22 May, 2015

Sellfy no more - check Gumroad for the German car files please!

I was wondering why no one buying from Sellfy and found out the problem after trying to buy something by myself. The payment won't go through because of the currency problem. I use CHF for the Paypal option and it did not accept US dollar sending nor EURO.

Well, I found Gumroad as another option without going through Paypal. I tried Stripe but it had a bit problematic setting for the activation in Europe. Payloadz also use Paypal and was not really good for alternative payments. Well, it seems Gumroad accept the payment through the major credit cards as well as the Paypal account. It seems a good choice for awhile if it really works for selling the information.

Well, as far as my files are loaded, Sellfy is still a potential for selling in future.

I might expand adding more files to share and sell.

I might be studying for MS degree from September time. At my age, I need something better than BS.. I would be better off with Spanish if I knew the option of cheap universities in Barcelona and around Spain...

Well, I will add some OSAMS from recently.

It's hard making money for TIs.. always problems happen and things stolen and damage won't give me compensation... Say, I just need a working spot. So, I just type my blog and sell my words.