30 May, 2015

USB stick problem and the possible my credit card information theft

Last Thursday, I went to the copy shop across Domino Pizza near St: Clement of Ohrid street in Skopje, I asked to scan my Arabic language certificate and the leaflet from St. Catherine Church in Alexiandria. It was 10DIN per a scan. It took only few minutes and I asked to put them in the 32GB USB drive with only one file in it. The doc file is for CLA Academy in Zagreb for the language study there and it was 100€ deposit. I was not sure to submit it as it had the last part with a credit card number, date, expire date, and the 3 number behind of the card. You know, giving away this information makes anyone to use it. So, I wanted to ask them if there is other option such as Western Union. They did not reply me.

I did not check the contents of the USB drive. I scanned some certificates there before and it worked. This time, I checked around Sunday and found only one file inside. It was the shortcut icon for it's own drive. I don't know how that happened. I kept the USB stick in my Samsonite porch bag and I carry it always around even at the gym I keep it with me.

You know, it's hared to find out the identity theft like this one unless someone use it and the loss is visible. Well, I need to check the credit card use in the next payment date. The good thing is that I added the old address I used in Germany. So, it won't go through with the credit card transaction so easily. I hope.

Last time was at Vila 12 in Bucharest that my card information on the paper went missing. I don't know why these funny things happening to me.

My new mouse got problem with left button clicking

Last week, I had a problem with the left button with the old MS mouse. I had been using it from my Switzerland living time. The mouse got left button with no clicking spring feeling and could not work. I opened it and still got problem, so I left it there.

I bought a new small cheap one at Velo Center supermarket. It was 245DIN or so and of X5 Tech made. It was working properly with relatively big clicking noise. When I came home from the gym and was playing Candy Crush on FB games, the Chrome browser suddenly frozen. So, I tried to restart it and my netbook only capable to get to the admin part with - restart, switch the user and such. But I could not do anything from there and I just turn it off by clothing the netbook and took off the battery and the cable to cut the resume function.

The Windows booted up normal. The mouse was working with only right click functioning with roller and movement OK. No left mouse functioning. I found out the left clicking was working when I clicked the left button for a long time and somehow it worked. But not all the time working.

What is the problem with the left button?

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 29th, 2015

I found a strange device on the window across my hostel. It's on few floors up but is there for few days by now. What is it?

A Netherlands car near my hostel. Does it have the cannabis packed in the tube in the extra tire?

A German car showed up when I left my hostel.

I took a bus to Velo Center area. I saw an Asian woman in a red cloth standing alone watching the watches inside.

I saw a CH sticker car near the gym today.

After that CH car, a German car showed up and parked at the parking lot near the gym.

A French car near the bus station.

When I left gym, I saw a Smart car with German license plate cover outside. Ah, I saw a man with Nagano logo T-shirt inside. Last time was "I (heart)Japan" T-shirt person. I didn't really take pictures before. I visit there few more times next week. Shall I take some photos before quitting?

And the video. Enjoy German cars from today.

28 May, 2015

Some weird refereed links

I saw some strange reffered links people visit my site.


Now, what is the second one? I've got most readers from the US, Germany, Japan. Something like from Pakistan happened few days ago. 

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 27, 2015

I found some holes on my bed sheet. I don't know what caused it.

A Swiss car in front of the hostel. I saw a German car near the bus stop also. HG HX 90? It's on the video.

Some Slovenian cars near the bus stop.

A man with German logo clothes.

Some Kosovo cars.

26 May, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 25th, 2015

German car from yesterday on the street.

When I arrived to the bus station, the car parked outside. The driver also headed to the bus station walking in front of me.

There was a Bulgarian car behind of the German car.

A US car drove to the Velo Center parking lot.

Enjoy the film.

I probably locked my side bag with the keys inside.

I'm at Road House in Skopje. There was someone in the room to the left from my room yesterday night but that person left. And there was a man in the room to the right from my room this morning. He seemed to be in the room till noon or so. I was working on my netbook. When I took shower and was moving things to my room, he went to the bathroom. He was there for a long time and I left my bathroom bag inside. He was shitting and the bathroom smelled bad. But my bag was intact. I checked the contents and was safe. I went to the bathroom later at night, and the guy was inside for a long time. I had a sudden stomachache and needed to go to bathroom suddenly. I locked things in my side bag and only carried my netbook bag to the bathroom and waited outside for a long time. Then I used the bathroom and went back. I wanted to open the side bag and found out that I did not carry the key. So, my key chain must be in the side bag with others. It's a padlock and now I have trouble opening it. The spare keys are also in the side bag anther bag.

 I just got my netbook ready for typing and such till tomorrow. No PJ... I should have open the suitcase, so I might have something useful for opening the padlock.

Last time, I could not find the key ring was in Budva on Sunday morning when I needed to go to the morning mass about 2km from where i was.

I need to go to the lock smith tomorrow. But the good thing is that I can wait in my clothes I wore today... not in PJ or something...

My key ring should be in the bag as I packed everything in hurry with the sudden stomachache... and still I kept the netbook with me for the safety. No more of the theft from my room please. Perps can borrow my room key for security reason and steal credit cards, money, IDs, etc. It happened before when the gang stalkers want to steal something.

I wrote them at FB first. I did C&P for adding it here. Hope nothing happens tonight. it's sick to see things like this.

23 May, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 19th & 20th, 2015

Hopefully I finished uploading the OSAM vids from May 13th.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 22nd, 2015

The videos from yesterday.
Some photos included are:

Missed German car starting with DHA number.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 23rd, 2015

Here is today's OSAM video. One German car.

Many Bulgarian cars.

One Turkish car.

One Fxxk Password logo man.

I saw a Chinese family on the street. The V2k perps said that the man looks like what they call Toi-san. I don't know who it is but that is something they talk about. And another name they mentioned is Po-san. Who are they?

Chinese family showed up near my hostel

I saw a German car today. Well, I share it on my OSAM post. Well, let me share the Chinese family I saw today near my hostel. I don't see why they were walking around like this while Skopje got very few Asians. I thought they are most likely gang stalkers who are chain gang members and possibly motivated by anti-Japanese to help harassing the Japanese Targeted Individuals.

I saw a boy last time on the street few days ago. You can check my OSAM for this one. I might follow them next time if I was not with groceries and check their identities a bit for sharing the information.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 18th, 2015

OSAM from May 18th.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 17th, 2015

The video from last Sunday. The church had the baptism ceremony for kids. It usually held after the Easter but they had it in June. There was a man with Japan logo orange T-shirt came and left earlier.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 15th, 2015

Another video for today. The photos are on my tumblr. page for that date.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 14th, 2015

The video from May 14th. I made few more vids today.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 13th, 2015

Here is the OSAM video from May 13th. I haven't created some these days.

22 May, 2015

Sellfy no more - check Gumroad for the German car files please!

I was wondering why no one buying from Sellfy and found out the problem after trying to buy something by myself. The payment won't go through because of the currency problem. I use CHF for the Paypal option and it did not accept US dollar sending nor EURO.

Well, I found Gumroad as another option without going through Paypal. I tried Stripe but it had a bit problematic setting for the activation in Europe. Payloadz also use Paypal and was not really good for alternative payments. Well, it seems Gumroad accept the payment through the major credit cards as well as the Paypal account. It seems a good choice for awhile if it really works for selling the information.

Well, as far as my files are loaded, Sellfy is still a potential for selling in future.

I might expand adding more files to share and sell.

I might be studying for MS degree from September time. At my age, I need something better than BS.. I would be better off with Spanish if I knew the option of cheap universities in Barcelona and around Spain...

Well, I will add some OSAMS from recently.

It's hard making money for TIs.. always problems happen and things stolen and damage won't give me compensation... Say, I just need a working spot. So, I just type my blog and sell my words.

21 May, 2015

What could go better in retrospect

The V2K perps have been telling me that they want to use Chinese or Koreans to delete my blogs and add sexual contents for making the gang stalkers' inspection easy. They seemed to be talking together and one of them would be taking the role of me and others observing it. I don't know what they are doing but I've learned more information who to be safer as a TI. I can share few things here. I might write the small PDF note for TIs for a direct life improvement. It took me almost a decade from the gang stalking started in 2006 time.

1. Share the posters and leaflets about gang stalking in the local community. Print out or photocopy (cheaper in a bunch of over 50, 100 papers!) the gang stalking information and put the paper around like posters. I found it not that expensive. 100 prints and several cartons of tapes cost less than 10€ and gave me some self-satisfaction. FFCHS put the billboard on the freeway side for 5000 dollars or something. But my way costs only 10 to 20€ depends on how much and what kind of posters you make. When the perps show up, you tell them about the posters. It's a social status in the neighborhood. Crazy? Not really. With some FFCHS or STOPEG links, perps would be ashamed instead.

2. Sell the gang stalkers information. Digital materials are cheap. www.whosarat.com is one of the local informant database selling information. Why not the TIs to engage in such activity to make money out of the misery? Make sure add the sale link on your poster.

3. Study and keep up with the education. This is the only way to make others not claiming the TI to be insane. Just think about the cost of living and how to be  hired even in the gang stalking situation? I found it better to have a good CV and some educational background. Spanish could be a key for success as there are many Spanish universities offering very cheap university level diplomas. A ph.D in Psychology won't be a problem against the mental disease claim by the local thugs, you know.

4. Language issues. The place you live may need a special language training to look not like a feeble minded. I found it hard without knowing the local language at least passing the beginner class level to be living as a TI. When a TI speaks multiple languages, the perps will use Monster energy drink logo for the sensitization often. But I found it easy to say even Anne Frank family's hidden annex people studied foreign languages. Nothing wrong but the adaptation to be safe.

5. The local gangs would say they are so. How to make friends? That is one of the situation for the victims. The easiest way is to tell others with some sophisticate background as a TI. And don't get along with the perps who are working on trapping you. They would just leave the bags loose and claim something stolen. These people don't go with others as normal people but to think them as prays. They just try to steal things and claim them to be strong as they took others' things. They are not showing up as possible friends but the bad guys. Choose your friends is important. The easiest places would be the NGOs helping the human trafficking victims and a like. There are NPOs and NGOs helping people with certain problems. TIs would have the gang problem, then tell it to the people preventing the gang problem. That is how to get to normal in the neighborhoods.

19 May, 2015

Weird thing happened - I have the Skopje-Sarajevo bus ticket on May 6th..

I had the V2K perps talking about where I kept the bus ticket. I often keep the tickets in my wallet if its small or in my passport. I had the bus ticket for next month Pope visit time in the passport. I need both passport and the ticket for traveling. So, it was fine.

Then I found the date strangely wrong... It was dated on May 6th. I don't know how that happened.

Well, I need to take to the bus station clerk tomorrow or a day after tomorrow on my way to gym nearby. I don't wanna pay extra 60din for the return trips for just the question.

Worst situation, the bus would be full. So, I need another plan of traveling to Zagreb and taking a bus or train to get to Sarajevo from there. I still have more than 10 days for making decision.

Well, no hassling. Just the 3000DIN loss. Wasted 50€ for buying a ticket 2 months early... I don't know how this happened.

I saw some protesting today. Some German cars and Swiss car I saw also but was too dark to take photos. HD MO 1806? from Germany. VZ 280---- from Switzerland.

16 May, 2015

My Weihegebet paper returnd to me 2 days ago

I found the prayer paper I had in the Croat bible and was missing since my stay in Hotel Carpati in Bucharest. It was on my jeans on the floor of my room in the morning 2 days ago. I took off the jeans on the night before I changed into my PJ. And I knew there wasn't any paper on the top before I went to sleep. I found the paper when I went to the bathroom and came back and thought of changing my clothes and pack any other clothes in my suitcase. There was no one on the same floor and I didn't see anyone at the entrance door to the building. The door locates near the bathroom. I opened the window and locked the room door when I went to the bathroom. Did anyone enter from the window?

I still have the Brazeni Ivan Merz prayer card missing from my Croat bible. They both went missing from my room at Hotel Carpati. I have one more copy in my secret poach witch I kept some reliques with me.

And I saw a German car behind of my hostel area. Is there any connection with this one and the paper returned?

A Swiss car near the bus stop.

A Swiss car near the gym.

The second Swiss car had a paper inside. Don't stalk someone when you have your important information with you - such as your own car with the license number on it or an application form filled out already...

13 May, 2015

German car around the corner

I was looking for a Cyber cafe around the corner from where I stay and found a German car instead. What a joke....

But later, I found a photocopy center which I copied my Je suis Targeted Individual posters. 10DIN per each scan. I should scan some more later. I found my Deutsche Acakemie C1.2 certificate and Croatian language A2.2 certificate missing. I don't know where they went. I must contact Deutsche Akademie 

12 May, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 12th, 2015

Another drama happened at Tinex. I went in and put the shopping bag on the shelf. I checked sometimes but no one seemed to be around the shelf and I walked around and bought some stuffs at the cashier. When I was wondering inside, I saw the beggar family sat at the entrance also in the store begging around. I saw the woman begging to me but I ignored. When I was about to pick my bag up at the shelf, I saw the protein powder leaking. When I put it there, I was careful choosing the location of the row and the position to put the bag. I had another bag with a speed jumping rope for the exercise and a pack of socks which were 20% off at Capitol Mall store. There wasn't any white powder (protein) leaking at all. So, I thought the beggar woman wondering inside might touch my stuffs for the gang stalking petite crime.

Here are German cars from today. Saw one near the bus stop before taking it and one near Capitol Mall later.

And here is the beggar family probably stealing from the Tinex customers' bags when they put in the shelf inside.

What we call as a strange chain of occurrence? That's I'd say a miracle

Last Sunday, I was at the church mass just like usual. I only visit the church on Sunday not to make the locals think me suspiciously visiting there everyday for the evening mass and the rosary praying. I could get the bad rumors, so I just try to do what looks normal and natural.
This time, I wanted pray a bit at the St. Anthony and the Virgin Mary statues. I haven't pray for these statues for awhile. I only pray to the cross after Easter.
Then, I just had the feeling of "go to Lisbon" thing. I don't know what it was. I have the Voice 2 Skull harassment. But I just prayed and felt good about some input. I haven't visited Pravda before. So, it was just one of the destination for me when I have no where to go.

Then, I just found an option from the brochure with St. Anthony name on it. It's just like that. It's not in Lisbon but close from there. It was a big offer for me. I don't know how things will go, but that was how things happened till now.

Ah, I still got some Germans around. I don't know why there are Germans hanging out near my gym.

09 May, 2015

Electricity fixed and finished the final today

I found the power line fixed yesterday night when I came back. And I tried to finish the final project for the class. No WIFI when I completed it. Clicking and getting an error. A nightmare.

Then I finished retyping and sending today. And this time, I finished it. Hopefully, I can concentrate on Spanish and a bit of French now.

The V2K perps told me that Croats found the extremists hiding old weapons in the large Brazilian flag. They said that it was found as someone dropped it and made a heavy noise instead. The V2K perps say that there are UK cops friends who are radical against Catholics and would be seeking a better position on joining these Islamic nationals. If I find something fishy in Sarajevo, I would film it and report it on FB. Ah, I'm visiting Sarajevo to see the pope. This is my third visit for Pope Francis. First was a month after he became the pope in Vatican, second was at Tirana last September. Every year, one chance of seeing him is nice. Too bad for the Catholics in South America where he came from.

Well, nothing much to share now. I wrote down up to above sentences and lost WIFI network. I got it again when I came back. Hopefully, I can share something later and work on my books.

08 May, 2015

No electricity in my hostel since yesterday afternoon

Plan ahead and prepare for the worst. It was my motto during the life I was studying at DeAnza College. I had car accident 3 times, a parotlet died, and some more personal disasters happened and that pushed down my grade. I had above 3.8 on my high school grade average, and you know, that was quite high for entering almost any university except UCB type that need 4.0 perfect score. I don't know how the scoring changed with the gang stalking and other issues. I've learned how the perps are doing for taking out students like blackhundreds these days though.
Well, I finished the last task and I have the final project to be submitted. I finished the final task yesterday at this noisy cafe and got 70% score. Still got above 95% average. It's just a tough luck on this kind of situation to be able to work on the school materials. No electricity happened right after I finished reading and made notes on the important points from the reading material yesterday afternoon. I found out my netbook showed no charging and had no Internet here. So, I went to gym and went back and on the way I found a cafe with WIFI sign. There are plenty of WIFI spots in Skopje. The burgershop near the arch also has one installed. The problem is that it slowed my Internet activities and for the concentration on my project. If I finish it, I could just get the certificate in a month long waiting in Skopje.

Well, I had no electricity since yesterday afternoon. I had the hand generating flashlight but it was broken after some V2K perps talking about how they want to install it for the Skopje perps and I just opened it and regenerate it and just suddenly closed the lock and somehow it caused the holding part stacked inside and no more of the recharging. I tried to fix it by unscrewing some parts. But it was stacked even after fixing. The large gear was not rolling and only unscrewing made it a bit better friction. Then I had the Japanese Navy claiming male voices doing the forced speech. Shouting about the go home to all the insult about how to make me to look a Muslim and they are bringing the Kosovo and Turkish people for the harassment. And I just hit the flashlight on the floor hard and it broke. Say, this is a typical subliminal voice mind control for the people. They cause the anger and feeling better after crashing things. No self pity. I motivated myself that it could be broken and need a new one even I try to fix it with the sun light.

Well, I try to finish my plan today. I go to gym and lose weight today and seek a new option for getting the electricty and WIFI somewhere. I could get a spot in a hostel for just charging and using the WC and going home to Road House for the resting... Well, there are few options. Just the V2K perps said that they want to use the Nikola Tesla style static wave zapping for the assassination. They say that makes the cause of death looks like the lack of oxygen. I've got some US cars and German cars tracking --- since 2.5 years or before? Some situations, sharing information is safe.

07 May, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 6th, 2015

I'm visiting gym from yesterday. V2K perps told me that they have the appendix targeting electronic harassment to make someone trouble with the appendix problem to be sent to hospital. They say, it does not work with fat people who got fat around the stomach. Well, the large body mass will help me to have less poisoning problem. But it's bad for the heart, you know. So, I'm just taking some fat down. It helps me to be healthier in a long run. Yesterday, there was a man with SWAT cap and another with Police clothes. It could be related with the real police who go there. There wasn't much people I visited on Monday. Well, I went there today and saw some people with police training logo and such. Well, it could be just occupied by the police. I put some stuffs in the locker and were not damaged at all. So, it was safe. I kept one HDD with me for the back up of all my important data in my netbook and kept it with me all the time in the exercise room. A TI means I have to be cautious for extra theft and damage to be happen.

When I went out, I saw a German car. Strange huh? It starts DAH...

And a US car.

At Vero Center wine festival, I had a hamburger (70DIN) and a glass of cab (140DIN) but I paid 120DIN for the wine instead. Later, the female clerk came and asked me about the glass to return. When I returned it, the woman asked me to pay for the wine. I paid extra while filming the video. In retrospect, I don't understand why the wine price is similar to the glass price. But I really didn't need it and I threw it away at the trash box at the entrance. But it did not break at the first throw and I tried the second time and this time I hit the edge on the trash box and it broke. Ha, it just broke anyway. I could keep it and give it to the owner of the hostel who owns a bar but I just thought it could be broken anyway like the small animals or other items by the gang stalkers who just do the harassment and mocking things. So, I just throw it away. Who wants to carry a wine glass while on exile? Then I started to hate Muslims more. They damaged these wines and wine glasses in the world because they don't drink alcohols. Well I now have the reason of hating Muslims when I drink wine or even see these wine festivals. Muslims often damage the things related with what they don't like - alcohols, Jews, non-Muslims, Christians, etc. So, why not hate Muslims for what I got harassed with? I hate Muslims because I cannot carry Siegg bottle or other canteens because they could just enter my room and pee on the bottle. Who wants that? I hate Muslims! I threw the wine glass away before Muslims invading my room and damaging it!

When I went to Vero Center to eat a bit more, I saw an Asian man with a water bottle in his hand following me. I saw him eating at the restaurant. This part is in the film.

03 May, 2015

The US car and many cars from Kosovo

Here is today's US car in Skopje. I could make OSAM for today but I was busy working on my language course. I need few more days to finish all the materials and head to the final exam. Good to keep up with the new things to improve myself.

And some Kosovo cars.

01 May, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 30th, 2015

I saw a German car today. There were Slovenian, Slovakian cars also. Even a Romanian and a Netherlands car I saw. I didn't do too much today though.

I saw this Asian looking couple with hijab woman. They tried to enter to a bakery which I was about to enter. I decided not to enter that one to look like their friends.

I saw a blind man just walking freely with the stick. Can he act a bit better next time?

Here is the video.