04 April, 2013

Japanese toursits at Assisi

Every time I go back to my hotel, I see an Asian woman standing near the entrance. I don't know why there is a woman just taking photo or something just standing in front of a store staring at the street for awhile. On the second case, I saw an Asian woman hanging around for a long time while I was walking down from the St. Francis Basilica, so I wanted to film her for the evidence but when I approached her, she just entered the store. I hope there will be no more Asian woman hanging around near the hotel entrance.

I saw a group of Japanese tourist today. When I was at Vatican in December 2010, I saw some Japanese waiting on the line. One of them were talking that there are about 100 people working there like this way as if of the anchoring. I'm just curious about where these Japanese people came. There is a group of EF language school and some from Universities in Roma or other Italian cities now. Also, there are many Asians here. Here is the video about it.

When I attend the mass, there are some people who do not willing to shake hands with me but they take communion. Their attitudes show who are possibly working in gang stalking. Should I make the list of these people? I bet they got their own network reveiled.