30 May, 2015

USB stick problem and the possible my credit card information theft

Last Thursday, I went to the copy shop across Domino Pizza near St: Clement of Ohrid street in Skopje, I asked to scan my Arabic language certificate and the leaflet from St. Catherine Church in Alexiandria. It was 10DIN per a scan. It took only few minutes and I asked to put them in the 32GB USB drive with only one file in it. The doc file is for CLA Academy in Zagreb for the language study there and it was 100€ deposit. I was not sure to submit it as it had the last part with a credit card number, date, expire date, and the 3 number behind of the card. You know, giving away this information makes anyone to use it. So, I wanted to ask them if there is other option such as Western Union. They did not reply me.

I did not check the contents of the USB drive. I scanned some certificates there before and it worked. This time, I checked around Sunday and found only one file inside. It was the shortcut icon for it's own drive. I don't know how that happened. I kept the USB stick in my Samsonite porch bag and I carry it always around even at the gym I keep it with me.

You know, it's hared to find out the identity theft like this one unless someone use it and the loss is visible. Well, I need to check the credit card use in the next payment date. The good thing is that I added the old address I used in Germany. So, it won't go through with the credit card transaction so easily. I hope.

Last time was at Vila 12 in Bucharest that my card information on the paper went missing. I don't know why these funny things happening to me.