22 October, 2019

We see?

I'm writing a poetry book called Ayes for Blinds after I stayed in the deaf couple's house for the home stay in Dublin. Well, I'm writing the poetry book for deaf people as well as something special and more selling opportunity. What do you think? How many disabled and mentally challenging kids need such genre of poetry? I would try to sell my works there! Here is one example of my poetry for blind people.
We see?Only our soulsTouched and departedNot any soulsBut the one separatedHow far we acquireOur distance by our own?How may desiresWe have for knowing?I see, that is the forbidden wordWhenever I say, your body straightenedSo, we only have it organizedWithout a word for knowing beyondWe see, that is the understanding wordTelling we know as the perception agreedDo you like our lipsSaying we see and I see?This time your lipsWould say ‘understand, you see?’To meTo believe..