28 December, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 26-27, 2016

OSAM from December 26-27, 2016. So many German cars here and there.

Gang Stalking in Churches

With some effort, I found a way to restore almost all the information I added and needed for the book. The missing stuff is the bible image from Kloster Müstair that I took the photo in June 2012. I made a short trip to the cloister from Munich and stayed there few nights. Berliner woman stayed in the room next to mine at that time. Well, I added some more photos for the better visual information in the book. So, that should be just a small matter. Anyone can see a Swiss bible in 4 languages would be available somewhere online for sure.

"Gang Stalking in Churches"

26 December, 2016

Hard drive material messed around

Currently I have 4 external hard drives - I had 2 same 500GB hard drives for backing up everything since I was in Switzerland. Then I bought 1TB one for further safety and that one is some drop proof guard included. And I have 2TB one for the security.

I have the old photos in  all these hard drives but I use only 1TB and 2TB for the further photo backups as the other two got no more spaces. And I found the photos of the prayer books from Müstair in Switzerland went missing as well as the cathedral photo. I think I saw them around August this year when I was in Herceg Novi. But when I tried to add the Swiss 4 language bible photo to my Gang Stalking in Churches book - 90% done by last night and found the contents messed up and need to do the cut and paste from the older version as I have old ones here and there and they had the information not like 151151151151 or 161161161161161 or 171171171171171171, the one part was like that for some reason. Also, s says ... and such  for shorten the subject for making the book looks like paranoia.

So, someone took the prayer book information somewhere with the bible photo from June 16, 2012. I've heard Zarnes Croats or Germans are responsible for stealing the information to be misused for their good image by others' photos.

But I have the book texts and photos (one missing) ready by tomorrow or just before the New Year.

I just have no WIFI at my hostel and it got WIFI password and they require my username and the password for log in but no log in menu would appear in any browser - Crome, FireFox, Opera, etc.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 23-25, 2016

Here is the video from December 23 to 25, 2016. I saw some Korean groups in the Zagreb city center. How many of them are the para military and trooping around for the gang stalking? These people often got one person with a mask (white or surgical one), so they are easy to figure out. I could make the facial list of these people available for the local police and INTERPOL with the question of their connection with the private militia and criminal ring against non-Korean Asian Christians. Normal people won't do such a thing unless they rationalize their thoughts for "business intelligence" and violates the human rights of others by their mass group.

Also, so many German and Dutch cars around. Me? I was attending the mass and rosary at a small church. So, I found it better at a small church for safety from these mafia and even the theft type stuffs. Just I had 2 girls with knee area holes on their trousers sat near me but they did not do anything on the Christmas night. That is all about now.

Ah, I must make the German cars and others 2016 by now. That would be for the 4th year stuffs. Someone messed my Gang Stalking in Churches drafts - I had problem finishing for some reason for a long time. And I filmed such for tomorrow's OSAM uploading. I just get help from the local NGOs if they know what or where to get help with such Korean facial information. Must be fun just opening sharing their posters with the Medugorje Muslim like praying Korean woman next to me in 2013 visit. They all work together for some reason, so all goes guilty side.

22 December, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 20-21, 2016

OSAM from December 20 to 21st, 2016. I found my sleeping pills returned to my Samsonite poach when I woke up at the Hostel Goodnight Grooves. So, there would be someone invaded my room the night before. Also, Gea Tours did not come for picking me up at the corner I asked for the ride to Zagreb at 3pm. Instead, I waited for 20min and saw 2 hospital cars going around and making the U-turns at the dead end street and one German car also did that. I contacted Gea Tours 3 phone numbers listed on their website but none replied me. I found the man contacting my phone with this phone number (381) 60 3131701. He said that he is the driver at Hotel Moscow and was waiting there Gea Tours actually told me that the driver would call me when he picked up the passenger before me - there would be 7 people to be picked up that afternoon for the trip. I did not receive any driver call till I contacted the travel agency. So, something strange happened. I took the bus from 11pm and was able to arrive in morning. There is a German car parked at across the street from my accommodation. No WIFI working at the hostel. 

Ah, I found a big problem at Arena Mall yesterday. When I bought some stuffs and had the calamari and pomme at the food court. I forgot my porter bag at my table when I left the location. I think it was done by the V2K continuous talk that made me not really aware of my eye view. Usually people are fogettable when they got something thinking all the time or occupied. So, it happened like that way. Now I just left my Samsonite poach at home and kept everything in my porter bag. When I was walking around the lift area, one of the V2K speaker told me where is your bag on your back. And I found there was no heavy feeling on my bag and I realized I forgot my bag at the chair. There was a bold guy sat behind of my table with a woman. Also, I saw an Asian woman at the far corner. I saw one more Asian woman at the bubble tea location. And I found something strange later when I finished making OSAM video at home.

- table -
(chair with her bag)

(my bag on the chair)
-my table -
(where I sat)

(a bag on the chair where a woman sat)
- table -
(bold man)

So, it was like the other people's bags are just nearby and the V2K speaker told me that they used the "mind fogging" technique for claiming my bag to be the stolen item instead of mine. The V2K speakers told me that they tried 3 times at the same spot already. So, if they did that at Arena already, then this is what happened as the result. But I was lucky to be aware of my stuff not stolen. The V2K speakers told me that they could leave it there if I had my money in it. The instant technique to make a rich person losing everything to become a homeless.

14 December, 2016

Evolution theories from the V2K speakers

The V2K speakers often tell me something they are investigating of. It was about the Future Research Institute around 2015 and I wrote down the information as 2035 and such. The original was in my Operation Pendulum book and the later one is 2035 which I haven't finish typing up from the sketches and drafts. I do have the scanned stuffs for publishing.

The current story is about the lionhead goldfish or Oranda goldfish types. The lionhead gold fish got a large bump in front of their heads. And the V2K speakers told me that they found the way how it was created from its calcium intake pattern. The bump area is developed through the small fish babies just gathered and merged into the eye area as to attract the extra female numbers in the day time. So, the small fish materials are actually eaten like the Jungle Law to make one fish stronger looking and smarter looking. The V2K speakers told me the German researchers developed this theory and proved it in Tokyo science club.

Another issues are like how the giraffe made their necks longer and why 4 leg animals got the knee part bending different from monkeys and others. Giraffe got long necks due to the abundance of the tree leaves on the top area than the lower area because only the trees get taller and wise trees always make more fruits above around the reachable area for making animals gathering there yet the higher spots are for the scarce times to reach. What if the animal could be on top of the tree to be safe and eating alone? That was the purpose of the original giraffe families' idea. So, the young ones started rolling around while their mouths bit the tree trunks to make them bend. It gave a massive strength to their neck bones and later they found the water drinking around the toe line to be a normal gesture of being manly and awake instead of sitting at the spot to drink. And these motions made them to have further capacities of playing with the tree branches while they bend and hanging around to make the taller trees to make the edible spot lower for the siblings. Such emotional information and desire to play with the trees are kept inside of the giraffes' brain and that was the study done by the neuro analysts.

The last one, knee part suited for the splinting for 4 leg animals. It was more of the injury caused isse to make them having the knee bone structures due to the fractures. Same animals would have same accidents more often and it could be at the pebble filled area where the skinny animals with thin legs often twisted their knee joints and bones from the fall. This was found from the rhinos and bears that have thick legs and thick knee joints as the comparison to the deer type animals.

I don't really know much about these new evolution theories. I could get money if I know them when I was studying physical anthropology or something. Well, I just finish "Noriko Tower Noriko Hour" booklet by tomorrow. Xmas is coming and I need to do something with a safe quiet place to cerebrate Natalie.

Ah, my nose still bleeds. I had CT scan for 6000SRD yesterday. I picked up the CD and the film. I meet my doctor tomorrow. The total cost till now?

  • Ambulance and emergency hospital visit - 4000SRD
  • Full teeth x-ray (photo emailed and the film w/o CD) - 1000SRD
  • Rhinoplasty doctor visit (one time payment) - 4000SRD
  • Bulfen and Palitrex for 1 week - 2400SRD?
  • CT scan at the university hospital (film and CD) - 6000SRD
It was around 130€ value. I just have the nose bleeding ability now. I could make the bloody hand prints and bloody fingerprints everywhere for scaring people. Also, I can mess around with perp's restaurants by releasing my nose stuffing (rolled toilet paper) to make the floor and the table bloody and smelly. 

08 December, 2016

Organized Stalking Around Me - December 6-7th, 2016

I took an ambulance yesterday morning. The nosebleeds started around 11pm on December 5th and did not stop whole night. I used 3-4 toilet rolls but it was not enough and just made the mess full of the office size trashcan and even spilled the blood on the floor to make the place look like a murdered location. It was just like the same at Ravnice hostel when I had the nose surgery by Dr. Klapan few years ago. The bleeding happened even from the right eye socket.

Now some no color liquid came off from the right nose hole through the bandage. I don't know why this happened but the nosebleeds seemed to be done by the millimeter wave weapon. The V2K speakers told me this nosebleeds is to scare the target and claim something like swearing to quit drinking and such and the V2K speakers are supporting the Muslims. I denied for the quitting the alcohol as it would include wine consumption and even the wine dipped holy bread. I don't really like the Soka Gakkai and Muslim praising V2K speakers speaking and making my life ruined.

I paid 5900SRD for the emergency hospital visit by the ambulance. Well, the X-ray cost me another 1000SRD today. And the rhinoplasty clinic visiting cost 4000SRD. Is 4000SRD a normal price for the clinic visit in Belgrade??? I hope I was not overcharged by the gang stalkers.

I need to visit the doctor on Friday again and paying 4000SRD for checking. And another on next Monday and paying 4000SRD for removing the bandage. And even the CT scan here later... How much to cost for the nosebleeding in Belgrade? I guess I must be paying over 300€ or some more in total... By the way, 100SRD is around one dollar.

My bandage filled nose hurts. Well, if I survived till another day or another week, you see more German cars around me with the posts!! And if I am going to be killed from the room invasions, you see no more of my videos here.

This morning, I found my mobile started playing Pope John Paul II's singing music instead of the normal alarm. I stopped it but after that, I did not hear any alarms till 11am. So, someone might be entering my room at night and doing some funny pranks. If so, someone would be killing me from such wounds making.

05 December, 2016

Gang Stalking Analysis - Dublin Cookery School and Dublin Barista School

Gang Stalking Analysis series on Dublin Cookery School and Dublin Barista School gang stalking evidences. I attended DCS for one month certificate course during September to October in 2016. The first week went fine but later I encountered the mobbing at the school. Shauna Williams started speaking German and talking about something related to what I did for the sensitization. Also, some students always mentioned that they live near "Tara Street" in Dublin. There was a German car parked around the school for few days after the class started. I have been stalked by German cars for 4 years and it could be related with the mobbing at the school and Shauna's German language use at French cuisine teaching class. Carl Munch (Degers of Norway) and Shauna were often talking about the cannabis at the school and Shauna started smoking outside during the break and after the class. Carl brought a big luggage bag and it was opened during the class period as if to steal someone else's small bags. Sarah had the similar behavior of keeping her bag open.
Andy, a Korean student, was wearing NYPD logo shirt one day. He had Dutch brand knives and wore a pair of sneaker just like some others. It should be something protective more than sneaker for the cooking. Rosie, one of the students, was talking about the "prison program" at the school, so she might be related with the local gang stalking team. 
Dublin Barista School's Qualified Barista Award (QBA) had the gang stalking problem. Brian, one of the 6 students taking the 3 days course, told me that he has a friend in Osaka. He was always late to the class and even forgot to bring his textbooks. There was another Japanese woman, Risa Fujita, in the course. She said that she has been in Ireland since April for the working holiday visa and she just finished her ESL school and looking for a job. She told in the class that she lives in Blackrock area of Dublin and that is where I stayed as well. How many Japanese could be in the same 3 days course for the barista training and even living in the same area of the city? Blackrock is not a big town. My certificate was not really a useful one. I had 90% 75% 60% on the grading on it. I saw another certificate on the Internet showing no such grading nor a serial number. This QBA course costed me 400€ for such a surveillance period by other students and such a miserable grade on the certificate.

I forgot to add the images of the Japanese, Indian, and Syrian street food stands at the village mall area during September as they could be related with the local covert operation and the fundraising.

01 December, 2016

It's already December!

I'm taking few weeks in Serbia in order to learn a bit of language and maybe Russian beginner level. Never thought I could get 46% on the online exam without studying the beginner class yet. Reuters has the free Russian class online. And that one rocks.

Also, I'm planning to finish my V2K stories vol.2 and few books also.

I found a way to carry around books - just take photos of the pages and put them together in Sigil formatting with epubs. I never thought photocopying made such easy. Though taking photo takes 30min to 1 hour for about 10sec a 2 opened pages. It was a cool estimating of how to get the copies before damaged or stolen.  So, that is one of the thing I did.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 28th, 2016

Here is the one from the day before yesterday. I still see some Muslims around me.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 29th, 2016

I had a severe headache and stayed on my bed today. Long time I haven't post anything but I'm just surviving in Europe. Just German cars showing up everyday.

04 November, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 30th, 2016

OSAM from Paris. I think some German cars in the video.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 31st, 2016

OSAM video from Paris. 

03 November, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 1st, 2016

Here is the video from November 1st. I think this is from the last day in Paris and I visited some churches and such.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 2nd, 2016

OSAM from Paris - Lyon trip day. One eye patched girl with a man in the metro in Paris. A blind white cane user walking from behind in the metro station in Lyon. There was a Japanese cooker box holder in front of me while we were on the moving floor for the transportation.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 3rd, 2016

I haven't touch my blog for awhile and no time for OSAM video blog making. Well, I'm sick today from cold but I made my way to Lyon. 97€ for 2 hour trip from Paris yesterday. Can you believe that? The first available ones were full and I had to wait till 5pm from noon. I could take a bus instead for cheaper price for 6 hour ride. Time is money but I wasted with my own money yesterday for the similar arrival time.

Well, here is the video from today. I'm in Lyon but I have been encountering the blind people. There should not be so many blind people around, right? At least not at the moving floor at a metro station yesterday and 2 blind people at the plaza today. Well, there were a Japanese woman and some Muslims showed up for stalking, so they could be related with the gang stalking mafia group. Let Interpol to judge who they are in the city. 

29 October, 2016

Paris again by Eurolines instead of National Express

I had a bad day yesterday in London. Well, I only had one day free time and visited the restaurants which we used the recipes at Dublin Cookery School. That was not really a fun part as they are just the normal 3 star type restaurants in the big city. At least, I saw what looks normal for the land of Jamie Oliver.

I was at the buffet for awhile in the Victoria station shopping center. Free refill of drinks and unlimited pasta, pizza, salad intake for 10 pounds. That was not what I wanted but other restaurants were so crowded.

Then I spent about an hour and half at a cafe nearby. It had the cake and hot drink menu for 4.95. I had the cake and the tea. Well, that was the only option to be staying with my luggages. Then I saw the couple to the right corner started talking about Japanese woman and so on and they even mentioned a name, Allan, and kept talking. I just filmed their conversation for the possible perpetrators' sensitization story telling about victims nearby. Then I started to feel pain on the back of my eyebrow and the below the left eye area. The V2K speakers told me that they are attacking the spot where the hidden camera device locates. Then I had some pain on my left ear and above the ear. (The Electronic Harassment helped me to type "eyer" instead of "ear" here. Is this the brainwave jamming by Chinese people? The V2K speakers said that they have a new cop from Kanagawa and he is always using the assumption of the victim to have no knowledge of English, and accuse the victim for the weak English skill or ask the perps to steal the English-Japanese dictionary. I think that one just doing with the high school kids in UK area.)

Then I started vomiting from the pain. I did that for awhile but I was able to get the bus ride. I left the bathroom at the Victoria Coach Station and sat at the empty bench there. The bench was right in front of the gate for Paris bus at 20:00. But the check-in supposed to be at the rear of gate 19, the board said. I took a photo of that one. Then I took the bus there, then the clerk asked me to leave the bus with my luggage for the check-in. He asked me about my passport and then I was asked to take Eurolines bus parked behind of National Express one. National Express bus would pass through the tunnel and I could see Calais area. Instead, Eurolines was funny as I only found the spots near surveillance cameras and there were 2 Korean men sat nearby. One of them should be named "Mr Siwoo Park." Their seats are right in front of the surveillance cameras. I didn't know how the Euroline bus got such cameras like that way. I took the photos of these cameras. When I was taking another bus, there were a tall man and a black woman stood. The tall man asked me about 2 pounds he needs to get a bus. I don't really see why I have to help him. But he could steal my bag or something as others there seemed demanding me to help him. I'd rather call a cop if I was not the one vomiting around on the street to the coach station. Ok, here is the video. Anything wrong with Victoria Coach Station? Just check what the beggar doing inside of the gate. The billboard says "waiting outside of the gate is extremely dangerous" but people can beg this safely. Something funny, right?

24 October, 2016

Japanese couple sat in front of me at the bus station

I was busy visiting Knock and now in Dublin since yesterday. I'm traveling to London tonight and hopefully going back to somewhere with Jews and Jews-a-like to avoid so many Muslims.

I stayed at Divine Mercy B&B and had the room invasion attempt after 1am twice. The owner told me that it was someone who could not find a bed and stayed a night and left by the police pick up next morning. Then more Asians and Indians around next day. On Sunday, there would be a mass to commemorate Mother Teresa from 3pm, but I left that day. At the 9am morning mass, a woman showed up during the mass and kicked my shopping bag with my American bible and some books I bought as well as the folders with my diplomas.  I filmed her and shared on TARACT FB site.

Well, I can just share more from FB writing.
 I'm traveling to London after having room invasion attempts after midnight at Divine Mercy B&B in Knock Shrine area and the woman kicking my bag during the mass next day. I don't find peace anywhere I go. At Hazelbrook House in Dublin, there was no hot water shower just like at Divine Mercy B&B. There were a couple taking photos went into the place when I was heading back to the accommodation after dinner last night. I saw some Muslims at the reception. And there were always people around on the hallway and such. There was a tall man entered to the room 5 when I was about checking out after the cold shower. He seemed to be the one who showed up at the pilgrimage for the relic of St. Maximiliam Kolbe at the church in Fairview area on October 2nd. He was with a woman wearing the clothes frontside back. I filmed him at the hallway and shared online. And I visited the bus station to buy the ticket and I saw some black people surrounding me. Later, I saw a couple speaking Japanese and sat in front of me. It happened after I bought the bus ticket to London for tonight's bus. Are they Japanese pretending human traffickers? I haven't seen any Japanese in the city for long time but I only saw at the 3 day course at Dublin Barista School with only 6 students on October 12 and 13. At that time, Risa Fujita, was from Blackrock where I stayed for 1.5 months for attending Dublin Cookery School. As the local police won't really do anything with these suspicious people till they do the real crime against me after stalking and mobbing, I just share the information online to stop these people doing it to me.Are these Japanese stalking other Japanse because they are Soka Gakkai people hating non Soka Gakkai or Buddhist people?https://www.facebook.com/miyoko.goto.7/videos/1211439978899716/

So, that was how everything went. And I probably won't write to this blog for few days due to the different Internet Law in UK. I experienced some difficulty obtaining WIFI from my past trip and trying to use WIFI in the pub area. I think it was around 2011... I just stay 2 nights for the resting and moving. I'd be in Europe mainland by this weekend. And if something happens, these 2 Japanese on the video might be related with the missing. Also, these Japanese would be demanding type saying "gimme gimme" and trying to get something from others. Also, they could claim stuffs their victim own as theirs and claim it in a group. I heard that is a normal way of wiping others by the Soka Gakkai Japanese groups abroad. 

22 October, 2016

The Mother of Divine Mercy in Dublin

I'm in Knock now. I found a book called "The First Appearance" and it is about the apparition of Our Lady to a woman in Dublin. It started from September 12th, 1988. And the book has the contact address of "Devotion to the Mother of Divine Mercy 11 Brookwood Meadow, Dublin 5, Ireland Tel.: 01 8315647" Well, I haven't visit the location yet and never thought of such thing happened in Dublin city area. I was in the city from Sep 5th this year. I could see the feast or something on September 12th, you know. This kind of thing I call as miracle to me to feel refreshed. Some say that is just coincidence by picking a good book to read. And I just make feel fine with a good way to be connected with the Virgin Mary. Why there are so many obstacles for mobbing while I just be here for praying? What is the point of these dangerous people around expecting me to be dangerous or criminal or whatever for the crime tipping reasoning scapegoat? I could be in 140€ for 2 nights hotel next to the Shrine but I picked something like 40€ one and had a chance to find the bookshelf for the guests. Oh, well, everything goes like this - 100€ for the 2 nights trip on weekends and ending up learning something about the Dublin city miracle.
There is a big event for Mother Teresa on Sunday afternoon but I have to take the bus back to the city for the visa issue. But I could be in the city with my Macedonian Mother Teresa prayer card from Skopje. What a coincidence to me. My last visit was around the time Fukushima radiation leaking and the earthquake time in 2011? I guess I was the only Japanese here. Now, what about Macedonian? Am I the only one speaks Croatian/Macedonian/Montenegli/Serbiji? I hope there should be some more. I threw away Don Bosco's "Dai Mi Animas Chetra Torre" logo jacket few weeks ago. It was a cool Croat clothes in my retrospect.

21 October, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 2nd, 2016

OSAM video.

Leaving Dublin tomorrow

I would be in Knock Shrine fore few nights. There were so many Germans these days in Dublin city center. When I took a bus today, I sat near the girls speaking German. I saw some Germans and Americans at St. Patrick Cathedral guided tour today. Thanks to these people taking photos, I was able to take more in the cathedral. Also a Goethe Institut logo bag woman walking at night. I didn't see a German car today. Well, I saw one yesterday or day before. I'm guessing some would be show up at Knock area as I saw German cars from Berlin or Munich in Lourdes in France. Why not happen in Knock?

Everything seems OK now. Just some problem with the mind control.

I found the first mind control in Dublin would be the need of purchasing new clothes. If you are not poor, you would buy more clothes. That was one of the agenda that the V2K speakers told me. Also, some other issues like more of words only for note taking and English literature reading for less misfortunes. This seems to be something like the long term or short term visitors from Japan should be English learners as the first attempt to understand them. So, they would first activate the brain reading by checking what they do - reading English books and such. Well, in my point, I thought it worked a bit when I was reading the novel I downloaded from the Internet and was reading some books for my study. Then there was this something I could do extra. And that seemed to be just slacking around a bit to spend some time off. Anything I do would be deleted or damaged, so why not slacking, time killing? I could do more effort but the room invasion can ruin all my work at one crash. Gestapo out there is just like that in WWII, right? So, what is the point of doing extra hardwork or hardship? I would rather complain with the facial images instead. They should have been working for generations for their mafia groups.

Also, the room invasion happened and new stopped after I put so many plastic bags and plastic bottles at the room door to make noise when someone tries to enter from there. Last night, I heard someone walking at night when I thought of going to the bathroom around that time. Today, there are no Indians in the room next door. There was an Indian man and an Indian woman in the room next door few days ago. And their room door was often slightly opened as if to keep the room easily invaded. Well, I've heard from the V2K speakers that that is the trick people seem to be go easy on each other and the Japanese female students often get their wallets and passports stolen from their private or doom room in Croatia, Montenegro, Hungary, and other countries. In such case, the perpetrators laugh at the baiting success and the theft without any culprit.

I shall have time tomorrow night for adding some OSAM vids tomorrow or day after tomorrow.

17 October, 2016

Clean Language Sweeper

I've heard the story of "Clean Language Sweeper" from the V2K speakers. They say like there is the misused formula set for the Japanese Embassy in Ireland and always that one is used for tricking the English learners and pretty immature wannabe diplomats. They are treated like the "third (degree) language speakers" and their knowledge is always corrected. For example, added information is like the sudden appearance of the Japanese expression like "yummy!" in Japanese while on training to make sure the first expression would be mesmerized in the first language. The second issue is the lack of the proper English training such as "could you please...?" and adding "can't you..?" for the informal language use. Also, the lack of clarity means the certain additional information such as the last potion shortened from the sentence to let the listener assume what the speaker means. "Can you bring me.." and pointing the salt shaker on the table as an example. Also, making the speaker's feeling too frank and speaking in short and lower voice. "thingly" is one of the favorite way of making the childish expression in France for Japanese uniformed officer. "That's the thing" to "I don't wanna her from the speaker like thing."
The V2K speakers told me that they have someone from Tottori prefecture in Dublin now for the use of such method. Also, Irish Japanese embassy would be only using English meter for the abusing others. No proper English education given to the childish speakers, and they hope to have only formal people trained in Ireland.

10 October, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 5th, 2016

OSAM from Oct 5th, 2016.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 6th, 2016

OSAM from Oct 6th, 2016.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 7th, 2016

OSAM from Oct 7th, 2016.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 8th, 2016

OSAM from Oct 8th, 2016. I caught a gate skipping woman at DART station on Parse Street.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 9th, 2016

I finally free from the school works and had a free weekend. I didn't really do anything now. Well, I've got one certificate and another one to be done this week. At least, I can tell I am not slacking around all day long. One German car from yesterday in the video.

Here is the recent OSAM video. I created videos till September 27th time. I could make some more for the entire missing month from my trip to Dublin period.

03 October, 2016

Vandalism at 14 Fairyhill Lane, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

I'm staying at 14 Fairyhill Lane, Blackrock, Co. Dublin. This morning, I found my Lush handmade block of soap was cut in half. It was in my porter bag all the time as I was afraid of the gang stalkers touch my bath stuffs and damage them for fun. Also, I only use one underwear for the same reason. Also, my HX-50 camera cannot read the memory card no matter I changed another one for testing. I was able to take photos of these two soap photos this morning with the almost empty battery of my TX-30 camera. My other batteries for TX-30 were all empty and I found out that was how the room invasion was done yesterday night of October 2nd. I contact police and report this incident with other issues from before for the crime reports later. I found my batteries emptied sometimes before and my cross and 2 medals on my necklace moved the order from the past room invasions. This one is the worst as I can tell from other physical damages besides the missing padlocks before and returned on last Friday. Also the rosary poach gone missing and found back in the poach after I post the missing case on Face Book.

When I was at Insomnia cafe, my netbook got no WIFI as if of the hacking problem. So, I only have my phone for taking photos and filming now. My HX-50 camera can take photos but only in the internal memory, and I had the problem of connecting via USB to my netbook.

26 September, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 25th, 2016

Here is the latest video. It's already 2am here but I made this video at least today. Still some Germans at DART train stations and a German car on the street. A German female group at Starbucks. Enough Germanization around me in Dublin these days.

Mobbing happened at the school and I shared the information to Interpol HQ on FB and I sent an email to the metropolitan police about German cars and such from today and around the school. Now what? Who would become crazy? Someone should give me a compensation from the past damages and even the current thefts going on.

21 September, 2016

Not much things happened so far - just less sleeping time these days

Nothing much good things happened. Small mistakes and more problems at the school I'm attending. Few photos and videos for the crucial mobbing information just enough to show others what is going on. Today, I saw my working partner brought some tools which are sold at the shop area in the school. But she supposed to have them from the first day of the class. She had the bland new ones opened and put them with her papers. Some others used the measuring spoons from the box and kept it in the shelf of their table. Since everything was prepared, so there was no need of using mine which we must have from the first day of the course.

More information is shared at the linked sites at the FB. I could make the vid blog but not really doing it now. I just have less time.

20 September, 2016

Some stories to tell and just more waiting for the videos to come

Ok, I'm so so busy about learning new skills. I don't really have time till midnight for the computer work. The good thing is that I learn something new everyday and that is quite a challenge for me as a new skill and I may use the new knowledge for writing a book about it. The bad thing is that I cannot have enough time today. Well, sometimes, I would have time for writing or OSAM vid making but I don't really feel to sit down or lye down with my computer.

I still got Germans around. Not by the cars but saw some.

Here is one American car. I saw something like this on the same intersection. I saw a German car around there before. And Spanish cars showed up to the same spot for few times. Today, it was the US car and a German jacket woman on my way back.

Last Wednesday, I lost my 3 digit padlock I used was missing. Then I found it on Saturday morning in my shopping bag. I held it to small to put it in my porter bag and it was not there. Also, I found my two Virgin Mary medals on the same side instead of on the sides of the cross on my necklace. Well, that medal moving happened today. I found it done tonight. I don't know how that was done but it could be related with the room invasion.

There are people acting strange since last Friday or something. But some were only doing so. Well, I write diary and got some information shared on the FB. So, it could be trackable. I just don't have enough time for that. The V2K speakers told me strange things like they got Takahashi-gawa cop and he is a Kofuku no Kagaku cult member trying to catch the religious people yet not joined to the Japanese religion for the wealth giving up. Also, the V2K speaker seemed to be the same guys - from Croatia area to Romania as they say they are from Bosnia area for claiming someone to be a Muslim to get money for hunting.

The V2K speakers told me that they got Turkish Oil company employees working for the harassment with the Japanese Yakuza. Also, they say that they want to steal my bag to make all the evidences gone. Nothing much really happened and only the thing stolen from my wallet was the Romanian bus card. I kept it in my wallet all the time and it was stolen after last Tuesday when I checked it there. I think it was stolen around last Friday from the room invasion while I was sleeping. My photos seemed to be just there on the hard drive. Nothing is really damaged but not sure. Life is unpredictable and I just be aware of these Gestapos just showed up and done - like Auschwitz sending type experience. So, I don't know what is really going on around me like this way. Damages happens all the time.

Also, the V2K speakers tell me that they want to do the theft claim to make me treated by the police. Well, I can say that I lost 5000CHF notes in July and still I have extra money for the emergency case despite of these room invasions. I don't know who would be helping me but just like that. All I know is that the V2K speakers told me that there would be a Korean in my class and he would be writing something like "go home" on my jacket or something. It did not happen so far. Just no theft and nothing much just few electronic harassment stuffs and some people acting strange from last Friday time.

The electronic harassment was like - feeling pain of some tiredness and caused me to be sloppy on the speeches. ".... you know" is something I don't really use but it just came easily. Also, "xxx thing" to describe something sloppy. Also, I have a sudden problem of forgetting the right ward to connect after a sentence making. "I would use... (the white board)" like the mind zapping to pause my thinking to continue the words like something specific. I think these are typical for making someone to have a language problem. How many students got such a problem in UK area? I guess that is a typical problem and the solution is the use of one's own words instead of the feeling of speaking something already made by the V2K speakers or something just come up in the mind. I found it much easy solving the problem by typing up my own thoughts and trying to read more stuffs for just to have my own language shape. Difficult language construction is much easy for make my mind to be in.

13 September, 2016

H KR 2606 - the German car on the corner in Dublin

I'm kinda busy for the skill training here in Dublin. Well, I have new stuffs to do and visited the Carmelite churches. Well, I accidentally ended up in the Carmelite church where Mother Teresa asked for the vocation last Sunday and had the mass there before 6pm when the evening mass would be. Well, it was just the accident but saw the new prayer at the Virgin Mary statue. The V2K speakers told me that Mother Teresa often visited and prayed near the Virgin Mary statue to the left from the alter and a priest was watching her from the right side corner near the wall and statues in the church. Well, that was how the false memory or something the V2K perpetrators told me. Well, they had the Polish people and they asked donation for them.

I haven't seen any German cars till today after Rosslare where my ship got some German cars shipped as well to Ireland. I found the car parked around the corner from my school. A bit surprise for me seeing it there even in Dublin. I encounter Germans eating near me when I dine in the city these days. So, they are on foot and no way of bringing their cars to the island like Ireland.

I might add some videos before this weekend. 

31 August, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 29th, 2016

Here is the video from August 29th, 2016.

I just had so much time checking churches in Rome. 7 churches visited - one closed but made it to the building location and prayed in the shrine in St. Paul. Guess which one was closed.
I'm traveling to Paris tomorrow.

I was at B&B Piazza Regusa? The one after the Da Li Roma? metro station. The owner gave me a entrance gate key which was not working and I often had the frequent pee problem like every 30 minutes needed to go to pee. I had the stomachache the day before my departure on August 29th. I found one Bulgarian coin in my wallet as if the perpetrator entered my room and stole money and replaced it with a foreign coin. Also, I found few Lei notes from Romania. I didn't put them in there for a long time, I so I can tell someone touched my stuffs. At least, my blog is safe and my money seemed to be still in the spot where it should be. No mobile nor camera missing. There seemed only one more person staying at the B&B and that one looked like the room next to the bathroom.

I just find the small key ring string I bought at Maria Divino Amore missing from my souvenior plastic bag. I kept them together in one packet and now I found it missing as if someone took the souvenir for their own like the serial thief or something. I've heard the Soka Gakkai cops informants in Croatia and Budva area would be doing so for the money making from the searching. Or, it was missing from my current hotel, Angela Roma Guest House. But just one thing missing and the V2K perps said that they could not steal rosaries nor a medal I bought for my own. Angela Roma Guest House got Chinese name on the label. And I found my suitcase padlock was slightly opened already and it seemed someone opened it and just closed a bit to look like locked. There are shops selling Our Lady of Guadalupe with Vaticano print on the back. Quite rare and good quality.

26 August, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 25th, 2016

Here is the video of all the mess happened at San Giovanni Laterano basilica where Pope Benedict IVI worked and even I received one copy of Padre Pio relique card. Too bad to have so many Japanese, Muslims, and even the gang stalkers aggressively harassing me.

There was a Japanese family showed up with a specific book store name cover on a book and it looks familiar like of where my family live. The store may be different or in several locations though. But it's rare to find Japanese or Muslims in a basilica in Rome like this way. So I thought they are gang stalkers for the sensitization and false witnessing.

22 August, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 18-20, 2016

The latest video. So many Germans around.

21 August, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 17th, 2016

Here is the video from few days ago. More Germans around me now. Well, I can explain it by tomorrow with the new videos.

17 August, 2016

Guest House Nataliya in Herceg Novi (August 10th, 2016)

This is what happened on the following day. The bold guy was around and he was doing the flirtation. Why Montenegli people would do something like throwing kiss and such while talking??? He must be really pervert of some kinds. Well, I want to share his gestures to major Montenegli forums and websites for fun. And that is how I can find a way for the donation to cover 420€.

Guest House Nataliya part 1 (August 9th, 2016)

I had a problem of a bold guy at Guest House Nataliya in Herceg Novi. I took a bath around 10.30 to 11pm and was about to be in my bed. Some people knocked my room door and a bold guy started asking me questions like he left his Casio G-shock in the bathroom and he could not find it. He was with a man and a woman. The woman suddenly stated that she thought I took it.

Ok, I have a Rolex. I have been using it since I was around 20 in California. I fixed it in Zagreb last year as it got stopped working in Romania area in last April. I have the warranty card.

They tried to invade my room at night. Look at how they did it. I was so scared. Didn't they crazy ignoring the house rule of not making noise after 11pm or something??? The landlord's family is making noise like that!!! Well, I thought the only room invading people would be Germans or Muslims.

I moved out on August 10th. I could not get the refund of 420€. What a loss to me. And I'm looking for a lawyer but so many gang stalkers around and I don't really get one now. I make the perp list for Kotor and Herceg Novi and such and sell them. I also make the donation site to share about this guest house and other gang stalkers who are dangerous for the tourists and Targeted Individuals. Someone should pay for the 420€ back to me. Or, I keep this misbehaving owners and their friends on the Internet forever and even adding some more links and tags to the guest house name.

Just look at the ending part of the movie. The guy is trying to invade my room and shouting. That is how people act at night. I wasn't get killed there.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 14th, 2016

The day before the Assumption day. Many Muslims gathered near Ozana church and taking photo of the aloe plant nearby. That's what we call the suspicious Muslims. No implants or things found at the aloe plant. What a stupid group while I shouted them as suspicious and still taking photos there!!!

I hope no Muslim enter Kotor town during the Christian fest times like Christmas and Easter. 

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 15th, 2016

Yesterday was the Assumption of the Virgin Mary day. I visited the Our Lady of Health shrine on the hill of Kotor and later I climbed up to the fortress area. It was my first visit to the fortress as I had no problem with sudden muscle movement and such. It was rather a quiet day. But I didn't get to the top. There were so many Muslims in the city and even at the fortress path. I don't really see why there are Muslims like that way. Somewhere without Muslims should be safe. How was the Muslim situation in Rome and Vatican. I hope the Pope mass there should not be like full of Muslims these days.

I saw a strange Orthodox sign of cross doing man in the church mass at night. It was my first mass at Ozana church. St. Ozana is the nun who helped Kotor people to fight against Turks. Well, what happened to her lower limbs? It looks missing in the glass case. There was also a Chinese character logo clothes man in the church for the mass. Both of these did not take communion there.

Here is the video. I was busy for moving to another spot and just doing the writings and such. I might publish some new poetry later.

05 August, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 30 - August 1, 2016

I haven't done so much from the end of last month to now. I just studied Italian a bit. There are some gang stalkers always show up at the beach, so I don't really go there. Why should I be at the beach with potential thieves around? Also, some Bosnian cars around.

27 July, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 10-14, 2016

OSAM from July 10-14th, 2016.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 18th, 2016

The video blog from July 18th.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 20-21st, 2016

Few days before my birthday. Well, nothing but gang stalking still going on since 2016 or something.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 24-25th, 2016

Here is the latest video.

23 July, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 22nd, 2016

I haven't post anything for awhile. It was because I was busy photocopying my books. I have too many books and made me having a heavy suitcase. Say, it was very few and only the small size suitcase when I left California. I bought a large suitcase when I left Switzerland and since then I have the large one. Why do I need so many stuffs? And even having more perpetrators claiming my Christian book filled suitcase as something suspicious. I don't know the line to draw for what to be suspectable these days. I don't do any criminal activity at all. What is the loss for me committing a crime? I'd rather avoid it wisely to be safe from any trouble. Yet more trouble by the gang stalkers.

Well, I'm trying to reduce my books by making photo copied books to be carried with me while I send them back to my family's home or give away to my Christian friends. Photocopy is just for the personal use and nothing really harmful.

Well, today, I visited Our Lady of Health church on the hill in Kotor. This is the third year visiting there on my birthday. It's a long run tradition for me. Not much things happened. Some Japanese logo people walking around.

Then I took a boat to Perast and Our Lady of Otok. In the boat, I saw two Muslim families. Muslims are rare in Kotor and they seemed to be in the weird location - the tour to visit the churches. Ok, here is the evidence of these potentially dangerous Muslims.

Near Perast, I saw a Japanese flag boat showed up and ported next to the tour boat. How can a Jap boat to be available? Well, there were a man with Japanese writing? T-shirt and a woman with "twin" tattoo in my boat, so they could be all just counted for the gang stalkers.

Well, just check out the video. It's a legendary Muslim landing Our Lady of Otok island.

17 July, 2016

Some Chinese character logos around me these days

I reported the 5000CHF missing case to the Tivat police. Later, 4 Romanian speaking people moved into the same floor rooms. One guy got "hope" tattoo on his back and a Virgin Mary image to his right shoulder and carps to his left. He wears Friends Gym sweaters.

Today, I saw a Romanian car with "hurry, first place" logo. It's rare to find Chinese characters unless they are gang stalkers.

There are so many Germans and Bosnian cars around. Why Turkish and Bosnian cars in Tivat to Kotor area? Are they all the Muslim extremists gang stalkers? Then, I caught some future terrorists in my camera :) take some out for safety from the beach area. There are Russians swimming here and there and they could be targetd by these crazy Turks.

Got my PC slow, so I upload photo here later. I have them on Tumblr.

12 July, 2016

The V2K Various Stories - a book

I finished typing the new book but I had a huge accident at Tivat - my money poach gone missing on July 7th. So I could not get to finish my book. Well, I have few more books to be finished and hopefully 2 poetry books, Beach!, Gang Stalking in Churches, would be published accordingly. I haven't do anything for awhile but writing books should be some work as people called so.

The V2K Various Stories is 500yen or 5 dollars in other sales site. It got 100 pages in total and over 60,000 words. Enough size and rare stories.


09 July, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 7th, 2016

July 7th was the worst day in my life. I lost the St. Stephan Basilica Vienna money poach with all 5000CHF Swiss franc and Mexican Rosary I bought in the California Mission and all the necklace medals gone. Then now I have no worry of losing them. Say, what to do with the victimization from the gang stalking and organized crimes? No help as the people are just the enemies around me for find fault of me and such. This morning, I found the door bar bug killer can left on the bed side table instead of on the door knob. I left the suitcase attached to the door and a plastic bag for noise maker between the door and the suitcase top was intact. Also, the tapes on the both side of the door taped well. There could be the home invasion happened yesterday. The couple next to me - a black guy and a white girl - they often open their room door and sit outside. I don't know why they are just that loose. I saw some insecurity people like that often around me as if for the teasing.

Well, here is the story from July 7th. Some Muslims in Tivat Also Turkish cars and BiH cars around as if Muslims doing the terrorism, hahaha. I filmed them. If something happened, they would be the responsible ones. Muslims are always bad ones and seeing some would give a bad omen.

My Mexican rosary stolen and all religious items gone - July 7th, 2016

Well I had a bad time in Tivat. I was thinking to finish up writing my Beach book which I haven't finished yet. Also, I sell photos and took some photos for the Summer time images. Well, here is what I share on FB. I could add more preceise info on OSAM on July 7th, 2016. Look at me I kicked the cat down to the sea. I was so pissed off and confused. Then I had some free feeling - why always my religious times damaged and mafia in the church doing the harassment on me to break peace and adding mobbing in the church? So, it was like the rebellious feeling.

On July 7th, I lost my St. Stephan Basilica money poach with 5000CHF in t. It got also my Our Lady of Guadalupe rosary and the necklace and other pendants. So, my religious items from previous trips were all gone. It could be related with the mind control to forget something while I put it with my left hand. There could be the pattern of this mind trick. I touch it and move it with my left hand and the V2K speakers continuously talking to me or do some suggesting and forget the staff I put to the left. And I move away from the location without watching it. It happened to me last time at a restaurant in Makarska, Croatia in 2009. It was the day I had Mixed Meat menu. And two days ago, similar thing happened. The V2K speakers told me that I would get something stolen if I swim at the beach. I just entered the water and thought it would be only 1 hour duration at Tivat. My my valuables locked in the bag and the bag strings and shoe strings were all tied to make it a chunck of stuffs together. And the problem was the time I moved stuffs around after I left the beach. I saw the money poach in the bottom of my bag. I put it out and thought of put it in the pocket of my jeans but it was tight and just put it somewhere. I thought of put it in the side poach as it was there all the time. I packed things up and left the beach. There was this not seeing the beach again or eye sight movement control to unnotice stuffs. The V2K perps said that they are using the university master class for the technology and they said that some Japanese came from Dubrovnik in Croatia where more of these small crimes they do. 
Well, I visited the police station yesterday. It was around 4pm in Tivat and later the police brought "Japanese" translators. And I accidentally filmed them for the evidence - I was scared of these Jap speakers, you know. Too many Jap gang stalkers doing bad things on me. A guy to the left in the film is called as "Mr. Kuroda" and another is a Montenegli man who speaks Japanese also. 
These two guys speaking Japanese brought a small notebook for each for writing something in. They asked me some questions for the group talk and the Montenegli guy told me that he saw me at the supermarket at the Tivat bus station yesterday. I don't know how he saw me there - I went there twice - the time the bus arrived to Tivat and another time was I found the missing money poach and was so so pissed off and pored the left over soda into the trash can at the entrance and just throwing in the groceries to the shopping cart thing. It was like that. The receipt got 7.77€ total for a joke. It reminded me of the 777 Jackpot logo T-shirt guy at Sofia, Bulgaria on June 9th, 2013 for the theft of my wallet. That was just pissing me off more. The Montenegli translator asked me several questions like how I got money and how he saw me at the supermarket and why you did something to the clerk or something I don't really know. Well, the guy to the right in the film could be a perp. The perps could bring people for the surveillance and harassment.

27 June, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 25th, 2016

The video from the day before. Nothing much but German cars around. So many Germans.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 26th, 2016

The latest video blog from yesterday. Just Germans around. I found Starbucks in Corvin Plaza shopping mall and Costa Caffee outside. I saw some Muslims in the shopping mall. Are they normally there? Also, I had a sudden thirst and drunk up 1.5L bottle of water for the late lunch at the food court. The V2K perpetrators told me that they used "toast" program to make someone to be in the mind sauna by heating up the shoulder muscles to feel the stomach needs of drinking more or hungry.

Also, I had the problem of sign-in to my blogger account. It first said the address won't exist. But I eventually succeeded. I don't know how this happened but now I am able to write the post.

17 June, 2016

Gang Stalking Analysis - Mega Mall in Bucharest

Gang Stalking Analysis from yesterday's incidents.

- Manufaktura restaurant "double" Chinese tattoo waiter.
- 2 Beggars
- masked militant and pirate eye-patched gang members - more in Croatia but can be found in Bucharest area also.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 16th, 2016

A German car is outside of my hotel last night. I visited Mega Mall and saw many Asians around. I guess they were there for the false witnessing. Also, there was the waiter with "double" Chinese character tattoo at Manufaktura restaurant. I only ordered the 15 lei Longbow cider with cheese cake offer. The cake came with a mint leaves on top instead of the strawberries or something as on the menu photo. I threw it away. Better avoiding the poisoned cake than eating it and get sick. There were beggars getting few lei from the people in the food court and at the tram.

12 June, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 7-9, 2016

Here is the three day long OSAM in about 10min long.

07 June, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 6th, 2016

OSAM video. Some Muslims and Asians at Mega Mall. I have been sighting Muslims almost everyday. NO wifi at my hotel last night after I came home.

I found my shoe sole with a hole. I check the soles everyday as they are a bit bigger to fit in. So, it was damaged till this morning. I have sleeping problem with the V2K at night and frequent peeing issue in early morning like every 30min. The V2K perps say that they want me to sleep or not to leave the home till 2pm for the general suspicion of Muslim or something.

The V2K Dictionary got 783 words inside, so if someone messed around, I see the difference.

King Solomon's top secret

As long as you are resourceful, you are succeeding. - King Solomon

 The top secret of the Jew family's story revealed by the V2K perps and that is the Nazi gem word, they say. Does someone know about this proverb?

06 June, 2016

911 firefighter blows up WTC7 cover up wide open - Alex Jones video

I saw this one on FB today. Then why people with NYPD or NYFD logos show up for the gang stalking? Do they help the cover up of other mafia guys around the world?

V2K Vocabulary Dictionary - on sale

I finished editing yesterday and here it is. I sell it on several places. 5 dollars for over 780 words explained.


Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 4-5, 2016.

The latest OSAM video.

There is this Chinese character logo car parked across my hotel.

Two Chinese showed up at H&M. I needed to buy some underwear to replace the damaged one. Well, I just used the last one which I kept in a plastic bag like new.

Damage is like this.

Muslim showed up.

At the church, I saw a black man and hijab woman.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 2-3, 2016

The video from June 2-3, 2016. Not much happened but some German cars and Koreans showed up.

01 June, 2016

I probably finish the new books in future for sale

I haven't publish someone for sale in the ebook format after Muslim make up book in Japanese. So, I guess the V2K vocabulary book should be a new stuff for some people to understand what the V2K is. They have Mr. Osada who is wealthy man in Croatia for mafia funding and there is Sojya-city born couple who owns a building in Zagreb westside for the SDF supporting in the city. Who are these people? Do they really exist? That kind of thing would be what we need to know for fun and curiosity to understand the truth out there.

Me? I'm doing fine - speaking Romanian, French or Franch thing, and even Spanitaliano. 

Organized Stalking Around Me - May 28 to 30th, 2016

Here are the links to the OSAM videos recently. I had problem uploading.

OSAM May 28, 2016

OSAM May 29, 2016

OSAM May 30, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 31st, 2016

I haven't post anything on my blog for awhile. I had stuffs to do and I just have enough time now. I started working on the V2K vocabulary book and now is 37000 words with around 450 entry. I think this book would be done in this week with almost all the key words told to me from my V2K experience for over several years. I hope, the knowledge will give the clue of who these speakers are. One interesting knowledge is the Colombian High School Shooting. 2 weeks ago, they had a meeting on the crime prevention student meeting and a fat boy ripped off a female cheer girl or a tennis girl photo telling not to do the pervert thing to the photo owner. He panted the white panties as if the spot was showing the contents or something. 3 days before the incident, the students were asked to keep some weapons at their rooms. It was the test to see if the parents could detect the weapons at home. Well, the detailed story is in my V2K various story book. The vocabulary book has this phrase as one entry "They would be in Havana, yes?" by a female voice saying it as a chanting after a male voice says "Oh, where they would be?" I think that is one of the technical use of the Silent Sound voice sender to cause the misuse of the God Voice Weapon in the society. Normally, people have the feeling of how to think and solve the situation such as thinking about the future to choose the best option. For the students, they were gathered and suddenly heard the announcement with the Silent Sound that all the students were warned of the armed students. The students could just deposit the weapons in a safe place to hide them for the safety, or simply submit them to the school personnel as a fool to get sentenced, or just be on the TV type panic and solving in the dramatic way.

I think the V2K is just a broad term of the voice hearing, and it does not really give any panic once the listener knows the trick of voice hearing by the high tech stuff. Chemical applied could make someone to be mood driven and could go wildly acting but the chemical must be detected for the covert operation.

Well, here is the latest video. I'm doing fine and working hard. I had problem uploading the video but here is the link.

22 May, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 20-21, 2016

I saw some Muslims yesterday and today. I don't think so many Muslims in Bucharest, but that happened to me.

Also, some Asian men were around.

At the Italian church, I saw an Asian woman came after the mass alone and took photos around.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 18-19, 2016

On May 18th, I took a train to Bucharest. I had lunch at Burger King near Kileti train station in Budapest but I saw this Nippon Express transportation company jacket man there.

The strange thing was that no one took the 4 burgers and 1 apple pie on the top shelf at the counter. Customers were getting the burgers from the middle and the lower shelves. What was wrong with those burgers? Did they have something wrong in it? I guess Nippon Express jacket guy might know the clue like they brought the human sperm or urine from Japan for humiliating people who live or stay abroad. Scary Japanese companies exist for sure.

At Subway in Bucharest, one clerk had the Arabic tattoo on his right lower arm. He was talking with two men who later talked with a young man who ordered before me. They were talking about the franchise of Subway in the area and they said that the monthly cost is 4000€ there and 7% profit is done regular price.

I saw a German car near the entrance to Park Cisimigiu.

17 May, 2016

Mr. Pooh (Veh) of Vietnamese and his suicide

The V2K speakers sometimes told me about their side of story to spend some time for making me listening what they say. I wrote down such stories in a text file. I haven't publish them but I have quite a volume like over 20,000 words. It could be published in future as a book to sell. Well, some of them includes the stories of how the recruits were done by the Kyoto or Tokyo University student or medical examiners from these areas. It reminded me of the 731 and other various human experiments. The V2K perps told me that they are SDF Navy in Croatian area. Some of them say like they learn how to work in Islamic Law to punish women or their targets to submit to their will. They say they are funded by PKO. Well, here is one of the story they told me. The spell check is not yet done as I wrote down in a small editor which has nothing hidden for the sudden crash or something.

Mr. Pooh (Veh) of Vietnamese and his suicide
He did not join the anti-terrorism mafia network to help kicking the bad Muslim women's ass out. His intention was to make a small money from the community watch type small hand network job. The Japanese magazine company was looking for someone who can do the stunt job with the real name close to Pooh or Poor pronounciation type. So, a Vietnamese name, Veh, was accepted for taking the job. Mr. Veh was a small short man who were in the 30s with short mustache and short black hair with less age telling facial structure. He was a lucky one with an easy blow job to his penis as the part of the sex practioner certificate making. He first thought his role was to make a sex on their targeted woman who should be scold as a call girl by doing so. Also, he thought his official acceptance to the family member is just to tell my name as Pooh and to be a school kids' mascot of some sort for Japanese teenagers. That was a nice excuse for 200 dollar job instead of 250€ that was officially announced on the advertisement. It was reduced as if the call girl wanted to take some money off from you by the blow job technique she made. It must be excellent on you. That was the killer story telling to make the man to lose his face in Yakuza industry. Mr. Veh said he did not really like it at all but it was part of the routin of my job role. He said it openly without being a coword. So, he was chosen as a target for the alpha males who would be just pushing others to go crazy.
His name is Pooh. So, it was introduced as so after the blow job setting in an hour later. He was wearing a red short pants and a green kharki tanktop. It was vest looking. That was the best time in his job. He sat in front of the group of 5-10 women from his group and some other military friends network gathering more women from the revolutionally white from Northern Europe. This meeting happened at the hotel west from Nyugati train station. More males are gathered aside for the evidence making. If the girls love the man or not. So, it was collected as so. The call girl was asked to show up on the stage. She is a cannabis dealer and she cannot have baby anymore and decided to fall to the call girl position ever. The man was happily seeing her. He said that he did it already with her. Only by the mouth. The heart is not yet. It was like the old fashioned school boy's joke. Every girl from his group cheered about the news and maleness in the Europe. Asian males are just so, the girls thought it as the education. Nothing in virgin on the heart or brain. A girl thought so.
The host asked him how is his dick. He said only his sister can see it. Then he was decided as on the death penalty because of his not manly style. Scandinavian cops funded this kind of scandal making to the East Asians. The host said, "Pooh-san niwa shinde itadakimashou (Pooh needs to be dead)." Then the atomosphere of the room changed. Some women felt fear on the announcement as if imagining something like a murderer shows up to kill him in half. What happened was that he was suggested to be on the stretcher which is often used by the pregnant women for the delivery of a baby. The groin parts won't open till the patient stripped off. First was the handcuff after he stood up with two escourts on the right side. One behind of him handcuffed while he was anounced not manly enough to become a group learder of his group. Then he was asked to show the pocket contents on his short pants. He had some coins and only the transportation permit was brougtht with him for the safety in the meeting room. Anyone canbe a pickpocket and every one could be a volunteer for something. A credit card can be used as the door opener and could be cut in half for the magic making. While the escort was searching the pants pockets, his dick got erected while he was standing on the stage. The escort asked about how he felt. He said that he felt his stomach warm. Then he was asked to sit on the deliverly chair. Then there was a small table with a black curtain toward the spectaculers. So, everyone thought it as a joke of the man transformed into a man in front of women. And it was very torturing for the male victim but it was quite entertaining. The man's mother was evicted from the group to avoid any verbal abuse from the show.
There was a CCTV camera hidden on the box hiding his genital area from the audience on the stage. Mr. Veh did not know what was going on. First, he thought it was to make sure he is erected in front of the girls and hidding it and making him to shout some sexy words for the show. The doctors team from Ehime University came and young male medical student helped to put a codom on his penis. The medical student wore the latex gloves and it was much of the esamination process. First, the host asked Veh if he has someone who likes to make her to be his wife. Veh said no. Then the host said "good. let's enjoy seeing his ejection!" Then the stage top cover was taken and a big TV showed up above Mr. Veh on the stage. The TV screen was there hidden on white curtains. The CCTV was on and the latex poked up from the white male underwear with the latex glove hands around it. Veh did not know about the TV and thought somebody may be seeing from behind his chair when the girls growned together. The gloved hand made the condom up right and then made it down. Still the inside was stiff and the host said that "Veh-san wa bokki site irasshaimasune (Veh, you are erected)." Then host asked Veh if he has done mastervasion with his hands. Veh said that as if it is a natural thing for men and he said with anger that he did it with the cute girls pictures. Then the latex gloved hand touched like circulation way to the condom top. Veh did not say anything. He felt hot on his dick. It was like how the males feel on his genital sensitive part revealing to the women. Female friends of Veh was crying by seeing the side. Veh cannot stay in his neighborhood location anymore in this city. Girls thought. Then the latexed hand moved back and force while the host was asking about how the call girl did to him. Veh was saing oohh and aahs. Then said "mother.." in murmuring voice. "I did it." Veh learned that the girls were watching the large screen on top of him how the white condom was moving while the real part was hidden. Then he closed his eyes and just not thinking anything.
The host said "jyaa, honmono wo mite mimashou (then we see the real thing)." The latex glove moved to pull off the condom. And Veh shouted "stop!" and shaked his bandaged body on the deliverly chair. He moved up and down. this time, he was completely stripped off on the camera. his short was taken and his white underwear was removed by the scissoring method. It was a perfect way to see the male genital organ to the anus area on the deliverly chair with some adjustment on the CCTV camera position. The girls were watching this medical show after learning of the male get excited to the finish. It was more of the benefitial knowledge for the women as a group thought. Veh must be retired from this job to be a call girl's victim in future. That was accepted as a result of not manly enough gesturing. He could be a stripper in Netherlands, his brother figures thought. Still working as a sex worker would be good for his face keeping and even fame making from this first show modeling. Everything was possible in Europe. That was the male audience from his Yakuza connection cheering after the show.
Veh really hated the touch of the female call girl, another one, touching the top of his dick by the nail. It could be harmful to his dick, he said. Then his penis was used as the testing object to see the male sensitivility with various objects. He did not like the duck toy with the head part cut off. It was used to put some air pressure sensitization on his dick when it makes noise by squishing it. Veh did not really like the prastic part cut off and rubbed softly on his dick as if a ring of prastic. It was like the plastic ring moving made him saying "help me" with the sensation. It made the penis erected all the time by moving it a bit. So, it was the best self-torture program object for women to make a punishment on a male. Then his right hand was freed from the bandage but it was cuffed to the chair. Veh was asked to masterbate in front of the group to be released from the chair. Veh explained, "everybody does it. So, nothing scary."
After the second ejection, Veh was asked what is most shamefull to be seen by the women, even the call girl. Or which part of his male genital area is not welcomed to be seen by women. Veh said that of course the top spot hidden in the foreskin. Then he was aked to point it to the girls. He felt as if he became a ginea pig. "The urine hole, ahhh" He pointed it with his right hand and squished his body. Then he said that he did not like peeling the foreskin and he showed the spot which made it separated from the top area. "This area should be safe, and I don't want to show it off to any girl. Only this for you." He said to the call girl stood next to him. He did not have a confidence but he was annexious to be just a laughing show stock alone. Then he was asked to urinate a bit on a beaker on the camera. He felt vomiting better but he did it crying.
Then the host suggested to check the anus. Then he brought a dildo for the anus and the call girl helped to insert it into the anus. Veh shouted why do I have to do this in front of people? He did not want to do it even with his woman. The anus vibration only made him nervous and no excitiment on his dick. He said his stomach hurts a bit. At the end of the show, Veh was stripped off naked and a man held his hand and he was escorted off from the stage. The male audiences shouted to him that he did not look like a man enough.
He commited suicide before the whitsunday in Budapest area. He died after going through various humiliation by the Japanese style verbal and shame making toture program. He was continuously assaulted by the name calling "pooh-san" and was spoken like "pooh-san niwa yamete morai masu. (Mr. Pooh will quit)." It was the gesture of making him to become the targeted one instead of the joint investigating team.
The killing facter was this question by the torturer, "don't you feel ashamed your dirty part to be seen by everybody in the team?" It was like this. He thought his dick was not something shameful nor something really small thing. Mr. Vuh thought his genital is to make women to be excited by seeing it, especially the girl friend or something special. And what happened was the group torture program after the humiliation process of making him to be laughed on the monitor by the group of others. After that, he was something less human to others and others thought him as something not welcoming in their group. He went through this isolation process as if ending up becoming a sub-humanoid after joining the young workforce with the wannabe group team leader will making. He felt as if his precious genital area was damaged socially and he felt he has no more people to go out with in futuer without them looking at his groin area on his jeans or whatever he wears. So, the SDF cultural defense team learned that it was the social weakness as a Vietnamese male in futuere with such a humiliation process to make one's will to be taken.