09 May, 2015

Electricity fixed and finished the final today

I found the power line fixed yesterday night when I came back. And I tried to finish the final project for the class. No WIFI when I completed it. Clicking and getting an error. A nightmare.

Then I finished retyping and sending today. And this time, I finished it. Hopefully, I can concentrate on Spanish and a bit of French now.

The V2K perps told me that Croats found the extremists hiding old weapons in the large Brazilian flag. They said that it was found as someone dropped it and made a heavy noise instead. The V2K perps say that there are UK cops friends who are radical against Catholics and would be seeking a better position on joining these Islamic nationals. If I find something fishy in Sarajevo, I would film it and report it on FB. Ah, I'm visiting Sarajevo to see the pope. This is my third visit for Pope Francis. First was a month after he became the pope in Vatican, second was at Tirana last September. Every year, one chance of seeing him is nice. Too bad for the Catholics in South America where he came from.

Well, nothing much to share now. I wrote down up to above sentences and lost WIFI network. I got it again when I came back. Hopefully, I can share something later and work on my books.