21 April, 2009

Female human meat sold as pork in China?

Yesterday night, I checked through the Official Dilbert website for last several weeks strips. Then I noticed about cannibalism stuff and the coming Dark Age issue.

Then today, I saw similar information at Benjamin Fulford's blog. It's about the cannibalism practice and female human meats sales. Fulford says they combine the human meats with porks for sales.

However, we must bear in mind the link was sent to me by someone connected with US/UK intelligence and could be a psy-ops. They told me the human meat was mixed with pork and used in products like dumplings.
(from the above Fulford's blog)

I checked the website from the Fulford's link and it was a posting in Vietnamese. If you can read Vietnamese, maybe you can understand what it says. Ah, and be aware of grotesque pics of how human mutilation was done. I found the original was actually from another site, so I checked the link. (This one comes with naked victims pictures, so be careful if you are reading this blog enty in a library or other public space, or you would be embarassed. This blog entry does not come with nudity for the reader's combenience.)That one seemed to be posted in a Chinese forum. It came with better description of the victim and the cannibalistic practice in a Chinese rural area. I am not sure if the human meat sales is something they do in China like Fulford says. From other readings on the Web, I have seen other fake foods like fish eggs (Ikura in Japanese and you can see them in the Sushi Menu) and chicken eggs. These sites came with real pictures of how to make them and what are used, so you should be aware how popular they are.

If there is real flu outbreak happens, I am sure cannibalism is something that is likely to occur when our life line stops. Especially in the cities, foods are brought to there by the fleets. The survivors may eat canned goods and try to create pickled stuffs from what is available in abandoned stores. The classic epidemic SF book, Earth Abides, would tell what the life after the apocalypse, but they missed the view of what is taught from women's view and how to create preserving. The first thing people would do is gather others to form a group for the survival and then to find a way to keep the food resources. In other words, people will go back to either “hunter, gatherer” or “agriculture” to get foods. In our real world, it is so rare to find edible animals as most lands are used for human life and hunting is a part of our common activity. Where to get the foods when there is no other way to find one? Also some people consider money can alternate anything to provide needs and their motivation of getting money is as same meaning as getting a way to grab some bread – “bread-earner” metaphor. If someone can earn money from creating fake eggs, butchering people would be seen as same way to earn money for someone who has different sense of ethics or moral value. I am not saying that culture is acceptable, but it is possible if we continue to use “we and they” thinking for competitive society. The people do not eat pork may not care if they sell human meat contained pork to others. In the case of 20+ year old woman slaughtered in the Chinese article I noticed above, the villagers kill women for the alternative of pork to celebrate the New Year. If they have pork or other meats available, will the cannibalism disappear form the village? How about creating fake beef from beans? Unlike the harmful chemically created fake foods in the above links, some companies sell meat looking and tasting foods made from vegetables.

When we think about the productivity or profit for something, we might lose other things such as safety or ethics. Extreme competition in food industry would be harmful for everyone in a long run. You never know where these fake foods go and what else created from them. A company starts buying cheap meats which are actually human ones, and another company starts to practice it to stay in the competition, how such competition will go while both companies try to keep their advantages as the type of trade secret? The bribed officials can just keep their mouth shut or would be ended up to be canned for sale.