28 April, 2013

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 27th, 2013

Here is the video I wanted to share about on 27th. There was a video from Italy that strange thing happened. I'm moving to another location tomorrow to see my friend, so I cannot spend much time for writing today. Probably, I got time in the train for typing tomorrow.

Today's mass at St. Joseph church

I saw many Chinese today in a strange areas. There would be more people from different country but it was the day with Chinese speakers. Well, 1/5 of the world population is Chinese, so it would be possible to be like that. Besides I saw many Chinese and a sticker about children love communism around. I can share that pics on my next video. It's already after 1am and need to finish posting quickly.

So, I went to the mass today at St. Joseph church. There was a German car parked in front and it left when I arrived to the area. Right after I entered the church, an Asian woman with a headcover came in. She headed to the side, so I filmed her head covering for the possible skit. She took it off during the mass though. There was a man who sat near me and that guy was the only one who did not take the communion. He left as soon as the mass finished and I filmed him for the evidence purpose. The people at the church did not really sing the songs nor respond loudly. Maybe, it's a cultural difference in the area. When I went out, there was an Asian man taking the picture of the church. Later, I saw another German car just passing by near the church. Enough German joke? I got another funny one about Germans today, but I don't have time to pack it in a video now.

Someone very funny to be on the friend request list on FB

I was checking my FB today and accidentally saw someone very strange to be on the friend request list. Well, there are 3 mutual friends and that was my surprise... I found one of them turned out to be my Mafia Wars friend and others are one professor and such. Very small world, isn't it?

I post it here for the entertainment purpose.

 By the way, there was some protesting against psychiatry in Zürich today. I wonder if the funding goes to the gang stalking activities to support the mental problem claims on the COINTELPRO victims.

26 April, 2013

Article: NSA Mind Control and Psyops by Will Filer

Finally, we have a good article showing the artificial telepathy and other high-tech backed harassments on the civilians by the NSA. No more "TI is just paranoia" claim by the perpetrators. I just made the sample quote from the article, so if you are interested, please read the original for more information. Now, tell me which psychiatrists are smart enough to tell the difference of artificial delusion/mind manipulation and the natural one? Psychologists are stupid and just using one official book for the diagnosis and medicines like the medieval era instead of using science.


1. Age Regression: The act of bringing back past memories in a subject though the use of hypnosis. The memories can be very vivid and real in the mind of the subject.

2. Hypnoamnesia: Temporary loss of memory due to a posthypnotic suggestion.
nsa hq
3. NSA: United States National Security Agency, Fort Mead, Maryland.

4. ODO: On-Duty Officer, or officer-on-duty.

5. Posthypnotic Command: Same as Posthypnotic Suggestion. This term “Command” is more commonly used when the hypnosis is forcibly given to the subject and when the subject’s will has been broken down though the use of REM Sleep Deprivation and Suggestibility Index increasing drugs like CNS and Cardiovascular Stimulants. The exposure to extreme REM deprivation and select chemical stimulants cause the subject to have no ability to resist the “Suggestion” any longer thereby making it a “Command”.

6. Posthypnotic Suggestion: A subconscious suggestion or command resident and potentially active in the subject following a hypnotic trance or period of direct access to the subconscious mind.

7. Posthypnotic Suggestibility Index: An index or rating of a subject’s susceptibility and sensitivity to hypnosis.

8. REM DEP: Abbreviation for REM Sleep Deprivation or REM Deprivation. A subject deprived from REM Sleep has multiple symptoms i.e. reduced protein synthesis, black circles around eyes, loss of short term memory, confusion, impulsiveness, anger, frustration, diminished self-esteem, increased suggestibility, reduced productivity, apathy, and depression. Long term REM Deprivation results in death.
operator nsa
9. Script: A carefully constructed series of words arranged in the form of a posthypnotic suggestion. The script will generally consist of four separate parts;
(1) an identifier (subject’s name, description, or other identifying factor), (2) trigger activation condition or conditions (when, what or how the suggestion will trigger), (3) the content (what the trigger will precipitate in the perception of the subject), (4) and a duration (when or under what conditions will it stop or finish). Additional reinforcing scripts are usually added to “strengthen” or reinforce the central posthypnotic command.

10. Somnambulatory State: An abnormal condition of sleep in which motor acts (like walking, running) are performed. This state is typically achieved and a prerequisite to traditional hypnosis.

11. Subliminal Implant: A posthypnotic suggestion successfully delivered to the subject’s subconscious mind.

I'm back from the trip to the country side.

Unfortunatelly, I did not have an access to the Internet while I was staying in a small village. Well, it's very small, so it was easy to know who are the foreigners. There are some Germans as well and it happened like a guest wearing a hood on her sweatshirt in morning in a chapel and she and others engaged in a chatting of Muslim extremists after the 911. Well, I guess that's something we, TIs, call gaslighting. The country side has very few population and I could get a job there. Well, the people I know are nice but some visitors like the person I mentioned above is acting a bit wierd. Then I decided to create a leaflet of the people doing the gaslighting in Germany and how my religoius items, especially rosaries, are damaged from the possible Black Bag jobs. For the COINTELPRO, the perps bring the people oppose the target, e.g. the Muslims to harass the Christian target. It's just terrible that some priests and friars are engaged in the gang stalking for their political or the demand from the community.

These church attending perps might be thinking to set up a way to limit the strangers to visit their churches. It's a typical Weimar Republik Polizei or Homeland Security mentality to keep everyone under control and take out the one who seems not to fit in "their" society. If the church workers are bullies and shut out the people they don't like, what kind of the church it look like? A Nazi-church? I know there should be a demand for the church to stop letting wicked people go in.. like the punk type people only their for the harassment and making fun of the religious people. That is more like for these perps who are there only for the surveillance of the TI and not taking communion. There are some churches only accept those people who don't take communion and just siting near the strangers and the priest making fun of the stranger.  I think that kind of church lost its holiness and just happened to be there for the cultural event. Attending a church does not require faith, you know. It's like just be there and act properly for the wedding ceremony or funeral without emotion. It's very sad that many people these days don't have any happiness receiving communion or participating the prayers. Nowadays, the church is under the control of the military and the police and be used for the tool of the civil control. But seeing perps in the church makes us to learn how some people act like as if we live in the police state.

I'm gonna post the anti-Muslim propaganda and some suggestions for the revised version of German's "Iron Hammer" for the Muslim extremist search and destroy strategy. I think if they want to take out the possible Muslim extremists, they can just do something to take out the mosques and its members from the community instead of searching inside of the churches. Maybe, we need a petition for reducing the number of the mosques and make an international law to put RFID chips on every Muslims around the world. It's a big shame for the people who are harassing Christians for mobbing and claiming them as Muslims - are they ten year old kids or what? Thus, I got better "Iron Hammer for Muslim extremist hunting" than the current one used by the Germans. It comes with the method of Spanish and Croats. I'm not responsible for the execution of these strategies. That's for the perps who are really willing to take Muslims out from the society. I don't care if the Koran is banned and vanished from the world just like what happened to the Mayan literature.

19 April, 2013

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 17th, 2013

Ok, here is the video from April 17th, 2013. I was so tired yesterday night, and I could not create video. I hope I got some time tonight to update some stuffs. I will be off from the Internet for a week from tomorrow. So, there would be  no update for awhile. If something happens to me or someone started to speak Korean or Chinese and claim to be me, that would be identity theft. Just to notice as I got enough death threat and such. Well, the V2K perps yesterday night saying that the taking eyes is from the Book of Thor. I don't know anything much about the book, so I have no idea if that is true. It could be just the manipulation as my case got more perps with Muslim identities like wearing hijab and such as well as the local thugs.

18 April, 2013

The eye patch guy at the St. Agnes church in Rome and so on.

I'm heading back to Switzerland tomorrow, I mean in less than 12 hours. I visited the Papal Audience today at Vatican and had a very busy day. I happened to see another "NYPD" T-shirt of a Romanian man who was asking to sign the petition for the anti-drug thing in the community at another church in Republic plaza. He seemed to be a perp because of what he wears. It's really funny to see tattooed rough guys are working to get the petitions for anti-drug. Well, I know a Romanian man working at Lufthanza consuming the canabis at 4U Hostel in Munich and was talking about his canabis smoking in Dresden which I recorded for the illegal activity watch... I wonder why the perps who seemed to be suspicious are actually trying to look good - well that would be the reality of the New Phoenix Program that the bad guys helping the cops would be respected while the innocents are taken away by them as a scapegoat.

When I visited St. Agnes church in Rome, I saw an eye-patched guy walking out from the church. The church was closed. Later, he was talking with another guy. I filmed both and saw him walking in front of me. He met a business man on the way and he chatted with the man and asked some money. I wonder why he asked money but filmed the entire conversation, so you can check it out in my video. I got some more perps around the church. I have seen people with eye problem frequently, so I guess these mafia-like perps might want to do my eyes for their revenge. Now, tell me who is the victim here. The V2K perps are threatening me of taking eyes to make me blind or to kill me. If something happens to me, you can assume who are responsible.

I don't have time to share all the information in an OSAM video now. I gotta sleep a bit. Well, here is the pics of those people. I got one day for the video making tomorrow night. Hopefully, I can do some more later. I got 2 days free and one week of living in the countryside to stay away from perps and mafia people.

The V2K perps were talking about to bring a Japanese to the kitchen to cook something. I wonder if that is related for the chemical contamination of the food or something. Well, I don't know how far perps can do, but I share everything for my safety.

15 April, 2013

Pope visiting San Paolo church at the evening mass

Today is Sunday, and I attended the mass in St. Peter's Basilica. It was fine and no perp's harassment at all. The Italian speaking couple sat next to me asked me where I came from and if I speak Italian or not. Then the guy sat on the other side, to the right, asked me if I speak Spanish. Well, that was all about it there.

After the mass, I heard the Pope's speech from the window. These part were fine. I saw a group of Germans from Dortmund singing and dancing after the speech. Then I saw a woman got corrupt in front of me and an ambulance came. It was funny as there was another group of Germans a head of the unconscious woman and they got some flags there. What a funny situation, you know.

I visited St. Cecilia church but was closed as I was there before 16.30pm, and decided to visit St. Paul's Basilica for the mass - this would be the last one to finish attending all 7 churches for the mass. Yesterday was at St. Sebastian, the exception one. On the way to the basilica, I saw a car hit the car in front and the second car's bumper came off. I took the film at both corrupted woman and this car accident. Then I headed to the basilica, but was closed and I saw the Swiss Guard at the gates. I just joined the people outside and saw the Pope walking inside hallway from far away.

Then I visited the 5D movie or something and that was fun. I saw a paper in the show case with Roman antique saying that Obama visited it and was thankful for the entertainment. Here is the photo of his fan letter. I recommend visitors to Roma to watch it on the first day as the combo menu for several movies gives free Roma booklet which is quite useful with the transportation info and famous spots which are not all listed on the free map. The movie about Roma is also fun as it explains about the brief history of Rome and what Italians are proud of. It just miss the football part and pasta thing, though.

I got stuffs to do, so I cannot make the entire movie.

Here is the movie about what I saw at the church. When I watched the movie, it was already 7.30 and I didi not expect to get the evening mass. But I walked down Via Colso and visited the church famous of free cup of water. They miraculously had a mass at 8pm, so I attended there. When I received the communion and went back to my seat, there was a man, a woman and a small kid sat on the bench. As I left my red Sigg bottle, I knew the woman sat on the wrong seat. So, I filmed her for the conspiracy on doing something to my water bottle. The perpetrators often do something like this for the perception problem on the victim. The victim might think they got problem going back to one's seat due to the problem finding where he was. In my case, I left something and I was worried about the prank done on my water bottle like spitting or something. At least, it was not stolen. That was a good part. That is why I cannot leave anything at the bench as the perps usually do not move from the bench and they often damage my belongings or steal them. There was no mass after that one. Why these people sat down at the bench where people were still participating the mass?

13 April, 2013

"UN investigates Electromagnetic Terrorism" - NEWS

I found an interesting post from my TI friend at FB. It seems the UN is now interested to check the danger of EM for the human health. Well, the UFO abductees often got some implants in their bodies and some human experiments done by the US Army got some effect with the EM. So, I guess, it can help to prevent anyone with the EM or the HUM problem not simply categorized as mentally ill or something of un-scientific reasoning.
The health effects of electromagnetic fields are hugely controversial, whether it’s power lines being linked to leukemia or the impact of mobile phone radiation on your brain. Which makes it particularly surprising that electromagnetic (EM) radiation is being considered as a possible terrorist weapon. A UNESCO Seminar last month considered the "Potential Threat as a Terrorism Agent" of EM fields:

An encounter with a Muslim in the bus

I visited Santa Maria del Divino Amore today. On my way, I saw a Muslim woman in the bus. She later moved to the seat in front of me and sat there for awhile, then she later moved to somewhere front. I have no idea if that was a perp's skit on Muslim conspiracy or their false witness strategy to confirm me with a Muslim woman. Anyway, it would be safe to share the information of what happened today like this way. Also, there was a strange man in the metro walking around and talking something. A man with some injury or disability showed up at night when I was at a restaurant. He did not talk but gestured of eat. Well, he seemed to have no injury on his mouth or throat, so I don't know why he could not talk. Maybe, that was the skit of mental disease by the perps. There are bunch of funny people, Muslims, homeless in Rome.

Today, I accidentally forgot to lock my backpack and I left my HP laptop, a handy scanner, a pen tablet, my diploma certificates unsafe. I hope no one damaged them. The recent damage happened was at Assisi and it was the zipper part of my bathroom bag. Well, here is the picture of the damage. It seems the damage is artificial and someone ripped that part off with a tool. Thus the zipper cannot close nor move from that position. Enough gang stalking? I hope church workers and Catholics should not do something that terrible to a pilger. Well, there would be even friars helping the gang stalking in Assisi, so the Targeted Individuals are hopeless getting help in such a "supposed to be" safe area. Maybe, Medjugorje is also getting unsafe and no more safety in the "supposed to be" peaceful villages. Who's fault is this? I hope the perpetrators should understand such damages are actually a criminal action against an innocent person. A witch hunting in Assisi, right?

10 April, 2013

The scarf selling black people at San Giovanni Laterano

I stayed at an expensive hotel and moved to a moderate price hotel now. I got single room for my own safety. It's better to stay in an expensive room than waking up blind or even have no chance of waking up due to the assassination by the perps. It's just the matter of the time while I'm in Roma and I must be aware of the famous mafias and their extremists and intelligence networks and their capability.

There were some black men selling scarves to the passerby at San Giovanni Laterano church this afternoon. I don't know why these people selling so many scarves together. It looks very high competition for a group of people selling the same goods in the same area. They could sell something else such as fake leather bags also. I think that was done by the gang stalkers who wanted to make me own a scarf, so they could confirm me as a Muslim. The V2K perps were saying that they cannot bring me to a storage - well they might have a storage room somewhere in Roma or in Italy for their covert operation on "search and destroy the possible Muslim extremists."

The V2K perps were also saying that "I should be replaced" as if they got some one or some people for my role. I don't know what it means, but it seems a typical COINTELPRO activities that the government-backed company or individual take over the position of the target. For example, Pink Panther was a good comparison against Black Panther. People know more about Pink Panther than Black Panther, you know. Also, the V2K perps were saying that if I stayed in the female dorm room, the Chinese perps might shave the top area of my head for the harassment. That makes me to wear a hat or something. Then the perps can be able to claim me as a Muslim. The V2K perps say that there are over 100 million Chinese women who want to become sisters. You know who would be teaching or make decisions in the churches in a long run. Church workers seem to support the perpetrators for the political reason. Well, I just leave that part to the God to judge, as everything made up and Jesus died for the false claims and so does my case. Persecutors do not need the Virgin Mary's help nor to find a refuge in God.

There was a German license number car showed up just at the border to Vatican. I thought it was a perp car, but if it was the church workers, then it might be a mistake. 

Some Koreans at the train station in Assisi and in Roma

Well, I got some Koreans showing up in the train station in Assisi and they were on the line for purchasing the train ticket. However, they did not show up to the platform after that. So, it seems they just came to buy a ticket in advance or some other reason. I waited for 1 hour, so if they have a train before that period, they should be seen at the platforms.

When I went to the hotel in the dorm room as I mentioned in my FB post and such, there was a family - a mother and 2 boys? from South Korea. They had their own room and there were 2 women speaking Italian at the reception. I arrived around 3pm, so it was not a problem for me to check in around that time but the room was still not done. The Korean woman introduced me herself and we chatted a bit. Well, the Korean guys she was with had a typical perp-look. It's something I often see among the Japanese speaking perps. If you check my Japanese perp pictures from the hostel in Istanbul, you can find the similar hair-style. One long hair guy with his hair tied on top near his forehead as if an old Chinese military painting or something. I don't know how to explain, but their belongings are also a bit brand-less... you know people love Nike, Adidas and so on. I have no idea why they were still in the hotel while they could just go out to sightseeing or something. They stay for 3 days, so they could spend time more than checking their FB page or something. I glanced their big notebook shared by the guys as the screen was facing to me. It was as if of the typical gang stalkers trying to wait for the victim to come and persuade the one to join them or something. Also, it was a bit strange as they were the only the ones staying there. There was no belongings in the female dorm room and it seemed the room was empty. The possibility is that these Korean people might be doing some intelligence works - I can tell how many Koreans showed up around and now I got some English speaking people in the room next to mine in another hotel. How many Korean family travels around the world with a mother and sons? And staying a cheap place these days? What happened to their father? My guess is that these boys are there for the "prostitution claim" or "the theft claim" for the gang stalking strategies.

Well, the V2K perps are saying that all the TIs would be "gone" by the next year as the surveillance is hurting their budget. I got threat like to make me blind, or to be entangled to look suicide and such. It would be better to share what happened and how they look a bit suspicious and the military-related by sharing my videos. As far as I can tell, the perps seemed to be tired of checking me.

09 April, 2013

German cars showed up in Croatia and Italy

I have seen German cars so often for the gang stalking surveillance team. I got some American license cars also nearby. Here is the video of those cars for the evidence. Who owns these embassy cars anyway? Should I share their information for asking political asylum again???

German groups at Assisi

I did not move to another place yesterday. It was just a simple mistake of not checking the date before posting my blog. Well, I will move to Roma today for visiting 7 churches and to see the new pope. It was a very funny fact that I was thinking to visit Vatican on last Christmas but I ended in Krakow in Poland and the pope is replaced.. I could see Benedict XVI before he retired after studying in Munich and learned about him. Well, I got some Germans tracking me down here and it got quite serious.
 Yesterday, there was a group of German youth came in St. Stefano church when I was praying there. They just sat down on the benchs and remainded there till I was about to leave. And in San Damiano church, another German group came but they eventually left. One of them had a flute but she did not pray it. I had a roommate before who plays flute professionally. She sat in front of be and was just making very small noise. You can check her out in my video.

08 April, 2013

A friar asked me if I speak Japanese or Chinese today

I think there is the massive Japanse speaking gang stalkers showing up in Assisi these days. Also, there are suspicious people showing up in the mass. Well, it's a bit late and I need to wake up early tomorrow, so I cannot write all the details now. I put information in my video though. Well, I went to a church for the evening mass, and I was looking for a bathroom as I walked all the way down to that church. The restaurant in front of the church was open but no one inside. The restaurant had tables at the entrance gate with some bevarages on it. I don't know if that was a bait for theft claim or something.

I entered the church when the rosary prayer started, and I saw the door to the internal area of the church was open and saw some people inside. So, I wanted to ask someone to use the bathroom. Then there was an Asian friar and he asked me if I speak Japanese. Then he talked to me in Chinese. I had no idea why there is a friar who suddenly asking me for Japanese. Well, there would be more Korean Catholics than Japanese. So, I thought he might be helping the gang stalkers. I just turned on my digital camera, as the conversation might become suspicious. When I asked him about bathroom, he said "password." This part is recorded in my camera, and it seems a typical gaslighting. If you check my recent twitter post, you will see how I was afraid of someone hacking my Gmail while I forgot to sign out after using the hotel computer. I'm using it right now. There are two part of the film as the first one got some wierd video missing part. The conversation with the friar is at the last part on the second one.

I just find two girls showed up and left from the entrance door with a small dog, then they went back and disappeared. Perhaps they might be perps checking my room now. I just got so many perps here in Assisi.

I will get wifi in 18 hours, so I can use my PC for better blogging.

07 April, 2013

The Japanese artists on the street in Assisi

I do not know how many Japanese visit Assisi for pilgrimage or for painting. But here is what I saw and what happened yesterday. There was a Japanese-looking woman showed up right after I entered a Pizza store and ordered a pizza before my turn. Later, I saw a group of Japanese going down the street. Much funny thing was happened today, but this one I wrote on another post. How many people working for the church intelligence and engaged in the gang stalking? One of the Japanese painter has the family name "Noro" and it might be visible in my video. The V2K perps say that they want to make me look like either Muslim or not-religious. If they know my blog, they cannot make up such claim for their own promotion or benefits. The decide who is Muslim by the majority vote by themselves - the typical communism, right? That is why their religion is fake as they don't care about the individual faith anymore. If you say credo in a group, you would be recognized as one of those faithful, but if your leader does not believe what you say, you won't be part of it. I don't know who took out the religous right these days... only for the search and destroy purpose to make up someone as a Muslim? Today's German perp car is "EC 2575."

06 April, 2013

The strange Japanese couple showed up near San Damiano church

It's very rare to see Japanese tourists in Assisi as most Japanese are Buddhists, even that is what the perps would say. I saw them and filmed them this morning. The nearest church except San Damiano would be quite far and it was strange area for the people to get a room and heading to the morning mass in the city. Why those people are there? If they are Catholic, they could attend the mas at San Damiano instead of wondering around.

Also, I got some perpetrators in the lower town of Assisi near the big church there. There were some black men selling umbrellas near the paid bathroom. These men seemed to be going home when I was about to leave the area and decided to stay to wait for the evening Museum opening hours. However, they came back and were selling umbrellas again when I was walking nearby. Alto, there were two beggars at the church. I filmed one when I was heading to the bathroom and saw these black men selling umbrella strangely. I guess, they seemed to be working with the local police as one of them were talking loud about how the people targeted by police won't go to heaven or something. This part would be on the film when I was inserting the coin to the toilette entrance machine. When I left the bathroom, the guy shouting started spreading some rumors to the young people who were also hanging around with them. I filmed them for their "typical gang stalking activity of bad rumor spreading among their friends." Enjoy the "sheep-looking people" doing some covert operation there. BTW, I paid 10€ note at the museum reception but the female clerk returned me only 5€ note and a 50cent coin. I was short in coins, so I can tell the expected change she gave me was not right. What happened to 2€? Well, she attached a paper telling the same ticket is valid in some museums in the area, so it might paid out for the extra 2€.

The V2K perps say that they want to make me look committing suicide. If something happens to me, these perps - especially the Japanese ones might be responsible. My hotel got free breakfast, but it's just strange that no one eat the tarte there. There were 5 of them left, and I ate one each day. But now only 3 and no other guest is eating it. Well, the V2K perps say that they are poisoning me with the chemical that causes brain tumor. I go through so many threats. Well, if the gang stalking existed in the time of St. Francis, he would be simply ending up in the jail by the people who claim him as a thief or mentally ill by stripping himself off at a church. Sometimes, an ideal is not ideal for the mean people who only look for what they can use of. The V2K perps said that the religion is for the military, and they use it to gather the wealth to support the military in that way. Well, that works for the CIA and the intelligence people who need the special funding for their covert operation. How many churches are clean these days? The clean ones might loose the patrons and are forced to merge into another order, right?

04 April, 2013

April 2nd - the arrival to Assisi

I took a ship from Split to Ancora. At Ancora, I found a monument of St. Francis who visited Ancora. I took a picture in front of it. Well, the ship got chapel inside and there was an Italian group praying rosary at 9pm right after I entered there. They seemed to be the tourist going home from Medjugorje.

I took train to Folgno and there were 2 large Asian groups and some couples with kids. I don't know why there are so many Asian waiting the train there. In the ship, there are many Filipino workers working in the decks and at the restaurants. I'm not sure if these people are just there for that day or the regular workers. I filmed these Asians as I assumed they might be traveling together. But all Asians took the next train together and left.

When I arrived at Assisi, there was another Asian woman who needed to take the bus. I filmed her as it was highly likely a perpetrator. She got flight tag with "AMS" on it, so she might be traveled from Amsterdam. Her hotel seems to be different. Thank goodness. There are 2 Argentinian men staying where I am now. Well, they might be related to the new pope. Who want to travel from Argentina to Assisi these days? They don't do anything or skit at all. At least, I got my room and it's quite safe now. No more tampering so far...

Japanese toursits at Assisi

Every time I go back to my hotel, I see an Asian woman standing near the entrance. I don't know why there is a woman just taking photo or something just standing in front of a store staring at the street for awhile. On the second case, I saw an Asian woman hanging around for a long time while I was walking down from the St. Francis Basilica, so I wanted to film her for the evidence but when I approached her, she just entered the store. I hope there will be no more Asian woman hanging around near the hotel entrance.

I saw a group of Japanese tourist today. When I was at Vatican in December 2010, I saw some Japanese waiting on the line. One of them were talking that there are about 100 people working there like this way as if of the anchoring. I'm just curious about where these Japanese people came. There is a group of EF language school and some from Universities in Roma or other Italian cities now. Also, there are many Asians here. Here is the video about it.

When I attend the mass, there are some people who do not willing to shake hands with me but they take communion. Their attitudes show who are possibly working in gang stalking. Should I make the list of these people? I bet they got their own network reveiled.

02 April, 2013

I was almost kicked from a wicked drunk woman with a handy radio on her hand

On April 1st, I was waiting a ship to Italy. At that time there was a woman walking with an old radio on her hand and was talking with men walking around. She sat down with one guy and talked with him for awhile. Then another guy came and she talked with him and so on. I filmed her as her actions seemed like skits going on by the perps. Later, she dropped a coin and it was left on the pavement, so I filmed it. Eventurally a group came and a woman took it and walked away. Then she dropped another coin again. This time, the guy sat next to her picked it up. Then she started asking him to give her some money. I was reading a book at that time and was observing what they were doing. The woman disappered for awhile after showting "Alan" or something and walking the street going back and forth. Then she put her bags next to me and started talking to me saying "no cinema." So, I sayed I was just reading an ebook at the bench while she and others were acting wierd. The woman drunk the beer that the guy brought. She kept bagging me and I yerled her to leave me alone. Then she tried to kick me, so I shouted to call police or security. Later, a security man came from the sea port, and we just explained what happened.

Well, here is the video of the suspicious activities of the local gangs. Do they have criminal records or involved in the local mobbing against Serbians and Bosnians?? I think it's quite common for the Croats to do that. Well, the local perps in Split work with the Muslim perps, so it might not go with their philosophy. Anyway, why there are such drunk wierdos at the sea port? I bet these people who seemed to be Catholic by born might be claiming the drunk woman supposed to be me for the wrong person to be eye-wittnessed instead of their friend doing something wicked. As long as I get a better Internet connection, I will share "COINTELPRO in Croatia plus Medjugorje" for the safety of the TIs and the non-insiders.