17 July, 2016

Some Chinese character logos around me these days

I reported the 5000CHF missing case to the Tivat police. Later, 4 Romanian speaking people moved into the same floor rooms. One guy got "hope" tattoo on his back and a Virgin Mary image to his right shoulder and carps to his left. He wears Friends Gym sweaters.

Today, I saw a Romanian car with "hurry, first place" logo. It's rare to find Chinese characters unless they are gang stalkers.

There are so many Germans and Bosnian cars around. Why Turkish and Bosnian cars in Tivat to Kotor area? Are they all the Muslim extremists gang stalkers? Then, I caught some future terrorists in my camera :) take some out for safety from the beach area. There are Russians swimming here and there and they could be targetd by these crazy Turks.

Got my PC slow, so I upload photo here later. I have them on Tumblr.