31 May, 2007

Jesus v.s. Common Folks

    • As some people already talk about Jesus was an activist and protester against the old religious value of Jews. I just thought about this yesterday night, so I would like to put it on my blog for a reminder. Crucifixion of Jesus was a typical “witch hunting.” He was too strange from the religious people in the temple and they feared about losing their followers. Also they had envy on him because he was too good from them. With the power and great speech, the priests accused Jesus to be killed. They tried to make any accusation they could make for that purpose. Who killed him? Solders. As solders represents the executioners of the laws, they killed Jesus. In some democratic countries, some people are still working for this. Have you ever heard about some one became a scapegoat for a big scandal? i.e. The president of SOMA after the Katalina disaster. If you read “Swift Justice,” you learn how San Jose (CA) citizens treated two kidnappers in their own way about 100 years ago. History repeats, and people learn hardly from human history. Colin Willson might write Jesus as an “outsider.” The case of his crucifixion was: a great intellectual v.s. intellectuals deluded to their power and status & the judicial institution (& military). I read a female preaching in the East Coast of the US was thought as a witch by the church workers. This is a big problem of democracy. If everything is decided by majority and if the majority is bribed or has no sense of morality nor ethics, what will happen to the community? Fascism? Racism? Or new type of ism? (yeah, that is why I want to put philosophy to the core of any study. Science does not make people to respect ethics nor morals but philosophy does. Without philosophy, we cannot keep ourselves to be human and our study to be healthy.)

31 May 2007

  • This is about Schweiz history during WWII. According to several articles on the web, I found out that the country negotiated with Nazi-Germany. What they did is that they made an offer; letting the Germans use their railways for transportation of goods (no solders or weapons) in exchange of raw materials. Some people criticize the nation as it supposed to be neutral. Unlike Sweden which was somewhat off distance from the war zone, Schweiz was surrounded by the countries on war. No country can be neutral when their neighbours are fighting each other, or that country will be perished by the force of one of them with a conspiracy of supporting the opponent in future. Vichy France took similar strategy also. People already have subjection of Nazis was bad, because of Holocaust stuffs, on the other hand, if we see the force as a military troops seemed to be the winning side, making a trade instead of losing their citizens lives is a cleaver choice. (yeah, rejecting refugees was a bad side effect maybe..) It is all about where to put your point of view. Saving lives and its country for wasting time and money to fight each other? If you are anti-war, you definitely want to keep distance from getting involved with the war-loving fanatics.

30 May, 2007

New experiences in this century.

Several countries, viewed as opornents for the Western allies, are testing their high-tech weapons. We have seen the activities of North Korea and Russia. However, I think it is hard to be humanistic in these days. The Vallejo woman protesting anti-war because of losing her son in Iraq was jailed by wearing a wrong T-shirts at the wrong time. I know some student activists have been disappeared from schools and the governments are keeping a big eye on these humantalian people. In the name of the community watch or preventing crimes, I have seen some people over reacting towards the strangers or minorities. Have you ever seen any active anti-war movement like in the 60s? Animal rights? Hmmm... maybe for the Japanese whales. Some people romantice the patlioticism. In my case, I take "The Red Budge of Courage" for the answer. Materialism makes people forget about how they are depends on luxuaries and spending time for leasure. Working for the extreme-anti-terrorism? Some people see themselves like the heroes in computer games. Only elterly people know how they survived with canteens and food stamps provided from the government. It is hard to persuade virtual enermies to have neutral relationship. Americanization of the world is on its way. Russia? They are selling natural resorces to keep up working for their own matters.
To busy studing the language of this country, and spending time to learn about its history. I guess I should not write much details on my life for a while, as some people know who and where I am.

28 May, 2007

1st Day.

I was just in a mood to make my blog today.... and I did it! I haven't checked some extra stuffs for this. I guess this will be a sort of diary for me. Keep everything simple, so that it is easy to maintain. Today is kind of holiday in my place and every store is closed except for the American chain restaurants like Macdonalds and Starbacks. Cool to be a political asylumseeker here in this country as the government is friendly enough to provide every needs for us refugees. People ran away from their country get social security help and have shelters for their living. As being a political refugee, I guess I feel better by paying out my own living cost for the government and receiving other needs like safety and security. I am aware of my situation and hoping that keeping this blog will keep the record of how my life will go on. Assassination in the new century? Yeah, we are living in the time like the 60s or the beginning of last century. People are aware about wars going on and terrorism. Munich olympic had that terrorism. We got another olympic coming next year. Let's see how this will go. Internet is kinda costy in Europe (UK, France, Germany, Switzerland,etc..) compare to the one offered in the US.