19 May, 2015

Weird thing happened - I have the Skopje-Sarajevo bus ticket on May 6th..

I had the V2K perps talking about where I kept the bus ticket. I often keep the tickets in my wallet if its small or in my passport. I had the bus ticket for next month Pope visit time in the passport. I need both passport and the ticket for traveling. So, it was fine.

Then I found the date strangely wrong... It was dated on May 6th. I don't know how that happened.

Well, I need to take to the bus station clerk tomorrow or a day after tomorrow on my way to gym nearby. I don't wanna pay extra 60din for the return trips for just the question.

Worst situation, the bus would be full. So, I need another plan of traveling to Zagreb and taking a bus or train to get to Sarajevo from there. I still have more than 10 days for making decision.

Well, no hassling. Just the 3000DIN loss. Wasted 50€ for buying a ticket 2 months early... I don't know how this happened.

I saw some protesting today. Some German cars and Swiss car I saw also but was too dark to take photos. HD MO 1806? from Germany. VZ 280---- from Switzerland.