28 April, 2009

The swine flu "propaganda" going on around the world

I visited the local Migros today, and found the store had less customers. It was pretty strange to stay in the store with less people. For the organized stalking victims, the stores are usually crowded by the perpetrators no matter what time or how small the store is. Then I thought the perps might be busy for their job because of the swine flu threat. If it is about police officers or the hospital workers engaged in the organized stalking, they should be busy working for their jobs. And for the foot solders, they would just staying their homes or doing the activities in individual level. Gathering people would make themselves into the risk of catching the swine flu from someone infected with it.

For the possible outbreak of the influenza, I found a useful website.
Flu Wiki has a set of excellent information about influenza. If you do not know how to prepare yourself and your family ready to prepare for the flu epidemic. My recommendation is to stock about 10 days of easy-to-prepare meals, multivitamin tablets, vitamin C tablets or orange juice with vitamin C (about 2L for a week shoudl be enough), Zinc to help your immune system, aniti-biotic medicines, some packets of flu medicines, candies for sore throat. Other useful stuffs should be in the above website or other web pages.

Some conspiracy theorists say the swine flu is just to increase the militarization of the health care industries and to make it controled by the government.

DoD’s “Implementation Plan for Pandemic Influenza” proposes nothing less than the militarization of health care. In short, the military — provided to “augment civilian law enforcement” — will be used to vaccinate the population, as “directed by the president.”
The company that working to create the vaccine for the swine flu had a recent accident in Europe; mixing the bird flue virus into the vaccine.
According to the scientific network PROMED, Baxter International Inc. in Austria "unintentionally contaminated samples with the bird flu virus that were used in laboratories in 3 neighbouring countries, raising concern about the potential spread of the deadly disease". Austria, Germany, Slowenia and the Czech Republic - these are the countries in which labs were hit with dangerous viruses. Not by bioterrorist commandos, but by Baxter.

If we think about who would benefit from the pandemic (which probably not happen if this time is only for the rehersal), then it is easy to see why strange virus suddenly spread. Is it an effort to keep the bankrupcy of the US to be extended for few more months?

Yesterday night, a swine virus container exploded in the train from Zürich to Geneva, but it seems there wasn't any panic at all. Wrong handling of virus in the center of Europe would be deadly for others. I live pretty far from French speaking area, so I do not have to worry about the virus.
A laboratory employee had picked up the samples in Zurich to transport them by train to Geneva, but the package exploded near Fribourg and Lausanne, after melting dry ice, which had been wrongly places, caused a build-up of pressure.

26 April, 2009

Swine Flu? Here is a good tip for the Christians.

It was amazing how the swine flu making many many people aware of the epidemic. As far as I know, my area seems to be OK. No sign of people coughing. My neighbors are taking sun baths sometimes and doing BBQ as usual. It is much like a normal life people continue. I think getting panic is much serious effect than the actual disease.

Get the Miraculous Medal. It should work for the Christians.

Not long after, there was an epidemic in France. The death rate soared and medical science was unable to cope with the crisis. People turned to the Sisters of Charity who gave them the Medal of the Immaculate Conception with the assurance that great graces would be showered upon all who would wear it with confidence, especially if it were worn around the neck. After the first cures, people demanded it excitedly. The Archbishop of Paris found it efficacious to secure the return to the Church of an archbishop nearby, who repented on his deathbed. He died in the arms of his fellow prelate. So many favors, cures, and conversions were effected through its instrumentality that its name and doctrinal significance were lost in the clamor; it became known simply as "The Miraculous Medal."
The site the above quotation came from has the prayer also. In case of epidemic, stress management and self-control are important. Religion can provide such things to keep the person to be calm against any difficulties.

I got both a bottle of water from Loudes and the medal in my home. I hope I do not need to fight against flu virus with those. If the swine flu can be not serious as the media says, it would be nice. People should be prepared for anything that can be handled through the risk management.

Looking at the pictures of St. Bernadete and St. Catharine Laboure on the wall, I am a bit amazed how my life changed to this much.. But the reality is I just study computer languages and do my assignment for the class. Nothing dramatical but the regular life just continues.

24 April, 2009

Some fundamental concepts do not change over revolution nor technological advance

Few people without creativity nor knowing the true sense of nature would say things have been changed or humans are different from animals. They want to separate themselves from the natural instincts and try to categorize themselves as something new or different. Indeed, that is the problem of how human minds are conditioned to think in one way. I got my sense back when I was playing with the class system of OO programing. Then I realized the programming can add another insight to my thinking. Seriously the class system is better way to understand the matter organized from the conceptual view and functions. I could go on with C# notations, but it is just a supplemental part, and I keep my story short with the English sentences.

Say, people evolve from animal level entity, but humans have basic instincts inherited functions that are shared in the animal level.

class animals
life HP; // derived from "life" - HP means hit points
int age; // these two can be stored as interface and can be derived
// for "creature" that would be which is the parent of "animals" class

eat() {/*code here*/ }
sleep() {}

class human : animals
string FirstName, LastName, MiddleName;

// more functions and variables added

Then, I thought about how much the fundamental form of human life is derived from animal level. If we think about "hunters-gatherers" society which is the earliest and the basic level of human living. I thought the same traits are shared by some animals.

Here is the original picture of hunters. (The picture is liked from this site)

And the picture of the animal gatherers. (The picture is from this site)

Is hunting and gathering is what animals share as their functions? Agriculture surely something that animals do not share with humans. However, it makes me to think if an animal, like the squirrels learn to cultivate crops from what they put the grains under earth, will it makes them to be able to evolve closer to humans? I think that "what-if" was something similar to the story in Orwell's Animal Farm.

Another example, the invention of the steam engine to the nuclear plants. Can you believe the way both technology work in a simple mechanism that is created in 17th century?

Steam-generated electricity is the backbone of civilization. In the United States, more than 88 percent of all electricity is produced by steam turbines, according to the National Energy Information Center. Most non-nuclear steam plants are fired by fossil fuels, that is, coal, oil and natural gas. What all of these fuels have in common is that they contain carbon. During combustion, carbon in these fuels combines with oxygen in the air to produce carbon dioxide (CO2), the gas that plants love but environmentalists love to hate. And with good reason. Carbon dioxide appears transparent, but it blocks the passage of infrared-frequency energy. This, in turn, creates the well-known greenhouse effect, linked to global warming.

If someone can design an engine using something different from just fire and water, it would be a revolutionary technology like the invention of agriculture. And I think the knowledge of how to create a steam engine is something people must taught to every child like basic math and reading skills. Without the proper knowledge of what made human life improved from the past, humans cannot keep the level of knowledge in case of epidemics. Someone can just list up the necessary knowledge to keep the modern human life like agriculture, printing, steam engine, etc. Such knowledge should be kept available for each city or town level. I am sure such effort is worth to save human life just as a bible in a motel room.

I understand that the use of animal's natural body temperature as a source of energy and the artificial life form can be used as the source of heat to replace the steam engine mechanism with burning resources. But this won't go anywhere without violating human or animal rights. Such technology would reduce the CO2 production though.

By the way, I figured out NetBeans is a powerful tool if it comes with some add-ons. The Visual Studio came in one pack, so I did not get how to use NetBeans or how to check API descriptions from where. Now, I have an environment comfortable to play with Java.

Is this what Dr. Peter Newsom and Dr. Robert Burr and others at El Camino Hospital doing?

From Ron Angell's posting, I found an interesting video about the brain simulation with nano wires implanted in the body. Nano wiring sounds familiar to me if that small dots written near my eyes when I stayed in El Camino Hospital. At that time, the hospital workers were talking about how they made the back up of my brain data.

One thing I know for sure is that the organized stalkers at that moment are not able to do the thought reading for simulating my movements. It was very likely that they implanted something like this kind of nano wire for checking what I see. V2K was not happen until I revisited San Jose in February 2007. Some say ultrasonic wave can send the voices/sounds or read someone's mind through the inner speech. I am not sure such technology actually needs an implant like this. But thinking about how to identify someone from others in a mass, implanting can make the way to send certain message to someone. Thinking about the RFID development and UFO abductees who already had them implanted in their bodies, I think covert government/MNC operation on human experiment is a possibility. In my case, I was kidnapped by SJSU police officer claiming me to be "suicidal" and forced me to be "evaluated" by the psychiatrists at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. I denied to be suicidal and I was recording the communication. But somehow, I was evaluated as "suicidal." Isn't that how psychiatrists/neurologists legally kidnapping people for their researches? Few weeks before that, Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen warned me "You are none of American citizen" and said careful about making accusations. I still don't understand what that "suicidal" claim was about. It just happened during the time I was looking for a lawyer.. Dr. English-Lueck surely used a statistic used in China. And that was probably why I saw another cultural anthropologist expert in Chinese culture at El Camino Hospital.

Here is the possibility of what they could do with brain reading at El Camino Hospital.
Those who are working for the intelligence at SJSU seemed to make up a claim of me as a foreign spy or something, and tried to make a backup of my brain data, so that they could find something to blackmail me instead for dropping the lawsuit possibility and to accuse me for something. What they probably find was my friends working at Japanese restaurants or other places. And that part is what I wrote in a blog posting long time ago. It's better to keep who would be blackmailed for what clear, so they cannot make up stories or do the false testimonies against me.

Did my parents kidnapped got these wires at Stanford Hospital? I was not sure what happened to my parents, but they seemed to speak up in a strange much robot like voice sometimes and did not have the memory of what they spoke after that.

If nano wiring of the brain is possible to make people act in certain way or having certain behaviors, what if the same technology is used by a cult? A cult can spend enough money and able to get worshipers who has knowledge to create it. The military may implants wires into solders to keep them functional during the duty. A school dorm can be a perfect spot to put wires into students.

21 April, 2009

Female human meat sold as pork in China?

Yesterday night, I checked through the Official Dilbert website for last several weeks strips. Then I noticed about cannibalism stuff and the coming Dark Age issue.

Then today, I saw similar information at Benjamin Fulford's blog. It's about the cannibalism practice and female human meats sales. Fulford says they combine the human meats with porks for sales.

However, we must bear in mind the link was sent to me by someone connected with US/UK intelligence and could be a psy-ops. They told me the human meat was mixed with pork and used in products like dumplings.
(from the above Fulford's blog)

I checked the website from the Fulford's link and it was a posting in Vietnamese. If you can read Vietnamese, maybe you can understand what it says. Ah, and be aware of grotesque pics of how human mutilation was done. I found the original was actually from another site, so I checked the link. (This one comes with naked victims pictures, so be careful if you are reading this blog enty in a library or other public space, or you would be embarassed. This blog entry does not come with nudity for the reader's combenience.)That one seemed to be posted in a Chinese forum. It came with better description of the victim and the cannibalistic practice in a Chinese rural area. I am not sure if the human meat sales is something they do in China like Fulford says. From other readings on the Web, I have seen other fake foods like fish eggs (Ikura in Japanese and you can see them in the Sushi Menu) and chicken eggs. These sites came with real pictures of how to make them and what are used, so you should be aware how popular they are.

If there is real flu outbreak happens, I am sure cannibalism is something that is likely to occur when our life line stops. Especially in the cities, foods are brought to there by the fleets. The survivors may eat canned goods and try to create pickled stuffs from what is available in abandoned stores. The classic epidemic SF book, Earth Abides, would tell what the life after the apocalypse, but they missed the view of what is taught from women's view and how to create preserving. The first thing people would do is gather others to form a group for the survival and then to find a way to keep the food resources. In other words, people will go back to either “hunter, gatherer” or “agriculture” to get foods. In our real world, it is so rare to find edible animals as most lands are used for human life and hunting is a part of our common activity. Where to get the foods when there is no other way to find one? Also some people consider money can alternate anything to provide needs and their motivation of getting money is as same meaning as getting a way to grab some bread – “bread-earner” metaphor. If someone can earn money from creating fake eggs, butchering people would be seen as same way to earn money for someone who has different sense of ethics or moral value. I am not saying that culture is acceptable, but it is possible if we continue to use “we and they” thinking for competitive society. The people do not eat pork may not care if they sell human meat contained pork to others. In the case of 20+ year old woman slaughtered in the Chinese article I noticed above, the villagers kill women for the alternative of pork to celebrate the New Year. If they have pork or other meats available, will the cannibalism disappear form the village? How about creating fake beef from beans? Unlike the harmful chemically created fake foods in the above links, some companies sell meat looking and tasting foods made from vegetables.

When we think about the productivity or profit for something, we might lose other things such as safety or ethics. Extreme competition in food industry would be harmful for everyone in a long run. You never know where these fake foods go and what else created from them. A company starts buying cheap meats which are actually human ones, and another company starts to practice it to stay in the competition, how such competition will go while both companies try to keep their advantages as the type of trade secret? The bribed officials can just keep their mouth shut or would be ended up to be canned for sale.

20 April, 2009

Java and C#

I started to learn Java and C# about 3 weeks ago. Theoretically, both have similar structure and coding styles. As I know C and C++, they are just a dialect for me. The last time I played with VC++ was around 2000, and there are so many things had been changed and improved.

Yet there is one thing I don't like about the new versions or different compilers. Although you know C++ from textbook, you can not start using VC++ as it has special commands for cording. If you want to learn how to program with the Visual Studio, you better get textbooks teaching about VS. I learned VC++ from the Microsoft's manual came with the compiler.

There are many books teaching about VC# or VC++, yet not all of them are compatible with the current model. For instance, if you want to use Point(x, y), it won't work with VS 2008. You must type System.Drawing.Point (x, y) instead. Then I remembered why I put the chart on the wall in my room in Japan when I studied VC++. Knowing what was derived from which class in a visual form was easy to understand the commands. I guess I need the chart again. The Object Browser is helpful but still it only has the thread tree type description.

If anyone sell the code converstion dictionary describing the change from the old version, I think there are some demand for the book. And I wish the book should be listed in the category of "Linguistics" section. Computer languages are also something human use for communication and must be categorized and respected as normal languages. The only the ones who understand 0 and 1 uses the language though.

I'm playing with NetBeans but that one is pretty tough. I was from Visual Studio back ground and the interface to everything in NetBeans is totally new. Besides, I am a compelete beginner of Java. I would be able to read some "dialects" because of my C and C++ (and now C#) knowledge. Java can be flexible as a free programming tool and its popularity. I feel more comfortable playing with VC# but Java can be an alternative for working with Linux or other platform. I am just trying to be flexible and get some skills.

19 April, 2009

Terrorist Business

Terrorism is not deadly as common accidents. They are rare, yet the media reports it as if that is something exciting and shocking. I think we must blame the media for creating copy cats.

And any business has a cause and effect. To maximize the profit, the people must work hard to achieve something. If it is about sales, people try to advertise the merchandise and increase the sales. Who will make profits from terrorism? I think we should know what making the "terrorist business" profitable. First, the military industrial complex must make profit in order to fight against the terrorist organizations. New weapons are invented from the funds to fight against terrorism. The companies selling weapons and researchers gain profits. On the other hand, what the terrorists receive? And how come the terrorist organizations seem to have unlimited funding? This is much like the computer virus and anti-virus software. More virus spread, more profits the anti-virus software developer will get.

Who is the terrorists then? I think the terrorists who are supported from the governments get better life and less persecutions. The nice comparison will be the son of Osama Bin Ladin and the detainees' children at the Guantanamo Bay. Omar Bin Ladin, the son of Osama Bin Ladin, lives in Cairo and married with a British woman. He seemed to be the first suspect in a sence of who is responsible for 911 attack.

Omar Osama bin Laden, one of bin Laden's 19 children, said he was speaking out publicly because he wants his father to "find another way" to achieve his political goals.

He told CNN: "I try and say to my father, 'Try to find another way to help or find your goal. This bomb, this weapons, it's not good to use it for anybody'."

But Mr bin Laden, 26, who has a British wife, acknowledged such a hope was very optimistic, adding: "My father doesn't have the power to stop the movement at this moment," he said.
On the other hand, the family members of the people who are detained to the Guantanamo Bay seem to have less fortune. The children went through the infamous CIA's toture.
At a military tribunal in 2007, the father of a Guantanamo detainee alleged that Pakistani guards had confessed that American interrogators used ants to coerce the children of alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed into revealing their father’s whereabouts.
I wonder why Omar Bin Ladin get some ants on his feets to find out the where abouts his father. Wasn't finding Osama Bin Ladin the purpose of Afghanistan and Iraq War?? I know that story was to cover up securing the oil profit for the USA. But, I think it would be nice if everything was done in logical way rather than making up something to cause futher lies.

Currently, who are targeted as terrorists? Activists, the Gun Owners, and others who have a brain to think logically and ethically. To make a profits, terrorist prevention organizations need targets. They might applied "witch hunting" and "old toturing methods" for finding terrorists. If they categorize someone on the black list, they make up a conspiracy against the one. They just make up anything they can think of and try to prove their assumption is correct. There is no need for the correction of their assumptions. When they think the subject suspicious, they report it to somewhere to get funding. By doing so, they get their job. If you are not a terrorist and want to avoid any danger but someone else suspect you so, what can you do? If you have a weak will, you might admit acting to get rid from the neverending investigation. That was how the witch hunting worked. The people thought as witches were tortured to confess themselves as witches. There was no need to prove them innocent. This very same method seems to be used for the terrorist prevention these days. The organized stalking is part of it. They make up something out from their suspicion to keep the subject under some kind of investigation for one's life time. If the shop clarks want something, they can steal the goods and claim the target for the loss. People working on the crime prevention actually act violent these days. I think that is how the "terrorist business" works to make profits for the people engaged in the terrorist prevention business. These are from my experience as the Targeted Individual since I started to be harassed at San Jose State University in 2006.

The ones who actually working for terrorism might be brainwashed cult members like those who did the Tokyo Metoro Chemical Attack by Aum-Sinrikyo. The suicidal bombing women went through the brainwashing of the terrorist organization.
the woman said she was part of a plot in which young women were raped and then sent to her for matronly advice. She said she would try to persuade the victims to become suicide bombers as their only escape from the shame and to reclaim their honor.
Another terrorists may be the ones who are thought as terrorists and had nowhere to find their own identities. It is just like how "witch hunting" turns innocent people to become anti-social from the views of the harassers while the harassers do not understand what they are doing. The victims of the suicidal bombing could be just innocent people who lost their identities. I think the on-going organized stalking /COINTELPRO are expecting to cause the target to be something - criminals, mentally ill, terrorists, etc. In such sense, serial killers and other form of individual level criminals may be described for the good excuse for them. But it sounds much like the society got what they paid for. When they put too much pressure on people or even an individual, it might cause conflict or greater tension. That is what we know from the LA Riot and other incidents. If such flustratoin goes wrong and the people engaged in the action lost the sense of ethics, they would just go wild to do anything.

What makes us human is the sense of how to be and behave as a human being. I think such ethical teaching has been lost quite long time ago. Is making profits the only purpose of a business? When I took a business class, I learned the organization must consider the impact and responsibility within the community and the future. That is why industrial wastes are prohibited to dump like other wastes.

I think it is time to make the terrorist business some kind of restriction on what they can do and what is better way to handle. It is easy to say everyone is a suspect of terrorism while the definition of what suspect the one has is burr. If there are more terrorist suspects around, the local enforcements will get better funding. I think this idea is silly because of our current economy. If the anti-terrorism extremist groups take the suspect out from the community and take everything the one owned as the one ran away, it sure make a profit for these group members. But, it won't work in a long run as what they do is against ethics. When I lived in Pavona Apartment on 760 N. 7th St. San Jose, the organized stalkers moved in and continued harassment. About a year before, my care was vandalized and another car got similar damage in the basement parking. It seems such vandalism caused more security on the apartment, yet the people working on the security are part of the organized stalking group. In this system, only the minoritiey or victims get the blame. It seems more the defense funding goes to the terrorism prevention, more suspects are created. It is a matter of how much norma the police get to turn in suspects for their jobs. This is much like the history of COINTELPRO.

17 April, 2009

Tourists or Terrorists? Such expression is the result of local feudarism in extremity.

There is a word, "photo terrorist," to describe people taking pictures in public area. I would say paparazzi following the celebrities are pretty dangerous. The death of Diana, the princess of Wales, could be said that was the result of a terrorism.

A jury decided on 7 April 2008 that Diana had been unlawfully killed by the grossly negligent driving of chauffeur Henri Paul and paparazzi photographers
I bring my camera with me for my safety. If something happens, I can take the picture or shoot the video for the evidence. That is what I use the camera for. If there is nothing obvious going on, I do not have to use it unless it is for learning how to use Photoshop or other Adobe products. I got Master Collection to learn about the latest Adobe stuffs. No more test versions from some one working at Adobe... It was my first time I paid for Adobe programs.

Actually, taking a picture in public is not a crime. If so, then the Google Map with the Street View would get problem. Google might be sued from the people in the pictures.

In my case, I took the picture of "suspicious" people. When I found something strange about the people like they seems to be engaged in organized stalking, I took pictures for the evidences. As I do not make myself to be suspicious, I post the pictures here and other websites. My purpose is for taking the evidence for my own safety. In such case, I have nothing to do with terrorism or anything suspicious. It is not a chicken and egg problem; I saw the suspicious thing first, and I took the picture as the result of it. It is a cause and effect.

Here is an interesting poster I found on Alex Jones article.

(the picture linked from this article)

I still wonder what was wrong with the Kantonspolizei in Aarau which police officers refused to file the physical damage on my property. After I talked with a lawyer to make sure it is police's duty to file a case and the lawyer contacted the police department, I was able to file the damage and the harassment. I could not file other cases such as assault in front of Stadt Polizei in Aarau by Abkur Dalow Abshir or theft attempt of Mara Alpha at Aarau train station.

I think police officers engaged in something suspicious actions should be also a target of suspicion to fight against the terrorism.

15 April, 2009

Life without the Internet

I actually changed my life style. I started to make one or two days without the Internet. My payment is a daily basis charge, so if I live a day without the Internet, I could save some money. Since the economy could go worth, saving is better for personal level down-sizing.

After I started to limit the time using the Internet, I found out several things.

  • My productivity increased. This is due to the less "eye candies" I can look for while I use the PC for my study and other things. When I get bored, I could browse the Web to find something interesting. This actually waste my time. By keeping myself away from the Web, I can concentrate on what I do, including programming. Finishing 4 chapters from a programming textbook for one day was what I did recently. That was quite amazing.
  • My motivation increased. Same reason as above. I started to concentrate on something, so it was easy to handle myself away from slacking around on the Web.
  • Able to schedule my time better. Since I have to decide what to do on the Web when I log in, I can manage what to do while I connect to the Internet.
  • I realized the importance of the Internet. The Internet has so much information available. Without it, I will have hard time to get the information or data I need. Online encyclopedia and dictionaries are part of what I need in my life. Limiting the use actually made me to understand the life under this kind of emergency. This "self-level emergency Internet shutdown simulation" made me to realize what information and data I need.
  • The necessity of creating a contact list for the TI victims. About the emergency I noticed above, I think it is nice if the TIs create personal communication lists. Not all TIs share phone numbers or address. But what would happen when the TIs lost connection with the Internet? How do we communicate? I am not talking about making up a bulk contact list that just invite everyone to sign and make their private information available for everyone else. This is something covered by the risk management.
  • I can live a life without the Internet. I was wondering if I am an Internet addict or not. When I am online, I sometimes browse the Web to read articles for several hours. I thought that might be a part of my life. After I started to make days to skip using the Internet, I found out the Internet is just one of the lifelines people need. If you don't have electoricity, you can still make one's food from the BBQ grill outside of your home and sleep early and wake up ealry to have a healthy life. Some people prefer the BBQ even they have a nice shiny kitchen in the house. Some people prefer reading books even though they can read EBooks online. That's a type of one's choice. I think the recognition of the choices is something we can make ourselves away from addictions. Preference of a choice is not an addiction. However, if the person became dependant on the choice, that's what I would call as an addiction.

I haven't post something for a week. So, I wrote this down. These days, I'm playing with VC#. I fell in love with C when I was in junior high, and now I am completely addict to C#. Yes, this is an addiction as I cannot spend sometime off to do something else but rather working with the VS because playing with it is just like a hobby to me. A confession from a workaholic..

08 April, 2009

Trip to Aarau (April 7th 2009)

I had to visit Aarau to visit the optician. I found there are so many organized stalkers showed up for sensitization. They usually use the same materials repeatedly, so I was able to recognized them. If I explain each of the incidents, it would be hard to believe they all are connected to form a series of stimuli for conditioning. However, it is what organized stalking is and using a group of people to make the victim to receive stimuli which they conditioned to make the one to be sensitized.

I have seen organized stalkers using certain things. And these are what I have seen and became sensitized.

  1. Chinese and Japanese character logos. Such sensitization is often known as NLP anchoring. The first encounter of Chinese logo would be the cars parked near Casa Torfeld in Buchs AG. Then, I saw one of the resident wearing it on the day Italian speaking woman claimed me of spraying shampoo in the bathroom. The first time I saw Japanese logo would be in Max Heimgartener's German lesson. One of the classmate wore "雷おこし” logo T-shirts. I saw the same T-shirts used by the Asian man who was on the surveillance on me at the library. The organized stalkers seem to pool gimicks.

  2. MP3 player. I think this is for the mimicking strategy the organized stalkers use for sensitization.

  3. Camera skits. This is also the mimicking strategy used by the organized stalkers.

  4. Use of children. I think I sometimes see children are used for harassing the victim. By using their kids, the organized stalkers would take the advantage to claim the victim for child-molestor or someone interested in kids. It makes the victim hard to film the evidence of the harassment or the stalkers will take the filming to claim the victim interested in their children. I think this is often used against religious people who are immune for seduction.

And this is what happened during the trip.

  1. At the train station, I saw a man wearing a Chinese logo T-Shirt. I took the picture of his T-shirt as the evidence of the NLP anchoring. Later a woman with two kids showed up and stood just below the sign. I filmed the sign for the evidence of the travel time and the Chinese logo wearing person. Also, I saw a man with iPod in the platform.

  2. The train was crowded. I found a seat vacant and sat down. The kids and the woman came. The kids sat down in front of me, and the woman sat in the seat next to the kids. She was watching at me. After the train started to move, the woman talked with the boy. He took out a camera from his bag and played it for awhile. Here you can learn the use of Cameara for the skit. I don't know if the woman was told if I am child molester or something. That is what organized stalkers spread the rumor about their victim. Or she is just wicked and trying to get some money from her detective business harassing people with her kids. The I did not take their pictures as it the train should have surveillance cameras for what they were doing in front of me. If Kantonspolizei is behind of what they are doing, then they sure cannot share about their information.

  3. At Olten train staion, many people including the woman with two kids and me left. I saw a man with iPod remained in the train. However, when I tried to take another train from Olten, I saw him walking toward the male bathroom.

  4. In the train to Aarau, I saw a woman sat next seat wearing iPod. When the train reached to Aarau and I walked toward the door, I saw a guy who I saw in Zofingen train station in the train. He wore „skull and bones“ cap.

  5. After I finished the business in Aarau, I took a train to Olten. It was about 16:40 and the train was crowded. I saw many young people in the train. I shared a seat with 3 women. The young man in the seat next to me was reading a book about „graffiti.“ The train stoped each stations. In the platform in the each station to Olten, I saw one person in the platform with iPod. I could see them wearing the white head phone from inside of the train. Moreover, the woman sat in front of me started to listen to iPod after checking her moblie phone. At the same time, the woman next to her started to use her MP3 player.

  6. After the iPod skits by the 2 women, I experienced some vibration to the right pocket of my jacket. I leaned my head to the right to check my pocket, then I saw a man using a camera. He sat behind of the man reading the book about graffiti. I am not sure what was the vibration thing to my pocket, but it caused me to notice to the camera used behind of me. It could be done by the man sat behind of me using a vibrating phone or by ultrasonic sound device. Both can cause the feeling of vibration to someone.

  7. At Olten, most of them, including the 3 women I shared the seat and the young guys left the train. After we left, most seats were empty.

  8. I visited Migros in Sälipark. There I saw a worker painting a pillar with some graffiti on it. It reminded me of the book a guy sat in the seat next to me in the train.

  9. At Oltain train station, I saw a man wearing a T-shirt with „ワガママ New York London“ logo. ワガママmeans „selfish“ in Japanese. Another interesting logo I saw today. The organized stalkers often use black T-shirts with logo for NLP anchoring. He wore blue jeans. The combination of black top and blue jeans is a typical clothes organized stalkers wear around me.

Well, how much possibility of seeing many people with iPod these days? These train stations and the trains have surveillance cameras. So, I did not take pictures for backing up my information. I only took the pictures of the man who wore T-shirts with significant logos. In a statistics how many possibility do I have to encounter a Japanese logo and Chinese logo T-shirts in one day? They did not show up randomly, but they were in the place I would probably appear. And the "selfish" Japanese word does not make sense as a T-shirt. If you know where they sell this T-shirt, let me know. I thought it was just like custom-made one like 阪神タイガース logo I saw in crowded library.

07 April, 2009

C'è qualcuno a vedere il cielo aurora in Italia prima del terremoto?

Terremoti possono essere prodotte artificialmente dalla HAARP. In caso cinese, la gente ha visto aurora 10 minuti prima del terremoto colpisce la città. Controllare il video qui sotto per i dettagli. Il video è in inglese.
(Did anyone see aurora in the sky before the earthquake hit Italy? Aurora is possibly a sign of artificial earthquakes created by HAARP.)

05 April, 2009

I found my Our Lady of Guadalupe pendant!!!

It just happened when I checked the floor of the toilet fountain, I found the pendant. The backside was up and it was on between the tiles. The cements betweens the tiles and the backside of the pendant was pretty similar, so I might missed finding it during the daytime.
I guess night time gave me a better chance to find it as it had shadow on the floor.

Well, I guess I would say it is one of the miracle wearing that famous miraculous medal on my neck. Finding the pendant that I wore during my hospital stay in California is nothing to be compared with. Blessed is the one who trust our Lord and accepts what he does. I took the incident of losing it to think about my carelessness and made some vows to improve my life. I won't go any details of vows as that is my personal stuffs.

I bought a new pair of the pendant. Well, I would just keep the order as I can save money from other parts. Some people skipped meals for religious reason, I would just do it sometimes. (yeah, that was a part of my vow..)

Here is the picture of my Our Lady of Guadalupe pendant.

I bought it at Mission Santa Cruz in September 2006. That was several weeks before I was falsely accused to be sent to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Acute Psychiatric Services from SJSU. If you live in Santa Cruz area, you might have chance to visit the old Mission. They have small museum and sells some religious goods. The pendant I bought there seemed to be protecting me through the assassination plots in the US to my life here in Switzerland. If you are faithful Christian, buying a religious icon there might give you a good luck for your life - or perhaps a great challange for your faith like I had.. It can be a bad thing for some people. I don't know. I never thought being an international student and ending up to be a political asylum seeker in another country and still being threatened from the extremist groups. But because of my experience, my faith became stronger. I guess I could be on the right path to get to the heaven as Jesus said people should take a narrow path.

Maybe somem of the people attending Catholic churches might had some wicked intention like those of organized stalking, but I think I got enough protection from saints and Jesus himself. If you know how many saints lost their lives in their beliefs, you won't get any fear to be a Christian. If you become a homeless, you know that exerctly same thing happened to St. Francis of Asissi, yet he had a great life to show how other Christians to follow. If you believe in Jesus, there is nothing to fear. Fear and despire is what wicked wants to cause on the just. As it is written in the Bible, Amen.

If you have a chance to visit Santa Cruz Mission, say hello to the large picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the museum. Her picture is the one I have in my desktop wallpaper and I pray to her sometimes.

04 April, 2009

The silliest response I ever got about Sgt. John Laws and Dr. English-Lueck video.

After I posted some videos about how I was falsely accused of suicidal by SJSU faculties, I got some negative responses as if some people were asked to cover up the issue. Primuscrusader is one of them. He wrote 19 responses in one day. I made a video about him as he looked like a typical cyberbully. As he rushes to write something to accuse me or give negative impression, he wrote something really funny.

I guess he wanted to make up an excuse that what the police officer says in the video is not Sgt. John Laws but something else. Now read what he wrote.

He claimed me it was my "fictional John Laws" and even gave me how to find "Johnny Law" on Google. He then state me as mentally ill. Well, if I was believing in fictional something then he does not have to give me how to find that fictional thing on Google. On his profile, he writes his occupation as US Army. I hope he is not getting paid for such a poor psychological warfare for protesting films. Does SJSU have fictional John Laws patrolling on campus? If that so, that sounds much sillier than the above comment. If you made mess with SJSU, you would get these stalkers for entire your life to turn down your voice.

I lost the pendant of Our Lady of Guadalupe

You can think this is a coincidence or just another form of manipulation that the organized stalkers working on covert operations done.

I just keep the story short. When I woke up and head to bathroom, I heard a noise of dropping a metal to the floor. First I thought it was a coin or something. Then I thought I don't have wallet in my pocket and it should not be a coin.

I checked my necklace and found Our Lady of Guadalupe pendant is missing. I searched the floor but I could not find it. It might dropped near the shower drain or even the toilet bowl.. These are where I can face to the left when I enter the bathroom. I could have checked where it dropped if I wore glasses.

I ordered the similar one as soon as I logged into the Internet. It is better to have the pendant with Our Lady of Guadalupe on my neck - as I had been wearing her icon since September of 2006. When I was falsely accused as suicidal by Dr. English-Lueck and Sgt. John Laws and the security guard at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Acute Psychiatry Services took my 10 beads rosary for safety reason, I was able to keep the Our Lady of Guadalupe pendant with me. And whole the travel across the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean till this morning, I wore it. Now I have two pendants left. I were just Miraculous Medal only until I receive the Our Lady of Guadalupe one. I don't know where to find "sterchapel" logo pendants. But I got something very similar to the one I bought in the Mission Santa Cruz. You need to see the pendants as it's a large picture.

Nowadays, it is hard to be religious. Some people just go to church and use the communication for other things. A church gathering can be used as the form of mobbing. You know how segregation laws separate people into different churches even they believe in the same religion. I don't know about Catholics. They could be the same. When I tried to visit the local churches in Chiasso or here in Zofingen, I saw organized stalkers showed up. When I start to visit a church to join the Mass, some strangers join the Mass to change the diversity. In Chiasso, it was like a woman with kids just showed up to take the place of where I sat in previous Sunday. I think this is the trick organized stalkers in Catholic churches to claim someone as child-molester or something. In Zofingen Chatholic church, it was like a sudden increase of multi ethnic groups. The first time I visited there, I was almost the only Asian. Then few weeks later, I started to see Indian family and other other racial background of the people I have seen quite often in the surveillance on me at Aarau/Buchs AG area. I know they showed up just for their surveillance purpose as I have been targeted by organized stalkers for 3 years. I can write down what organized stalkers do against religious people from my experience of being harassed in churches in the US, France and Switzerland. They seem to use the similar method. I decided to stay away from churches as I know the organized stalkers would spread rumors about me for disinformation. Attending churches to encourage harassments? That is the totally opposite of what Jesus taught. He actually said to others how to accept people without prejudice. If the churches are used for the tool of harassing others, then I think it is fine to stay home and read the Bible on Sunday. People can deny what I state here, but first they should give me the answer what Caritas in Aarau and Eritreans were doing. An Eritrean man had the picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe and he could not even tell me why he had the picture. He stood as if he was showing off the picture for sensitization. I can share how these Eritreans are trained to use body languages just like other organized stalkers.

03 April, 2009

What we need to know about psychiatry.

I think psychiatry is not a scientific medical treatment. It is rather to be categorized as a type of shamanism. Here are some reasons. Psychiatry is a type of sharmanism from Western culture. We should be aware of tis limitation to be non-scientific disciplines just like philosophy and theology. I studied pretty much of medical anthropology and several subdisciplines within social science. I am not talking these without knowledge.

1. The psychiatrist does not have to discuss with the patient about facts or evidences for giving a diagnosis.

If a patient meets a psychiatrist and explain how she saw a black helicopter bombing a nearby village and filmed the scene, the psychiatrist can tell her there was no helicopter in the sky and claims her for believing illusion. During the session, the psychiatrist does not have to see the evidences to make a conclusion. All he needs is a chair to himself and a coach for the patient. Everything can be done in talking. What psychiatrist evaluate comes from his own assumptions rather than using CRT or other form to record the data. Let's assume the psychiatrist does not know algebra and if a patient says 3 times 3 is 9, and the psychiatrist thinks the answer is 10, he can judge the patient having problem with numbers. The psychiatrist does not have to know about his own mental capacity or his own mathematical weakness.

2. The psychiatrist can push his or her view to decide the diagnosis.

A psychiatrist must be an expert of human mind, he can give any diagnosis to others. If he thinks a patient outstanding in mathematics causing problems of anxiety in advanced math classes, he can diagnose the patient as numerophobia and offer dozens of medications to make the brain dull and useless. The patient may say his teacher is too strict and making him nervous is much to do with his stress. But the psychiatrist can decide anything from his subjective view.

3. The psychiatrist can give the patient "day dream" to make up an excuse of his or past through hypnosis.

The psychiatrist can offer hypnosis to bring out a conclusion. The patient will be relaxed or even drugged through medications in MKULTRA style. Then the patient will let the psychiatrist to make the diagnosis.

4. The psychiatrist can use coercive persuasion and interrogation techniques to make the patients believe what he or her say.

This is a type of brainwashing to cause a thought reform. The patient will believe what the psychiatrist said as true.

Here is what the ancient sharmanism sounds like. I just made explanation simple to make it easy to compare with psychiatry.

1. A sharman does not have to discuss with a patient about facts or evidences for giving a diagnosis.

A sharman would explain the cause of the patient's problem from his view and give advises. If he thinks the mountain God was in anger because of the patient cut trees too much and the patient's "curse" was from it, the sharman can diagnose as such.

2. A sharman can push his or her view to decide the diagnosis.

A sharman has his or her own religious or belief system to back up with his thoughts. A sharman can ask ancient spirits or God to get answers to make decisions. He is an expert of knowing anything exist in the universe from his mysterious power. He can make the decision on a patient. Since the sharman is most respected in its culture, the patient must believe a sharman's decision.

3. A sharman can offer a psychedelic holistic medicine to give the patient to get delusion. During the delusion, the patient might see something as enlightenment or getting the answer from supernatural things. The sharman will tell what he saw is a part of the reason of the cause.

4. A sharman can use coercive persuasion and interrogation techniques to bring a thought reform of the patient's mind. A sharman is someone who knows the belief system of its own culture, so anything he sees wrong in the patient can be collected.

Opferhilfe in AG/SO

I decided to contact the victim help organization. My guess is that their organization is already infiltrated by the perpetrators of organized stalking. The possibility of what they can do is offer me psychiatric help and label me as mentally ill. That's what perps and others had been trying from the continuous harassment. Well, I know what psychiatry sounds like. It's just a primitive treatment that a specialist called "psychiatrist" showed up and offer a comfortable chair, then decide something he or she can think of. In this process, the client does not have to share the real evidences. I would rather say that is pretty much like what "oracle" or other form of non-scientific decision making system in the ancient civilizations. I can explain pretty much of NLP anchoring and other stuffs like what psychophysics are for. But I am not sure if psychiatrists are enough to be scientific to understand such military-oriented psyop terms. There should be some measure to judge psychiatrists, or some might gone crazy while they are with mental patients. If the victim help asked me to get psychiatric help, I would rather ask them for 2 year tuition to get me a psychology degree and offer free volunteer work for English-speaking victims in return. Man, I took some psych-related classes in my life, and I studied pretty much of social science. Or, giving free psych textbooks would be fine. What I am looking for is the possibility to get the money back for the PC damage and the lawyer and translator fees to only filing the case. Local police did not even do anything even after filing the case.

About the ambulance, I heard one in the morning of March 31st. Then, I think I did not hear for awhile. But today, I heard one passing nearby street around 2:15PM. Then I saw one when I went out to the post. I guess ambulances are quite often hanging around in my area. Talking of a devil and he sure to appear. Then, talking of an amburance and it sure to appear, huh??

After I took this video, I went back and added some print outs of evidences. The original was one hand-writen letter to explain what is inside of DVD-ROM. I thought it was too "simple" and I thought the needs of actual assaults like an Italian speaking woman throwing a chair to me.

I just don't udnerstand these agressive people are claiming me of something. They have done in group to make false accusations together to cause hypervigilance and PTSD. Surely these assaults makes me to show how I was in danger. I filmed their harassments like false accusations and neurolinguistic programming related psychological harassments. They are the ones acting like mobs. I used my camera for my own self defense.

Currently, I am working on Access and C#. C# is quite interesting. It's much like C++ but in a sense it uses "" than >> things and quite fun to play with. I had a chance to touch Java but I did not really into it as I got confused with J++ when I tried to learn it. J++ came with .. I think it was VS 97? but I only played with VC++ and a bit of VB as it was the easiest and fun to play with. Both products are German edition, so I have to spend much time learning vocabularies in German. Abfrage means Query, like that. So, how many people with mental problem are capable of playing with computer languages? I guess such "mental problem" claim gives me much value to be a "political asylum seeker." Seriously, if I did not get much PTSD from the perpetrators, I would just concentrate on my study and writing two books. Oh, I just changed my name back to JB as a psedonium. I revealed my name when I was in danger living in Casa Torfeld I, and that was the same reason why I exposed the residents names who had been actively harassing me.

Swiss perpetrators' possible rationalized accusation on me

From April 1st, the asylum seeker issues are moved to the city level from canton. I had a meeting with the town officials as the local people are now handling the issues. Well, I shared the information about assaults and other things happened in refugee residence in Buchs AG. These issues were about last year. I also showed David Lawson's book about the extremist groups working for organized stalking. I think that was enough to explain about the harassment. The one thing I noticed was that the official asked me if I filmed the refugees while I hid my camera. I simply held it in my hand and walked around just like how other refugee held their mobile phones in their hands.

Well, I guess the people engaged in harassment would make an excuse of their mobbing by telling others how I hid my camera and filmed them. That is one of the lie these people made.

The first thing I really tried to film the harasser was when Eritrean group at Caritas used Our Lady of Guadalupe picutre for sensitization. I wanted to get the clear evidence of their psychological abuse, so I turned on my digital camera to film the picuter the man sticked out from his backpack. Caritas supposed to be Christian group, but some volunteers working for organized stalking using even Christian figures. I'm a Christian, by the way. I held my camera on my hand and started the conversation with the man who had the picture. He had problem explaining why he had the picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe even it was in his backpack. He tried to get help from his friend instead. How many people need another person to explain something the one has? A picture is not like a bomb or something suspicious. His friend tried to start a conversation if I believe God and tried to move the subject from the picture the man had. About this Eritrean organized stalking group in Aarau, I think Mr. Heimgartener knew about them as he had been helping them. This Our Lady of Guadalupe incident happened before Mr. Heimgartener's German class, and the man's friend who started asking me if I believe God sat next to me in Mr. Heimgartener's class. Sitting next to the victim is a typical way of giving pressure. Mr. Heimgartener did not even asked him his name although it was his first and probably the last visit to the class. Caritas workers knew what organized stalkers do. That is how Tibetans and other locals engaged in stalking I met in the Caritas German lesson.

After that, a roommate who claimed to be "police brought" lived in my room. I turned on my digital camera to record the conversation as I felt she was too suspicious. All the communication we had was about some kind of NLP anchoring other perps used. She had a mobile phone and talked on the phone and left. At night, she did not come back till 3am or so and then dissapeared after I asked her too many questions for why she told me particular things like "I go Basil."

When you have stalkers around, what can you do? Will you just go to police or tell others how you have been stalked? If I did so, the stalkers like Eritrean, Tibetan, and other groups can claim me, an individual, to be mentally ill. That is how people are "transfered" to mental hospitals in the past, isn't it?

In my case, I have better evidences from my videos and photos. Because local authorities and police are engaged in the organized stalking, they try to ignore my evidences. So, I post them here and my German blog. Police ignores the evidences of organized stalking while they might claim me filming the stalking activities of them with hiden camera. That sound much like criminals claiming of surveillance camera on the street for showing the evidence of their crime. Let's say, if they have nothing to hide, why do they care to be filmed on the street? I guess Aarau train station and the kanton library won't share their surveillance camera evidences to back up my side of story, so I needed to film the stalkers with my camera.

Give me the reason why an Eritrean guy had the picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe sticked out from his backpack and stood as if showing the picture off to me. These psychological harassments had been going on since May 2007. Abkur Dalow Abshir was one of them who had been working on the surveillance since that period.