07 May, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 6th, 2015

I'm visiting gym from yesterday. V2K perps told me that they have the appendix targeting electronic harassment to make someone trouble with the appendix problem to be sent to hospital. They say, it does not work with fat people who got fat around the stomach. Well, the large body mass will help me to have less poisoning problem. But it's bad for the heart, you know. So, I'm just taking some fat down. It helps me to be healthier in a long run. Yesterday, there was a man with SWAT cap and another with Police clothes. It could be related with the real police who go there. There wasn't much people I visited on Monday. Well, I went there today and saw some people with police training logo and such. Well, it could be just occupied by the police. I put some stuffs in the locker and were not damaged at all. So, it was safe. I kept one HDD with me for the back up of all my important data in my netbook and kept it with me all the time in the exercise room. A TI means I have to be cautious for extra theft and damage to be happen.

When I went out, I saw a German car. Strange huh? It starts DAH...

And a US car.

At Vero Center wine festival, I had a hamburger (70DIN) and a glass of cab (140DIN) but I paid 120DIN for the wine instead. Later, the female clerk came and asked me about the glass to return. When I returned it, the woman asked me to pay for the wine. I paid extra while filming the video. In retrospect, I don't understand why the wine price is similar to the glass price. But I really didn't need it and I threw it away at the trash box at the entrance. But it did not break at the first throw and I tried the second time and this time I hit the edge on the trash box and it broke. Ha, it just broke anyway. I could keep it and give it to the owner of the hostel who owns a bar but I just thought it could be broken anyway like the small animals or other items by the gang stalkers who just do the harassment and mocking things. So, I just throw it away. Who wants to carry a wine glass while on exile? Then I started to hate Muslims more. They damaged these wines and wine glasses in the world because they don't drink alcohols. Well I now have the reason of hating Muslims when I drink wine or even see these wine festivals. Muslims often damage the things related with what they don't like - alcohols, Jews, non-Muslims, Christians, etc. So, why not hate Muslims for what I got harassed with? I hate Muslims because I cannot carry Siegg bottle or other canteens because they could just enter my room and pee on the bottle. Who wants that? I hate Muslims! I threw the wine glass away before Muslims invading my room and damaging it!

When I went to Vero Center to eat a bit more, I saw an Asian man with a water bottle in his hand following me. I saw him eating at the restaurant. This part is in the film.