23 July, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 22nd, 2016

I haven't post anything for awhile. It was because I was busy photocopying my books. I have too many books and made me having a heavy suitcase. Say, it was very few and only the small size suitcase when I left California. I bought a large suitcase when I left Switzerland and since then I have the large one. Why do I need so many stuffs? And even having more perpetrators claiming my Christian book filled suitcase as something suspicious. I don't know the line to draw for what to be suspectable these days. I don't do any criminal activity at all. What is the loss for me committing a crime? I'd rather avoid it wisely to be safe from any trouble. Yet more trouble by the gang stalkers.

Well, I'm trying to reduce my books by making photo copied books to be carried with me while I send them back to my family's home or give away to my Christian friends. Photocopy is just for the personal use and nothing really harmful.

Well, today, I visited Our Lady of Health church on the hill in Kotor. This is the third year visiting there on my birthday. It's a long run tradition for me. Not much things happened. Some Japanese logo people walking around.

Then I took a boat to Perast and Our Lady of Otok. In the boat, I saw two Muslim families. Muslims are rare in Kotor and they seemed to be in the weird location - the tour to visit the churches. Ok, here is the evidence of these potentially dangerous Muslims.

Near Perast, I saw a Japanese flag boat showed up and ported next to the tour boat. How can a Jap boat to be available? Well, there were a man with Japanese writing? T-shirt and a woman with "twin" tattoo in my boat, so they could be all just counted for the gang stalkers.

Well, just check out the video. It's a legendary Muslim landing Our Lady of Otok island.