01 May, 2015

Danger with Muslims - what is the core problem and cultural threats

After 911, we had this Islam accusation. It was almost over a decade ago. Now the Muslims are in Europe and in the US and everywhere. No more terrorism going on so far. Only few beheading and many raping issues increased. Just the ISIS and other terrorist groups in the Middle-East developed.

What is the problem with these Muslims suddenly showed up and immigrated from somewhere else? It used be the ones just lived nearby like Bosniacs or Turks in Europe but their numbers did not increase at all. A large kids could increase the population in the long run but we find so many Muslims.

They are basically manly solders and are good for the war time. They could fight on their own. I think that was the purpose and how the people hired them in the Middle East for the military operation promised them to migrate to England and other countries.

But what was these people practicing their own culture and not to adapt to the tradition of the cultures of the country where they wanted to be? The use of their national language is quite acceptable for the immigrants and ethnic identities. But what about their attitudes about the migration? They just came to gain the access to the new life with advanced technologies and all the modern life style. Then, what about the habits that Muslims are practicing and that are still primitive aspect from their sanitized life? For example, Muslims add the female menstruation blood for washing their hands. It is practiced in Saudi Arabia. They also buy Christian blood for the similar purpose to be warriors. They add the same blood in the food they eat and sell as that is considered as the men's food for solders. The Muslims stomped on the breads or put them on the floor to remind their lives in the dessert. That's the Islamic militarization of the foods. The women would add the infant pee in the soups and add the infant excrement in the kebabs and other foods. I've heard that they do this with the belief that the infant maybe loved by the people eating the foods contaminated with the contents from their body. I will never eat in the Turkish or other restaurants. My common sense maybe the old one but it is really disgusting to eat someone's shit or drinking the pee. Only pedophilia can accept such fetish taste.

And what about the food regulations? They don't know or they don't care. What about the human meat contamination of the hams? The food regulation may say in the poor countries that the human meat may be contaminated by the injury of the worker. No investigation needed. Only to hire a person with a big injury visible and retired from the food company or still working there to confirm it was that person who injured there. People don't really need to check the hospital record for the details.

The most difficult issue in the UK and other countries is that the Islam has their own cultural point to view everything and these Muslims see things from their own view. They deny the original culture from the native's traditional view and how they accepted it. The UK's teen culture, for example, is threatened by the Europe natives who say only important people to attend the schools are the elites. The others would be eating from the damps. The country needs people to serve for the elites and riches. Others could be the left over. Basically, the males could be working for the companies or the military that serves the elites who control the country. And the females are only useful to serve the men - they could be the prostitute or the housewives. The females could produce children and increase the population to have more people serving for the country. The female states was a new one. Just think about the century when the females were able to vote? It wasn't long time ago. The same goes to the blacks or ethnic minorities. They didn't have much right but the labors. The ones served and obeyed to be - workers, solders, prostitutes, housewives - became the roots of the society. And this has been encouraged by the Muslims' view.

What had we lost from Islamisation? The cultural varieties, ethnicity, equal rights, gay right, human right, female right, and so on. We had the flower people and the moon child. People could be poets, musicians, writers, thinkers, and so on. I don't know why it is long to speak up what I think. I have the people who turned my story to be something dangerous. Also, I have the people who say what I say as what they say and claiming me to be the target of the accusation. If I say someone is neo-nazi, and they say I would be the one instead even with a yellow badge on my breast. There are people who know how to nullify others. We just be the left over of the society yet I feel better than eating pee contaminated kebabs or just to go along with what is around to make us accept it. Me? Rebellious? I don't think so. I'm just a conservative thinker and probably a poet who love the beauty of the things as they are for the literature and cultural values. I don't see the solder nor prostitute figures attractive at all. They look the sinners to me from my Christian view!