02 July, 2019

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 26-29, 2019

OSAM from late May.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 18-26, 2019

OSAM from June 18-26, 2019

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 28th, 2019

OSAM from June 28th, 2019.

30 Times of Hidden Smiles: Book on Sale!

This is the top secret 30 tactics that are well used in Japan by the Japanese royal family based politics controlling groups. Any presidential candidate can be crashed and nullified by using these techniques. One of the best hidden secret on Japanese politics control techniques are told inside.


27 June, 2019

70 Stories of Mimicking Ways: On Sale!

The mimic is so many around the world. This book teaches the styles of how people mimic and how people would be under the influence. There are 60 ways of mimicking - thought mimic, language mimic, object mimic, body mimic, etc. This book is the warning about the mannelism.


24 June, 2019

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 12-17, 2019

OSAM from June 12-17, 2019. I haven't upload much for awhile but I could finish uploading the reent ones by this weekend.

16 June, 2019


I had the wallet but in the sudden misery
My feeling was not in the Auschwitz or Nashville
My life was teared after an expensive surgery
My life changed after my car stolen at the hospital

All people around were suspecting our money and us
Me and my wife had the mafia trouble all day long
I was nothing but an innocent home patient figurine
For few months but we did nothing really wrong...

Still I had the money to spend, hee yahoo!
I set my chair next to my queen-size bed seat
I started typing and writing with the ink bin
Thus, I succeeded as the writer typing beautiful sonnet!

Another song was like this, I had the war time
I escaped and wondered around with my laptop
I only had money and some memory cards to save
The extra battery no more but just type and asleep

Not yet to Auschwitz? How come? We made our ways!
We had searched, escaped, run-awayed, and found a shelter!
The writers, we say, our gentlemen and honor ladies!
What is the difference of typing and wring styles in the shelter?

I see the views, more harsh in the environment with no food
No more sleep, but running aways, sending messages abroad
Die? We have the hands, already gone is one, just one hand!?
Still, we mumble, and mumbling is the key of voice stroking sound...

Writers, what is the way of being a writer, by alone or by...?
My heart completed in the words like a cricket chirping li li li li... 

This is a poetry included in my comnig poetry book, Not yet to Auschwitz!
The meaning is the comparison of two types of writers but the writing and writer definition goes the same way..

14 June, 2019

Coming books are...

My Cyprus Diary 2018
The 16 steps of the modern priestcrafts
The misery book

and few more to come. So, I'm busy typing instead of making OSAM videos.

The Modern Japanese Kingscrafts - Book on Sale!!!

This book contains the major Japanese prime minister names users engaged in the foreign place occupation as the Japanese pressure groups. It includes, Mr.Murayama, Mr. Kaku, Mr. Mori, Mr. Noda, and so on, as well as some of the UN's ranger unit assigned groups from the post Yugoslavia as Jugrants groups which was terminated in early 2019 in Belgrade. This book does not include any of 'the War Tongue' from the UN 2040s era. But some people have over 30 or 50 techniques that others must be aware of. Since these politicians are engaged in the Japanese royal family's business abroad, this book introduces a bit of the Japanese royal family's kingscrafts as example. It has about 44000 words and 78 pages long.


04 June, 2019

Hummus Bar bad experences

I have bad experiences in Hummus Bars in Budapest. One occassion, the female clerk cheated the change at Hummus Bar north of Corvin Ter metro station near Starbucks. It was the day I took a bus out from Hungary.

And today, I visited Hummus Bar on Sip utca 16, Budapest. It was around 21:52. The tall clerk with a bandana asked me to sit down to wait for my falafel sandwitch take away. Somehow, a man sat on the table across the counter and he had the small shot glass size drinks out from the shelf behind or perpenecular to the counter. There are two types of drinks on the shelf. And the tall clerk was engaged on the falafel sandwitch making but he took some time as if falafel was not fried yet and he drunk some water and even went back to the room behind of the kitchen and brought an USB cable and another cup of water for drinking.

Meanwhile, there were some more clerks appeared to the kitchen and the V2K speakers told me what was going on. About 6 employees were engaged in the crime search while they were to be adding the anus contents for the insulting pig cutomer feeding. And the spot above the kitchen for the additional seating as the imaginally place for the crime encoutering and the kitchen searching as the solution.

Meanwhile, I heard the employees there were engaged in the information on ALE, Audereley,  Lah, Edwardo from REIN in Macedonia UN ranger group runaways. They might get around 50$ rewards on such people who were to be the rangers related to Sarajevo and Eboshi groups and even England paranoia causing pregnancy adding organization toward Jews. Anyway, some poeple are not functioning and targeting the Israel logos even at Hummus Bar and still working on such Jew assulting groups for the rewards.

15 May, 2019

Solders and us

Solders and us

One day, the divider was made
Some solders decided to start a war
The war propaganda spread wide
“We, must carry the guns for the war!”

One day, we started getting hurt
We, officials, live in the office buildings
We never felt the sacrifice of blood
The dying ones away from our beings

One day, we found our books banned
The schools were closed, no more lectures
We worked for the publishing job lost
We had no rations of food nor luxuries

One day, we lost our homes like a movie
Some people are scares, the working solders
We were asked to leave for our opportunities
We speak few languages like good translators

One day, we lost to the concentration camps
We had nothing but barefooted and no food
We only had children’s dresses, working clothes
A bag with only extra clothes for a sleeping ground

One day, we found only the stars watching us
The nightmare was the barred window without glass
We were ignored, kicked, denied... like worms
We as citizens before no longer... eating maggots

One day, we wished this never happen again
We had this sweeping of the ground imagined
The shooting star going and passing in a line
Hallucinated enough and feeling of before killed...

Can you tell me.. feed me.. teach me..
Everything about the war that haunted me...?

This is one of the poetry I wrote for the new poetry book, "Not yet to Auschwitz." Do you think it sounds enough to get attention on the people who like to see things from the peace and sastainability protecting? 

05 May, 2019

A Cloned Girl's Biography - a book on sale!

A new book by me is on sale now!

A Cloned Girl's Biography

The story of the secret agent of the United Nations in the Balkans. She works as a UN ranger and her life screwed with the encounter with the political opponents and the love and romance with a person to be popular in the future UN.


23 April, 2019

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 10-14, 2019

OSAM from April 10-14, 2019.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 15-16, 2019

April 15-16, 2019

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 17-18, 2019

OSAM April 17-18, 2019

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 21st, 2019

OSAM from April 21st, 2019. 

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 22-25, 2019.

OSAM from March 22-25, 2019.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 18-21, 2019

OSAM from March 18-21, 2019.

22 April, 2019

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 17-18, 2019

OSAM from March 17-18, 2019.

21 April, 2019

Notre Dame - le court poème

J'ai écrit un court poème pour Zombie Pirates Publishing. Donc, je viens de l'afficher ici comme un endroit supplémentaire à partager.

Notre Dame
Notre père
Nous avons finis
Nous avons déjà fini
Pour les paques
Nous attendons les poissons
Ne brûle plus
Brûlé était nos souvenirs
Nous ne souhaitons 
que les souvenirs
qui sont brûlés

10 April, 2019

My ASUS Transformer Mini netbook, some Polish banknotes, the Olympus Tough camera warranty paper went missing at Tel Aviv Airport security counter

I'm tired of sharing everything by retyping, so I just do the cut and paste from my Israel Police, IDF, Israel Ministory of Defense, etc sharing on FaceBook.

I took the flight last night around 20.25 from Tel Aviv to Budapest. The police report I made last night after 1am.. at the Budapest Airport. The security people at the Tel Aviv Airport acted strange and Unval, the security woman looked as if stealing money from my security poach with the help of another woman baring the view from me. And she spent some time bringing the banknotes to the x-ray machine or something. And just before the bording gate closure, I was released and the security people packed valuables, kindle, my 2 cameras, 4TB external HDD, and my netbook.. but the netbook ASUS Transformer Mini went missing. I think the security stole it intentionally as some of the security people went back and forth with my Rolex which I had reparing twice at the official dealer in Zagreb already. And at the first x-ray scanning counter, the security clerk asked me "is it yours?" to the tray behind and also to the front. And Unval spent more time with my external HDD which is natural for the 64GB SSD internal memory netbook model to bring around.. So, I believe Unval or her supervisor Iris stole my ASUS Transformer Mini from the second security counter. At least, my ASUS Transformer Mini was on the tray there with other belongings if the airport police can check the surveillance camera result. And Unval might be stole some banknotes on her way to the counter with a drawer. That's what I saw as something happened... Now, I complain this to the police and I need to make a donation site to recover the money for the loss of the ASUS Transformre Mini or the 4000HRK for my new ASUS notebook PC I bought today. No one pay me for the victim damage, so I share this story for the evidece sharing to get a compensation. The third photo is the situaton at Budapest Airport luggage claim. I only found one package only and the second one with the red letter went missing. My netbook was not included!!! So, someone stole my netbook or the security stole it by not adding it for the packing!

I found some Polish banknotes, the Olympus Tough warranty paper, the paper I wrote down all the banknotes sums went missing. I had these things in my hand luggage. So, I guess somoene stole Polish money and the small paper like the ATM receipt size with the money sum written on it for the convenience of passing the custom area went missing at Tel Aviv Airport. As far as I know, I have some extra Polish money in the yellow plastic bag in my security poarch. And Unval, the security officer, was interested to check the contents of that poarch a lot. Now, I have some money missing and the paper with the money sum written and my netbook missing also to make my compliants hard to happen after my trip. Any idea why Polish money went missing with such other items??? I could not count HRK and HUF sums before using them but as far as I know, I need to type it up and share my stuff on FB like this way for the police review??? All shared to the online customs and only police or the security officers stealing the money and hidding their traits? I just want my ASUS Transformer Mini back and some compensation money if the security team at Terminal 1 on April 8th night around 8pm stole further items such as Polish money from me.

I think this guy was at the security check counter when Yubal? Unval? tried to steal some money from my yellow plastic bag inside of the secrity poarch on the tray on the counter. Later, I found my ASUS Transformer Mini went missing. It supposed to be packed with other valuables, my 2 cameras, a 4TB external HDD, an Amazon kindle. But I only found a white package with blue letters and another one with a white package with a red letters did not arrive and ASUS Tranformer Mini went missing.
And the security officer on the photo was hanging around with my old Rolex around for the checking. I found Polish banknotes, the Olympus Tough 5 camera receipt paper from last year, and the paper of ATM receipt size with the sums of my foreign currencies written went missing from my hand luggage area. Is he a Neo-Nazi helper trying to destroy the evidences of the Neo-Nazi groups from the Neo-Nazi victims? I told him that I am a writer and a Neo-Nazi victim making a museum to find a self-supporting environment. I sell past Neo-Nazi cars stalking me online.
German cars - 2013
German cars - 2014
German cars - 2015
German cars - 2016
German cars - 2017

I have been stalked by German licensed cars even in Tel Aviv. Here, this is the evidence I have from February 17th around the IDF Museum area. Enough German Neo-Nazi groups stalking me and no help I found in Israel.

Is this the proof of how Israel security workers are working with Neo-Nazi German groups like in Romania or Macedonia. I found the stalking German licensed car owners are often with the security officers around in Iasi, Romania or Skopje, Macedonia for the further mobbing and theft, damage, on my belongings together.

Since my netbook was stolen and I cannot get the access to some of my book drafts, I would write a book about the Israel security and the Neo-Nazi connections around from my evidences and UN, Geneva Red Cross cars relation to such Neo-Nazi groups.