon besteht. Wir wissen, dass das Kohlendioxyd für den Ozon schlecht ist. Stellen Sie sich gerade wie Flugzeuge vor, die ringsherum von der Welt fliegen. Sie breiten dem Kohlendioxyd im Bereich aus, wo Ozon ist. Wenn Al Qaeda eine protestierende Pro-Umgebungsgruppe ist, konnte der World Trade Center Angriff einen verschiedenen Einfluss auf unsere Welt haben.

Swiss National Day is comming!

Almost every night, I hear the sound of fireworks and see the actual ones in far away on the sky. It is quite fun to see how Swiss people do not complain about the noise around 10PM while they have a law to prohibit making noise or work on Sunday. Anyway, here is the fireworks video I saw from my kitchen window. Isn't it nice to see something peaceful in my blog than the perps?

I added the picture of a pair of the Swiss cake I bought at Migros. I hope I can share the taste of the cake than just a picture.

27 July, 2008

Online campus is pretty much fun.

It is about 2 weeks since my summer session started. I had almost 2 year blank from academic setting, but going back to school gave me an opportunity to focus on professional and reliable writing lesson. I am not sure how the perps doing at online campus setting, but they might have hard time to do any harassment there because everything must be monitored and logged by the university. Also, virtually no one can harass another without leaving a visible record of abuse.

Good thing is that online campus system has no way to send their students to jail or mental hospital by the university police. I am not sure how many American universities using the similar trick like what SJSU doing, but this indirect communication with others seems safer than attending the classroom physically. When I was studying at DeAnza College, they had a bomb threat by Al Deguzmann. For the online school setting, there is no need to worry about Columbine type masacare would happen. The worst senario would be someone hacking the school server or bombing the building where the server and other material is located. But such dangers would be easily monitored and prevented by less security officers. If it is a real campus situation, we never know who is actually setting up the bombs or letting the masacre happen by having loose security for that particular day. I am not talking about the possible government experiment and propaganda technique here. I am talking about the insider work by the economic hitmen.
Oxford University is probiding some interesting part time classes. And there are other online campus offers available. I am not sure what happened to American universities having problem cutting the budgets under Mr. Bush's "No one left behind" educational opportunity policy. It seems there are bunch of universities having problem for receiving enough budget these days.
The below is the lists I could find on the net. The amount of budget cut seems pretty serious.

Some people are booksmart like me and they actually have some knowledge in certain field before having a degree. The Big Brother's operation on NWO is aiming to increase the graduation of military or intelligence related students. While I was checking the online universities, I found out that some universities have policies of accepting the students working for the DOD and military. If the NSA is taking the local stores under "new management" sign to make them to be their spies, then how about the academic field in future? The tuition has been increasing for the students everywhere. There are more opportunity for the military working students to survive on campus. What can we do as civilian just plain students? Maybe the online campus system is answering the demands of returning students having the part-time or full-time jobs. It seems certain foreign students are allowed to get graduated from American univeristies under the NSA's surveillance and mind control on them.

By the way, I would like to show the worst example of the budget cut and tuition increase. While others suffering, the president of the university raised his wage! What a damn university..
By the way, that happened while I was being stalked by the SJSU students. I am not sure how many perps united in the above action, though. MOBs are just mobs. They need to find a place to express their agression. If the perps are really working for the government, I can understand why Kassing survived to serve on campuse till the last semester. He seemed to get paid from the protesting till that much. By the way, many perps including the homeless ones stay in the MLK Library and some people went missing from the Campus Village which this president was putting so much efforts on. I might have chance to tell the inside story about him and other SJSU top people. The Silicon Valley is the place people are connected in strange ways with the advance of technology, you know..

25 July, 2008

Truth of research in Silicon Valley by SJSU anthro department.

I decided to create a video about my past experience at SJSU. Since I am a whistleblower, I think it is OK to spill more truth about the university. If everyone did something wrong, then I thing they should not create a scapegoat for covering up.. I am not sure how long SJSU has been doing so, but it is better to speak up the truth before another student or faculty member became their scapegoat.
The video is about what we have done in Dr. Charles Darrah's "Ethonographic Methods" class in Fall 2004. Although I conducted surveys from non-residents, I did not post my results until the day before the dead line. That means that none of the classmate used my survey results for the paper which the Health Trust collected. However, as a class level, we included all the materials like the survey results from Palo Alto and Gilroy residents. We just pretended that we have done a survey among the residents in the particular area of San Jose, CA. The results could be the same as we had a list of people from the district manager, Paul Parera. The project have been asking the same informants for so many semesters. Can we call it a scientific study? The variable is almost constant. Now Dr. Darrah is teaching Master program. I hope the new master students are not making such mistake like the undergraduate are allowed to do so. If management is sloppy enough, the organization won't function well. This is often told and repeated. We know what happened to Echelon and Worldcom. Now what? The AAPA members having student lovers? And how about cultural anthropologists? Ah, they are the best lovers of the CIA!!!

20 July, 2008

What makes North Korean kidnapping makes important for Japanese.

Probably more famous abduction cases in our mass media would be done by the green aliens from the sky but Japanese government seems to care about the ober 70 abductions by the North Koreans. Well, that is something very interesting to hear from the Japanese government which want to prevent the connection between China and North Korean government.

What if I say that much notorious abductions happend in the past inside of Japanese territoris than by North Koreans? Let me share some, so that others will learn how to understand this sloppy claim by the Japanese government. They cannot do anything to help their citizens abducted by other nation. (By the way, my parents were kidnapped for three days while they visited San Jose, CA. Another abduction case I can think of.)

Well, the best place to check the list of Japanese abducted by North Koreans would be here.

Then, the link below is teenagers kidnapped a high school girl and murdered her over a month of raping, torture, and other forms of orggies. (this is in Japanese, so you should use a web translator, or you can click here to see the translated page.)
This incident happened in the residencial area of Tokyo. The 17 years old tean boys kidnapped a high school girl and kept her in the room of one of the boy's home. The boys' parents were both working and they were scared of their son's violence. So, the parents actually left his son and his friends do whatever they want in the second floor of the house. The boy kept the girl actually brought his friends and let them joing the torture of the girl. After the girl died of the suppontaneous abuse and malnuturition, they stuffed her body in an empty oil can and left it the park. This is famous abduction incident as the people around the victim did not helped her.

And here are some Japanese women made up their abuduction stories by Aum Shinri-kyo. I am not sure if the lawsuit was dropped because of her will or the pressure from the cops finding contradictions to her testimonies. You might wonder why cops helping the Aum Shinri-kyo to drop her claim, you will figure out why in later of this posting. But just mention that her brother was murdered by the Salin Gas in Tokyo.

Aum Shinri-kyo abducted people inside of Japan for new "731 unit" like human experiments.

Well, what happened to the North Korean abductions? How come these national level abudctions did not catch atention these days? If Japanese are really worry about the the abduction of another Japanese, they must do something against these past crimes inside of Japan first. They cannot do anything because there are some reason that the Japanese cops are not allowed to touch these sensitive issues. What if I say they are related with internal affairs?? Here are some evidences.

The page below is in Japanese, but it explains how Japanese police are interrupted to search Aum Shinri-kyo even though some people are aware of the wrongdoing of the cults. It says that the police were just collecting the fanatic data of the cult using their "insider" informants but they did nto do anything until some extreme happened. The writer explains the dely of arrest and official investigations are result of three factors; 1. elitism of the top officers in police force and their fear of making mistake, 2. sectionalism between the prefecture police departments, and 3. a jurisdiction dispute among the police departments and PSIA, or even among the individual officers. More surprisingly, the writer complains that the investigation was often interrupted by the top people like politicians or the elites of the police departments, and some of such people have connection with Russia and North Korea. The writer also includes their connection with pachinco gambling industry and yakuza.
(for the English translated page, click here and do cut&paste the article.)

By the way, here is the interesting information about this Aum Shiri-kyo cult. This page is in English, fortunately, for the people reading this English blog entry :)

Aum and Unification Church: Unification Church is Korean cult founded and led by Sun Myung Moon who, claiming that Jesus failed, has declared himself the title "Messiah." Co-founder of Aum Hayakawa Kiyohide was sent by Unification Church. He brought methods of mind control and millions of dollars and at least 12 Unification Church members to Aum.

One of the ex-Aum follower, Kazumi Kitagawa, asked political asylum in North Korea. She is well known to be a PISA informant, but the recent media won't tell this fact no more. She returned to Japan but this time no one talks about how she used to be a police informant.
http://god-net.way-nifty.com/god_net/2005/11/post_d126.html (English translation)

More strange information about Kazumi Ktagawa is that her face has chanegd after her return from North Korea. The below blog mentions about how her Japanese pronounciation has changed. Acording to the blog, PISA do not want her to come back to Japan as they feared exposure of their plan and their connection with her. If she is someone else, then how about the people supposed to be returned from North Korea? What was the result of DNS sample from the bones?
http://god-net.way-nifty.com/god_net/2005/11/post_d126.html (English here)

Japanese PISA seemed geting trouble if the truth is exposed. This is what I can do as an exile from Japan. I do not wanna be brainwashied or send back to Japan with a different personality and different face!!!

"A little rebellion is a good thing" - Americans, your old grandpa said so.

I just happened to read Thomas Jefferson's writing again. Then, I found this famous quote in the letter to James Madison.

I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical. Unsuccessful rebellions, indeed, generally establish the encroachments on the rights of the people which have produced them. An observation of this truth should render honest republican governors so mild in their punishment of rebellions as not to discourage them too much. It is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.


Well, it is an irony that this statement can be used today's United States, not even have to change "the republicans" part in the writing.. I know this is funny.
I am not sure how many Americans now know about Shay's rebelion, but that was started from the American Revolutionally War veteran, Daniel Shays. At that period, the americans, farmers and other commoners as well sas the solders, were suffering from the huge debt and taxes. Isn't it sound familiar to what happend to today's America after spending so much on War on Iraq and War on Terrorism???

Before another veteran start to form a rebelion, it is better to make the Congress listen to the people first. If the investion on Iraq cost over 1 million casualties in Iraqi people as the result of war crimes, then it should be added to the mistake of Mr. Bush to prevent further conflicts with the Middle Eastern countries. The war cost was actually paid by other countries. Giving the reasonable response to the madness of past 8 years is what Americans need to rebuild healthy relationship with other countries including its allies. Armies love war and exercises in foreign lands, and the militaly industrial complex would favor the profit increase. However, that terrorist threat and spending budget does not cover the security and produce happiness of the citizens. They are looking for different sercurity than what their government think of; income, job, stable and not extreme tax rates, freedom, and civil rights.

I am sure that people get dead or injured from the daily activities rather than from the terrorist attackes. I bet there are more people killed from car accidents or cancer rather than from terrorist bombings. Perhaps, the insurance company should make "terrorist attack insurance" for the people and just leave the issue to the normal security guards and police officers in their area. Spending so much money on securing what buildings or places? If the place seems dangrous, then just make their trained solders occupy the area among civilians.

In case of Switzerland, the congress people used to use the public transportation freely as it is one of the safest country. If you travel around this country using trains, you might see Swiss Army in the train or the train transporting tanks. If senator Ron Paul mentions about the need of securing the own nation rather than spending so much US solders in foreign lands, then that should prevent the terrorism. The US already has Blackwarter to spend abroad to do the nasty jobs. Let them help the mass killings to avoid losing the face of the ones who faught for their land in the past. (I'm talking about the rebelion readers against England.) But the Congress should make sure that the rebelion won't happen and make the people happy. We already have a proverb; histry repeats. If history repeats, there might be a second comming of Thomas Jefferson - like figure back to the US presidency in future. Probably such person would be rocked up in prison like the past revolutionary people... because of their revolutionary thoughts.

16 July, 2008

Time to go back to school.

I was busy for preparation to return to school for these days. The health insurance problem was cleared after I visited the headquarter of Sanitas in Zuerich. By the way, I was expecting to browse the huge collection of fountain pens at Zumstein, a stationaly store in the city. They seemed to have renovaited the place and there are only few selections of fountain pens. However, they now have prety much collection of office suplies and artist tools. Still, it is one of the best store to visit in Zuerich to find something good for playing with one's creativity.
Well, my insurance was cut because the social office called them and said that I was no longer in the refugee residence. I am not sure how Sanitas ended up sending me the letter telling me my insurance was cut and stating that they thought me left from Switzerland. Sorry, Kanton Aargau is still a part of Switzerland. Anyway, if this was set by the gang stalkers, they got problem for spreading the information though.

G8 seemed to be harassed by the mass media in Japan. I have read several news articles criticizing the meeting and wasting resorces and complaiants from the locals. Asahi newspaper is always a good friends of China and Korea propagandas. It is fun to see people trying to pick up the claims rather than who will get benefits from such news. IMAO, if they are too worried about the meeting, they can just finish it online. To avoid the hacking by the people owned the WWW (I mean the DOD), what they have to do is to video tape all the conversation they said and keep the stream available for others like TV stream. Both American and European Nathinal Security Agencies are supposed to keep an eye on the Internet securty. If someone jammed their conversation, they could be responsible for protecting their own interests. Oh, forget about Japan. Almost everyone knows what the PM Fukuda can do as his limit.

I got my new TI-89 Titanium and having fun with free online textbooks. Too bad, I have too many things to study and too little time I have for each day!

07 July, 2008

Someone cancelled my health insurance in last month.

I have not received my insurance bill in June and I was thinking to contact with the Department of Gesundheit und Soziale in Aarau. Last weekend, I received a letter from Sanitas, an insurance company, stating about the cancelleration of my insurance. I used to get the bill from the Department of Gesundheit und Soziele. The bill contains two part, the rent and the insurance, and that was what I had been receiving monthly when I lived in Casa Torfeld I in Buchs, AG.

According to the letter (you can see what they say in the following video), they received cancelleration in June 12th 2008, and my insurance was canceled at the end of May. There is no Salitas office in where I live, and I visited the nearest and pretty famous insurance company. When I told the clerk about my problem, they said that I must contact with Ms. Ehrensberger of Social Service in Aarau. Health insurance is a mandetory requirement for the foreigners living in Switzerland. I asked the clerk if I can get one immediately from them and make a notice to the woman respoinsible for my insurance. He told me that I must contact with Ms. Ehrensberger to get permission if I can change or purchase a new insurance. Well, at least I tried to get insured as soon as posible, and the insurance company rejected doing so. The video below is the proof of it.

According to the Concordia clerk, Ms. Ehrensberger is the person who is respoinsible for my insuance. That means that she must know why my insurance is cancelled. Good news here is that I can tell that I am not the one cancelled my insurance because doing so must requires Ms. Ehrensberger's permission. You know the logic.

I called the number, 062 835 30 11. Then the man answered in German. I explained him that I would like to talk to Frau Ehrensberger about my health insurance. He told me that she would come in "nachste Woche (next week)." Then a woman was on the phone and asked me my name and my situation. Then she told me that I must contact with Sanitas. It was in the afternoon nearly 4pm, so I decided to visit Sanitas office tomorrow. Isn't it a good example of the abuse by the power of authority? That often happens to the target of COINTELPRO in the past as well as for the TIs. Anyway, I must figure out what happened to my health insurance. It seems this is a bit tough issue to make an excuse for the gang stalkers. You see, without having a permission from the Social Service, I could not get a health insurance by my own. Then, the Social Service must be responsible for the cancellaration of my insurance, isn't it? Sanitas states the date when they recieved the cancelleration notice in the letter. Let's figure out the person probablly working for the United States and causing the problem in Switzerland!

05 July, 2008

Video: Cause Stalking Exists!!! vol.2

I finally made the last part of the film. I was thinking how to end the video, and I decided to add the information what happened after I contacted with police as Lowson writes in his book that their activities are taken care by some top authorities. In my case, the refugees harassed me more after I contacted with Kantonspolizei in Aarau. Yet, more of the people in Casa Torfeld I and the neighboring people started harassing me. I am not sure how many people were really refugees and having low moral to understand what is mobbing and bullying.

There was an incident happened today, and because of that, I probably got stressed and want to create couple of gang stalking provocation films for stress reduction. Well, too bad for the ideots planed to work on my fountain pen. First time I lost one in California when the stalkers were around. Then at the Caritas German lesson, a Turkish woman tried to steal my eraser once as the class activity. I still remember how they worked together with the teachers. Then I lost my Rotling mechanical pencil in the class. Anyway, they should know that when they do something to me, I just spread more about who they are and the past perps. What I have to do is just add other people in my perp list, and they would have a potential for exposure with other known perps.

03 July, 2008

Chemtrails? in the early morning sky.

When I was working on some research about chemtrails, I found out that it is a world-wide level movement. I have seen chemtrail on the sky in San Francisco when I stayed in Star Motel. In the morning when I checked out, I found a big white X mark above me. If that was done by the air planes from SF air port, there should be more than 2 lines. What made me notice about the sighting is the way the white smog spreaded in the sky. Two lines were at the similar height and the size of the spreading was pretty much the same.

The below is the video of the chemtrail-like smogs I found in the moring around 5:30am on July 2nd. During the day time, contrails are very rare. Just look at the way the smogs are spread and the lines are.

01 July, 2008





投票直後、ヴィトマー・シュルンプフ氏の家は落書きで一杯になった。塀には十回以上「187」と書かれたという。187はアメリカ警察が使うコード番号で、 カリフォルニア州警察では殺人事件のファイルに当てられる。これを知っている若者たちが、殺すという脅迫状に好んで使っているのだ。