10 April, 2013

The scarf selling black people at San Giovanni Laterano

I stayed at an expensive hotel and moved to a moderate price hotel now. I got single room for my own safety. It's better to stay in an expensive room than waking up blind or even have no chance of waking up due to the assassination by the perps. It's just the matter of the time while I'm in Roma and I must be aware of the famous mafias and their extremists and intelligence networks and their capability.

There were some black men selling scarves to the passerby at San Giovanni Laterano church this afternoon. I don't know why these people selling so many scarves together. It looks very high competition for a group of people selling the same goods in the same area. They could sell something else such as fake leather bags also. I think that was done by the gang stalkers who wanted to make me own a scarf, so they could confirm me as a Muslim. The V2K perps were saying that they cannot bring me to a storage - well they might have a storage room somewhere in Roma or in Italy for their covert operation on "search and destroy the possible Muslim extremists."

The V2K perps were also saying that "I should be replaced" as if they got some one or some people for my role. I don't know what it means, but it seems a typical COINTELPRO activities that the government-backed company or individual take over the position of the target. For example, Pink Panther was a good comparison against Black Panther. People know more about Pink Panther than Black Panther, you know. Also, the V2K perps were saying that if I stayed in the female dorm room, the Chinese perps might shave the top area of my head for the harassment. That makes me to wear a hat or something. Then the perps can be able to claim me as a Muslim. The V2K perps say that there are over 100 million Chinese women who want to become sisters. You know who would be teaching or make decisions in the churches in a long run. Church workers seem to support the perpetrators for the political reason. Well, I just leave that part to the God to judge, as everything made up and Jesus died for the false claims and so does my case. Persecutors do not need the Virgin Mary's help nor to find a refuge in God.

There was a German license number car showed up just at the border to Vatican. I thought it was a perp car, but if it was the church workers, then it might be a mistake.