09 July, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 7th, 2016

July 7th was the worst day in my life. I lost the St. Stephan Basilica Vienna money poach with all 5000CHF Swiss franc and Mexican Rosary I bought in the California Mission and all the necklace medals gone. Then now I have no worry of losing them. Say, what to do with the victimization from the gang stalking and organized crimes? No help as the people are just the enemies around me for find fault of me and such. This morning, I found the door bar bug killer can left on the bed side table instead of on the door knob. I left the suitcase attached to the door and a plastic bag for noise maker between the door and the suitcase top was intact. Also, the tapes on the both side of the door taped well. There could be the home invasion happened yesterday. The couple next to me - a black guy and a white girl - they often open their room door and sit outside. I don't know why they are just that loose. I saw some insecurity people like that often around me as if for the teasing.

Well, here is the story from July 7th. Some Muslims in Tivat Also Turkish cars and BiH cars around as if Muslims doing the terrorism, hahaha. I filmed them. If something happened, they would be the responsible ones. Muslims are always bad ones and seeing some would give a bad omen.