12 May, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 12th, 2015

Another drama happened at Tinex. I went in and put the shopping bag on the shelf. I checked sometimes but no one seemed to be around the shelf and I walked around and bought some stuffs at the cashier. When I was wondering inside, I saw the beggar family sat at the entrance also in the store begging around. I saw the woman begging to me but I ignored. When I was about to pick my bag up at the shelf, I saw the protein powder leaking. When I put it there, I was careful choosing the location of the row and the position to put the bag. I had another bag with a speed jumping rope for the exercise and a pack of socks which were 20% off at Capitol Mall store. There wasn't any white powder (protein) leaking at all. So, I thought the beggar woman wondering inside might touch my stuffs for the gang stalking petite crime.

Here are German cars from today. Saw one near the bus stop before taking it and one near Capitol Mall later.

And here is the beggar family probably stealing from the Tinex customers' bags when they put in the shelf inside.